WG – Chapter 20-21: Classroom Ghost

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Thinking about it, this should be natural, but if there’s things you can do in this world when it was a game, there should be things that you can’t do in this world that you could in the game as well. 

Lookmari Dojo is part of that category, but that would be troubling. 

And so, with tears in my eyes…

“It is something that I must do no matter what!” (Souma)

I pleaded and she unexpectedly conceded.

It is limited to 9 in the afternoon when there’s almost no people who would use it, and they will be placing a mattress that will absorb the impact and sound of crashing onto the wall of the confessional, so if I am going to be headbutting something, to do it there. Those were the conditions to use the confessional.

It is not like I am doing any headbutting, but it would be a pain to clear the misunderstanding, so I just ignored it. 

Most of all, even if it is with conditions, the use of the room was accepted, so there’s no reason for me to complain.

The only thing that bothered me is whether it would create strange rumors if I were to use the church at night for something like that.

Speaking of which, I think I heard rumors about ghosts actually showing up in the church. 

If the church’s ghost is actually a Nekomimi Neko player that came here for the Lookmari Dojo…no, there’s no way.

“Thank you very much!” (Souma)

I stopped the silly thoughts and lowered my head deeply at Mariel-san at the end and left the church.

At any rate, even though I caused a ruckus that could have devolved into a neighborhood problem, Mariel-san is so kind.

Even though I should be a problematic individual, after she finished her sermon, she would direct a caring gaze at me and -I may be putting it badly here but- she was talking with so much care as if she were dealing with an explosive. 

As expected from a person who serves God, she is so accepting.


“God wishes for people to do their best in living.” (Mariel)

“There’s still a lot of fun things that you don’t know about, you know?” (Mariel)

“I am sure you will be able to find something if you continue living!” (Mariel)

She jams in preachy words every now and then, but she is a sister, so maybe that’s how it works. 

She says that much to me who isn’t that devout, so the believers must have it pretty rough.

Anyways, I managed to set things for the future, so I am feeling refreshed here.

I opened the door of the church in a good mood and…

“I have finally found you, Souma-sa—eh?!” 

I saw a familiar face closeby and ran in the opposite direction at full force. 

“P-Please wait!” 

And then, as if it were natural, that acquaintance -Train-chan- chased after me.

Moreover, as fast as always.

She will catch up with me at this rate, but I made the mistake of choosing to run away, there’s no tall buildings nearby that I can use Heaven Blade to get up to.

I would like to use Godstep Cancel, but in the current state where my skill level is low, I will run out of stamina really fast. 

Because I managed to stay in the Lookmari Dojo for a bit, I managed to reduce the cost of Step a bit, but the cost of Slash that’s needed to cancel it hasn’t changed.

Rather than Slash, it would be better to use the Side Slash which I used on the torch, but if I mess up its activation, I might end up slicing a random passerby in two.

It is so dangerous, I can’t use it in populated places.

“Why are you running away?!” (Train)

“Because you are chasing me!” (Souma)

We shout at each other while running.

“T-Then, if I stopped here, what would you do?” (Train)

“I would suddenly remember an urgent matter and run off.” (Souma)

“You would still be running away then!” (Train)

Well, yeah.

But it is true that a part of me is running away because I am being chased. If Train-chan just gives up, I won’t have to escape. 

This time around, I threw in my own words.

“Why are you following me around so persistently in the first place?! You still suspect me of being a cultist?!” (Souma)

“N-No, uhm…” (Train)

She hesitated in her words for the first time and stopped her feet. 

I could have run away just like that, but the situation wouldn’t be resolved.

I took a bit of distance and stopped just like her.

“This morning, weren’t you about to say that you would be following me to get a better understanding of me because you don’t trust me?” (Souma)

When I said this as if cross-examining her, she answered in a subdued voice as if biting her words.

“Yeah, but I actually almost completely trust Souma-san already, or like…uhm, I don’t know about that complicated stuff regarding the Evil God seal and all of that, but I can at least tell that you are not a bad person…” (Train)

She is not being clear.

It is irritating me a bit. 

“Then, why are you chasing after me?” (Souma)

“Eh? …Uhm, because you saved my life, and uhm…! You are a type of person I have never seen before, so I wanted to understand you better…” (Train)

What’s with that?

Then that means that there was no need for her to chase me. 

I held back my rising irritation and said with as much composure as possible.

“Listen here, I intend to be an adventurer here and become stronger.” (Souma)

“M-Me too!” (Train)

She pointlessly chimed for some reason, but I ignored it.

“I also have information that only I have, and have a fighting style I don’t want others to know. I would like to keep my distance from others for the time being.” (Souma)

“I…I understand that…b-but—!” (Train)

Train-chan was trying to cling on, but I steeled my heart and spoke on top of her words.

“…You are a hindrance. If you are following me around solely out of curiosity, can you please not?” (Souma)

“Ah…” (Train)

She froze completely at my words.

I do feel guilty about this. 

But she is following me out of curiosity, and if not, then for what reason? 

Does she actually still suspect me?

Or is it because I am a player and because I saved her life, she fell in love with me at first sight?

…So stupid.

That only happens in manga and games.

No, this is a world based on a game, but even in the game, that didn’t happen.

“T-That’s not it. Please wait.” (Train)

Even with that, she tried to stop me, but…

“Just do your best in your own way. When you feel like you are truly in trouble, ask for me at that inn. I will help you out a bit at the very least.” (Souma)

I didn’t listen to what she had to say, turned my back, and walked off.

That’s because she really doesn’t need help.

I may be repeating myself here, but as long as I am not out at the field for an extended period of time, she won’t be chased after by a whole ton of monsters. 

On top of that, she calls herself a rookie adventurer, but there’s rarely any monsters around Lamurick that are over level 30. 

Moreover, she even has the ability to run away from the fast Mad Hounds. 

I don’t know what party she is in or how requested a dagger user is, but there’s no way she can’t get a footing of her own here in this town with her ability. 

And yet, she still tried to stop me. 

“Wait, please wait. I…I…!” (Train)

But I have no intention of stopping my feet no matter what I am told. 

I was a loner in college.

It is not like I wished to become one, but it is not like I didn’t wish for it. 

It is not like I don’t want to get involved with anyone, but if there’s something I want to do, I wouldn’t go out of my way to get involved with someone.

Basically, it means that I have no hesitation in cutting off my relationship with others compared to other people.

I don’t need a connection with her right now.

It would be another story if she were helplessly in need of saving, but if not, I have no obligation to lend her a hand. 

Farewell, Train-chan.

But that resolve…


Was smashed into pieces by her words.

“What…did you say…just now…?” (Souma)

They were like magic words.

Those words had enough power to stop the feet of even me who has the nickname ‘The Phantom of the Class’.

No, you could even say it is because I am like this that I reacted to it.

“Can you please say that again?” (Souma)

When I looked back and asked, she repeated what she said slightly shily.

“…I don’t have friends.” (Train)

Aah, how can this be? 

I look up at the sky and mutter this in my heart. 

(Train-chan, you were a loner too, huh.) (Souma)

  • Chapter 21: The tune of loners

“I really can’t relax at any moment when I am adventuring alone, so I am always scared of what might come. When I find a hidden room that wasn’t on the map, you would normally get happy about it, but I get uneasy about what might happen…” (Train)

“Aah, it happens, it happens! It totally does! I felt kinda awkward eating alone in a crowd of people at college, so I would go eat bread at a stair outside without much people and good sunlight. It makes you feel like you are guilty of something! Even though I haven’t done anything bad, I would reflexively hide when I hear people speak closeby!” (Souma)

“E-Ehm…y-yeah…? Ah, also, I consider I am doing well for someone adventuring solo, but when I think about how other adventurers think about me, I just can’t relax…” (Train)

“Aah, I get that, I get that! I totally get that! I don’t have friends either, so I would always be at the very front row of the class and, thanks to that, I have good grades and get along well with the professors, but you would be worried about the eyes of your surroundings, right?! When I hear a female group at the back talking, I begin to assume that they are talking behind my back despite that not being possible and end up listening in!” (Souma)

“U-Uhm, I think that’s a bit different… A-Also, seeing the adventurers celebrating at the taverns every now and then, I end up getting jealous. They call each other by name and seem to be close to each other. I also want to be like that…” (Train)

“Aah, yeah, celebrating is basic, right?! It reminds me of the time when the number one most popular girl in the 1st year class was inviting everyone from the same class to a drinking party! Even though she called them all by name, I for some reason was called by my family name and she said: ‘Sagara-kun, you won’t be going to the drinking party, right?’! Eh? Why are you assuming I will refuse? Could it be that you are pressuring me into not participating? Anyone would think like that, right?! No, well, I wasn’t going to go anyways… I am grateful she at least asked me, but…but…” (Souma)

“U-Uhm, please cheer up…” (Train)

And so, my loner talk with Train-chan got heated up in that fashion.

Well, I myself didn’t find my loner life as painful. I may be complaining here, but I enjoyed my lonely life to a decent extent, so I was talking about it as a funny topic of conversation, but as we continued talking, Train-chan, who was the one who had come to me for consultation, said:

“You must have had it rough as well, Souma-san.” (Train)

And tried to console me.


Anyways, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

When talking with Train-chan, I try to talk as if I am a scary guy, but her shocking confession made me talk as my usual self for a while there. 

Thanks to that, we opened up with each other quite a bit, and the result is that I somewhat understand the reason why she is a loner. 

…This is just an assumption, but the reason why Train-chan can’t make friends is most likely because of the game setting.

This world is a mysterious place that can’t manage to be real or a game. 

Even when it is trying to make a real world that’s no different from reality, it is also trying to keep the game settings faithfully.

A mix of real and game concepts. 

These two concepts are clashing, mixing in a strange way, and the result is this world.

The people of this world are mostly like real people instead of game people; I think that they are acting ‘realistically’.

Even Reinhardt-san, Train-chan, and Mariel-san have acted in ways that they wouldn’t in the game. 

On the other hand, Reinhardt-san still guided me in the town just like in the game, and Mariel-san let me use the confessional.

Especially the Train-chan monster train event, it is so unnatural, it can’t be wrapped up as a plain coincidence; an event that mirrors the game exactly. 

In other words, the daily life will ignore the game-like things to a certain extend to move in a realistic manner, but flipping it around, it also means that, when it comes to game events, even if it is slightly deviated from reality, there will be some sort of divine force that will push the situation into one similar to the game. 

And so, let’s think of the Train-chan event with that assumption in mind.

At the time with the monster train event of Train-chan, Train-chan was always alone, and there was absolutely nothing about party members being killed in the background story.

In that case, in order to replicate the game events, it would be troubling for her to have a party. 

If I am in the correct train of thought here…

…Train-chan has to live her whole life alone. A person who was born with the fate of being on her lonesome! 

When I asked a couple of questions in order to confirm this, Train-chan seemed to be fine talking with others normally. 

But when she tries to bring the talk to forming a party, some sort of unbelievable obstruction comes into play and things don’t go well.

“I think I somewhat understand the situation.” (Souma)

I nod heavily and Train-chan looks at me with eyes of expectation.

“T-Then…” (Train)

“Hmm…looks like…I won’t be able to help you with that.” (Souma)

“I see, I am so gla—eeeh?!” (Train)

A good reaction as always.

But it is not like I don’t want to help Train-chan.

She is a loner comrade, so it might even be less of a pain if I were to help her.

“Well, just think about it. The best way would be for me to help you out in making comrades, but I can’t.” (Souma)

“W-Why?” (Train)

Why, you ask? 

Isn’t that obvious?

It isn’t about Train-chan’s constitution or anything of the sort…

“It is because I am a loner too!” (Souma)

“Ah, yes… Sorry for asking.” (Train)

Don’t apologize! 

It makes me feel sad! 

“B-But, in that case, you can be my f-friend…you know…” (Train)

Why are you stuttering when saying ‘friend’?! 

‘Just how much of a loner are you?’, is what I was thinking while shaking my head to the sides.

In the game, the player could make Train-chan into a party member, so you could say the simplest solution would be for me to be her friend. 

However, it doesn’t solve the root of the problem.


“I plan on leaving this town in the near future and heading to the capital. That’s why I can’t be with you for that long.” (Souma)

“Then, I will go with you—” (Train)

“The level of the enemies close to the capital are higher than 50, you know? Also, your ill mother is in this town, right? Can you leave your mother?” (Souma)

“Uuh…” (Train)

She became an adventurer for the sake of her ill mother. 

Also…the game’s Train-chan didn’t leave the town of Lamurick on her own strength. 

It is better to think that I can’t bring her to the capital. 

“That’s why…” (Souma)

I told Train-chan who had her head hanging low and dejected.

“The only thing I can do for you is to train you to a point where you can manage as a solo adventurer.” (Souma)

“…Eh?” (Train)

Train-chan raised her head in shock, so I said it once again as if chewing it for her.

“I know a lot of things that other people don’t. I may not be able to save you from your loner life, but I can make you strong enough that you can manage even while being a loner.” (Souma)

“Souma-san…” (Train)

Train-chan’s eyes grew watery. 

I hurriedly added.

“O-Of course, I am not going to do this for free. As a reward, you will teach me things I don’t know, and I want you to cooperate in a small experiment I have…” (Souma)

“That’s okay! I will do anything! We could even do it right now!!” (Train)

Train-chan stood up and took both of my hands. 

Looks like she is going out of control from her happiness of having gotten an ally.

“Ah, no, it is not that urgent of a thing…” (Souma)

I tried to calm down that energy of hers, but Train-chan wasn’t allowing that.

“It is okay! I will do my best, so ask me anything!!” (Train)

She looks at me with sparkly eyes.

At this rate, she really might do anything.

Of course, I am not going to request anything unreasonable, but what would you have done if I had been a bad guy?

(Can’t be helped…) (Souma)

She probably won’t be settling down at this rate.

There’s no real need for it to be right now, but I decided to do the simplest experiment. 

“…Then, I will tie up both your arms and legs, so can you please roll around the prairie for a few hours?” (Souma)

“Excuse me?” (Train)

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