DCFM – Chapter 206: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 5500th

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-4: Anonymous from Earth

The case of Rifreya-chan being too horny…

-6: Anonymous from Earth

What a vulgar woman…

-10: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan, this isn’t the time to be depressed at a high class inn.

-11: Anonymous from Earth

I would have dug in in less than a second.

-14: Anonymous from Earth

His viewership was 1st place by far. 

-18: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-chan is way too lewd. It is just natural.

-20: Anonymous from Earth

I became the future Hikaru again while watching.

-22: Anonymous from Earth

Seggs! Seggs! Seggs! Chorus.

-25: Anonymous from Earth

Karen: “Kaaah~~~! I can’t see, Celica! That vulgar woman!” 

-26: Anonymous from Earth

I laughed my ass out there. 

-30: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-chan is a way too convenient woman for Hikaru…

-34: Anonymous from Earth

I would have dug in in less than a second.

-36: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, why doesn’t he dig in?! 

-40: Anonymous from Earth

He has gained a way too strong resistance to women because he has been surrounded by Celica, Karen, and Nanami-chan-sama…

-41: Anonymous from Earth

And there’s his mom being like that too.

-45: Anonymous from Earth

You could even say Alex had more of a chance with him. 

-48: Anonymous from Earth

I am more of a Hikaru x Jojordan.

-49: Anonymous from Earth

That’s not good.

-51: Anonymous from Earth

Please stop the idea that Jojordan is the receiving one. 

-57: Anonymous from Earth

For Karen, even when her Onii-chan is being seduced, she isn’t fazed and even throws jokes in, but Celica seriously gets flustered which is cute. 

-65: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “That face! That gaze! That woman…she poisoned it, didn’t she?!” 

Karen: “Poison, you say.” 

-75: Anonymous from Earth

The aforementioned tea.

[Girmina Tea: Commonly found in the Ringpill Continent, around the vicinity of the Bornid Volcano. It has the trait of gathering Fire Spirit Energy in its leaves, and when you make it into tea and drink it, your internal Fire Spirits will go wild and you will fall into a frenzied state. It can be used as an aphrodisiac as well if you thin it up. It is an extremely highly priced medicinal plant, and it is rarely cultivated around volcanoes.]

-78: Anonymous from Earth

That’s poison!

-80: Anonymous from Earth

Why didn’t it work on Hikaru?! 

You go in a frenzy too, dude! 

-82: Anonymous from Earth

Wouldn’t Hikaru just drop to the ground and grief reality if he were to fall into a frenzied state? 

-85: Anonymous from Earth

Is it being sold at high prices to go into a frenzy?

-88: Anonymous from Earth

There’s apparently no actual aphrodisiacs on Earth, but as expected of a fantasy world.

-90: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has Poison Resistance after all…

So small poisons like this don’t work on him, huh…

-93: Anonymous from Earth

I thought it didn’t work because he is a Loved One.

-95: Anonymous from Earth

Ain’t this the type that you would rather want for it to work? 

-99: Anonymous from Earth

So the divines have judged it as poison, huh. 

You can still get drunk even with Poison Resistance, so this is God picking.

-103: Anonymous from Earth

It would be dangerous if someone put that into your system, so the Girmina Tea would be more of a poison.

 -107: Anonymous from Earth

That’s actual dangerous stuff for women after all…

-110: Anonymous from Earth

That world doesn’t really have the concept of women being the ones being eaten. With Tiers, a woman could get stronger than a man, and there’s also Spirit Abilities. 

-118: Anonymous from Earth

The first use of the Chaotic Ability, Dispel, being at a place like this…

-123: Anonymous from Earth


Or more like, Dispel is impressive. You can even use it to undo abnormal status effects? 

-130: Anonymous from Earth

It is an ability that is used to take off buffs, so undoing Berserk would fall right in its alley. 

I often got my Oomph dispelled. <DQ skill that doubles attack power>

-136: Anonymous from Earth

The frenzied state is Oomph?! 

-140: Anonymous from Earth


-141: Anonymous from Earth

If it is a buff, it ain’t poison.

-143: Anonymous from Earth

Who knows.

-150: Anonymous from Earth

Where did Rifreya get that? She said she bought it at the market.

-155: Anonymous from Earth

If it is not outlawed, then you should be able to buy it anywhere. 

-164: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan is muttering ‘You idiot. Dummy. Die’ while on the bed, and it makes my heart throb. 

-166: Anonymous from Earth

She was actually looking forward to it after all… She was even glaring at a map and thinking about the traveling route by herself…

-167: Anonymous from Earth

I thought she would be staying at a cheap inn, but it is cute that she went all in with the money and went for a high class inn. 

By peeking out her gold rank tag, her treatment at the inn is also great. 

-170: Anonymous from Earth

A gold rank is a rank above others after all.

I would like them to stay in the city and climb up to Mithril Rank. 

-175: Anonymous from Earth

If you are going to climb up, shouldn’t it be Salamander Rank? 

-178: Anonymous from Earth

In order to become the highest, you need to defeat the boss of the unknown floor deep down, you know.

-181: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan in an unstable emotional state is cute too. 

She always gives off the image of being firm, but she was pretty childish on the inside, huh…

-183: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru should take responsibility and do both Jeanne and Rifreya.

-185: Anonymous from Earth

To think Ferdinand managed to shake them up that much. That was unexpected even for me as a viewer. Hikaru and Jeanne are both the type that cover their weak hearts with a hard shell, so their weakness gets exposed the moment you break their shells. 

-190: Anonymous from Earth

The one from Hell actually being Nanami-chan-sama is probably an unexpected factor for all members though…

-194: Anonymous from Earth

I wanna have them reunite with Nanami-chan-sama soon. 

Ai-chan-sama can solve everything with a single beam. 

-200: Anonymous from Earth

This is the Hikaru thread, so there’s probably not that many who know about Jeanne-chan, but Jeanne-chan does have those kinds of episodes pretty often. 

She would be found pretty often in an unstable state of mind especially before the transfer. 

-203: Anonymous from Earth

I know nothing about her before her transfer…

-210: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne lost her real mother at 12 years old, and since then, she was taken in by her uncles. 

She was originally raised by one parent and was suddenly taken in by relatives. Their relationship was apparently pretty sour. 

And then, she escaped from home at 16 years old and lived alone while doing a part-time job. According to a part-time coworker, she never opened up to others. She was already like the Jeanne of now by that time… She must have become a gamer shut-in. 

Well, that’s the gist of it, so it is not like she was mentally strong or anything. 

-214: Anonymous from Earth

Her being strong in battle feels like it is half because she doesn’t feel any worth in her life. It may be a reflection of her desperation.

-218: Anonymous from Earth

Just like Jeanne herself said, it must be due to her Endurance Up level 5. Or more like, she herself was aware of that weakness of hers, so she probably took to increasing her own strength rather than to take Spirit Energy.

-220: Anonymous from Earth

Wasn’t she a muscle-brain from the very beginning? 

-227: Anonymous from Earth

She does love muscle-brain games after all.

-235: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “The chastity of Onii-chan was protected today, but…this is just a matter of time…” 

Karen: “Rifreya-san is overflowing too much with charm after all-nii~. The thread dwellers are saying it as well, but even I would have dug in in one second-ssu.” 

-237: Anonymous from Earth

Lol, Karen.

-240: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-chan is beautiful, sexy, cute, and has big badonkers.

-243: Anonymous from Earth

If I was told God molded her after their sexual desires, I would believe it. 

-248: Anonymous from Earth

No man, even if you try to seduce him while he is depressed, he would only go ‘huh?’.

-253: Anonymous from Earth

It is classic to end up in those kinds of…pink situations while you are comforting them! 

-259: Anonymous from Earth

She might have had a chance if she didn’t rely on the aphrodisiac and attacked normally though. Rifreya does have those kinds of sides to her…

-265: Anonymous from Earth

She is a lady from an affluent family, you know. She is pretty airheaded when it comes to love.

-270: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, the movements of Fer and Masked Ozawa spell trouble. The airheadedness of Rifreya-chan actually proved useful. 

-280: Anonymous from Earth

What’s Ozawa plotting anyways? 

-284: Anonymous from Earth

At least follow that.

-290: Anonymous from Earth

My hands are honestly completely full with just watching the broadcast of Hikaru and Jeanne. 

There’s a lot of other Chosen I am interested in too, so I barely follow Fer and Masked Ozawa. 

I watch highlight videos of them at most. 

-295: Anonymous from Earth

I am not unemployed like you…

-301: Anonymous from Earth

Well, I honestly can enjoy highlight videos more since I can enjoy them calmly. The videos are of high quality too after all.

In Hikaru’s case, there’s a lot of Chosen involved, so highlight videos allow me to follow the movements of everyone more and help me enjoy it better. 

-306: Anonymous from Earth

Just the Hikaru highlight videos of Twin/Sis alone already have 3 versions. If I add the real time commentary stream they do, my body wouldn’t be able to hold. It is a bit rough even for unemployed people. 

Why is there only 24 hours in a day? 

-310: Anonymous from Earth

It is the fault of this world moving at the same pace as that of the isekai. I blame the lack of accommodation from God.

-314: Anonymous from Earth

If the elapsed time is half of our world, it would only be a pain for real time watchers…

-316: Anonymous from Earth

We should be paying more attention to the mysterious tech that allows us to watch real time with no latency issues. 

-320: Anonymous from Earth

Karen said she was investigating that the whole time. She shouted: “I can’t even find the entrance-nii~~~~!!” and was pissed.

-324: Anonymous from Earth

It is not only Karen. Every scientist in the world is investigating the mysteries of the official site like crazy.

-333: Anonymous from Earth

What even is the plot of Ozawa?

-340: Anonymous from Earth

He pressed Fer on saying: “When are we going to act?! It will be too late by the time the messages come back!” 

-350: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like it was the instruction of Fer to not show his hostility towards Hikaru on the outside. Changing his name and making him put on a mask was out of good will, in order to make Ozawa walk a new path…or at least that’s the opinion of society. 

-357: Anonymous from Earth

I thought it was plainly a countermeasure for Hikaru and the 2nd Chosen group. 

-360: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the possibility that it is a game for Fer. Like maybe: “He is seriously putting on a mask and calling himself Phantom. That’s hilarious.”

-362: Anonymous from Earth

That would be a friking terrible personality.

-367: Anonymous from Earth

Regardless of whether he will kill Hikaru or not, the best option would be to not create any grudges with anyone. 

Even if he did kill him, your life will still continue on.

-370: Anonymous from Earth

Is Masked Ozawa worried that he will be killed by Hikaru?

Hikaru obviously doesn’t have the guts to kill someone, right? 

-374: Anonymous from Earth

He may not be worried about being killed, but maybe he is trying to kill him before he has to worry about him? 

It seems like Ozawa is looking down on Hikaru. Might be because he knows him from the time when he was a loner though. 

-380: Anonymous from Earth

So he is trying to kill him?! 

Eh? Seriously?! 

-381: Anonymous from Earth


-384: Anonymous from Earth

From the perspective of Ozawa, it must be like killing a small fry he has already killed before. 

-388: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru may not be able to kill, but I wonder about Nanami-chan…

-396: Anonymous from Earth

In the time Fer was investigating the situation, he apparently used Black Out in order to not let the viewers know the details. It seems like he has decided to move his ass lately, he has begun to act more boldly. 

-400: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has a lot of weak points after all. People who know about it would be pretty problematic. 

-405: Anonymous from Earth

Ferdinand is riling up Ozawa as if finding it amusing, but I don’t understand the objective of Fer himself. 

-412: Anonymous from Earth

Ozawa: “That bastard, enjoying the isekai! I will kill him!” 

Fer: “Now now, don’t get like that. You haven’t seen his broadcasts, right? He is strong. You won’t be able to kill him.” 

Ozawa: “I can shoot him! Lend me your gun. I can kill him with that!” 

Fer: “I am telling you to calm down. Do I have to tell you over and over before you understand? *glare*” 

Ozawa: “A-Alright… My bad. I just…” 

-414: Anonymous from Earth

Ozawa is feeling so much like a small fry here. 

-418: Anonymous from Earth

Ferdinand-kun really does feel like he is of high caste after all. Ozawa is the lackey type that acts all strong towards people that look weaker than him. 

-422: Anonymous from Earth

But the reality is that the only threatening thing they have is the gun, right? 

-425: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has the biggest weakness that is him being a Loved One. If he were to report that to the Church, the priests would go capture him.

-430: Anonymous from Earth

How are they going to capture Hikaru? 

He is the Great Dark Mage, you know? 

-435: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like the Church could manage to do a lot of things with their assets. Like maybe put out a request for Mithril Rank explorers or something. 

-441: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t they have a pretty good stock of Loved Ones even without forcing themselves to get Hikaru? 

-446: Anonymous from Earth

They might, but they are expendables, so having extras won’t hurt. 

-453: Anonymous from Earth

You people are misunderstanding the Church.

Those guys think of the Loved Ones as being destined to be eaten by the Great Spirits, so they won’t go out of their way to capture them. 

Fulfilling their role themselves is ‘the honor of the Loved Ones’ apparently. 

-457: Anonymous from Earth

From its infancy, the Church has been brainwashing that ‘honor’ into others. 

There’s probably not many cases of Loved Ones who have managed to escape till adulthood and being used. 

-460: Anonymous from Earth

But Hikaru can use Spirit Abilities despite being a Loved One, so won’t he be important as a guinea pig?

-467: Anonymous from Earth

Ferdinand has shown up often in all the Great Churches of Meltia, so there’s no doubt he is planning something. 

-475: Anonymous from Earth

Ferdinand is being so damn suspected, lmao. 

Even though at the Ferdinand thread, they see him as him trying to reform the murderer Ozawa.

-479: Anonymous from Earth

…Aren’t their brains too much of a flower field? 

-484: Anonymous from Earth

His meeting with Ozawa was a coincidence, and it is true that he is a murderer, so I guess you would normally support that. 

-490: Anonymous from Earth

Even Ferdinand’s college classmates said: “He is a guy that you can’t tell what he is thinking.” -Source: Wikipedia.

-493: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than calling him silent, it is more like he doesn’t speak about himself. 

Ozawa is following his orders, but we can’t see his objective. It doesn’t seem like he is enjoying the isekai or anything, and it gives me the creeps. 

-500: Anonymous from Earth

It is not like he can’t communicate. You could even say it is one of his strong points, but what’s scary about Fer is that he doesn’t say anything aside from what’s necessary. 

-507: Anonymous from Earth

Fer: “Kurose Hikaru doesn’t remember your face, you know.” 

Ozawa: “You… After making me put on a mask like this…!” 

-513: Anonymous from Earth

I had the same opinion as Ozawa at that scene. Well, it is a countermeasure for the 2nd Chosen group, so it probably doesn’t have much to do with Hikaru remembering or not though.

-519: Anonymous from Earth

I am sure Hikaru would be able to tell if he saw his face. He couldn’t recognize his voice though.

-524: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it because the vocal sounds are different from that of Japanese since it is running through an automatic translator? Not like I know though. 

-535: Anonymous from Earth

Masked Ozawa only spoke a tiny little bit in front of Hikaru after all.

-544: Anonymous from Earth

Even Hikaru wouldn’t expect his killer to have transferred to the isekai. Just what are the chances? 

-550: Anonymous from Earth

I can only feel as if this is God getting involved here. God wants to see the interactions of Hikaru, Nanami, and Ozawa…

-555: Anonymous from Earth

This isekai transfer is definitely in order to have the Gods watch. We are simply being allowed to enjoy the show too. 

-567: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t care if it is a coincidence or not. I want Hikaru and Nanami-chan-sama to reunite and be happy! 

-576: Anonymous from Earth

And Ozawa dead. 

-589: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no doubt that Ozawa killed Nanami-chan’s parents, so I want her to properly settle the score in the isekai. 

-601: Anonymous from Earth

Ozawa being killed by Nanami-chan-sama is almost set in stone. She is heading at incredible speed to Meltia. Even if she herself hasn’t noticed yet, she is charging towards destiny at lightning speed. 

-605: Anonymous from Earth

The problem was the relationship between Ai-chan-sama and the Great Spirits, but even when they entered a city where there’s a Great Water Spirit, they were ignored. 

Maybe a Quasi-Demon Lord isn’t the same as a Demon Lord that came out from the dungeon?

-610: Anonymous from Earth

They still haven’t approached the Great Spirits in a dungeon city, so we don’t know yet. The Natural Church Great Spirits are apparently docile to begin with.

-625: Anonymous from Earth

Even though it is the Hikaru thread, there’s way too many branching topics!!

-632: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama has cooped up in her room, and Hikaru is spacing out alone, so it can’t be helped. 

Jeanne-chan is staying at an inn today. 

-640: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, the night is still long, so there might be a round 2, right? Push on, Rifreya! If pushing ain’t working, you ain’t pushing enough!! 

-655: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, why did Fer tell Hikaru the information about Nanami-chan-sama?

Good will?

-663: Anonymous from Earth

Didn’t he say before in passing ‘I will make the Great Spirits clash’?

-666: Anonymous from Earth

Dangerous among the dangerous. 

-668: Anonymous from Earth

He has the Barrier Stone, right? 

-670: Anonymous from Earth

How about telling them the effective time of the Barrier Stone? 

Great Spirits are like gods, so they technically don’t have the concept of time. 

-675: Anonymous from Earth

That Ferdinand seems to be heading to the Great Water Church. 

-680: Anonymous from Earth

Eh? He seriously plans on doing something?

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