WG – Chapter 16: Above the ones that never give up

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“High…” (Souma) 

I am referring to the ceiling. 

There’s easily 3 meters to the hole. 

It would be impossible to climb normally. 

“Any tools?” (Souma)

I tried asking Train-chan just in case, but…

“If I had something like that, I wouldn’t be this troubled.” (Train)

She shook her head curtly. 

I once again looked up.

It is not impossible, but it is by no means something a normal can climb up to. 

That said, if you ask me whether I can do something with the skills I have currently, my answer would be no. 

Step can go up a slope, but it can’t move vertically. 

The conclusion is that there’s currently no means to escape from this cave. 

“Is there nothing you can do either, Souma-san?” (Train)

Train-chan asked me with a weak demeanor as if she were grasping at straws here.

I would like to give her a hearty response here but…

“…Well, at worst, we can open a hole at the side of the stairs and dig our way up.” (Souma)

This is currently the best answer I can give her.

“Do you have any tools to dig a hole?” (Train)

I kept silent at the question filled with expectation.

The shovel broke after all.

(It is not like I have absolutely no means though.) (Souma)

It is about whether I should dig a tunnel to the surface, make some footholds reaching up, or go straight up by jumping. 

I feel like there are a decent amount of options. 

But I can only think of things that would take time. 

For now, let’s do what we can.

“This is a bit dark to do work in. Let’s bring some light first.” (Souma)

“…Okay.” (Train)

I had the completely dejected Train-chan follow me and we return to the sealed door. 

There’s two torches at the door. 

No one would be troubled even if one is gone. 

I pull the torch at the right side and…eh?

“I-I can’t take it out…” (Souma)

Looks like I was underestimating this world. 

You couldn’t take torches on the wall inside the game, but I assumed that I could immediately take them with me now that it is a real world.

“Guguuh!” (Souma)

Even when I try to pull with everything, it doesn’t budge.

It seems like it is not as if the torch is fit to the wall with metal fixtures, but more like the torch itself is fixed on the wall.

…This is troubling. 

Even though I went through the trouble of coming all the way here, I can’t bring the torch with me like this. 

(No, switch perspectives.) (Souma)

Thinking of a great idea, I unsheathe Shiranui in front of the torch.

“Eh?! W-What are you doing, Souma-san?!” (Train)

Train-chan was flustered at my sudden madness. 

“If I can’t take it, I might as well cut it.” (Souma)

This is the thought process to change a pinch into chance. 

It will take time, but this is the most certain way. 

The only problem is whether the torch will continue working even after it has been cut, but in the worst case, there’s still one other torch remaining. 

If it succeeds, I can get this torch, and even if it fails, the risks are not that high. 

There’s plenty worth trying. 

I take a stance with Shiranui with light feelings.

“E-Eh?” (Souma)


A sound that you would find hard to believe came from wood resonated as Shiranui bounced off. 

I can’t even tell whether it dealt damage. 

“No, one more time.” (Souma)

I was a bit flustered as I once again swung my sword towards the torch with full force. 

“Ugh!” (Souma)


This time around, my sword got stopped at the surface of the torch. 

Is the attack properly registering?

I can’t tell.

“…It is not working at all.” (Train)

I heard a mutter from my back.

I get a bit serious now.

“Please step back.” (Souma)

Of course, there’s only one reason for this. 

It is in order to bring out my strongest attack here. 

I take a stance with katana drawn, and my blade draws an arc with intense fervor. 

“[Invisible Bla—” (Souma)


Terribly strong resistance came back, and the skill stopped its activation around the time when Shiranui was mid swing. 

Of course, it is not as if the skill didn’t activate. 

The skill activated, but the target was so hard that the skill was interrupted there. 

“…It isn’t working at all.” (Train)

Train-chan muttered again from my back.

But no, it is not like it is not working at all! 

My attack is certainly digging into the wood of the torch.

It is faint to the point that you wouldn’t be able to notice unless you get close, but I have injured the torch! 

I have basically won at this point. 

If I repeat the same thing countless times, I will eventually be able to cut this torch. 

“Uhm, if you want light, you can use my item, so can we go now?” (Train)

I ignore Train-chan who is saying something at my back and I raise Shiranui once again.

“[Invisible Blade]!” (Souma)

Shiranui was swung together with my shout and was stopped by the torch.

I don’t know how many times it is now.

But the cut of the torch has been made clear enough that it is visible.

So you’re telling me…there’s a chance.

The result of my hard work is certainly showing.

Train-chan was noisy at the beginning, complaining at the back, but it seems like she has given up, she stopped saying anything. 

I am honestly thankful.

But that also made a new problem surface.

(I overdid it a little bit, huh.) (Souma)

Not only the torch, even Shiranui has been visibly damaged slightly.

If I go at this pace, I feel like both will end up being unusable. 

I take a bit of a break and decide to not use skills here anymore. 

What I need here is constant damage despite being slight as it is. 

There’s no need to increase my power by using flashy techniques. 

Fortunately, in the game this world is based on, you don’t get tired no matter how much you swing a weapon.

No, it is not like the stamina gauge doesn’t go down, but that can be covered by natural regeneration well enough.

This time around, I switched to normal attacks, and she spoke to me from the back again when I had begun to swing my katana single-mindedly. 

“That’s probably pointless.” (Train)

Train-chan who has not been saying anything for a while now.

“It is not pointless.” (Souma)

I immediately replied with that, but Train-chan shook her head. 

“The wound that Souma-san made with the skill is already gone. I think that torch has an automatic durability restoration.” (Train)

…I knew that…a long time ago.

It is true that the Invisible Blade I used just a few moments ago is gone now. 

The damage I am dealing to it is so small that the wounds I make disappear soon after. 

Train-chan approached me, who continued swinging my sword despite all that.

“Hey, Souma-san, I am not trying to squander what you are doing here, but how about stopping that and returning to the entrance with me?” (Train)

She said this with a truly angelic face, but I of course acted as if I didn’t hear her. 

Seeing this, she went…

“Geez, I don’t care anymore!” (Train)

She fumed and sat in place. 

Despite saying she doesn’t care, she is taking a position of watching over me. Anyways, it seems like she doesn’t have any intention of interfering with me here. 

I continued cutting the torch with her at the corner of my eye and, at the end…

“She is sleeping…” (Souma)

When I looked back, Train-chan had leaned onto the wall and was sleeping soundly. 

I don’t know if to say she has some nerves of steel here, or that she lacks any sense of danger.

While being baffled by that sight of hers, what I can do doesn’t change. 

I continued swinging my right arm while feeling the peaceful breathing of Train-chan at my back.

How much time has passed since we went underground?

My torch cutting has become pretty methodical, and I could now move Shiranui as if I were mincing cabbage with little to no wasted movement. 

The pure act of cutting down a torch.

As I continued this chore endlessly…

“So you didn’t…attack me in my sleep, huh.” (Train)

She said from the back.

I look behind in surprise.

“You…” (Souma)

What did I get so surprised about? It is of course because of how Train-chan views herself. 

Just how self-confident can you be to think that you would get assaulted if you were to fall asleep?

I looked back and directed my gaze at the face of Train-chan…at a slightly lower location than that. 

Pardon my words here, but she ain’t no fancy bullet train, she is an average train.

…I am of course talking about the speed of her legs.

“T-That’s not it!” (Train)

She must have noticed my lecherous look, she hurriedly covered her body with both arms and shouted.

“I wasn’t referring to that, but in the sense that you would use me as a sacrifice for the Evil God! You know, the kind where you offer the fresh blood of a virgin to open the door!” (Train)

“Aah, right, that stuff.” (Souma)

This woman still hasn’t given up on her suspicions that I am a cultist?

What was all that talk about believing me?

I feel like she is just giving excuses for having fallen asleep, but I kinda want to tease her here. 

“And yet, you seemed to be pretty soundly asleep there.” (Souma)

“…It was just an act. I was simply assuming a defenseless state to confirm what you would do.” (Train)

Train-chan said as if gloating. 

But it is falling into the amusing spectrum.

“Your mouth…there’s drool, you know…” (Souma)

“You think you can get me with that lie—uh!” (Train)

Train-chan wiped her mouth with the back of her hand taken aback, and her hand got drenched. 

I thought Train-chan wouldn’t be able to bullshit her way out of this one, but she shouted once again.

“This is fake drool!” (Train)

“…So it is fake drool.” (Souma)

Even while we were having that questionable talk, my arm was moving without rest. 

As if finding fault in this, Train-chan speaks again as if in retaliation.

“I-In the first place, I don’t want to be told that from someone who has been doing something pointless this whole time!” (Train)


“I am almost done.” (Souma)

“…Eh?” (Train)

It is about time. 

I took distance from the torch like the first time and…

“[Invisible Blade]!” (Souma)

I activate that skill without any fighting spirit.

And that one hit…

“E-Eh?!” (Train)

This time around, managed to bring down the torch in one hit. 

The lower half remained by the side of the door, and the upper half that still had fire had fallen onto the ground. 


(Alright!!) (Souma)

I pump my fist internally.

I cheerfully take the torch into my hands. 

I turned around to Train-chan as if saying ‘how’s that?!’, and she said somewhat displeased.

“I certainly do think that’s impressive, but…how are you going to get us outside with that?” (Train)

…Right, I wasn’t thinking about that. 

Is of course not my thought at all.

After safely obtaining the torch which was my first objective, I returned to the entrance with my spirits on the high rise along with Train-chan. 

I raise the torch I just got and confirm the hole opened up at the ceiling. 

“It really is a tight fit, but…I should be able to manage.” (Souma)

It would be difficult with a sword, but nothing a bit of brute force can’t solve. 

I nodded to myself with raised torch while looking up.

“Just by looking at the state of the hole, we can confirm light coming from above ground, so I don’t think there was a need for a torch though.” (Train)

Train-chan was trying to pour cold water at every single chance she could get. 

Where did the docile Train-chan go? 

While I was thinking that, I put out the fire of the torch and put it inside my bag.

“Eh?! You are not going to use the torch anymore?!” (Train)

I of course ignore the reaction of Train-chan and unsheathe Shiranui.

I look at the hole as I adjust my position.

“Please step back for a bit.” (Souma)

I had Train-chan take distance and ready Shiranui.

Now, here is where it begins.

“Let’s do this!” (Souma)

I fix my breathing and Order the skill in a loud voice. 

“[Eternal Heaven…” (Souma)

As I say these words, I hold Shiranui aloft…

Soaring…” (Souma)

Take one big leap! 

I ascend at a speed that far surpasses that of Step.

The sword got caught in the circle of the hole, but I ignored that and continued. 

I had jumped several meters above ground from the bottom of the hole. 

After hanging in the air for an instant…

Blade]!!” (Souma)

At the same time as I shouted this, I descended sharply diagonally. 

I swing down Shiranui as if intending to split the earth!

“…Fuuh.” (Souma)

After the skill stun had worn off, I kneeled down a little bit away from the hole. 

Escape successful.

“Whew. Somehow managed to get out…” (Souma)

She probably thought I had once again used a weird technique to get out, but no pain no gain. 

It is not like I used a cancel technique or a bug just now. The skill is also exactly as it is. 

The ability of that skill is to move a bit high into the sky, and there’s nothing particularly special about it.

…That’s right. 

Eternal Heaven Soaring Blade is a skill that you normally learn close to clearing the game if you raise your sword proficiency as your main one without trying anything special. It is the 12th sword skill counting from Slash. 

How is it possible that I have a late game sword skill then?


Praise be to the Master Torch! 

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