Tsuki – Extra 59: At that time, first Miracle (After)

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Ibuki residence. 

Rather than calling it a house, it is more like a mansion. 

There’s several gardens, and there were 2 people at a detached location in which you had to cross a good number of corridors before arriving at it. 

The first one is a man that releases a powerful and peculiar atmosphere. 

Despite being more than 60 years old, his exposed top is youthful and packed with trained muscles. 

It is publicly stated that he has retired and has left everything to his son, but the actual ruler of the Ibuki household is Ibuki Kaname. 

The one facing this sitting man is a young woman that is touching his body while sitting on her knees. 

The woman here is Karin Aksana who was carrying the boy that had collapsed on the road. 

The hand of the woman separated from the body of Ibuki who was dressed in a kimono, and after seeing her nod, he silently passed his arm through the sleeve and fixed his clothes. 

“How’s my body?” (Kaname)

“There’s no issue at all, Mr. Ibuki. I would even say you look even younger than last year. It is splendid body care.” (Karin)

“That’s because Karin-chan is looking after me. It beats going to a hospital!” (Kaname)

“…I am fine with you showing yourself as a nice person, but I would say it is better to show that to the people that don’t know your true face.” (Karin)

Ibuki was showing a child-like smile, but Karin responded with low and cold words. 

Ibuki jested and shrugged his shoulders. 

“Good grief, you are as hard to deal with as always. Well, you are properly coming to do the check-ups, so I guess that’s fine. And?” (Kaname)

“And what?” (Karin)

“That boy. The one you brought.” (Kaname)

“I simply felt benevolent towards a child that had collapsed on the road. Even if I wanted to treat him, my appointment with you was approaching. My apologies for the troubles.” (Karin)

“Benevolent, huh. A word that truly doesn’t suit you. If it is something nice, I would like to hear about it too though.” (Kaname)

If it is a matter that would make a heartless woman like her show benevolence, there’s no way he wouldn’t be interested in it. 

The one that Kaname wants to hold the weakness of the most is right in front of his eyes after all -the woman called Karin. 

“…Of course, I don’t mind. If you don’t want to see me ever again, that is.” (Karin)

“Good grief, always adding words. My life is grasped in your hands, you know. Aah, I just don’t like that. I lost, I lost.” (Kaname)

The Healing Hand answered indifferently at Ibuki who was speaking evasively. 

At a glance, it looks like the conversation of an old man with rich emotions talking in a good mood, and a woman in a bad mood that is talking while trying to kill her emotions as much as possible. 

The reality is that both are being elusive here, and it is a conversation with no warmth in it at all. 

“Anyways, the diagnosis this time around ends here. Please don’t inquire about that child, Mister.” (Karin)

“Got it, got it. I will guide you, so bring him back. But don’t show such a cranky face to my grandson who is together with him, Karin-chan.” (Kaname)

Ibuki grabbed the phone in the room and gave orders. 

Not even 1 minute after…

“I will be careful.” (Karin)

“A guide will be coming soon. Aah, I would like to return to an age where Karin-chan would show benevolence to me too.” (Kaname)

“…Good joke. Now then, I will be taking my leave.” (Karin)

“…See you next time.” (Kaname)

The shadow of someone soon appeared at the sliding door, and after announcing their exit, the sliding door was opened. 

Karin had gone out to the corridor, and after giving a side glance at the old man that was seeing her off while waving his hand cheerfully, she bowed and followed the female guide. 

(Age really isn’t getting him. With that, the current head of the Ibuki household is most likely just a figurehead. I am impressed that he can maintain that much presence. That just now wasn’t him noticing my powers, but…he really is one dangerous old man.) (Karin)

Karin sighed deeply. 

She has seen her fair share of people with strong ambitions, but even within those, the old man called Ibuki Kaname stands out greatly. 

Even today, he tried to probe her while curious about the young boy she brought with her which is unlike her. 

She winced at just how much she was asked about in her check-up that was merely 15 minutes long. 

“About the child you brought with you, he regained consciousness soon after. He is currently together with the young master at the pond of the garden.” 

She is probably just making small talk here. 

The assistant…no, seeing the state of the Ibuki household, it would be more accurate to call her a maid. This maid that is dressed in a kimono tells Ibuki the state of the child. 

“He has woken up?” (Karin)

“? Yes. I told him to take it easy on the veranda since he seemed to still not be feeling that well, but was there a problem with that?” 

“…No, thanks for your consideration.” (Karin)

Karin was slightly surprised that he had woken up and ended up asking back unconsciously. 

The sleep she casted on him should have been in effect for at least a few hours more. Thus the question. 

But she decided not to continue that topic and simply chose to voice her gratitude. 

The main reason is because she didn’t want to be probed unnecessarily, but this is fortunately the first time the female guide had met Karin, so she was simply impressed by her fluent Japanese and wasn’t really bothered by it. 

However, there’s no doubt what she spoke with her about and her reactions will be transmitted to Kaname mere minutes after she leaves. 

Karin’s caution and decision was adequate. 

(He already woke up? …Is it a worse situation than I thought? If I remember correctly, the body of that boy was in tatters, and it seemed like it wasn’t something that you could do something about today or tomorrow, but it might be better if I speed it up a bit.) (Karin)

Karin increased her pace a bit. 

The woman slightly in front of her must have noticed this, she also increased her pace. 

“Hey, Makoto~, you should be able to go out for a bit, right~?” 

“Y-Yeah, I think I can.” (Makoto)

“Really?! Then, let’s go catch some koi! It will be today’s meal!” 

“Masamune-kun, are koi tasty?” (Makoto)

“They are the best when you wash-cook it! But you lose if you fall in love with it, so you have to make it fall in love with you**. It is difficult! Ojii-chan <grandpa> said that!” (Masamune) <Most likely a pun with koi which can mean the fish or love>

“Would I be able to do it too?” (Makoto)

“Of course you can! With me, you can!” (Masamune)

A headache inducing conversation reached the ears of Karin. 

She showed a smile on her face, while cursing that damn old man Ibuki, and appeared in front of the two children. 

The woman standing by her side placed a hand on her chest in relief at having come just in time before the boy did something fearsome. 

“You are Masamune-kun, right? Nice to meet you.” (Karin)

“Onee-chan, are you the new mistress of Ojii-chan?!” (Masamune)


Karin was left speechless at the response of Masamune-kun. 

She doesn’t know about the current head, but there’s no doubt this boy called Masamune has inherited the blood of Kaname.

And quite thick at that. 

Karin honestly thought that’s fearsome. 

“I-I am truly sorry! Young master, the one here is a doctor. She came to do a health diagnosis on Kaname-sama.” 

“Doctor?” (Masamune)

“That’s right, Masamune-kun. Your Ojii-chan is really healthy. Relieved?” (Karin)

“Ojii-chan will live for 100 years more, so he doesn’t need a doctor!” (Masamune)

“Right, he really is lively. That’s why I am on my way out already.” (Karin)

“Hmmm.” (Masamune)

“That’s why it is time for that boy to go back too. Sorry about that.” (Karin)

“Eeeh?!! Don’t wanna. I am going to be playing with Makoto now!” (Masamune)

“Makoto, you are sick, so play once you get better, okay?” (Karin)

He said the name of the boy that she brought, so she showed a surprised face for a moment, but she soon called the name of that boy. 

On the other hand, the boy called Masamune looked worried at the boy of his same age after hearing he was sick, and then looked back at Karin.

“…Can you cure…the sickness of Makoto?” (Masamune)

“I am amazing, so it is okay.” (Karin)

“So you are amazing!” (Masamune)

“That’s right, I am. Then, Makoto-kun, let’s go back home. It would be bad if you were to faint again, so come back with Onee-chan, okay?” (Karin)

The frail boy quivered at the offered hand. 

It is not like he came to this residence with a normal exchange, moreover, he doesn’t seem to remember Karin. 

He must have recognized her as a stranger, he seemed to be slightly scared.

“…Onee-chan, were you the one who brought me here?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. You fainted on the road and I wanted to bring you to a hospital, but Onee-chan also had work to do, so I had you rest here for a bit.” (Karin)

Even so, he must have been aware that he had fainted, the boy questioned the woman in front of him nervously. 

Karin thought he was a good and perceptive child. 

Or maybe this is a daily occurrence for him -is what she thought while feeling pity.

“I see…” (Makoto)

“Makoto, you must not push yourself if you are sick! Come play once you feel better. For sure, okay?!” (Masamune)

“Masamune-kun… Thanks, I will be going now… See you later.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, later!!” (Masamune)

The boy that took the hand of Karin used his other free hand to wave at Masamune while looking back and leaving. 

The two left the Ibuki residence while being seen off by many servants. 

She pressed her way towards the boy that was being reserved and piggybacked him into the evening street. 

She asked him about the way home and advanced slowly so as not to burden the boy.

“Here it is, my home.” (Makoto)

“…Misumi, written as deep and clear. Misumi…Misumi…yeah, not a name I remember.” (Karin)

After around 20 minutes, Karin arrived at the house of the boy. 

His name also matches the family name Misumi Makoto which she heard of on the way there.

She told Makoto to wait for a bit, put him down from her back, and began talking on the phone. 


“Hello, Sakata. Doing well? Hey, it is a call of mine, so I would like you to pick the call on the first ring. About the matter of the child I asked you about before… Yeah, yeah. So there was an inquiry. Okay. I am currently in front of his house. I will be delivering him now… Yeah, you helped me out. Tell me whenever you have a problem. I might be of help. Well then, later.” (Karin)

Karin finished her call quickly, grabbed the hand of Makoto, and rang the doorbell. 

What will be coming out of this? 

She waited for the parents of Makoto to answer while her hands were sweating. 

Hurried footsteps reached her ears faintly, and it didn’t take long for the entrance to open with a lot of momentum. 


Karin gulped at the 3 people that showed up. 

The first one to jump out was a woman so beautiful you would doubt your eyes, and she hugged the boy that was standing by her side. 

The tall man that came out after was a handsome man like those shoujo manga Karin had read long ago.

The last one that showed her face from the shadow of the door was a girl. 

She had bright light brown hair different from that of her parents, and was such a perfect little girl that would make you unconsciously shriek and want to hug. 

Little girl and perfect don’t mesh together, but she felt as if she was seeing an artistic doll she has never seen before. 

The parents both have black hair, but it somewhat felt off on them. 

Despite looking European, they had an oriental youthfulness.

The view of Karin is that caucasians mature fast in their appearance and also are fast aging, so for Karin, this couple looks like they have inherited the good parts of both caucasians and oriental people. 

There’s no doubt they are family seeing how moved they are, but Karin -for a moment there- thought she had gotten the wrong house. 

(I thought he was a normal Japanese boy, but is he adopted? What a shock. It is like the house of models… Moreover, the wife, right? Giving birth to two children and having that body? Maybe I should ask her secrets later.) (Karin)

The names on the nameplate were Hayato, Kasumi, Yukiko, and Makoto. Within those, Makoto was the only one that was…how to say it, different. 

However, seeing it in a special perspective like that of magic, he really is a child with a lot of weird traits. 

He has plenty enough worth to be adopted. 

However, seeing the atmosphere of the two parents in joy at the return of their child confused her. 

It is because she couldn’t feel the muddy background related to magic within them at all. 

And most of all, after Karin skimmed them over, she was amazed. 

(…It is not..a misunderstanding. These two and the girl that seems to be his sister have elemental affinity that’s higher than that of your average person. It also bothers me that they are all feeble too. It may be different from what I expected, but it feels like there’s some sort of underlying circumstance here. In that case…it means that Makoto-kun is without doubt their child. Sorry for suspecting you were adopted.) (Karin)

Several possibilities ran through her head. 

After that, the parents checked the safety of their child thoroughly and she received their gratitude. Then, after confirming that the police station had properly checked this, Karin thanked her friend Sakata, and she was invited into the Misumi house as a benefactor and guest. 


“…P-Parallel world?” (Karin)


“You might not be able to believe it though.” 

A few hours later. 

Karin was brought to the living room of the Misumi house and was facing the parents of the boy.

A tall caucasian woman with beauty that turned eyes. Facing them felt like they were a couple in an audition. 

Just this alone was enough to enhance a scene in a moment. 

Karin had taken off her sunglasses and responded to the couple slightly dumbfounded which looked comical, but even as someone like her who has seen the other side of the world, she couldn’t hide her surprise at this. 

(Even if you tell me to believe it, a parallel world is a bit hard to wrap my head around it. No matter how popular a genre is, it doesn’t jump out from your screen. Even if it is Japan, that’s just…impossible.) (Karin)

Misumi Hayato and Misumi Kasumi both say that they weren’t born in this world. 

Not only that, they aren’t even human. 

They called themselves hyumans. People who are similar to humans but are a bit different. 

She thought they meant humans, but they shook their heads and said no. 

They said humans are a far superior race from hyumans.

Karin tilted her head again. 

She secretly checked these two people who have affinity in magic. 

Honestly speaking, they are incredible. 

They are barely any different from that boy Makoto, but their strength is above that of him. 

Moreover, this appearance. 

It may sound insulting, but she even thought hyumans are a superior race compared to humans. 

But the two made bitter smiles and denied it. 

In their original world, they could fight to a decent degree, but said that they would die from being attacked by a pack of wolves or a bear in this world. 

(A pack of wolves or a bear…. Most people would die from that though… How do I take that?) (Karin)

Karin couldn’t understand their standard more and more, and a brief period of silence passed. 

The father and mother of the Misumi household silently watched over that silence. 

“My apologies. I was a bit confused.” (Karin)

“No, there’s actually not many who would take this seriously, so don’t worry about it.” 

“You two have great looks and are prodigies in magic. I think you are pretty exemplary though.” (Karin)

Karin didn’t tell them she checked that as she resumed the conversation. 

“Our appearance, huh. In the place we were in, this much was the norm, but this place certainly does have peculiar ones. At first, I thought it was the result of a mixed race between demi-humans, but it seems like that wasn’t the case. It seems like humans are a race that are born with truly varied appearances.” 

“…Normal? What an enviable world. Also, you don’t seem to find it odd despite me mentioning magic. It is also my first time hearing about demi-humans.” (Karin)

“We thought magic didn’t exist in this world, so we were actually more surprised at the fact that it came out from your mouth. Just think of demi-humans as elves, dwarfs, and beastmen. It is a world where these races that appear in many works of fiction are real.” 

“So magic exists normally in that world? It is really interesting.” (Karin)

Karin felt as if a question of hers had melted just now. 

It is a world where magic is recognized as normal and is used in their everyday life, having many with the affinity to use magic. It is normal to the point that their lineage is not seen as special, huh. Then it wouldn’t be strange for them to be like this, is what she thought. 

Thinking about it, there’s many distinguished families in the modern era with magic genealogy, and they are spread to the point that it is hard to tell which one is the main family and which ones are the branch. 

She somewhat forcefully convinced herself that it probably feels close to the sensation of anyone being able to use magic as long as you know the technique. 

“It was a one-way trip and we can’t return to that world anymore though. Magic certainly did seep into the society of that world. My wife and I were decently good at it. But now…” 

“You can’t use it anymore?” (Karin)

“Shape the magic power and knit it into a spell, and then shoot it; all of those steps have incredible pressure in them, so we can’t even create a small light. In the first place, the magic power in this world is too thin. Shaping the magic power and knitting it with an aria places a heavy burden in the body. Even casting the spell at the end feels as if there’s some sort of outstanding power from the world that rejects this. The pressure is so strong it feels as if they were saying ‘no way we will let you use magic’.” 

Karin was born and raised in this world, so this is a new and fresh opinion. 

The reason why people from a different world can’t use magic in this world despite being able to normally use it in theirs. Even though it was a simple question, she was given an opinion she had never heard before, and Karin had somewhat begun to accept that they were from a parallel world. 

If it is a world that’s ruled by different laws, different common sense, and different standards, no matter where it is, it would be correct to call it a parallel world. 

In that case, would it be possible that any human can use magic to a certain degree if they were to go to other worlds? -is the question that was born in her, but she decided to not ask that right now and just listen. 

“We are happy to hear that we have the talent, but right now me and my husband are simply normal people with weak bodies.” 

The lady that was listening to the conversation said this in sadness and vexation. 

Seeing the cradle in the neighboring room, she thought: ‘it is not shown in the nameplate, but the Misumi family already has one other family member’.

Giving birth to 3 yet having a weak body sounds plenty enough. 

Giving birth is a life-or-death act that places an incredible burden on the body of the mother since ancient times. 

In the modern era that has advanced technology, you can give birth with a certain degree of safety, but it is still not perfect. 

There’s still a lot of unknown factors in the process of giving birth to a person, and it is one of the closest wonders of nature.

Despite saying she has a weak body, she safely had 3 children, and on top of that, in the eyes of Karin, Kasumi has a healthy body which could be considered plenty lucky. 

“Then, what about the magic chant-like stuff that your son was mumbling…?” (Karin)

“That’s something I taught Makoto as more of a protective charm for peace of heart. That child’s body is extremely weak. Far more than me or my husband. His sister can move her body to a decent degree, but it is to the point that I feel like Makoto has taken on the share of feebleness from his sister…” 

“We both pushed out as much magic power as possible to cast healing and strengthening spells on him, but we failed…” 

Hayato supplements the words of his wife. 

Seeing their state, Karin noticed the reason for the vexation that Kasumi showed before. 

She understood since she could see that they both had low magic power at their core. 

Their affinity towards elements and the amount of magic power they have just doesn’t match at all. 

She felt that they certainly wouldn’t be able to use magic unless assisted greatly by something. 

Also, seeing these two who don’t seem to understand the standing of magic in this world at all, Karin began to believe that they really might have come from a different world.

The Misumi family is way too defenseless.

If this family were not living in a peaceful nation, she even felt like there’s no knowing what would have happened to them. 

Resolving herself, Karin decided to tell them about the standing of supernatural powers in this world and their treatment. 

“…In this world, magic and supernatural powers are concealed, and it is considered as nonexistent by the general public. Sorry if it sounds rude, but he and everyone else here are lacking too much sense of danger. Even if you only have the affinity, there’s the possibility that you will be deemed to have plenty enough ability and be experimented on.” (Karin)

To the point that she herself considered just bringing Makoto back with her and getting information from his body. 

“That…doesn’t sound peaceful.” 

“Yes, I think there won’t be any problems as long as you prepare some countermeasures though.” (Karin)

“If possible, could you tell us these countermeasures? It may sound pathetic, but we have no idea about this world’s magic, so we can’t even begin to assume.” 

Karin nods at the suggestion of Kasumi.

After hearing the circumstances, she thought that having a relationship with the Misumi family might be useful eventually. 

The magic of a world where it is considered an everyday convenience, and its system. 

Even if it is common knowledge for them, she thought there’s plenty of worth in this world. 

Despite there being a lot of hidden motives here, she decided to get involved with Makoto and his parents.

She also thanked the heavens that she managed to make contact with them when they haven’t been touched by anyone yet. 

“Of course. Regarding you two, the magic affinity, just by having it circulate in what I call the Line, you can strengthen your body to a certain degree. With that, the many magical affinities you have will thin out, and the people who have strong awareness of the supernatural will just see you as slightly peculiar people.” (Karin)

“…Is something like that possible? It is true that it would be nice if our bodies were a bit stronger, but my specialty was water, and my wife’s was wind. I am aware that they are both elements that are hard to say are strong.” (Hayato)

“It is true that you specialize in that, but you also hold affinities in other elements. This is actually a rare case in this world. You mostly have an affinity with one or three at most. Just having an affinity with several can already be seen as plenty valuable.” (Karin)

“…Then, Aksana-san, you can help change the magic affinity -Line(?)- to a healthy one despite not having the affinity yourself? I think that’s incredible though.” (Kasumi)

“I can. I am not a mage. I am called a mystic, and I can use powers that normal people can’t use. I am also called something embarrassing like the Healing Hand though. Basically, I am a person who excels in healing the body of people.” (Karin)

“Supernatural powers…” (Kasumi)

“Healing Hand?” (Hayato)

“Yes, I can help you two…no, the whole Misumi family.” (Karin)


The two couldn’t hide their surprise at the rephrased words of Karin. 

“Can you heal him?! Heal Makoto?!” (Kasumi)

“You can save him?!” (Hayato)

“If I can get the permission of you both. I will heal him to the point that he can safely grow.” (Karin)

Hayato and Kasumi both loved Makoto. 

He is their own child, so that’s a given. 

But at the same time, it is also true that they somewhat had given up on how weak the body of Makoto was. 

Even today, his sister Yukiko had forgotten about him at the park and had gone to play at the house of a friend, so he ended up lost. 

They went to the police station to report this, but they got a message saying that someone has taken custody of him and will be brought back later which is an action that makes you doubt their motives though they did calm down a bit. It was quite a hectic day. 

However, this wasn’t limited to just today. There were a lot of chaotic times at the Misumi family that involved Makoto. 

That’s how weak his body was, and they had to be careful with him. 

Of course, it is not the fault of Makoto himself. 

Also, there’s no responsibility or fault with both his parents or his elder sister Yukiko regarding his constitution. 

There’s no doubt about that. 

Therefore, even though they couldn’t accept it, who could blame them for having a sense of defeat in their hearts?

After that, Karin asked the now more calm parents of Makoto a variety of things including her suspicion for the cordial welcome. 

In the end, that day she treated the baby at the cradle that had just been born, Mari, and the elder sister Yukiko, and stopped at just obtaining the trust of Hayato and Kasumi. 

The next day. 

Karin had made preparations for the treatment of Makoto and arrived at the Misumi household. 


(His fundamental magic power is weak and only his Lines for water and wind are decently thick. The strength of his body is the weakest I know of. First, let’s check whether he has any diseases… Nope, he is healthy. This is the fruits of his parents’ efforts. Be grateful about it. Then, let’s begin. I don’t know how many times he has done it already, but his body strengthening Line is budding. Then, I will fork the Line of fire and earth that has mostly stopped, put them together, make it a base, and…this is light and darkness? That’s rare too. But it is not on a practical level, and the chances of this child utilizing magic are low, so I will put those together too and secure the strengthening Line. Alright. It is taking shape. With this, as I repeat the ‘ones that are not the same’, I should be able to amplify the body strengthening one. It would be better to properly utilize what he has. The elder sister had a lot of magic power, so I could manage with her, and the second daughter had a stronger body compared to the other children, so I managed to make it normal simply by supplementing her Lines… Hmm, it really should be a realignment of Lines. I can’t just come here for the rest of my life, so there’s no point unless this child can get the strength to live by himself.) (Karin)

A room in the Misumi house. 

At a glance, it looks as if Karin is putting a hand on the chest of the sleeping Makoto with her eyes closed and the parents watching over it, but she has already begun the treatment of Misumi Makoto. 

There’s no incision and no blood coming out, but this is certainly an operation. 

An operation where she changed things like the magic power flow and the blood vessels that can’t be seen with the naked eye. 

Karin is one of the few people in the world who can touch that realm and also one of the tops. 

(Water or wind? I have to cut off one of those…strengthen the healing Line, have it scattered around his whole body, and have it reinforce his body. Fortunately, the Line operation has not gone as far as to bring negative effects to the body and mind, but I am a bit scared about severing the element he had from the root when it is basically an individual trait of his… Even so, if we are going to be aiming for as better of a result as possible…it would be wind. The Line that is asserting itself the most. However, if he has the chance of using magic in the future, it is true that I would like to leave wind if I had to choose between those two. In the case of this child, he won’t be able to use healing spells at all, so the worth of water will be halved. The magic receptors have been scattered through his whole body, so it doesn’t cause any issues in casting healing magic on him… Right, I am proceeding here on the basis that he won’t be using magic in the future anyways, so there’s no point fretting here. I will cut off wind since it will strengthen the effect the most. That’s my decision. Let’s leave water… Now, I will be finishing soon, Makoto-kun. You will have a fever and be bedridden for a while, but I think your world will have changed a decent degree once you wake up.) (Karin)

Makoto’s body twitched. 

That twitching increased in frequency, and this is something only Karin can tell, but this showed that the burden in the body of Makoto was increasing. 

She wanted to think carefully about it as she chose, but this is a situation where she doesn’t have much time to. 

There’s no way for the parents of Makoto to know this, but for Karin, this will be a big surgery that will be modifying the body at a grand scale. 

It is on a whole different level from curing a disease and making them healthy. 

If what she is doing right now were to be known, the danger on her wouldn’t even be comparable to how it was until now. 

Karin has checked the Lines before, but there has by no means been a lot of instances where she has directly tinkered with them. 

You could even say that what she is doing right now with Makoto, changing the original role of things in the body and supplementing for other Lines, could be considered a special technique of her powers. 

A technique that could be called the biggest secret technique of the Healing Hand, Karin Aksana. 

An operation that lasted around 4 hours. 

The hand of Karin that was touching the chest of Makoto separated, and she let out a heavy sigh. 

(I think he will be fine now, but it would be better to see how he is doing a number of times after he has woken up.) (Karin)

That day, Karin told the parents that the operation ended without issues and that he will be sleeping for a few days before leaving the Misumi house. 

She shifted a few things in her schedule and made it so she can stay in Japan, and days passed where she would check the state of Makoto at the Misumi house. 

Fortunately, she didn’t accept many jobs that would cause nations to fight over her since she didn’t like that. 

Just as Ibuki described her before about her being heartless, Karin is known to be extremely diffident despite her powers. 

It is true that Karin would be able to heal a person no matter how sick they are or people who are severely injured if she wanted to. 

In the test case she is trying out presently, it is possible for her to maintain a body that can aim for olympic medals even when over 150 years old. 

But even if Karin were to act compassionately, her freedom and human rights would have disappeared without a trace. 

Being heartless or showing that she is heartless is probably one way for her to protect herself. 

Anyways, she ignored a number of screams and shouting, and managed to stay in Japan for around 2 weeks even if slightly forced. 

And then, on the last day of her visit to the Misumi house, she lowered her head deeply at the parents. 

“I am sorry. My objective was to make his body the same as that of a normal person.” (Karin)

“Please raise your head, Sensei.” (Hayato)

“That’s right. We are grateful for what you have done, and have no intention of blaming you.” (Kasumi)

Karin thought that Makoto would be able to reach a normal state.

But she underestimated the body of a hyuman. 

Makoto had been born with the body of a normal hyuman with no excelling traits. 

Because of that, he doesn’t have the traces of the Divine Protection of the Goddess like the elder sister, or the strong body of the little sister that was given to her from the body of the mother having grown used to giving birth. 

He is a child that was born with the body of the weak in a world where the strong live. 

Even with that, he inherited the average looks of this world only, and Karin didn’t voice it out ever, but she thought the one who drew the shortest end of the stick from the 3 children was Makoto. 

Just like how the parents of Makoto said as they lowered their posture even more and kneeled in front of Karin, the body of Makoto has gotten a lot stronger since then. 

But his body was still pretty weak compared to that of a normal child. 

The body that she thought he would grow used to and become stronger didn’t leave the realm of being weak, and stayed that way. 

But even with that, it stopped being on the level where his life would be in danger, so that’s good enough of a miracle. 

“Please don’t call me sensei. I am not a doctor. Even though I talked big game there, in the end, it resulted with a vague result like ‘it all depends on that child’, you know?” (Karin)

“Karin-sensei, you have given Makoto the chance for him to make it possible. That alone…that much is plenty enough.” (Hayato)

Hayato thanked Karin with tears in his eyes. 

“Misumi-san… Makoto-kun will probably not become an athlete in the future no matter how much he tries. I could only leave him in such a half-baked body. This is a result that should be shamed for. I can’t apologize enough. Even though I have taken away so many of his talents in magic… And as of present, he already cannot use wind or healing magic for the rest of his life.” (Karin)

“Sensei, please be proud of yourself. What’s left is for him to train his own body. Not being able to become an athlete even if he trains…something like that isn’t that big of a deal compared to the chance of being able to live normally from here on. He can live a plentiful life even without getting involved with magic.” (Hayato)

“…I was truly unskilled. There’s no need to give me the payment that we spoke of the other day.” (Karin)

“No way! Sensei, you are free to come here as you please. If you are fine with talking with us, we will speak with you as you wish, and if we can be of help, please don’t hesitate to ask us.” (Hayato)

Karin had asked for the payment of her treatment to be stories about the parallel world from Hayato and Kasumi instead of money. 

She had an especially high interest in talks related to magic, and she judged that it would be far better than taking money from a normal household.

The Misumi household has no income aside from Hayato being a writer, but they don’t have any financial problems for the foreseeable future, but it is not like they have a lot of savings. They have quite the average lifestyle. 

“That’s right. We will also pay money. Please let us.” (Kasumi)

“…Thanks. But Kasumi-san, there’s no need to provide me with money too. I will accept your good will and come here every now and then to check on the state of Makoto-kun too, if that’s okay.” (Karin)

“Of course, our doors are always open for you.” (Hayato)

Hearing the welcoming words of Hayato from the bottom of his heart, the stiff face of Karin finally loosened a bit. 

In this day, the long lasting friendship of the Misumi household and Karin Aksana began. 

The worry of the Healing Hand ended up being pointless, and Misumi Makoto safely obtained a healthy body. 

She also obtained great benefits from applying the knowledge of magic she learned from Hayato and Kasumi, but it wasn’t suspected that the Misumi household was the source of that knowledge, and she herself was careful when making contact with them. 

Pity doesn’t serve anyone. 

The small benevolence she showed Makoto created great benefits for her in the end. 

By the way, regarding the relationship between Misumi Makoto and Ibuki Masamune, because Makoto was bedridden for 3 days, he had completely forgotten about Masamune, and it would only be in high school when they would coincidentally reunite. 

The curious thing is that both of them forgot about each other, and their relationship was built from the ground up with club activities, but they are doing decently well. 

However, 1 year after their reunion, the one other worry of Karin became reality. 

Misumi Makoto touched upon magic, and had fallen into a state where he was putting them to practical use -due to the big accident that was the isekai summoning.

The elements that he had lost in order to escape from the destiny of death, wind and healing, would be seen as a miraculous payment from a 3rd person’s perspective. 

Misumi Makoto himself would be going around with an alias, and would begin his journey in a parallel world. 

Who knows if he will one day learn of this reality. 

Not even Gods know within this space of unknown chaos. 

Author: This marks the end of the ‘At that time’ Extras. 

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