WG – Chapter 85: New Power

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I now know the reason for the wanted poster. 

According to the knights, it is not impossible for the mansion to have an escape route. 

That’s why they immediately made a wanted poster for the dangerous entity that is Souma in the case he escaped from the mansion. 

In the game system, that should happen when the affection meter of the castle and city have lowered to drastic degrees.

In this case, the mansion defeated knights on its own, making the affection of the castle decrease, and resulting in me being wanted now.

Regardless of whether it is a reason grounded in reality or from the game, it is sad that I actually understand here why I am being wanted.

(But even if I do understand, what should I do from now on?)

My original plan was to get caught by the knights and meet Maki, but I don’t think getting caught here is going to be that good of an idea.

The impression the knights have of me is way too bad.

Getting executed before meeting Maki would not be funny. 

That said, maintaining my wanted state would not let me live in the city, and I would stay in a hostile relationship with the Knight Order.

While I was pondering that, Mitsuki easily answered.

“Then, let’s go.” (Mitsuki)

“Eh? Go where?” (Souma)

When I asked back, Mitsuki’s cat ears stood upright.

“It is at times like this when you use your connections.” (Mitsuki)

She said in that fashion.

And so, we once again went to the city and headed to a certain place. 

That place is of course…

“Y-You people…” 

A place where a great man said this while placing a hand on his forehead. 


“We will be under your care for a while more, Father.” (Mitsuki)

The home of Mitsuki. 

Basically, the Hisame Dojo.

It has only been a few hours since the trial ended and we left the dojo all triumphantly. 

I would dare say this is a pretty impressively fast return. 

“I understand the situation.” (Asahi)

I finished explaining the gist of the situation, and Asahi easily nodded. 

“It is true that you are at fault for the plaza incident, but having investigated that one incident thoroughly and getting a wanted poster for it would be going too far. I will make an official claim to the castle that you have been staying in this dojo for 3 days.” (Asahi)

“Is that okay?” (Souma)

I let out a voice of surprise. 

Mitsuki brought Ringo, who was in a completely drowsy state, to her room, and I for some reason ended up facing Asahi one on one. 

I am aware that he holds a grudge towards me for the matter of the trial, and I honestly told him that the lining up of skulls at the plaza was in order to send a message to an acquaintance of mine, so I did so while fully aware it would cause trouble. 

I am mostly in a confrontational relationship with Asahi, so I thought he would refuse to cooperate by saying I reap what I sow…

(Is it because the event is over now…?) (Souma)

There are cases when characters become like other people in the middle of an event and after an event. 

Basically, the writer for the NPC’s personality is different from the one that writes the dialogue for the events. I think those issues happen because those two don’t communicate well with each other, but I have had an experience where an Onee-sama samurai character that referred to herself as ‘Sessha’ in the middle of the event, would suddenly change to ‘Watashi’ the moment it ends. 

There’s rarely any chances to speak with Asahi aside from the Hisame House Visit Event, but he might actually be a decently good person when outside events. 

I tilt my head internally and Asahi explained to me in a gentle manner. 

“If your home was attacked while you were staying here as a guest of the dojo, the fault also lies on us. I can’t allow such a thing as the master of the dojo. Also, I have taken a liking to you.” (Asahi)

“Is…that so? Ah, but…what about the Gouging Vajra?” (Souma)

This is an unavoidable topic, so I go out of my way to bring it out myself. 

When I did…

“I thought about it too, but I decided to officially make that spear yours.” (Asahi)

“Eh?” (Souma)

A way too unexpected answer came back. 

It is even treated as the heirloom of the Hisame family, so I thought Asahi would fuss over it more than that. 

“Weapons with power will find their rightful owner. Thinking about it carefully, I thought that there’s no one with better qualifications to hold onto that spear.” (Asahi)

“I see…” (Souma)

Is it really okay for me to accept this sudden change of heart? 

His attitude has clearly changed too much compared to just a few hours ago. 

The event has already ended, but it also means that Asahi can attack me regardless of events. 

If Asahi seriously thinks of killing me, moreover, when I don’t know at all what method he will use, the chances I survive are low. 

Seeing his attitude, it does look like he means no harm to me, but is it really okay for me to believe that…?

While I was worrying about this, Asahi said with a gentle expression.

“Right. If you find that hard to accept, how about you listen to a request of mine?” (Asahi)

“A request?” (Souma)

I feel like he is gonna throw me something crazy here. 

Asahi laughed lightly, seeing me being wary about this.

“It is nothing big. This is simply about you and me. I just wanted you to stop with such a distant way of calling me like Asahi-san.” (Asahi)

“No, but that’s…” (Souma)

I hesitate to speak. 

Is he telling me to call him without honorifics? 

Even I would find it hard calling someone old enough to be my father without honorifics. 

But Asahi shook his head as if he read my internal conflict. 

“Aah, it looks like I made you misunderstand. That’s not what I meant. What I wanted to say is that there should be a better one to call me.” (Asahi)

“A better one?” (Souma)

“That’s right. Next time, please call me like this…” (Asahi)

And then, he said this with a refreshing face.

“…Father-in-law.” (Asahi)

This is the moment I thought ‘Ah, this guy really is the father of Mitsuki’.

But I have no intention of marrying anyone right now, and even if I end up doing it, there’s a high chance it would turn horrible. 

I was thinking about undoing this misunderstanding by saying Mitsuki doesn’t feel that way about me, but my sixth sense was telling me that’s hell I would be walking into. 

“Sorry, I have decided that I won’t marry until I defeat the Demon Lord.” (Souma)

And so, I decided to get over this situation by spitting out something that sounds cool at a glance. 

But that’s not a lie. 

I am actually scared of the curse, so I can’t marry as long as the Demon Lord is present. 

Or more like, I shouldn’t.

“I see.” (Asahi)

My seriousness must have transmitted, Asahi nodded heavily. 

“Then, when you head to subjugate the Demon Lord, please tell me. I will prepare the best support I can, and will send you off while we prepare the wedding celebration.” (Asahi)

He still hasn’t given up! 

Not only that, it is as if he has taken it as me accepting the marriage! 

I was shocked, but if it is just this much, I can still get away with it. 

I hurriedly changed the topic so that we don’t step further in.

“S-Speaking of Demon Lord, it seems like Mitsuki doesn’t get close only to the Demon Lord Castle. Is there a reason for that?” (Souma)

This is something that I was curious about when I was playing the game too. 

Or more like, I thought the developers made it so Mitsuki couldn’t get close to the last stages because it would make the last boss battles too easy, but I am curious as to what reason this world has for that. 

My sudden question made Asahi go ‘fumu’ and think about it for a bit, but he gave the answer without me waiting much. 

“That’s probably because I have told my daughter about how fearsome that Demon Lord Castle is since her childhood. I have spoken about the Demon Lord often as the enemy that we must eventually slay.” (Asahi)

“I see…” (Souma)

The Demon Lord Castle is far to the north of here. 

It is inside a volcanic crater that lies ahead of a number of high level areas. 

Reaching that mountain is already a hard thing to do, but the real deal comes after you find the mountain.

The mountain that the Demon Lord lives in is gigantic and tall, but the central part is hollowed out like a mortar.

The Demon Lord Castle is at the center of that, so after you suffer climbing the mountain, you have to go down the crater part. 

I said mortar shaped, but the slope is pretty steep, so if you slip, you fall straight down, and there’s the risk of dying from terrain damage. 

What’s even nastier about it is that, at the bottom of the mountain, there’s a blood pond making dripping sounds, and it invites fear onto any who gaze upon it. 

The Demon Lord Castle is standing at that blood pond, so it is a rough place for children. 

No wonder it traumatized Mitsuki. 

“I see, so that’s why Mitsuki…” (Souma)

“Are you two gossiping about me?” 

It was right at the time when I reached an understanding that Mitsuki returned. 

“Aah, you are back, huh. We have finished our talk. I will cooperate with Souma-kun.” (Asahi)

Mitsuki’s cat ears twitched up as if saying ‘obviously!’ and faced me again. 

“And so, what will we do from here on? I think clearing the misunderstanding will take some time, so today, how about staying at my—” (Mitsuki)

She was about to say something, but Asahi cut her off.

“I saw it before, but it seems like the weapon of Souma-kun really lacks maintenance. Mitsuki, guide him to our workshop.” (Asahi)

“Workshop? You have one?” (Souma)

I ended up getting in their conversation. 

The durability of my Shiranui and Wakizashi certainly are worrying.

If they can repair it, then I definitely would want that. 

“Preparing for battle is also part of the battle; a teaching of ours here. The workshop not only has a smithy, but also most that’s related to magic as well.” (Asahi)

“Really?!” (Souma)

“Yeah… Mitsuki.” (Asahi)

Being called again, Mitsuki’s cat ears went ‘Unngh’ as if discontent. 

“…Right. I will guide you.” (Mitsuki)

“Sorry about that, Mitsuki. Please do.” (Souma)

“I don’t mind it. It is for you after all.” (Mitsuki)

It seems like her mood got a bit better after I spoke to her. 

Mitsuki seemed to have had some sort of plan, but I am honestly more interested in the workshop right now. 

I once again ask Asahi to clear up the misunderstanding of the Knight Order, and I head to the workshop together with Mitsuki.

“Was Ringo okay?” (Souma)

When I asked her while we moved, Mitsuki nodded. 

“Yeah. She fell asleep soon after the futon was spread out. She was on guard the whole time until evening to protect you after all. She must have been tired.” (Mitsuki)

“Yeah…” (Souma)

She must have been working really hard to protect me. 

I have to thank Ringo. 

“Speaking of which, that goes for you too, right, Mitsuki? Are you okay?” (Souma)

“Me? I wouldn’t have issues even with fighting a series of battles for around a week.” (Mitsuki)

“I-I see…” (Souma)

That’s beyond human no matter how you think about it, but that kind of retort is already overdue. 

That was so natural for Mitsuki that she didn’t even feel like explaining.

“More importantly, what were you talking about with Father?” (Mitsuki)

She has an iron face as always, but her cat ears were twitching as if saying ‘I am curious!’.

If Cat Ears-chan says that, I have no choice but to answer. 

“It is nothing big. Just that…” (Souma)

I told Mitsuki about my conversation with Asahi. 

But it seems like the speculation of Asahi was different from reality. 

“Aah, that’s a misunderstanding. The reason I didn’t go to defeat the Demon Lord was because I thought that was the dream of my father.” (Mitsuki)

“Dream?” (Souma)

“Yes. Father said from long before that he wanted to make a hero that can defeat the Demon Lord in this dojo. I thought it would be of bad taste to steal that away from him.” (Mitsuki)

So this is a show of confidence that she would easily be able to defeat the Demon Lord if she went, huh.

An answer that I can’t tell if it is sweet or not came back. 

No, Mitsuki is a member of the dojo too, so I think it should be fine for her to just go and defeat it. 

“That said, regardless of the trigger, it is true that I am not good with that place. I don’t really want to go there, but if you really want to…” (Mitsuki)

“Ah, no, it is okay. I don’t plan on fighting the Demon Lord for a while anyways.” (Souma)

I shake my head. 

If she doesn’t want to go the last step, rather than her memories telling her not to, it is most likely the system binding her. 

In the game, Mitsuki simply didn’t get close to the last stages, and it is not like there was official lore for why she couldn’t get close to the Demon Lord Castle. 

There might not be too much reinforcement here, but there’s no need to forcefully test it out. 

“I see. If you want to fight a strong opponent, you just have to head west anyway.” (Mitsuki)

“…West?” (Souma)

I heard information I couldn’t just ignore and asked back. 

“You don’t know? It is said that the main body of the Evil God is sealed in the west marshland. The movements of the monsters have gotten active in recent years, and there’s apparently monsters incomparable to anywhere else there.” (Mitsuki)

“I see… Right…” (Souma)

That’s information that wasn’t implemented in the game. 

The hidden boss of this game is the Evil God’s fragment, but it was solely just a fragment. 

I did know that the main body of the Evil God was sealed elsewhere, and the information itself about being sealed in the west was certainly present in the game as well.

But the west field was not implemented in it, and when you go a certain distance, you hit an invisible wall. 

The Evil God stands above the Demon Lord in a sense. The information that its main body is sealed west was probably foreshadowing of the next installment. 

(There were rumors about it in the game, but it didn’t show up in the game itself. If this world is faithful to the game, that monster shouldn’t exist. But if it is faithful to the lore of the game, it wouldn’t be strange for it to exist.) (Souma)

That’s a contradiction. 

I can’t tell whether the Evil God exists in this world or not. 

(If the main body of the Evil God and the strong monsters exist in this world…) (Souma)

I won’t be able to predict their movements and there’s the chance that their strength will be above any monster that was in the game. 

Well, there’s no point thinking about it right now. 

I currently can’t even win against the Demon Lord, so the best option would be to strengthen myself. 

“We are here.” (Mitsuki)

When I was coming to a standstill in my thoughts, we arrived at our objective just in time. 

What was in sight were the many special devices that were placed here and there in the room. 

A smithy to repair equipment and…

“So it was here too, huh.” (Souma)

Surprise and happiness leaked out from my mouth. 

Gouging Vajra is certainly strong. 

It is currently sealed in the Cooler Box, but I can’t take on a hit from that spear or break it with my strength. 

However, there’s a wondrous device that allows you to destroy any powerful weapon in an instant in this game world.

It is the device in front of me. 

A giant furnace with 3 holes. 

On top of the holes, it is written ‘Shape’, ‘Performance’, and ‘Special’ respectively. 

“…Weapon customization device.” (Souma)

Alias, Weapon Synthesizer.

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