[Not a Chapter]: New Story and Plans from here on

Hey guys, Reigokai here! 

As some may already know, Weakest Mage has reached its end, making it the 2nd completed story! I have already gone into detail about my thoughts and such in the afterword, so if you are interested, go check it out. 


And so, with a story done, the author has blessed us with a new one. The most surprising thing? It is actually taking place in the same world and at the same time as Makoto appearing in the world. This story takes place in the South Continent where the Zenith Tower is located at (and the cult of Makoto).

Obviously, I plan on translating this one too! So look forward to it! 

The name of the story is: The squishy swordsman with zero attack power ~abandoned by his childhood friend Oracle, he entered the magic academy, and ended up looking after the Demon Lord~ 

Now, as for when I will begin the translation. I will be releasing the 1st chapter in 2 weeks! Until then, I will be releasing Tsuki Extras. I am planning on doing the same as with Weakest Mage, so it will rotate between the Extras of Tsuki and this story. 

Unfortunately, Tsuki and DCFM haven’t updated since a long while now, but from what I can see, Zero Attack Power Swordsman is updating as fast as WM does (or even faster)! 

Anyone curious about the new story, I will leave the synopsis here: 

<Top student from the Empire’s Military Academy, Eugene Saintfield. 

He had a dream. 

It is to be the Royal Sword of his childhood friend Airi Grandflare, who is aiming to become the Emperor, and bring even more prosperity to the Empire. 

But that dream crumbled. 

Due to his lacking talent. 

Eugene had no talent and was easily abandoned by his childhood friend. 

Having fallen into despair, he enrolled in the highest academic center of the Empire, the Lykeion Magic Academy, under the discretion of his father. 

The life of Eugene will be moved heavily by the many encounters in the academy. 

Eventually turning into a wave that will drag the whole continent…>

That’s it! 

Hope to see you on our next journey! 

Have a nice isekai! 

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