[Not a Chapter]: About Schedule for Caught up Stories

Hello, Reigokai here! 

The time has come. We have reached the point where we have caught up with all the stories. Impressive how it lined up so perfectly. 

But don’t mistake my words. It is not like they are on hiatus. In fact, DCFM is pretty active and WM has chunky chapters that come out once every week at the very least. I can’t say much about Tsuki since the release dates are pretty sporadic, but the author has released chapters more often than before, that’s for sure. 

The problem comes here. How am I going to be releasing chapters now?

“Isn’t that simple? Just translate them as they come up!”

As nice as that sounds, I don’t really like that style. It is more of a matter of taste here. I would rather have a nice constant hearty meal once in a while when I come to the table than sporadic bite size meals. 

What I mean here is that I will be waiting for chapters to accumulate before releasing them. Let me go in more detail about how exactly it will be.

Let’s take Weakest Mage as our example here. I will wait until there’s 3 chapters before I begin releasing chapters. 

This will be shown at the side of the website on desktop or at the bottom of mobiles like this: WM: 0/3 

Once 3 chapters are up by the author, it will be WM: 3/3. When that happens, next week, I will publish chapters for that story. 

DCFM will be DCFM: 0/5. Mostly because chapters are shorter and come out faster.

Tsuki will be Tsuki: 0/3. This one will be hard to manage, but we will see once it happens. For now, I will keep it at 3. (And just as I write this, the author released one chapter. Woohoo!)

And that’s it. This is basically what I thought up, so if you have any suggestions, I would gladly like to hear it! 

P.S. I have made an announcement on the new story I will be translating and also my gratitude for you guys, so head there if you feel like it! Click Here


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