DCFM – Chapter 201: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 5226th

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-3: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has become an actual Demon Lord…

-6: Anonymous from Earth

He is a frikin Dark Demon Lord now!

-15: Anonymous from Earth

I have heard of no stories of humans using Chaotic Abilities, so this really is new information. 

Hikaru is way too dank nuts. 

-20: Anonymous from Earth

Did you know that the objective of elves is to be enlightened in the arts of Chaotic Abilities? 

Hikaru will be targeted by elves too now.

-22: Anonymous from Earth


-25: Anonymous from Earth

There’s apparently a lot of elves that dive into the dungeon with that as their objective. That’s information from Gran Alismaris though.

Elves are almost all rich, so they usually don’t have monetary objectives. Their objectives mostly boil down to being able to use Chaotic Abilities and becoming Spirit Kings. 

-31: Anonymous from Earth

Spirit Kings… A new term again…

-37: Anonymous from Earth

A Spirit King apparently refers to an elf that is acquainted with all Spirit Abilities. 

-40: Anonymous from Earth

Not elves but White Brilliances.

-41: Anonymous from Earth

It is okay. The translation is elves. They look like elves too.

-50: Anonymous from Earth

Is the Chaotic Abilities the same as the Chaotic Spirit Abilities you get with Points? 

-53: Anonymous from Earth


No one has gotten it, so we don’t know.

-59: Anonymous from Earth

The Lamia Extermination battle heated me up. It has been a while since something has managed to do that. The camerawork was pretty godlike too.

-62: Anonymous from Earth

We are talking about 150 Points after all… God is basically saying you have to save Points for around 10 years…

-65: Anonymous from Earth

Does that mean Hikaru is ahead by 10 years? 

-70: Anonymous from Earth

Fear is the ability that the Demon Lord used, right? To think he would actually become a Demon Lord…

-72: Anonymous from Earth

It is nice that he can use Dispel too. That means it can even nullify the Photon Ray of Rifreya.

-75: Anonymous from Earth

He is now Gold Rank, huh… They ranked up in the blink of an eye…

-76: Anonymous from Earth

They are legit powerful after all. Even the guild graders were surprised by this. 

Hikaru himself seems to have thought he would be dropping though (according to Celica).

-77: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru killing 12 Lamias in an instant was so cool I got wet. 

-80: Anonymous from Earth

“W-Wiped out? 12 Lamias, in the blink of an eye? In less than 3 minutes…?” 

-81: Anonymous from Earth

Stop with the mobile suit Major General Scylla’s reference. 

-82: Anonymous from Earth

What an old meme…

-86: Anonymous from Earth

Even though the Scylla is in the nest, there’s a complete lack of camaraderie with the Lamias, lol.

-89: Anonymous from Earth

If the Scylla were a bit more intelligent, it would be pretty strong. 

There’s no way it would be weak in the first place with attacks that cover all directions. 

-94: Anonymous from Earth

The monsters in the dungeon are mostly all idiots. The wild animals outside are more intelligent. 

-96: Anonymous from Earth

The ones in the dungeon may look like that, but they are basically babies. 

-100: Anonymous from Earth

I think there was also the issue that it was a bad match against Hikaru.

A combo with Dark Coffin is technically an instant kill after all.

-103: Anonymous from Earth

Their raid into the nest made my palms sweaty, but they earned a lot there…

-110: Anonymous from Earth

Getting 8 Points was big too! 

-114: Anonymous from Earth

True. That’s basically like getting 8 lives. 

Nanami-chan got a whole ton of Points taming Ai-chan-sama, but Hikaru isn’t lacking behind and got a whole ton as well. 

Are those two protagonists or something?

-119: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne also has a pretty high protagonist essence. She is an idiot that jumps into a wave of monsters though.

-121: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen were screaming there too. 

“Are you kidding me?!” “Does an actual muscle-brain do this?!” 

-124: Anonymous from Earth

Well, they can manage somehow with Barrier Stones.

-135: Anonymous from Earth

The Lamia Nest was really dangerous. In the end, how many were there?

-140: Anonymous from Earth

The Dark Knight and Lizardmen defeated a good amount of Lamias off-camera, so I can’t really say an exact number here, but they apparently went over the 120.

-145: Anonymous from Earth

You would normally die from that.

-153: Anonymous from Earth

They had to fight the Scylla and the Lamias at the same time which would have wiped out a normal explorer party. 

-160: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like the lower floors of the dungeon will have fearsome gods residing in it. 

-165: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen were especially noisy this time around. 

“Onii-chan is so cool” but “Onii-chan might die”, so it is understandable though.

-173: Anonymous from Earth

But it was incredibly stable compared to when he was diving the dungeon alone, you know?

His comrades are strong and he himself is getting stronger and stronger.

-180: Anonymous from Earth

It would have been bad if Hikaru hadn’t awakened to the Chaotic Abilities. 

Him defeating 12 there was big. That’s 10% of the whole nest. 

-186: Anonymous from Earth

The design of the Scylla was good. Such a blasphemous sight.

-187: Anonymous from Earth

It really makes you go ‘Oh!’ with just the fact that it is big. 

-190: Anonymous from Earth

In terms of height, I would say it is the biggest we have seen until now, right?

-192: Anonymous from Earth

Wasn’t the fire monkey also the same size?

-194: Anonymous from Earth

*Flame Orangutan… 

Meaning that that guy can defeat gold rank explorers, huh… Hikaru was lucky. 

He should be more grateful to the Great Dark Spirit-chan.

-196: Anonymous from Earth

It means that Hikaru and his party can now defeat that thing.

-200: Anonymous from Earth

There’s issues of compatibility too, so who knows.

Monsters with speed and weight are a threat of their own. 

-207: Anonymous from Earth

Battle simulation against the fire monkey.

-Darkness Fog: Escapes to the outside.

-Dark Coffin: Evades it normally.

-Dark Knight: Crushed.

-210: Anonymous from Earth

The giant monkey can do a hit-and-run, so it would be difficult for Jeanne to keep it in place. Enemies with high mobility are rough.

-214: Anonymous from Earth

That’s where Gundam Rifreya comes in. 

A Beam Rifle should hit it! 

-220: Anonymous from Earth

It has power, speed, physique, and can spit out fire. 

Monstrosities are basically Demon Lords that show up in the surface world. There’s not even the need to bring out the case of Ai-chan-sama. 

That’s basically how strong they are. 

-222: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru being suddenly targeted by a Demon Lord guy was truly unlucky. 

-227: Anonymous from Earth

Him having cute twin sisters already makes him super lucky though???

-229: Anonymous from Earth

He also has a childhood friend next door! 

-232: Anonymous from Earth

But her mom…

-236: Anonymous from Earth

Basically, it evens out. 

-240: Anonymous from Earth

The strength discussion thread was also on fire today. It apparently depends on whether Chaotic Abilities work on Jeanne or not. 

-245: Anonymous from Earth

Chaotic Abilities are ‘Chaotic Spirit Abilities’, so it is of course going to be resisted. Jeanne can resist Spirit Abilities after all.

-248: Anonymous from Earth

How many times do I have to say that he would completely kick her ass with only Darkness Fog which affects the environment…

-252: Anonymous from Earth

Then that means Jeanne is the natural enemy of Ai-chan-sama too. Nullifying Spirit Abilities is nuts…

-254: Anonymous from Earth

It is absolutely overpowered. You can’t get buffed either though. It also nullifies healing abilities. 

-267: Anonymous from Earth

They have begun practicing horse riding, but if they leave Meltia, they will miss Nanami-chan-sama!

-270: Anonymous from Earth

How many times have we talked about this already?

-273: Anonymous from Earth

She would gather information in the city.

-275: Anonymous from Earth

Wouldn’t it be hard for her to go on another journey with the way too high consumption Ai-chan-sama?

-284: Anonymous from Earth

Ai-chan-sama apparently doesn’t get that hungry if it enters energy conservation mode. 

Even with that, it still eats one big Spirit Stone a day though.

-290: Anonymous from Earth

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to sell the Spirit Stones and buy food in the city? 

-294: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than food, it is more on the level of eating a whole cow, so…I don’t know about that…

-300: Anonymous from Earth

Hunt because you get hungry → You get hungry because you hunt. It is because Monstrosities enter in that downward spiral that their lifespan is short.

Nanami-chan provides the food for Ai-chan-sama, so it can maintain a state of half-sleep the whole time. 

-305: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t this a new discovery for the Monstrosity researchers…?

-311: Anonymous from Earth

The people of that world don’t seem to know much about Monstrosities after all.

-315: Anonymous from Earth

Encountering a Monstrosity in itself is already pretty good luck (bad luck).

-321: Anonymous from Earth

If you continue observing the area for fixed terms, you should be able to catch signs of Monstrosity appearances. 

Earth also has a whole ton of things they have just discovered even on the present day. In that world, Monstrosity research would be impossible unless they invented armored cars or something of the sort. 

-328: Anonymous from Earth

The special kind that would be featured in places like NHK. <Japanese broadcasting company.>

-333: Anonymous from Earth

The invisibility ability of Ai-chan-sama is light element. 

Meaning that Rifreya-sama will eventually be able to use it…

-335: Anonymous from Earth

It means that it will be possible to do a dream-like invisible night crawl.

-338: Anonymous from Earth

That’s more of a male dream than a female one.

-346: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan managed to act pretty calmly in the settlement that she stopped by on the way, or more like, she felt mature. There’s still some distance, but I feel like she will be able to reach Meltia without any issues.

-354: Anonymous from Earth

I was surprised by how tough the horses of that world are. 

The horses of our world have pretty bad energy consumption comparatively. 

-359: Anonymous from Earth

It is a world with Spirit Energy, so there’s the possibility of not dying from starvation even if you are fasting.

-362: Anonymous from Earth

That’s a tall order, dude. 

-366: Anonymous from Earth

Even with only the Spirit Energy in the water, you can apparently live for a good while. On the contrary, once you get fat, it is pretty hard to lose weight. 

-370: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like there’s a life hack like raising your Tier to get a body that can’t grow fat for the people that like to eat. 

-379: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan is managing to save her bullets, so I would like her to get to Meltia fast and face the Masked Ozawa.

-386: Anonymous from Earth

The pistol of Fer-kun against the cannon of Nanami-chan, huh…

-389: Anonymous from Earth

Balus**! (While bringing out the invisible Ai-chan). <A reference to a destruction spell in Castle in the Sky>

-340: Anonymous from Earth

If she makes Ai-chan invisible and brings it out as a trump card, there’s no human who wouldn’t get their wits taken out of them. 

-350: Anonymous from Earth

It has become a Nanami-chan-sama thread again! Move to the Nanami-chan-sama thread!! 

-355: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is gold rank now, so I feel like he would suddenly become super popular with the natives. 

-358: Anonymous from Earth

He will get targeted by the Onee-samas of the mithril rank!!!

-361: Anonymous from Earth

The guard of Jeanne and Rifreya feels like it would be tough.

-363: Anonymous from Earth

Alex will probably be shocked once he returns…

-366: Anonymous from Earth

Alex: “Oooh! Isn’t that the gold rank tag, Hikaru?! Did you get promoted?”

Hikaru: “You could say that. Hm? Huh huh? Why do you have a darkish tag hanging on you?? Could it be that you are ebony rank?? The second lowest???”

-367: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru wouldn’t ever say something like that.

-380: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru and Jeanne are already finding it a pain and are going to be traveling, so they are seriously beginning their preparations for that, but they have become gold rank, have standing and a stable income source. There’s no need to leave. That’s such a waste. 

-382: Anonymous from Earth

As a viewer, a traveling development ain’t bad-ssu.

-383: Anonymous from Earth

It would be troubling for Nanami-chan, god damn it!!

-387: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan is being completely treated as a dangerous fellow after all… 

-388: Anonymous from Earth

Add a -sama to that, you cretin!

-390: Anonymous from Earth

The Eye Cult is scary…

-400: Anonymous from Earth

Even in MMORPGs, when a whole lot of players come to the hunting spot that was your own until then, you find it a pain and decide to move somewhere else.

I totally get it. 

-402: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also those that begin fighting by claiming that they own that spot though.

-405: Anonymous from Earth

It happens even in fishing spots in real life after all.

-410: Anonymous from Earth

But would you go as far as crossing the sea and heading to Gran Alismaris? 

There’s a whole ton of 1st and 2nd groups there too, right? 

-412: Anonymous from Earth

That’s why. Rather than a place with a half-assed number, it would be better there.

Hide a tree in the forest. 

-414: Anonymous from Earth

I kinda understand it and I kinda don’t…

-419: Anonymous from Earth

According to Celica, they are apparently trying to postpone the issue by traveling. 

-425: Anonymous from Earth

It would take several months to arrive after all. There’s almost a 0% chance that they will encounter someone of the 2nd group while they are traveling, so the bunch of the 2nd group that are the type to cause trouble would have already ‘done their trouble’ after all.

-430: Anonymous from Earth

No, in the first place, Hikaru and Jeanne’s fear of strangers is too strong. Just because the 2nd group has come doesn’t mean they will take a direct unfavorable approach towards them. I would say it is close to 0.

-432: Anonymous from Earth

It is actually close to 0.

If Masked Ozawa didn’t exist, we would also be laughing at them and thinking they are stupid. 

-438: Anonymous from Earth

No matter if they are planning something vile, they could just kick him off and that would be it, right? 

Hikaru is far stronger than him in a fight after all.

-444: Anonymous from Earth

No, we don’t know if he is plotting something yet. In the first place, Worigami only sees Fer, Masked Ozawa, and the 2nd group as…fellow earthlings. We know that Masked Ozawa is the killer, so we can say whatever we want, but would we be acting this way if it was instead a good willed person who was introduced?

-449: Anonymous from Earth

Fer said ‘it is about time we make our move’ just before to Ozawa, so I feel like they will be pulling something here. 

-456: Anonymous from Earth

Ferdinand has a gun after all. A gun that hasn’t been shot once…

-460: Anonymous from Earth

That’s the issue. Chosen with guns are really troublesome (after seeing Nanami-chan).

-466: Anonymous from Earth

On that same vein, Worigami who introduced him to Masked Ozawa and Fer is also guilty. 

There’s no doubt they are plotting something.

-470: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru should be able to fend off a gun too!!

-474: Anonymous from Earth

You can’t win against a gun. If they do a rapid-fire preemptively, no human can do anything. It would be a different story if you have full armor covering your body, but Hikaru only has his gauntlet and his upper body armor. 

-480: Anonymous from Earth

What’s the gun Fer brought? 

-485: Anonymous from Earth

Sig Sauer P227 TacOps. .45 ACP <Automatic Colt Pistol>. It comes with a suppressor. A tasteful choice. With an extended magazine of 14 rounds. 

-486: Anonymous from Earth

Gun otakus really respond fast. 

-490: Anonymous from Earth

Well, pistols are the best self-defense item after all. You can hide them in your clothes too. If this were an assault rifle, it would give off pressure just from the appearance alone. 

-493: Anonymous from Earth

Ain’t repelling a .45.

-498: Anonymous from Earth

Just be grateful there won’t be any sniping.

-505: Anonymous from Earth

What about the Brought Item of Masked Ozawa? 

-507: Anonymous from Earth

The prisoner clothes. 

-509: Anonymous from Earth

He is like the protagonist of Dragon Quest 5…

-515: Anonymous from Earth

But well, Hikaru and the group will be departing, so there won’t be any of this Fer and Masked Ozawa business. 

They might tell Worigami at the very least that they are leaving though.

-523: Anonymous from Earth

Worigami is kinda careless, or like, numbed by the peace of Japan…

-530: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has also opened up to him after all.

-534: Anonymous from Earth

Even when Hikaru was telling Worigami it was dangerous, it completely felt as if he were dealing with a child. I feel like they have to properly tell him to keep silent about them leaving or he will tell others. 

-544: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that Hikaru is a worrywart after all…

-550: Anonymous from Earth

Worigami-san doesn’t know the circumstances of Hikaru, right? 

He lightly brushed off the claims of Hikaru, but wasn’t there a better way to say it?

-555: Anonymous from Earth

Hmm, Worigami only has information that there’s a Japanese boy that has had his heart crushed by a false accusation, so he came to Meltia, right? 

And then, he sees that he is in a party with 2 beauties, and the person himself is doing great as an explorer too, so anyone would go ‘what, so he is doing well’.

-590: Anonymous from Earth

You are expecting way too much from an outsider. You normally don’t think too deeply about others. Maybe Worigami-san was trying to admonish him as an adult. 

Hikaru is still a 15 year old boy. Life is too long to be living in fear of others. 

-602: Anonymous from Earth

What kind of messages related to Hikaru did Worigami get? 

-612: Anonymous from Earth

“Judging from the situation, Hikaru is not the culprit. He is not!” 

“Please tell Hikaru to read the messages~.” 

“The one who killed Nanami-chan was Hikaru. The culprit hasn’t been caught yet after all. Judging from the evidence, there’s no doubt. You are the only one who can bring judgment to him as a fellow Japanese.”

“The boy that got chosen in place of Nanami-chan, Hikaru, has received spiritual damage because he got framed and is shutting himself in the dungeon alone. Meltia is close to your place, Worigami-san, so how about going there to check him out?”

“The real culprit was caught~~~. I knew Hikaru wasn’t the killer!” 

“Hikaru is not guilty, but he has a hella ton of viewers, so it would heat up if you collab with him!” 

“Hikaru has a fear of others now. I am expecting a lot from your communication skills, Worigami-san.” 

—Stuff like that. 

We can dig deeper than that, but I don’t think Worigami knows the detailed circumstances.

Or more like, there’s seriously a lot of subjectivity in the messages, so trying to find out the truth from there is an impossible act. 

-620: Anonymous from Earth

From the perspective of Worigami-san, him living together with 2 beauties and having a happy life is the whole truth…

You wouldn’t want to say anything unnecessary there, right? I would do the same.

-624: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it will be a bye-bye for everyone including Worigami so, if anything, the most important part is whether he will reunite with Nanami-chan -for us viewers. 

I can only see Fer and Ozawa as two dudes enjoying their isekai life like normal. 

-636: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, I am so sad that they can’t bring Grapefull-chan with them…

-640: Anonymous from Earth

My exact feelings…

And here I was trying to not touch on that…

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