WG – Chapter 56: Gold Coin Gatherer

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Finishing the report, we left the tent at once. 

I was a bit wary wondering if the young adventurer was still there at the entrance, but it looks like he just gave up and went off somewhere. 

“…Fuuuh.” (Souma)

I take a deep breath. 

An event that moves a lot of money really does make me nervous. 

I thought I got a bit of resistance after the Heritage of Meripe, but the numbers this time around are on a whole other level. 

Leaving aside the crystal, if the delivery items were to be robbed, it would have been troubling, but that worry is now gone. 

The moment I finished the report, I felt like the weight on my shoulders had come down. 

When you defeat a Golden Wild Slime, you can get a whole lot of experience and money, but you also get a high reward for doing the delivery item request. 

To be more specific, you get 10,000E for defeating 1; as for the drop item, 1 is 100,000E. 

Defeating just 1 is enough to take care of 10 days in that scam inn, or 6 days with both me and Ringo. 

If that’s not enough to make it click, it would be 50 fingerless gloves. 

If you defeat 20, you can surpass the heritage of Meripe, so you can tell just how outrageous this is, right? 

However, it is almost impossible to encounter a Golden Stray Wild Slime in a time outside of monster outbreaks. 

If we think about the balance, there’s even people who would say that 10,000E for defeating one is just not enough, so I might really have to be grateful that the monster chosen for the monster outbreak was the golden. 

If this were completely the real world, I would have to worry about embezzlement, but this world shows the tendency of being faithful to the game systems the more defined they are.

I can’t say for sure, but faking a total amount or denying the pay was something that didn’t happen in the game, so I think it should be okay. 

That’s why it is one worry less. 

Even if by some unexpected event, I am not within the first 3, we will still be getting enough to not worry about lodging expenses anymore. 

Even in 3rd place, 1 nets you 20,000E, and one gold coin is 200,000…

(Aah, I see.) (Souma)

That’s when I finally understood the talk of the young adventurer and the strategy of Raiden. 

There was the talk of buying gold coins, but the gold coins are of course referring to the delivery item this time around, Wild Slime Gold Coin. 

When a normal participant submits this to the guild, they get 100,000E. 

However, what would happen if Raiden and his group were to buy them for 130,000E to 150,000E?

The participants that don’t think they will be placing in the top 3 will be enticed by the money and would sell their gold coins immediately. 

On the other hand, Raiden seemed to be sure that he would be getting top 3. 

The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place get an increase in the prize by 2 times, 3 times, and 10 times respectively. 

In other words, they will definitely be getting 200,000E or more for each gold coin. 

Even if he were to buy all of the gold coins for 150,000E, it would not be a loss at all. 

No, they would be assured a profit of 50,000E. 

Also, different from having defeated them himself, as long as you have the item, they won’t be asking you how you got them. 

This can be said in cases other than the contest too. You can obtain the items after accepting the request, or get them from other people like Raiden, or even have them before accepting the request. Anyways, anything is okay as long as you submit them. 

In other words, even if you increase the drop item reward by buying them from others in the competition, it isn’t against the rules. 

He was trying to make me misinterpret the total subjugation number of his team, inviting carelessness, and aimed to buy the drop items of the other participants as he aimed to overturn the placements. 

I don’t know if to call him experienced or just petty, but that was quite the meticulous scheme. 

Well, Raiden did have a part of him like that in the game. 

When lives are at stake, or he encounters a strong enemy or is in a dangerous situation, he will show his manly side, but when that’s not the case, he would be two-faced, and would use petty schemes to earn some small change.

Well, he normally will be close to someone even better than him when he is doing those schemes, so he ends up easily crushed though.

That’s why he can’t escape his punching-bag horse reputation. 

(Oh well.) (Souma)

Considering our result of 74, I doubt that degree of scheming can overcome us so easily. 

I have no intention of buying gold coins to go against Raiden, and even if I did now, there would be no point. 

There’s really only one person we have to be on guard about. 

“You took your sweet time. I was tired of waiting.” 

The samurai girl whose cat ears are twitching and is looking at us with cold eyes.

The sudden appearance of Hisame made Ringo be on guard, and she pointed the Golden Sakura at her. 

For now, I put a hand in front of Ringo as if to block her, and I also respond in a provoking manner. 

“And you came back pretty fast. Please spare me from your excuses about how you could have won if you had stayed until the end once you lose, okay?” (Souma)

Hisame was expressionless as always, but her cat ears jumped at that. 

“Of course. In the first place, it is impossible for me to lose.” (Hisame)

She is incredibly confident here, but her confidence can be her biggest weakness as well. 

I instead spoke to Hisame as if admonishing her. 

“I have said this countless times, but in competitions, there’s no knowing what will happen until you open the lid.

Do you know the story about the turtle and the rabbit?

Even while you were relaxing in the city, we were working hard. 

This difference—” (Souma)

“No, even with that, you definitely can’t win against me.” (Hisame)

But Hisame cut me off. 

I thought that maybe she was still thinking about getting revenge and blood rushed her head, but her cat ears are docile here. 

On the contrary, she directed somewhat downtrodden cat ears at me as she spoke. 

“I had my expectations on you for a little bit. 

That match from before…

It is true that the details of it are the worst, but I felt like you had ‘something’ that might surpass me.” (Hisame)

“‘Something’?” (Souma)

Hisame didn’t say anything towards my question.

She simply shook her head and continued speaking. 

“However, it seems like that was a misunderstanding. 

You said you continued working hard even while I was resting, right? 

It is true that you might have done your very best even after I returned to the city. 

But that’s too late. 

You should have made your move before I ended.” (Hisame)

After saying all she wanted to say, she turned around. 

“The announcement will begin soon. 

That’s when the answer will be shown.” (Hisame)

She left those words as she parted, and Ringo and I couldn’t stop her. 

“Everyone, it is finally the long awaited moment! 

We will now be announcing the results of the Golden Stray Wild Slime Subjugation Contest!” 

I could hear the magic amplified voice of the announcer in the plaza that’s tightly packed with people. 

There being more people than expected is most likely because a lot of money will be moving here. 

Or maybe there were people who went out to hunt goldens within the ones here. 

Anyways, it is finally time to announce the results of the subjugation contest.

“Just as everyone knows, the target of this time’s contest was the Golden Stray Wild Slime!!! An incredibly high dividend monster. 

I am just a civil servant here, so I don’t know the details, but it was apparently a jostle of new records, and there might be a reward that might push the guild to the brink or something. 

Who is going to be the winner in this competition?

And what will happen to the management of the Bounty Hunting Guild in the future? 

Everyone, please watch until the end!!” 

The one saying all this on top of the stage is the female announcer that I have seen countless times in the game. 

Her frivolousness is witty, and it heated up the people gathered at the plaza in one go.

“Now, let’s go right in. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd this time around. 

Let’s call the 3 teams who have obtained a monetary reward that would make your eyeballs jump out. 

The teams that have been called, respond in a loud voice and please come up to the stage!” 

Those words made the people in the plaza go silent. 

Some would show their curiosity out in the open by looking around, wondering who are the teams fortunate to get the high placements; some would put both hands together, praying to be within the top 3. 

The ones who were called first here are…

“Then, here are the first ones. 

Team Raiden! 

Please come up to the stage!” 

It is Raiden and his team. 

Following the aloof Raiden are the skilled man and woman I saw at the plaza.

The people around directed gazes of envy while opening the way for them. 

The fact that Raiden and his group really were called means that it is almost certain we will be called too. 

My heart was drumming here while thinking this. 

I was waiting in that state of mind, and the next one to be called was…

“The 2nd one is actually not a team but a single participant! Can you believe it?! 

Mitsuki Hisame-sama! 

Please come up to the stage!” 

It is Hisame. 

She jumped out from the crowd and landed on the stage in one leap.

It is not like she likes being flashy, but she stands out no matter what she does. 

When Hisame got on the stage, everyone went ‘Uoooh!’, ‘Kyaaaah!’, ‘Mitsuki-samaaa!’.

It seems like Hisame is unexpectedly popular in this city. 

No, that’s fine and all but…

Now there’s only 1 remaining. 

Will we really be called here? 

If it is the same as the game, I thought that there would be no issues, but maybe they won’t call us by some sort of mistake…?

While that uneasiness was gnawing at me…

“Now then, it is finally time to announce the last team.” 

The moment of truth has come. 

The last ones the announcer called were…

“The last team…Team Sagara-sama! 

It is a rare team of 2.

Now then, please come up to the stage!” 

It is us. 

Of course, I knew we would be called, but I was relieved from the bottom of my heart when our names were called.

On the other hand, I could hear the cries of remorse from the people who were not called last. 

“Let’s go, Ringo.” (Souma)

It is good and all that I was relieved our name was called, but there’s no point in staying here the whole time. 

Ringo and I walked the path that people were opening up for us. 

“Yo! You really did come.” (Raiden)

When I got up the stage, Raiden with a grin on his face and the usual expressionless Hisame waited for me there. 

I lifted my hand to greet them, and the announcer lined me up by the side of Hisame. 

Despite Ringo being a former princess, it seems like she is not good at dealing with the gazes of people, so she quickly moved behind me. 

“Now then, let me introduce you once again to the teams that have achieved high scores in this competition. 

Beginning from the left side, we have Team Raiden-sama. 

Mitsuki Hisame-sama.

And Team Sagara-sama.” 

With all 3 teams having come up to the stage, it is now explanation time. 

Aside from our introductions, she also explained in an easy to understand way how 1 subjugated golden is 10,000E, and 1 delivery item is 100,000E. And that 3rd place gets 2 times the reward, 2nd gets 3 times, and 1st gets 10 times. 

Of course, I am already tired of hearing that explanation. 

I decided to check out the state of the participants on the stage in the meantime.

First, Raiden and his teammates.

I don’t know what’s so funny, but Raiden has been grinning this whole time, and I don’t see much fighting spirit from his teammates.

This must be what’s called a seasoned adventurer. 

Then there’s Hisame at my side. 

She is still expressionless, with a stalwart posture as she faces the front. 

Her ears are also standing proudly. 

It seems like she is not nervous. 

As for Ringo, she was stiff like a statue behind me, and was watching the back of my head.

I doubt there’s anything interesting there, but well, she decides what to do.

She is cute enough to fight for 1st place in the popularity ranking, so I feel like cheers would be raised if she were to come to the front though…

(Aah, I see.) (Souma)

There’s this many people watching. 

If we were to get 1st place, we might stand out as millionaires. 

That’s troubling, is what I was thinking as I began counting golden slimes in my boredom.

“Now then, sorry for the wait! It is finally time for the long awaited results!” 

The announcer informs everyone about the start of the main event in this competition.

“Starting off, from the left side. 

Announcing the reward of Team Raiden-sama!!” 

As her voice echoed, the sound of drum rolls resonated, stirring up the expectations of the audience. 

After stirring it up as much as possible, the female announcer speaks. 

“Subjugation number: 37! Delivered Items: 11! Total reward…1,470,000E!!” 

When the amount came out from her mouth, the audience boiled in excitement. 

1,470,000 is not a number that you see often even as an adventurer. 

Even more so the case if you are living normally in the city. 

However, this astounding reward isn’t solely the result of the hunting from Raiden and his team. 

If the subjugation number is 37, his delivered items should have been 3-4 when considering the drop rate. 

The reason it is 3 times that is because he bought the gold coins from the other people. 

Considering how he couldn’t buy them from me, Hisame, and the other teams aiming for high placements, that’s quite the good number he got. 


(We won!!) (Souma)

Even so, it didn’t reach our number. 

I was scared there for a moment, but with this, it is certain we got 2nd or higher. 

Now, everything will be settled with how many goldens Hisame defeated.

“For now, this would be the team with the highest number. Could there possibly be a team that surpasses 1,470,000E here?!” 

The announcer stirs things up in that fashion, but there’s obviously one. 

The announcer knows this as well. 

“Now, the next on the list is Mitsuki Hisame.” 

The moment she said this, cheers surpassing the announcement of Raiden covered the venue. 

“It goes without saying that Mitsuki Hisame-sama is an extremely capable adventurer, but just how many Golden Stray Wild Slimes did she end in one swing?! Even I, as the announcer, am excited by this!” 

Even though she should know the results already, she was going all out in hyping up the audience. 

The cheers get louder in response to this. 

And then…

“Now…now now now now, it is finally time to announce the results of Hisame-sama!!” 

Will I win, or will Hisame win? 

Everything will be settled in these few seconds. 

“The reward of Mitsuki Hisame-sama is…” 

I perk up my ears and wait. 

The crowd had fallen silent at some point in time, and a silence that was painful to the ears and tension reigned the place. 

Ringo, who was watching the back of my head, said ‘…ah, a split hair’ which strangely remained in my head.

And then, finally…

“Subjugation number: 251! Delivered Items: 52! Total Reward: 7,710,000E!! Can you believe this?! She far surpassed Raiden’s team and is now the tentative 1st place!” 

The audience heated up in one go at the results that far surpassed their expectations.

On the other hand, I let out a sigh and drooped my shoulders.

(I see. Went above half the number, huh.) (Souma)

It is not like I didn’t expect this situation at all. 

Hisame was talking about this being over pretty often. 

That means she defeated 251 of the total 500 goldens that exist. 

If she defeats 251 beforehand, even if all the others are defeated by one other team, it would still be 249.

Moreover, when Hisame defeated the golden, she aimed for the Critical Point that increases drop rate. 

Even if you defeat close to the same number, if you defeat them in the normal fashion, you definitely won’t be reaching her numbers. 

Hisame’s ‘over’ also meant that there was no chance for anyone aside from her in winning.

However, even if the calculation is there, there’s no way a normal person could defeat 251. 

Moreover, she did so without forming a team; all on her own. 

That’s no normal skill. 

(She really is something else.) (Souma)

Even in the future, no matter how much I level up, I am sure I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the same thing as her here. 

That achievement of hers was so great that I felt fine about praising her honestly for this even in this situation.

“Also, defeating 251 means that she has set a new record in this subjugation contest! This record heavily offsets the past 105 record. Everyone, one more round of applause for her!” 

The announcer said something and the venue got heated up again, but I didn’t pay it heed anymore…

(…It is over.) (Souma)

The result is clear already. 

There’s no point in hearing our result anymore, and the audience isn’t listening either. 

“E-Everyone! There’s still one more team left! I implore you, please be silent for a moment!” 

This degree of excitement was probably unexpected, the announcer was flustered from stirring the crowd too much, but the ruckus was not calming down at all.

Not only that, the people around were going…

“Hisame! Hisame! Hisame!” 

They were doing a Hisame call.

There was already no one who was interested in our results. 

“N-Now then!! 

3rd Team!! 

Team Sagara-sama’s results!! 

Will be announced!!” 

She must have given up on calming the crowd down, with a desperate tone, the announcer pushed through. 

While listening to the loud and peeved female announcer, I search for Hisame. 

And then…

“Subjugation Number: 87!! Delivered Items: 74!! Total Reward: 8,270,000E!! And so, the winners are these two!! 


I look at Hisame who is standing dumbfounded on top of the silent stage. 

Hey, did you know, Hisame? 

This is the power of the ones who never give up till the very end (and bugs)!! 

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