WG – Chapter 41: Encounter with the unknown

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“W-Who are you?” (Souma)

Even when I asked again, the girl on top of me was not responding. 

Not only that, she isn’t moving at all. 

It is as if there’s no reaction at all from her towards my words.

(W-What’s with this situation?!) (Souma)

A naked girl being in my bed all of a sudden is in the realm of games and mangas. 

I did say I wanted a fateful meeting, but it is not like I was seeking a meeting like this one.

(What should I do at times like this?) (Souma)

I try to show the bare minimum respect and divert my gaze from her naked body, and while I was thinking about a way to break this deadlock…

*Knock Knock*

A casual knock rang on the door. 

(This pattern is…!) (Souma)

The worst timing. 

Me lying on the bed and the naked girl on top. 

There’s not even the need to think about what kind of misunderstanding this will create.

Moreover, there aren’t many people who would have business with me at this time of the day. 

The highest probability is someone from the inn.

In other words, the inn poster girl Alice-chan who I met yesterday. 

(That’s bad!) (Souma)

The manga and game scenarios I have seen until now flashbacked in my mind. 

My head was boiling in an instant and…

“I-I’m inside!” (Souma)

I shouted loudly at the door.

But I forgot the most important part of the sentence! 

What I was trying to do there was the method to deal with a situation when ‘the door is being knocked intensely at a public restroom and you are cooped in because your stomach hurts so much’.

With this, I can’t even feign that I am not here. 

Now that it has come to this, there’s no choice. 

I hurriedly faced the naked girl and…

“S-Sorry! Hide for a bit…uwah!” (Souma)

I tried to hide the girl inside the bed, and we ended up falling onto the bed from pushing her with too much force. 

I felt her soft body with my whole body, and my body grew hot from the impatience and excitement. 

But this isn’t the time to worry about that.

Maybe because of that sound, the doorknob was being turned heartlessly.

“Ah, wait a mome—!” (Souma)

My words rang hopelessly, and the door opened…

The person on the other side that had come to call for me was of course…

“Breakfast is ready, so I have come to call—ah, s-sorry!” 

The one who saw us lying on top of each other on the bed and turned bright red from that sight was…the old man that’s the owner of the inn.

I chased after the old man who immediately ran off, cleared the misunderstanding, and then had no choice but to explain the situation to Alice-chan who ran there to ask what was going on, and had her borrow some girl’s clothing. 

“I understand that there’s that kind of stuff to a certain degree since you are an adventurer-san, but please don’t do too much weird stuff in this inn, okay?” (Alice)

Is how she reprimanded me. 

No, that’s a misunderstanding too, but because I myself don’t understand the situation well either, I couldn’t explain myself well. 

That said, her reaction is better than that of the beet red old man that turned completely useless though.

Or more like, you are a decently old, old man, so don’t make such an innocent reaction like that.

The mental damage would have been a lot less if he had gone ‘last night must have been fun’, is how I was complaining internally as I returned to my own room and…

“Wa?!” (Souma)

I was rendered speechless. 

The blue girl that suddenly showed up in my room was still in the same position as when I pushed her down, in other words, with everything exposed and lying down on the bed. 

I woke up from my temporary surprise and put a hand on my chin at the question that surfaced in my mind.

(Could it be that this girl ‘isn’t a human’?) (Souma)

Her suddenly being naked in my room is already a mystery, but what bothered me most is her reaction, or more like, her lack of any. 

I don’t know what objective she has in coming to my room, but…no, if she had an objective, it would be strange to not react at all to my call.

If her objective was to seduce me, she would have approached me more aggressively, and if that’s not the case, she should feel shame in being naked in front of a man. 

Yet, she shows neither of those. Not only that. Even though she had time alone, she didn’t even try to hide her own body, and there’s not even signs of her having moved.

Her being a robot is impossible in this world’s setting, but it might be possible for her to be an automaton or a homunculus, I guess?) (Souma)

I try my best to not look at her body that is lying face up and, in a sense, in a sensational position, as I approach the bed. 

Even so, I am trying to approach her here, so her body will end up in my vision no matter what. 

I did feel slightly bad for that, but it did have its benefits. 

(Now that I see her closely, her body is going up and down faintly, matching her breathing. So she is a living being.) (Souma)

I slowly stretched my hand towards the girl that is not showing any reaction even when I have gotten close to her. 

The warmth and sensation of her skin is one that I can only judge is that of a human, so I throw away the thoughts that she might be a construct of some sort. 

However, she is not reacting at all even at this point in time, so she doesn’t feel human.

“You are alive…right?” (Souma)

I ended up saying that out loud. 

It simply escaped from me, so I wasn’t expecting any answer at all, but…


The blue girl opened her mouth for the first time. 

The blue girl’s face tilted slightly towards me who was surprised.

“I am probably…alive.” 

She said these vague words clearly. 

There’s a whole mountain of things I want to ask, but Alice-chan showed up with clothes at that moment, so I left the talk for later. 

Alice-chan directed a gaze of scorn at me when she looked at both me and the girl that was still lying there, but she didn’t say anything. 

However, when she was giving me the clothes…

“I will say this just in case, but those clothes…are new ones. Even if you try to do w-weird stuff to those clothes, it is pointless, okay?!” (Alice)

She said this and left the room. 

Just what does she think I would do if I were to get used clothes? 

Looks like I am being seen as a super pervert. 

“As I said, it is a misunderstanding…” (Souma)

I was plain shocked by the sudden rise in Alice-chan’s evaluation of me being a pervert, but I have to ask the situation to the girl in front of me first before I can even begin to undo this misunderstanding. 

However, it would be troubling for me if she is not in a state where I can listen properly to what she has to say. 

I gave the clothes I got to the girl on the bed. 

“I will be facing the other way, so please wear that for now.” (Souma)

After saying this, I turn my back.

But, no matter how long I waited, I couldn’t hear the rustling of clothes.

Or maybe she is changing her clothes without making a sound?

After a good amount of time I would say was enough to finish changing…

“Are you done?” (Souma)

I asked, but there was no response from behind me. 

Could it be that she already left somewhere?

Uneasiness welled up inside of me. 


“I will be turning around. Is that okay?” (Souma)

I ask once again and…


I got a short response.

It was only that, and yet, I was a bit relieved.

Looks like my communication with her will be a really rough endeavor. 

I turned around while thinking this, and my eyes opened wide at the appearance of the girl.

To my surprise, the naked girl that got the clothes of Alice-chan had -lo-and-behold- turned into a naked girl!! 

“Wait, you didn’t change at all!” (Souma)

I ended up shouting from the agitation, and the blue haired girl simply pushed out the clothes to me without changing her expression at all.

“How do you…wear this?” 

It sounded like a bad joke, but it seems like she is being serious here.

It seems like she understands the concept of clothes, but the knowledge on how to wear them was completely gone from her. It seems she really doesn’t even know how to wear normal clothes.

Left with no choice, I helped her wear the clothes from behind her. 

(T-That was tiring…) (Souma)

The borrowed clothes didn’t have any special way of wearing them, but making a girl wear girl clothes is a first experience for me. 

I was completely mentally exhausted with just this alone, but the real thing starts from here. 

I put on a serious face and look at her. 

(Hmm, this is…) (Souma)

My attention was being taken away by her naked body, so I couldn’t look at her directly. This would be the first time I looked intently at her. 

Her glossy blue hair and pearl blue eyes were her most defining features, but even without all that, she is quite the beauty.

Her thin body lacks any seductiveness, but she has beauty like that of a piece of art. 

(She is definitely a major character…) (Souma)

Just want to point this out, but it is not like I am observing her with lewd intentions.

The important characters in a production are in a standing of endearment by the creators, so more strength is put in their design, and the result is that their beauty increases.

Being beautiful has a high chance that they are in an important position when it comes to Nekomimi Neko.

It is almost impossible for me to not remember someone like that, but…

(I do feel like I have seen her before, but…it just doesn’t click.) (Souma)

It is not like the time with Alex where I had no recollection at all.

It is actually the opposite. I feel like I have seen her countless times, but I can’t remember it clearly. 

Maybe her attire and hairstyle are so different that she isn’t matching her appearance in the game.

(Oh well.) (Souma)

It isn’t clicking, so I decide to throw that line of thought away.

I just have to ask the important stuff to the person herself.

“You can tell me you don’t know if you don’t, and you don’t need to answer me if it is something you don’t want to answer, however, please answer as much as you can, okay?” (Souma)


I rubbed my chest in relief at her honest reaction. 

I decide to ask harmless stuff first, and slowly close in on the answer. 

Then, the first thing to ask is…

“What’s your name?” (Souma)

“I don’t know.” 

Tripped right from the get-go.

No, she might have circumstances that don’t allow her to say her name. 

If it is something more harmless than her name, it would be…

“Uhm…then, what’s your age?” (Souma)

“I don’t know.” 

Even her age is a no go.

No, maybe…

I was assailed by a bad feeling, and began questioning her to clear that up.

“T-Then…level?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“Your specialty weapon?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“Skill specialty?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“Then, gender?” (Souma)


“Where do you live?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“Homeland?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“Who are your parents?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“Place you like?” (Souma)

“Don’t have…I think.” 

“What food do you like?” (Souma)

“I want to eat fruits.” 

“Why did you come to this room?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“Since when were you in this room?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“How did you get in this room?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“…VR, Log Out, Order; do you have any recollection of these terms?” (Souma)


“Anything interesting happened lately?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“What’s the name of the god worshiped in this nation?” (Souma)


“What year is it?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.” 

“Name of the king here?” (Souma)

“Don’t know.”

“345 to the power of 2?” (Souma)


This girl calculates fast! 

That’s not it.

(What’s with this girl…?) (Souma)

If she is not trying to deceive me here, it would mean that she doesn’t even know about herself.

What I could tell from the questions just now was that she is a girl and likes fruits, and that 345 to the power of 2 becomes a crazy number.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

If I at least knew her name, I might have been able to remember though. 

While I was thinking that…

“…Ah.” (Souma)

I finally remembered the existence of an important item I had.

I rummage through my bag and bring out a bundle of papers.

This is the important item I forgot about: the Level Appraisal.

I have used it on Ina and myself before, so its effects have been proven.

By putting this on someone, you can tell their name and level.

“Can I use this on you?” (Souma)

She nodded without hesitation at my question.

Even if that’s the case, I gently pushed the level appraisal paper on her arm so as not to scare her too much.

Letters show up on the paper. 

I sigh in relief, thinking that, at the very least, we should be able to take a step forward here.

“How can this be…?” (Souma)

But after seeing the paper on her, I ended up groaning. 

I wasn’t expecting a situation like this at all.

I once again read the letters of the appraisal paper to confirm I didn’t see wrong.

*ェ♯*♯・*♭・゛※* : Level 1

She is bugged.

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