Tsuki – Extra 57: Seductive and comforting bath invitation

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How would you call this day anything other than revolutionary? 

Lisa Rembrandt would look back at this day and would not hesitate to use the word revolutionary to describe it. 

“How is it, Mrs. Lisa? It is a good bath, right?” 

“There’s not even the need to hear the answer though.” 

The three women were soaking their bodies in a rock hot spring that has been constructed to the smallest of details. 

Tomoe, Mio, and the wife of the Rembrandt Company representative, Lisa.

This is their first naked interaction with each other. Lisa not only didn’t have the experience of bathing in a big bathtub, but even the custom in itself, so she felt apprehensive about it, but with the executives of the Kuzunoha Company involved and considering their relationship for the future, there was no choice of refusing. 

She was asked a pretty unreasonable request like making time in around half a day, so Lisa postponed a number of prior arrangements or canceled them, which leads to her being here right now. 

“Haahfuuh.” (Lisa)

Who knows how many times already delight had escaped from Lisa’s mouth. 

That sight of hers gives off plenty of appeal in itself, but that’s her natural state and it is not something she is giving off consciously. 

It is pretty rare to see Lisa lowering her guard and relaxing to this extent in a space where there’s others. If her daughters were here, they would both have their eyes wide open and would be staring at their mother. 

She slowly brought out her right hand from inside the water, and brushed it with her left hand. 

The water muddied white trickled down back to the hot spring.

“This hot bath really is superb every time-ja no, isn’t it, Mio?” (Tomoe)

“Yes, your skin after you come out just feels different.” (Mio)

Tomoe and Mio were watching Lisa who was enjoying the hot spring without talking much, and were praising this steamy hot spring that’s a masterpiece even within this hot spring resort in the demonic mountains. 

They could feel a stickiness that clung faintly to the skin, and the steam rising from the hot spring was letting out a soft sweet scent. 

Because it is a favorite bath of theirs, Tomoe and Mio still haven’t given this one a name. 

Makoto told them they could name it as they pleased, but they couldn’t decide on one from the many candidates. 

Actually, they did have a number of names they thought suitable, but they were rejected by their master instantly. But the name that Shiki proposed instead was instantly sliced down. 

By the way, for the former, there was a proposal from a gorgon that had begun to learn kanji on the influence of the Forest Oni Eris; that name being Noble Spirit Hot Spring. For the latter one, he proposed the name to be Thin Cream Hot Spring for its sweet scent.

“So this water really isn’t a normal one.” (Lisa)

Lisa asks Tomoe while looking at her. 

“Exactly. We have cooled down the scalding water coming from the depths of the mountain and have turned it into a medicinal bath.” (Tomoe)

“So hot water like this can come out from a mountain? I didn’t know.” (Lisa)

“In certain locales, they are called hot springs. Depending on the bath, there’s a variety of effects like serving against cold sensitivity, joint pains, healing light wounds, and improving weak constitutions, which makes them a treasured asset.” (Tomoe)

“Hot springs… I did know of their existence, but this is completely different from what I imagined.” (Lisa)

She was properly responding to Tomoe’s explanation, but her expression was still slightly loose.

Lisa was entrusting her body to the pleasure from the existence of this type of bathing that wasn’t in her daily life.

“Today was your first time, so we did a round in the area, but once you get out, the heat of this place will still remain, and you will be able to pass your day in comfort.” (Mio)

Mio also joins in on the explanation. 

Not only does it leave your skin smooth, it keeps that nice smooth touch, and the moisturizing effect is excellent. 

It also enhances the perfume and balms that you use after the bath. 

This is a bath that has plenty of power to enslave people -especially the women out there- even outside of taking away your fatigue. 

That’s the power of the hot spring resort in the demonic mountains. 

However, it is not like there’s no issues with it. 

Due to its strong effects, you won’t feel like moving the first few times you take those baths. 

Of course, since it takes away your fatigue and restores your stamina, you should be able to move more energetically than before, but because the relaxation effect comes out to the forefront more, you will end up passing your days sluggishly a few times until you get used to it. 

Tomoe and Mio are used to it already, so there’s no issues, but Lisa was already giving off the atmosphere of someone who has finished their day. 

“Since the time my husband lost faith in the church, there was one thing that was inconvenient. The field that the church was the most advanced in than anyone else: beauty products.” (Lisa)

Lisa began talking about her struggles as she relaxed. 

This is most likely another unwritten effect of hot springs. 

When you feel good and relax, your mouth loosens up to a certain degree. 

“But today I have been allowed such a wonderful experience. I feel like I have regained a bit of that loss back. I don’t know how to thank you two who extended this invitation. I am truly thankful.” (Lisa)

Beauty salons and make-up overflow in this world. 

The sense of beauty of people is inherently high, so there’s a wide variety of make-up products, and there’s so many brands out there it is impossible to count them.

The competition is intense, trife with inferior products, but for merchants, if you strike it big in this field, you can obtain outstanding fortune. 

This may be straying from the topic slightly, but within the materials that are brought back from the wasteland, there are many that are used in make-up products too, and are being sold at high prices. 

But being the one that rules that field the whole time is the defining trait of the church.

This doesn’t shake even when it comes to aesthetics. 

Makoto was baffled by this, but beauty is a field that’s enthusiastically being researched in the academy too. 

Despite that, the church continued being at the top. 

It might be the perseverance of religious faith.

“The tenacity of the church towards beauty is on a whole other level after all. There’s a number of products they provide that are pretty impressive even in our eyes. Of course, the price is also pretty impressive too… I don’t think you have any worries on that front, so it must have been vexing that you couldn’t obtain it.” (Tomoe)

“…We can’t try being stealthy on that front after all. Especially when it comes to beauty, there’s no end to the mouths of others. No matter what route I take, rumors that I have obtained make-up from the church would spread around immediately.” (Lisa)

“Then, you can go ahead and polish your body here today-desu wa. The Kuzunoha Company has recently begun to seriously put their hands on make-up products after all. I myself am not an expert…but it feels pretty pleasant.” (Mio)

“…? This bath is certainly pleasant, but could it be…” (Lisa)

“Umu. We thought you would be able to give us your opinions on what’s good or bad with your expert eye, therefore, we have especially invited you here.” (Tomoe)

“There’s still more to see?” (Lisa)

The eyes of Lisa were filled with expectation. 

She thought it would be fine to even take half a day breaks every now and then here, so this is quite the delightful suggestion. 

Even when she is a woman as well, seeing the body of Tomoe and Mio was overwhelming. Lisa is decently confident in her own body, so she even felt a bit jealous. 

However, being hit with an appealing suggestion that can even blow away that slight envy, there’s no reason for Lisa to refuse. 

“Steam bath, oil massage, and blended herb packs are what’s planned.” (Tomoe)

“When all of that is done, we have also scheduled a meal that’s tailored for health as well.” (Mio)


Beauty therapy.

Moreover, a course that wouldn’t fall short to the ones labeled at quite the high price. 

Thanks to that, Lisa’s mouth warped into quite the peculiar and rare shape.

The moment she decided to open up half a day, she was depressed about the work that came after. 

However, it looks like today will be a blissful one. 

She can take her time polishing her body and relaxing. 

It is nice to have days like this every once in a while. 

This is what they call a reward for yourself. 

But, at the same time, Lisa thought: ‘Won’t this become an addiction?’.

That feeling of hers would hit right on the mark.

After the wife of Patrick Rembrandt, Lisa, had experienced the course, she had given her first message to her husband. 

‘I have decided to stay the night today, I will return tomorrow morning’.

There’s no other way to describe the state of Patrick once he received that message other than panic. 


“Dear, sorry for coming back late.” (Lisa)

“I-It is okay. It was something rare, so Morris and I were a bit worried, but…yeah, welcome back.” (Rembrandt)

Lisa had returned to Tsige before noon of the next day just as she said in the message. 

She showed up in the company to apologize to her husband and tell him of her return. 

“…Welcome back, madam. We heard that you were invited by the Kuzunoha Company and went out, but where did you go?” (Morris)

Morris was also internally surprised by the change of Lisa and asked her where she went. 

Normally, Morris wouldn’t entrust Lisa to people who say something like ‘We are inviting you to the best of experiences. The destination is still a secret-ja’, but the other party was the Kuzunoha Company that’s like a family to them. 

They are their benefactors, and the person herself seemed willing to go, so he had no choice but to see her off. 

And, as if it were the most natural thing, Morris didn’t know at all where they went. 

It ended with him being reminded just how abnormal of an existence they are. 

“Hot springs. It was wonderful.” (Lisa)

That gesture of Lisa giving out a short answer was shrouded with languid seductiveness.

“Hot spring…? Was there a hot spring in the vicinity?” (Morris)

The lady was giving off a youthful beauty as if she had returned to her young days. 

It is not literally rejuvenation. 

It is like a step before that, or as if a thin layer had been peeled and there was a past self of her there. 

Morris also knows about hot springs, but he has not heard of them being able to rejuvenate someone. 

Morris was slightly shocked at how the Kuzunoha Company even has a facility like that.

“It is apparently pretty far away. However, it seems like teleportation isn’t a big deal for Tomoe-san and Mio-san.” (Lisa)

“Teleportation. The two of them?” (Morris)

“Crazy, right? And so, I had a whole lot of baths while watching the snow halfway up a tall mountain.” (Lisa)


Tall mountain.


Terms that were far and apart from Tsige were coming out one after the other.

Even if there’s a mountain range that divides the wasteland and human society, they are by no means a place where you can climb and enjoy a vacation there. 

“Hot spring, bath; a bath where you soak your body in which is different from a steam bath, huh. But it has been a while since I have seen you so satisfied. Was it such a pleasurable experience? …It should be about time we cooperate with the Kuzunoha Company and seriously put a hand in make-up products too. I have been thinking all the time that I didn’t want to bring you discomfort from my own obstinacy after all.” (Rembrandt)

Patrick Rembrandt did feel like he couldn’t just ignore the displeasure of her wife regarding beauty. 

If it were make-up that works on the level of your average products, it would be one thing, but if it is creating products that rival the church, it would be a decently risky gamble. 

Make-up products are high risk and high reward.

It is not a field that you can step into with half-assed intentions. 


“? Lisa?” (Rembrandt)

“According to Tomoe-san, what the Kuzunoha Company is thinking of is still not on the level of the church in terms of quality and technique.” (Lisa)

“…Figures. Not even they would be able to catch up to the church in one go.” (Rembrandt)

“But…” (Lisa)


“I was incredibly satisfied. It is in part because the hot springs and steam bath were included in it, but I feel as if my body and heart were all massaged.” (Lisa)

“Hooh…” (Rembrandt)

It is pretty rare to see an expression of being satisfied from the bottom of her heart from his wife. 

Rembrandt was impressed by this and awaited her next words. 

“They said they would want you and Morris to come next. Apparently Raidou-sama will be the one doing the escorting then.” (Lisa)

“A naked talk with him, huh. That doesn’t sound bad.” (Rembrandt)

“Yeah. Also, they want me to polish the courses more, so they have invited me to come a couple more times. Is that okay?” (Lisa)


“Dear? Morris?” (Lisa)

Rembrandt was once again seeing the expression of Lisa that he had seen a couple of times at the time when they were both still young. Soft and at times scary, as if she were asking you, but doesn’t allow you to say no. 

Eyes of a predator. 

Rembrandt and Morris looked at each other and chuckled, feeling that they really are looking at a rejuvenated Lisa. 

The two could tell that they were both thinking the same thing. 

“…Alright. Got it. You can disclose the knowledge we currently have of make-up products. If they are going to create something that can satisfy you, as your husband, I will do my best to cooperate.” (Rembrandt)

“Thanks. I love you, Patrick. But I am sure you will take a liking to it if you come once. Let me tell you beforehand, even if you say you want a bathtub at our house, I won’t be against it.” (Lisa)

“Haha, how confident. I am looking forward to the day we can go with Raidou-kun to the hot springs. Isn’t that right, Morris?” (Rembrandt)

“Yes.” (Morris)

“Also…once it is completed, it will enslave any housewife. It is that impressive.” (Lisa)

Lisa’s eyes switched to that of a beast again. 

‘The wife of Rembrandt has been looking really beautiful lately’ -those kinds of rumors spread in Tsige soon after. 

Lisa said herself that it is impossible to maintain a secret when it comes to beauty, but she by no means opened her mouth. 

Eventually, the church also began intensifying their information collecting…but their secret was protected till the day the Kuzunoha Company hot spring experience through memberships opened their doors.

The day they made a fearsome revolution in the beauty industry following their magic construction was approaching. 

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