[Not A Chapter]: Who needs breaks anyways?

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

I at first didn’t know if to add this as a note on a chapter or to make an announcement, but since this is something that has to do with the schedule as a whole, I decided ‘hell, let’s just make a post about it’.

And so, what does this mean? Simple. After releasing chapters of ZAP for 2 weeks straight without breaks, I noticed something. ‘Hey, I can actually do this’.

Meaning that I will now be releasing chapters every day! Yay! 

Don’t worry about it. I am not really pushing myself to the limit or anything. Some may already know, but for context, I am now concentrating solely on translating as my job.

This was made possible thanks to my patrons, so really thanks for making it possible to pursue my hobby to greater lengths! 

That’s it, I just wanted to make sure you are all aware of this change in mindset! With this, we are now hitting the nitrox! Full march in our isekai journeys! 

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