Tsuki – Extra 55: Asora Information Record ② The Ogre that faces the Sea

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I am at the sea. 

If this were for the sake of inspecting the settlement constructions at the beach, there would be no issues, but there’s the crimson flowers blooming at the neighborhood of the Mist Town. 

Even though it is a field that is being let to rest, it is in full bloom. 

It is okay to watch, okay to eat.

It is one of the flowers we Highland Orcs are very familiar with since the time we arrived at this Asora. 

In the undeveloped woodlands and forests, white flowers bloom -Fake Acacias. A plant that has tufts of small flowers like a grape. 

My father loves having tempuras with this plant, and it is also a familiar one for us. 

And there’s one other similarity between the two. 

You can get really tasty honey from them. 


It is exactly as the name states. The thing that bees go around collecting from flowers to make. 

However, the harvest of honey is not going well this time around. 

The reason is clear. 

It is because the race in charge of beekeeping is slacking. 


Even though the jobs they are entrusted with are far less than that of other races.

To think they wouldn’t even do one of the few jobs they are given…

You bastards, I will have Waka-sama—!

This isn’t good. I tend to lose control of my emotions… When I think about them, about the issues in Asora that come from the Al-Elemera, I just end up…

Waka-sama just laughs their irresponsible nature off as them just being THE fairies, so he doesn’t get too strict on them. 

They got even more spoiled at the existence of the sentient giant trees living in the deep forest. 

The trees there are also soft on fairies. 

The Al-Emera are taking care of the pollination, so they are like grandparents spoiling their grandchildren. 

They play around, eat, and dance as they please. The Al-Emera are not even consciously doing their pollination. Even when I advised them, they went back to how they were in less than a week. 

There’s also Waka-sama. 

What those flies are showing is not optimism or innocence, but arrogance and selfishness. 

{There’s apparently a thorny flower at the sea settlements which we don’t know about, so we are going to go check it out.} 

They simply left one crappy note and left, abandoning their job. That’s unbelievable. 

I wouldn’t tell them to not go to the sea. 

They would simply cause trouble to the people there, so I wouldn’t be the one telling them I want them to go either, but is there the need for everyone to go?! 

Can’t you leave half of your people to do your honey gathering and honeybee jobs?! 

And yet, after a while of the flowers falling, they would come in force demanding to give them mead. 

Aah, I want them exterminated. 

Just how many times have I told them to just drink honey juice instead of drinking the mead -which we went through hard work to make- and eating it together with honey and the fruit of their liking.

I would add as much medical alcohol in it as possible. 

Not good.

When I think about how the Al-Elemera are here, past memories resurface, and the negative spiral of emotions gets unstoppable. 

But I really feel like giving those people the knowledge of Waka-sama is truly a waste and I don’t want that knowledge to…ku…fufu…fufu. 

“Ema-sama! You really came chasing the Al-Elemera?” 

The moment I entered the harbor town, the demon that Waka-sama had brought to Asora, Sari-san, had come to welcome me. 

I contacted them saying that I would come here for a bit but to not mind me, and yet, here she is. What a diligent girl. 

She doesn’t come often to the Mist Town, but she helps out in maintaining order for the races living in the sea, and managing this town. 

…You could say she is in the same position as me but for the sea settlements. 

Our relationship is mostly through documents, but Sari-san’s diligence and competence is really favorable. I think that, even if demon residents were to increase in the future, we would be able to properly get along with them through her as the axis. 

Yeah, a whole lot better than those flies! 

“Sari-san, I called saying you didn’t have to mind me.” (Ema)

“No, we can’t do that. There’s no way we can be rude to the one who is moving as a close aide in the place Waka-sama lives in.” (Sari)

“It is okay to see me as a simple comrade instead of our standings.” (Ema)

That’s what Waka-sama would wish for, and we are both people living in Asora. 

“Even if so, for me, Ema-sama is a great senpai.” (Sari)

“…Got it. Let’s just work on it little by little.” (Ema)

“Yes. Will you be inspecting the town, too?” (Sari)

“No, once I gather those slackers, I will return. Where’s this strange flower that they got an eye on?” (Ema)

“…Aah.” (Sari)

“Sari-san?” (Ema)

“They have already finished their tour there.” (Sari)

“So it was an excuse! Those damn flies!” (Ema)

The kind of excuse where they had a different objective, but it was hard to say it! 


They are actual children! 

“E-Ema-sama?” (Sari)

“What’s the matter, Sari-sama?! Also Ema-sama!” 

…I have done it now.

I ended up spilling out my real feelings.

That bunch really are the biggest troublemakers in Asora. 

When Lime came, he accidentally blurted out whether hyumans can live here, but honestly speaking, I don’t mind anyone as long as it is in exchange for exiling the Al-Elemera.

I feel so bad towards Waka-sama for this, I can’t tell him this to his face at all. 

Even though I have trained and admonished them countless times until now to guide them to the right path, why is it that those flies don’t learn?! 

Even Highland Orc infants are a bit better than this! 

“No, it is nothing. I am here on a separate matter. My apologies for surprising you.” (Ema)

I explained to the Lorelei woman that ran my way. 

Let’s quickly find them and go back.

Once back, I will smack them and rest for a bit.

“Is that true?” 

“Yeah, of course…?” (Ema)

“Could it be that it is actually because you can’t leave us a big job like making a settlement and have come to inspect?!” 

“Why does it turn out like that? Even Waka-sama always praises the work of everyone, you know?” (Ema)

Really, why?

“B-But, I heard that Ema-sama is only smiling with her mouth, but is always thinking about a new way of torture and bringing out harsh jobs.” 

“…Eh?” (Ema)

“The people that came from the direction of the Mist Town said to not believe Ema-sama, that she is a witch. She said you would bury us and silence us.” 

The female Lorelei is really scared here. 

Harsh jobs.



I can tell who are the ones spreading those rumors just from the contents of it. Their faces showed up pretty clearly in my mind. 

The Loreleis are capable and peaceful, and they are splendid sea residents that have perfect cooperation both individually and as a group, but there’s a small weak point. 

They are slightly negative. 

Whenever they get the chance, they would ask for proper taxing or heavy taxing, and they are always in fear that their present way too blessed environment might end at any moment. 

It sounds nice if you call it being prepared for the worst, but…

Well, let’s leave that aside for now. 


The problem is a different one. 

It is the stupidly positive idiots that instilled negative things to these girls. 

When I return with them, I am going to jam them in together with the honey. 

Be reborn as mead. 

What’s with them even adding order in their insults?! 

“I got a report from the Neptunes the other day too, but I think the harbor town is progressing exceedingly well. Even the follower of Waka-sama, Tamaki-sama, had nothing but praise when she came to visit. Please have confidence.” (Ema)

“I-Is that true?” 

“Yeah, it is true. By the way, where are the Al-Elemera that have intruded in this place?” (Ema)

“Ah, if it is them, they are observing the aloe and tasting the flowers at a place a little further away from the coast. They are currently eating flavored seaweed at an incredible pace.” 

“I see. Thanks.” (Ema)

A smile leaked out from the bottom of my heart. 

I activate a spell as I leave my gratitude that came out naturally. 

“Well then, Sari-san, I am in a hurry here, so let’s leave the inspection and meeting for another time.” (Ema)

“Ah, thank you for your hard work!” (Sari)

The voice of Sari-san rang at my back.

My body floated a bit over the ground, and I charged onto the market at quite the speed using magic.

Running would be way too much of a hassle. 

The map of this place is in my head. I can meet the enemy in a hovering state, so they can’t run away from me.

There they are. 

You barbaric eaters that are suckling on rum raisins as you tear off seawood and bring it to your mouths. 

I activate the mass binding spell -which I don’t know how many times I have used already- chantless. 

My spell captures both the tall but small countertop table and the Al-Elemera together. 

A birdcage shaped light pushes them all in one spot. 


“Ca~ught you~!” (Ema)

““It is Ema!!”” 

Do I look like an ogre or something?! 

No, I do. 

I am self-aware. 

I am even considering rampaging as a Highland Orc for this once. 

“And here I was wondering if those strangely lousy movements were wasps, but it was actually you flies. What are you doing here?” (Ema)

I know everything already, but I can’t not go without saying this. 

“Gyaah! Way too fast!” 

“Aren’t we always telling you that we will get serious tomorrow?!” 

“Cramped… It is cramped, Ema!” 

“I don’t like birdcages!” 

“It hurts…!” 

And not a single one of them is answering my question. 

Yup, operating as usual. 

Can you understand now why there’s no choice but for me to act like an ogre? 

“First, stop munching on the seaweed!!” (Ema)

“This is the reward for coming to investigate the aloe, you know?!” 

“This is the breakthrough of new honey, you know, Ema?!” 

“The big tree old men saw us off and said ‘have a safe trip’, you know?!” 

I am feeling dizzy. 

It is because of those big tree old men spoiling these children even more that they are like this! 

Just so you know, from a 3rd person’s perspective, they are not grandchildren but pollution! 

“…Where’s your boss? Bring him out.” (Ema)


These sly flies that have sensitively noticed the change in my atmosphere, pushed the boss monkey from inside all their jostles to the front. 

“Don’t call me boss, call me king, Ema!!” 

“How many times do I have to tell ya to not call yourself king in Asora…!! I mean, you!!” (Ema)

“We are the guardians of the forest.” 

“SHUT UP!!” (Ema)


“Seaweed, end. Aloe, report. Nectar or mead; which one?!” (Ema)

“I don’t really get it, but don’t be angry, Ema! We have also taken a liking to the seaweed, so we will be bringing it back! Aloe is a fleshy plant and it is a pretty impressive one that you can expect many medicinal uses for! But it is thorny and hairy, so it might not be possible to be taken care of unless it is us! The flower one, we might be able to make it into honey if we work hard! It might be possible to grow them in the medicinal plant garden at the settlement over there! We will give you the nectar once we go back! We want mead!” 

“Warping the choices to your own convenience again… Classic nature of brats…as always! Thank you for the beneficial information about the aloe!!” (Ema)

As expected from specialists, when it comes to plants -especially fruits and flowers- their knowledge is incredible. 

To the point that even Forest Onis fall short in comparison. 

By the way, when the plant specialists of Asora gather, the Al-Elemera and the Forest Oni Eris join in on that… I don’t want to participate in that meeting ever again. 

Not only can I not follow their advanced knowledge unless I study beforehand, they talk as if infants are making fun of you. Just thinking about that stressful environment, I…!!

“But Waka-sama finds us pleasant! Heheen! You are way too angry despite us properly reporting to you! You are one angry insect, Ema!” 

“…I told you to properly keep the information pipeline, right? You simply left one lousy memo that required deciphering!” (Ema)


Why do I have to be called an insect by these bunch?

I-I want to cry. 

“Information pipeline?” 

“You remember…right?” (Ema)

Right?! <TLN: It is Ho-Ren-Sou. A business mantra in Japanese culture for Report (Houkoku), Communication (Renraku), and Consulting (Soudan)>

“…Of course, Ema! Report!” 

“Yes?” (Ema)

“Condensed milk <Rennyuu>!” 

“Huh?” (Ema)

“Escape <Tousou>!” 

“…” (Ema)

““Cramped cramped cramped, ouch!””

Oh my, it looks like I narrowed the cage a bit there. 


Right, since I have come to the sea market, I should go around and buy dried food, crustaceans, and fish roe as souvenirs. 



I reported the incident in a way suitable for Waka-sama, but he laughed loudly together with his followers. 

I told them that they remembered about reporting.

And when I checked the kitchen, we had less condensed milk.

I can’t see the end of my battle against the Al-Elemera. 

While I was pondering carefully about what to do with a headache assailing me, Waka-sama had brought out something splendid! 

It is umeshu**.

An alcoholic drink that is sweet and delicious with a slightly high alcohol rate. 

An amber color pickled plum was sunk there. 

‘Wouldn’t the Al-Elemera like this?’ -Waka-sama said this as he entrusted that to me. 

The plum pit that is sunk there gave me a powerful eureka moment. 

“Rum raisin… Could it be…” (Ema)

It is being soaked in a western liquor of high alcoholic percentage. 

I call their boss, and present a bead of plum on an extravagant plate to make it look high class. 

“Good work on making the honey. By the way, this is a valuable plum pit that was made by coincidence.” (Ema)

“Hmmhmm… It has a really good smell!” 

“It is a reward. Go ahead. It is a valuable thing, so it is only for you, king.” (Ema)


And fall.

Freakin fall.

“It is even bigger than a rum raisin!!” 


“I-It looks tasty!!!!!!!” 


The boss monkey lost himself and picked up the plum pit soaked in liquor. 

…I did it.


“That’s a relief. If you work hard again, I will eventually give you more. That’s the pit of the plum that can be made when producing umeshu.” (Ema)


“That’s right. An alcoholic beverage that can be made by soaking fruit in it. It is sweet and tasty. There’s a bit here.” (Ema)

“Sweet. Tasty!” 

Before I told him he could drink it… Endure, endure.

He drank the dense liquid bit by bit, and it was emptied in an instant. 

He is a pointlessly heavy drinker. 

“Chug chug.” (Ema)

“It is a whole lot tastier than mead!! It is also unbelievable that Ema is being kind!!” 

I will teach you.

…But only this much.

I have decided. 

The umeshu brewing production will from now on be done in absolute secrecy. 

Let’s provide the easy and refreshing ones at the taverns.

Those ones will probably not satisfy them -especially this boss monkey who has learned about this taste. 

They are strangely fuzzy when it comes to the taste after all. 

They were quite the sight to behold when they learned about the rum raisins too. 

The rum raisins were made en masse because Shiki-sama said he wanted to pair it with vanilla or something. 

But finally, I have grasped a weak point of the Al-Elemera… I have grasped their stomachs. 

I will have you devote yourself to your work for a while with this, okay?

To the point that you won’t ever say stuff like condensed milk or escape.

I would like to go to the settlements of the sea on a different occasion to feel the sea breeze -together with Waka-sama and the others. 

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