Tsuki – Extra 52: Bir Sheet’s stay in the Mist Town ③ Bir stands in the Mist Town

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“T-Training? You guys?” (Jiel)

I treat the elder dwarf, Jiel, who I have gotten completely close to now, to some drinks and consult with him.

I don’t think I proposed something that strange here, but Lacy at the counter and Roni were looking at me as if they were looking at a weirdo.

That day, after retrieving Akos and Ranai, who challenged the gatekeeper, me and Git told them thoroughly, oh so thoroughly, for a whole night, about the one other fate (possibility) of the adventurers that come here.

The two of them were sweating bullets after having been heavily injured from their own stupidity, and were completely convinced by our arguments, so we allowed them to sleep in the morning of the next day…no, we decided to end the explanation.

The Highland Orc gatekeeper, Mito, brought medicine and a small fairy doctor, and the result was that Akos and Ranai made a complete recovery without any permanent damage. 

That’s right, complete recovery. 

It was a good lesson for Ranai, so I was thinking that she should just give up on a lost arm, but it freakin healed.

Just what in the world is the luck of that woman? 

The world is way too unfair.

“Yeah, also, what kind of training do you guys normally do? I want to know about stuff regarding work, hunting, and things like that.” (Bir)

I respond to Jiel seriously. 

Fortunately, when I explained to them about the adventurer plate as an apology, it was received pretty favorably.

It seems like the Job system that adventurers have was something that attracted their attention.

My warrior job, Rounin.

The warrior job of Akos, Browning Lancing.

The mage job of Git, Ocean’s One.

The mage job of Ranai, Bishop Siesta. 

All four of us have rare jobs that are not not from the mainstream, so we might have the upper hand here. 

Mine and Akos’s may be rare, but I feel like they are not jackpots though… I have no choice but to hope that what it will become will be a much better job. Of course, there’s the chance that me and Akos haven’t mastered them. 

My Rounin Job is a warrior job that prioritizes speed, so my speed and attack are pretty high compared to others of my same level.

On the other hand, its defense is flimsy, and there’s no defensive skills to make up for it. 

On top of that, it is true that the power of each hit is strong, but there’s a lot of skills that come as a set of movement and attack, so they are not suitable to combo with each other. 

Akos is an A+ adventurer like me, and his Browning Lancer is a lancer that prioritizes defense. Aside from its many defensive skills, it also has a number of high attack skills that take time to use. 

On one hand, it can cover both sides; on the other, there’s not a single attack skill he can use handily.

Git is a Unique Job with no complaints. Her Job has apparently already reached the peak of its growth.

Her personal rank is S that’s really close to A+, specialized in water attacks that don’t rely on Spirits. 

Ranai is a rare Bishop Job that specializes in healing and defense.

Her personal rank is already S. Even if her personality is like that, just by having Ranai join the battle, the chances of victory shoot up and the chances of deaths happening decrease sharply. Not only does she have an exemplary line-up of skills, the magic power she has, and her decision making in battle are high.

It is incredibly vexing to say this, but compared to the two girls who have a clear grasp of their roles in a party, and can use their skills and spells to perfection, Akos and I have only had these jobs for a few months, and we are still trying to learn the ropes of it. 

“…Regarding us, the respective races would train, would have mock battles with a mix of races, and the ones who want to prove themselves would go to the colosseum to polish themselves… All of them for the sake of the land. I can’t let you guys participate in those.” (Jiel)

“If there’s a colosseum, can’t we fight there?” (Bir)

“Impossible. You would be toyed like children. It doesn’t seem like you can even fight a gatekeeper decently after all. The colosseum is inside. In other words, it is something for the sake of the ones inside. By the way, Mito doesn’t participate in the colosseum. Levi is around the middle of the pack.” (Jiel)

We would die.

No colosseum for us.

“Then, I don’t know if it is for a short period of time, but is there anyone who could teach us?” (Bir)

I don’t mind if it is Jiel, Lacy, or Roni at this point. 

I know them now, so they will…probably…not train us in a way that would kill us mercilessly.

“Umu…” (Jiel)

“Leaving aside the other girls, Bir and Git are a bit…” (Lacy)


Why is it that the problematic duo are okay but Git and I get bounced off? 

Shouldn’t it be the other way around, Lacy?

“Right. We wouldn’t want to make a move on Bir carelessly, and Git would be the Neptunes.” (Roni)

I am not a dangerous object, Roni.

Also, what are Neptunes? 

More new words are coming out.

“Fumu. That said, it would be a pain to search for several different suitable partners. Let’s ask the opinion of the higher-ups.” 


Are they talking about the other side of the gate?

The words of Jiel made me go…I knew it. 

We adventurers…no, we hyumans are currently being sized up at the moment. 

“It is the first case, so I agree with that. There should be someone with nothing to do if we search, but if we are talking about training, knowing if they are suitable is also important.” (Lacy)

“I don’t want to get involved with it later, so I agree with that idea too. Mito has already reported about Bir and Git, so a plan might actually come out unexpectedly fast?” (Ronin)

Me and Git were reported separately? 

Git is Ocean’s One, a Unique Job, so I can understand it. 

Mine is rare, but it is still in its beginning stage of the job, so I am not even rank S.

What was it that they reported about me? 

“And so, it is me.” 


A cold something touched my neck.

The words came from behind me. 

There was no presence.

It suddenly popped out.

“Tuna-dono, that’s surprising. Isn’t this the first time you come here?” (Jiel)

Jiel really was showing surprise.

There’s no killing intent. 

I steel myself and turn around, checking the owner of the voice.

A fish.

A fish around the same size as a person.

Has a tail below, and a head above.

There’s hyuman arms on both sides around where the gills are. 

And hyuman legs on both sides around where the lower fins are located.

“What’s this?” (Bir)

I unconsciously said that while looking at the fish.

I have never seen it in the wasteland, haven’t heard of it in my life, a talking fish.

It has hyuman limbs as if they were put there later.

It has a somewhat dandy voice, but right now that’s not important. 

I can only describe it as a pitiful clown that the Goddess created as a joke. 

I blink a number of times and confirm that the weird thing in front of me is not an illusion.

The contours aren’t blurring either.

It is real.

“…The ruler of the ocean, a Neptune. Name is Tuna. I heard there’s an adventurer that holds the name of the ocean and an adventurer that holds the name of a rounin, so I have arrived from the center.” (Tuna)

“T-Tuna-dono, sorry for the rudeness. I am Bir Sheet. An adventurer staying in this town.” (Bir)

No matter how you see this, this is bad.

Even though I had no intention, my mouth ended up blurting out improper words.

“This is the first time one comes from the settlement at the other side, it is the Neptune Tuna-san out of everyone. I might be witnessing a rare event here.” (Lacy)

Lacy’s mood clearly increased by the arrival of Tuna. 

I can feel slight excitement too, like hoe excited I was when I was eating together with Alpine. 

…Common sense seriously doesn’t work here.

“Bir…Sheet. The rounin, right?” (Tuna)

“Y-Yeah.” (Bir)

“Right in time. Tuna-dono, actually, this Bir and the other 3 guests…” (Jiel)

“Umu, so they wish to be trained, huh.” (Tuna)

It seems like Tuna already knew about the training before Jiel touched on it. 

“So you already heard about it.” (Jiel)

“I had some other business while coming here, and then the talk of Ema-dono and the others entered my ears. That an adventurer with the rounin job is in the Mist Town. Also, there’s a strange job among them called Ocean’s One.” (Tuna)

Tuna’s eyes looked at me.

Honestly speaking, he draws a crazy impactful sight. 

Putting it bluntly, he is gross. 

However, I have no choice but to get used to it. 

Appearance is only a symbol, just forget that there’s any worth to it right now with everything you’ve got, Bir Sheet. 

But it seems like he is more interested in the Unique Job of Git than me.

…Is it because this fish, no, this person is coincidentally an ocean fish?

“Yeah, without doubt.” (Lacy)

Lacy affirms the words of Tuna-dono.

“And so I volunteered to do it. I was left with the job of assessing them. I was also allowed to fight, but that was also a permission given to me with the intention of training. And thus, I would like to take charge of them.” (Tuna)


Are you saying we are to obey the orders of this fish, ah no, this Tuna?! 

The race is just way too different, just how will they begin to instruct us?

In the first place, Tuna isn’t even an adventurer! 

He clearly doesn’t look like a race that can coexist with hyumans! 

“If I remember correctly, the rounin is the starting point. Rather than trying a lot of things and having him die, it would be better to carefully assess him, huh. Depending on the situation, we might even get the order of registering at the Adventurer Guild after all.” (Roni)

“In the first place, there’s no knowing when another rounin would be coming.” (Lacy)

Roni and Lacy seem to agree with the plan of Tuna. 

Jiel has been nodding the whole time.

If these 3 agree all together, this fish called Tuna must be an actual powerhouse, but…I am not used to being seen as a test subject as if natural.

“Alright, then, Bir…” (Tuna)

“Eh, yeah, what is it?” (Bir)

“We are going outside. Bring your comrades with you too. From what I heard, you have a pretty balanced configuration, so I will look after everyone at once.” (Tuna)

“Eh?!” (Bir)

“Don’t worry. We will prepare a new spear. The woman who lost her arm to Levi has already been healed, right? What’s there to worry about? Just think about it, if you guys can absorb the things here properly, you guys will become far stronger. Isn’t that a priceless treasure for adventurers?” (Tuna)

“…” (Bir)

That’s true.

I smacked both of my cheeks to psyche myself up.

I put a decent amount of power on that, so it hurt quite a bit. 

However, the more calmly I think about it, the more I can see that there’s only merit in the proposal of Tuna.

“Jiel, choose one prototype weapon at your own discretion. Also, one that looks incredible for me.” (Tuna)

“Looks…in other words, something like a paper fan?” (Jiel)

“That’s right! My preference would be a rustic club!” (Tuna)

“You are really into it, Tuna-dono.” (Jiel)

“Hahahaha, cause doesn’t it sound fun? Playing with the adventurers also connects to the benefit of our Lord after all!” (Tuna)

“Good grief. Then…” (Jiel)

Jiel stands up from his seat and leaves the tavern…is what I thought, but he turned around at the entrance and looked at me. 

“By the way, Bir…” (Jiel)

“Hm?” (Bir)

“Do you have a weapon?” (Jiel)

“? Yeah, I think I have shown you before, but…what about it?” (Bir)

“No no, not that spare sword. I am talking about the weapon you use as your favored weapon.” (Jiel)


What is Jiel talking about? 

That sword is no spare but the sword I normally use though.

It might be inferior in the eyes of a dwarf, but it is quite the high quality product among the goods of Tsige, you know?

“…I mean a katana, a katana! Could it be that you dropped it in the wasteland?” (Jiel)

“Katana? Are you referring to that strange sword? I have never used one in my life.” (Bir)



Why is the whole tavern reacting to that?! 

That takes way too much time and coin to maintain it, and when you have to fight, it will bend or break immediately. 

I have not seen a single warrior who has mastered that weapon decently. 

There are a good amount of people using them, but I can only think that they are just being stubborn despite other swords being plenty good enough.

In my case, I am already worrying about my defense as I am now.

A one-handed sword that is sturdy even when used to block and am familiar with fits me the most.

“…I can’t believe this. Even though you are a rounin, you are using a longsword?” (Jiel)

“I thought he kept the katana in his room because he treasures his katana as if it were his life, or he kept it in some sort of magic bag.” (Lacy)

“How do you even do an iai with a longsword? Are you kidding me?” (Roni)

How, you ask? Upwards, like normal.

No, why does Roni know about the details of my iai skill? 

The way he was saying it, he clearly knows what an iai is.

Everyone was looking at me as if they were looking at the biggest idiot in the world.


Are you saying rounins normally use a katana? 

There wasn’t a single senior or junior in my rounin comrades that used katanas, you know?! 

Are you saying you have more knowledge than the Rounin Research Assembly in Tsige?!

There’s no way! 

As if I could allow that! 

“Ah, Jiel, sorry, but could you bring an uchigatana?” (Tuna)

Tuna checked me as if trying to confirm my height and physique, and then spoke those words.

I am around 190cm tall. I am a bit taller than average, but what’s an uchigatana? 

Were there that many types of katanas?

“Can you prepare a random number of them from 2 shaku to 3 shaku**?” (Tuna) <Shaku: a Japanese measurement that’s around 30.3 cm.>

“Isn’t 3 shaku a bit too big? He is a hyuman, moreover, it is the first time he is holding a katana.” (Jiel)

“Just in case.” (Tuna)

“If Tuna-dono says so, I will abide. I will bring them with me.” (Jiel)

“Thanks, Jiel.” (Tuna)

It seems like it is already settled that I will be using a katana. 

Just what in the world is the Mist Town? 

I was hurried by Tuna and I ran to the room to call the other 3.

The common sense that has somehow managed to endure until now felt like it was beginning to crack.

That’s the kind of mysterious feeling I was getting.


“Come on, come on, what’s the matter?! The lancer showed his willpower and managed to use a Skill, you know?!” 

The price of that was that the bones in his whole body have been pulverized and he is twitching as if he were only matter X right now! 

He looks like a fish washed to land! 

He is in that state with just a body blow of Tuna! 

Roni healed him so that he didn’t die, but there’s no doubt he was writhing in pain that was enough to kill.

You have only saved him by the bare minimum amount, Roni! 

“Iai, Gait, and Tachi! Those are the Skills you have, right? Come at me!” (Tuna)

Then move at a speed that I can see!! 

I was barely managing to follow the movements of Tuna with Gait: Squall and Gait: Willow.

Even though it is clear that he is holding back, it is taking my all just to chase his shadow. 

“I am already using it!” (Bir)

“Use them depending on the situation, you are slow.” (Tuna)

“Gaha!” (Bir)

A dull and intense pain spread to my spine.

I was hit -by a primitive gigantic club as if it was made from cutting a log and was used just like that. 

How many times has it been? 

I can’t tell anymore. 

The healing of Ranai has not been cut off from me. 

Git made a rain of ice on Tuna in order to give me time to get myself back up, but Tuna was simply shaking his head to the sides.

The ice rain was being smashed up before it reached him.

Tuna wasn’t continuing his attack.

How many times has this been too?

“Rounins truly are flimsy. Understand the feeling of the person having to use spells to heal you every time you are on the verge of death! You are not putting up a fight at all!” (Ranai)

Ranai complained.

Sorry for being feeble! 

But whether it is me or Akos fighting Tuna, depending on how much the other side holds back, it will always end up this way! 

“Then I would be grateful if you used buff magic!” (Bir)

“I AM! Geez, I am giving you the full support course here! Attack power and speed are outside my field though. You understand that, right? Can you please not make me open all my damn cards here?!!” (Ranai)

I know! 

I know that they have been creating situations where I would die if she didn’t! 

It feels as if they are opening my body up and checking every single corner of it! 

But I am desperate here too! I want to tell her to stop making complaints that accurately damage her comrades! 


I feel the presence of Tuna behind me. 

Even though he should have been standing in front of me until now! 


The katana that took the hit of the club broke.

That’s natural. 

There’s no way a flimsy weapon can take the hit of a blunt weapon like that! 

If I at least had my prefered sword with me! 

“That slimy movement technique, Willow, was it? If you had used that, you could have moved to my side.” (Tuna)

As if I could switch on the moment! 

I was made to do a game of tag for a long while with the Squall one! 

There’s still a dull pain remaining in my back.

Even though the healing of Ranai was properly healing my body…

“Bir, a new katana~.” (Lacy)

Lacy threw a katana to my hands with precise accuracy. 

Her throwing ability is on assassin level.

However, instead of trying to cheer or encourage, it felt as if she was strangely monotone.

“Even if they are prototypes, just how many does he plan to break, that sucker.” (Jiel)

Jiel is grumbling. 

As if saying it is an issue of my technique. 

Just how much do you guys worship katanas?

“Take that attack just now with the same movements as that of Willow. You don’t understand the special characteristics of a katana at all.” (Tuna)

“Special characteristics of a katana?! Its only strong point is that it cuts well, right?! [Snow Tachi]!” (Bir)

Tuna had begun explaining at a good distance, and I used one of the Tachis that are the main attack skills of a rounin. 

“0 points, but your teamwork improvisation is good.” (Tuna)

I activate a Skill matching the attack spell shot by Git. 

My presence vanished, moving to the back of Tuna at high speed, and making a sweeping attack. 

This slash that was clad in aura and the spell of Git had good affinity together.

And yet…that rustic club of Tsuna easily took the slash and took the spell of Git with one hand.

Powerful acid shaped as a spiral spear.

It should be quite the powerful attack within the spells of Git though.

“Ocean’s One, huh. To think it relates itself to the sea…the ocean, how pathetic.” (Tuna)

“! You mere fish, I am the one that controls all the water, the ocean!” (Git)

“That you see what lies ahead of water is the ocean does speak that you have talent.” (Tuna)

“Speaking as if you are above! I won’t lose. Bir-kun, buy time!” (Git)

…Don’t ask for the impossible. 

Just pray that he will give us the luxury of waiting. 

I now understand just how much pride you have in your own Unique Job, but the only thing I can think of is to do a desperate attack.

“Make it so you always have your Gait activated, and be able to switch depending on the situation. Not being able to spare that degree of concentration and stamina consumption is too naive. Even though you have a reliable backline, you and that spear user are unskilled. Especially that healer. She is impressive. She is using the massive pool of magic power she was born with, and she is probably seeing the life force of the people around with some sort of power. Her precise healing amounts are praiseworthy.” (Tuna)

“…Tch!” (Ranai)

Ranai clicks her tongue.

Her complexion is bad. 

Her magic power must be running out. The shout before must have been her all. 

Anyways, that was the case, huh.

So she could see just how much damage we were receiving until death, huh.

That’s why she managed to make such precise healing. 

That’s how she chose the best option depending on the situation.

…Aah, people who are born with things really do have it nice. 

A distasteful feeling was being born in me at the difference between me and Ranai.

Keep Gait activated the whole time? 

Damn it. Keep something like this that requires so much concentration, constantly activated in actual combat? That’s insanity.

That’s what’s naive.

I am the Ocean’s One. The one who brings demise through water…” (Git)

Git entered preparations to hit him with the most powerful spell she has.

Tuna doesn’t have the intention of stopping her long aria. 

Also, that’s probably not going to work.

Even if that’s the case, I can’t just stand and watch.

I have been trying to stay as good willed as possible since coming to this town. 

Because I judged that that was the best option to survive. 

Always calm, always calm.

Throw it away. 

Release your limiter. 

Squeeze it out. 

—[Gait: Willow] activated.

—[Gait: Squall] activated.

I sheath my katana.

I can’t activate Iai if I don’t do this. 

I hold the scabbard with my left hand and adjust the height of my back.

Fixing the scabbard of the katana -that was given to me on the fly- to my back is difficult. 

Despite me not being used to it, a strange feeling as if it were in the right place wrapped around my body. 

The unnecessary strength in my lower half goes away. 

If I get hit by that, I wouldn’t be able to fight back anyways. 

I would get blown away. 

Then just concentrate on avoiding or diverting it. 

—Renouncing of the Flesh obtained. Modifiers to the stats applied.

A new Skill appeared in my mind and it showed its effect on its own. Passive Skill?

Oh well.

Right now the only thing is to smash him with everything. 

The rage that I normally hold down was pushing me up.

This is not about winning or not winning.

It is about dropping Tuna down by a peck.

That desire was filling my chest.

“Hooh” (Tuna)

Tuna, who was watching the aria of Git, directed his attention at me. 

Looks like my spirit got transmitted.

“Just as you wish…” (Bir)

“Hm?” (Tuna)

“I will smash everything onto you!!” (Bir)

[Gait: Squall] Priority! 

I did it, I can do it! 

Confidence that I can use both Gaits at the same time as I thought wells up in me. 

I am also confident that it won’t last for even a few minutes, but I don’t need a few minutes anyways. 

Tuna approached me at high speed, but I entered on the offensive a breath faster than him.

Tuna swung his club wildly to the side. 

So strange. The attack that I couldn’t see at all until now is barely visible now. 

With this, I can match it. 

Using my skill with the highest attack power, Iai. 

“[Iai]!” (Bir)

“Ooh.” (Tuna)

The moved voice of Tuna reached my ears. 

My eyes were not looking at his face. 

All of my senses were concentrated on the club approaching me from the side, and I released the Iai with the momentum of the Gait: Squall.

The dull impact on the katana and everything else…I brush it all away with brute force.

It broke. 

However, the club also disappeared from the hands of Tuna. 

The katana had sunk into the club till the middle of it, robbing the club from Tuna’s hand, couldn’t endure it and broke, and also left my hand. 

It hurts. 

My whole body hurts. 

It is as if lightning had struck me. The numbness and pain was running through my whole body. 

I couldn’t hold my katana until the very end.

But that’s within calculations.

[Gait: Willow] Priority. 


“[Snow Tachi]!” (Bir)

I shift to the side of Tsuna and pick up a bent katana that I don’t even know what number it was anymore. 

I activate Snow Tachi just like that.

I take the back of Tuna and add a sweep.

I can tell my own body is speaking to me. 

Telling me to use both Gait and Tachi at the same time. The Skills were blending into my body. 

And it also told me at the same time that this katana is the best fit for these Skills. 

“Nicely done, Bir.” (Tuna)

“Not yet!” (Bir)


Snow Tachi hit the body of Tuna for the first time! 

Not yet.

I still haven’t brought out my everything.

“[Blooming Tachi]!” (Bir)

Eh?” (Tuna)

While still in Willow, I avoid the front of Tuna, and forcefully unleash the next Tachi skill.

A flurry of slashes that flowed as if matching the movements of the opponent hit Tuna.

But it doesn’t feel like it is working.

I don’t care. 

By the time I noticed, I was holding the katana that is lighter than my previous favored sword with both hands, and overlapping even more Tachi Skills. 

I switch Willow to Squall and stand at the front of Tuna for the first time. 

“[Moon Tachi]!” (Bir)

I crash onto Tuna with a sharp thrust and my whole body! 

But…the katana isn’t moving.

Tuna put both hands together. 

The blade was not moving an inch between them.

It doesn’t reach…


“You still have more Tachis, show them a—” (Tuna)

If I take distance and pick up the katanas on the ground, I can still do this. 

I can react even if Lacy were to throw me a new one! 

I am still…! 

“Man, you have peeled off one layer of skin there. That’s enough for today.”


“You pass. So you can make a nice face like that too, Bir.” 

The voice came from right in front of me.

A giant rock hit my whole body at frightening speed.

No, that’s the full body blow that Akos was…hit…with…

The figure of Tuna is distant. 

Aah, that’s not it. I was blown away. 

No good. My body won’t be moving anymore. 

Pain was filling my thoughts at a blinding rate. 

A simple tackle already leaves me like this. 

I couldn’t inflict a single scratch on him, huh…

“How dare you do that to Bir-kun!” (Git)

“You are the only one left.” (Tuna)

“I won’t waste the death of Bir-kun! Become waste and return to the sea, [Chaos Storm]!” (Git)

Git…I can still be considered alive, you know.

“Hohoh, this is…” (Tuna)

“Too late for regrets! …Eh?” (Git)

“That’s a decent wave.” (Tuna)

Tuna…that’s a whirlpool.

Black, ominous, returning everything to nothing…the ultimate attack of Git…

“Wave?” (Git)

“Toh!” (Tuna)

“He jumped in there himself?!” (Git)

Git was confused here. 

“Hahahaha! This feels comfortable. It is like a cradle, Git!” (Tuna)

“D-Don’t swim in it! Don’t go up so easily as if you were swimming up a waterfall!!” (Git)

Aah, Git is crying…

I…understand that feeling…

“That was quite the good refresher. Then, let me return the favor!” (Tuna)

“Uwaan! My Chaos Storm has been stolen by surfing and fish are raining!! I hate this! I hate everything about this!!” (Git)

“Eat this head bat!” (Tuna)

Tuna, clad in the black swirl of destruction, pierces onto the ground.

The pain is disappearing…

My memories were cut off there.

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