DCFM – Chapter 195: 2nd Chosen Group, Worigami, and our Policy

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Ferdinand and Phantom.

The 2 Chosen exited the dungeon as if saying their business here was done. 

I couldn’t keep down the stirring in my heart, and I held my chest almost reflexively. 

…The reality is that I simply spoke with them for a little bit. It is not like anything special happened. 

And yet, I got spiritual damage from it. 

I myself don’t understand what’s going on, but that’s just how much of a threat I must feel the 2nd group is. 

…Or maybe, it means that there’s no way I would have been okay being in front of someone that declared they were watching me. 

I am not an entertainer or a content creator; just your plain highschool student. 

Honestly speaking, it is to the point that I wanted to complain to Worigami-san about this, but for him, it truly was just something trivial…he introduced them to me out of good will. 

It was bad that I didn’t tell him that we are taking distance from the 2nd group. 

I should have told him.

“That Ferdinand-kun is apparently gathering the Chosen in this city and exchanging information. He came to my place with that intention.” (Worigami)

“Is that so. But the 2nd group should have all the information we have, so…isn’t it dangerous?” (Hikaru)

When I say this, Worigami-san made a slightly surprised expression.

“Yeah, there certainly is that side, but…they are one of the few people who have come from Earth just like us. Rather than suspecting them, I would like to help them out.” (Worigami)

“But if they so wish, they can kill us…” (Hikaru)

“Hikaru-kun, anyone would be able to kill me if they wanted to, you know? Even now, it would be easy for you to kill me if you had that intention, right?” (Worigami)

“No, it is a problem of merits and demerits—” (Hikaru)

“Would you kill people if there’s merit in it? No, right?” (Worigami)

“You have a point there, but…” (Hikaru)

I can’t say anything back if he tells me that. 

I myself understand that I am being way too wary. 

Me and Nanami were killed with a rumor as the basis. 

I have understood with my own body that humans can easily cross the line, so I don’t trust people now.

Especially the 2nd group that has enough to gain by killing us. 

There’s no choice but to be on guard towards them. 

That’s what my instinct is telling me at the very least. 

It is because of this experience that I didn’t want to get involved with them. 

I don’t know if this comes from me being unable to trust them, or because of my feeling of disgust towards them watching us from Earth; even though they are my own feelings, it is hard to put them in words.

“Hikaru-kun, they are the same as us. They are at a loss being suddenly thrusted into an unknown world. I am far older than them, and I would like to help them out if they are relying on me. There’s only 1,000 of us Earthlings in the whole world.” (Worigami)

Worigami-san is an adult. 

What I am saying must sound like the childish blabbering of a distrustful person. 

“I am happy that you are worried about me, Hikaru-kun. But it is not like I have Points, so they really wouldn’t get anything out of killing me. It is alright.” (Worigami)

Worigami-san softens his expression and smiles. 

He must have softened the mood because I am making a gloomy expression.

“…But you should at least be careful, okay?” (Hikaru)

“I have the Scapegoat Ring equipped, so I will be fine.” (Worigami)

“Please prepare a Barrier Stone and healing scrolls as well. This isn’t Earth… You can’t expect much from the police here, and even without that, once you die, that’s the end.” (Hikaru)

“Thanks. If I get some freedom in Points, I will do so.” (Worigami)

For Worigami-san, it must look like I am worrying too much here. 

Even so, I wanted to tell him.

Or maybe this is my selfishness here, but even with that…

“Ferdinand-kun was a law school student and was apparently a future lawyer, so I don’t think there’s any need to worry though.” (Worigami)

Lawyer, huh. From a social standpoint, he is a super elite. 

He would have had a stable life on Earth, and yet, he was chosen in something like this. Wonder how he feels about it? 

Is he thinking of doing his best in a positive manner? 

“What about…that masked guy called Phantom?” (Hikaru)

“He apparently has lost his memories. There was the choice of Memory Loss at the time when transferring, right? He must have had memories he wanted to really forget from our previous world.” (Worigami)

It is true that that man Ferdinand said that. 

But those eyes from below the mask looking at me…were as if he knew me…

“Why is he wearing a mask?” (Hikaru)

“I couldn’t ask in detail about that. He apparently has something that…he doesn’t want others to see.” (Worigami)

I felt something was off with that mask, but it might be something like a burn.

Anyways, it is true that it isn’t a topic you can just touch on. Well, there’s no way it is a scenario like…when you take off his mask, it is an acquaintance. We are talking about one in billions of possible people among my way too limited circle of acquaintances. 

It is probably of no importance.

“…Anyways, there was a choice like Memory Loss, huh. Moreover, there was someone who would take it.” (Hikaru)

My time limit was pretty tight when I transferred, so I couldn’t see everything. That option must have been someplace I didn’t check. The No Spirit Ability Affinity of Jeanne was also apparently there. 

Even so, Memory Loss should have come with an equally high compensation of Points. 

I wonder if that Ferdinand man is using those Points as his own? He did seem to be pretty commanding towards Phantom. 

…No, I am going a bit off in my suspicions here. 


“…Is what happened.” (Hikaru)

Once I got back home, I told Jeanne and Rifreya what happened.

We had the policy of taking distance from the 2nd group, but it is not like there’s 0% chance of encountering them. 

“Fumu…that Ferdinand guy is dangerous.” (Jeanne)

After I finished talking, Jeanne said this clearly. 

“Why do you think so?” (Hikaru)

My meeting with him was sudden and it couldn’t even be called a proper conversation, but when I think back on it, he did feel like a normal guy.

As long as there isn’t a zero chance of suddenly blasting out a gun, we shouldn’t lower our guards. That said, I don’t think there’s a strong enough foundation to call him dangerous.

“It is because there’s no doubt he or the amnesiac guy have a High Efficiency Map of the Surroundings. At this moment when messages are frozen, it is impossible to gather Chosen in a short time.” (Jeanne)

“And so, why did you say he is dangerous?” (Hikaru)

“Because I can’t see their objective.” (Jeanne)

According to Jeanne, it makes no sense to get the High Efficiency Map of the Surroundings. 

5 Points is heavy. With that much, you can do a lot. 

And yet, he got a map where: ‘there’s no danger’, ‘can find a decently detailed map if you go to the city hall’, and ‘won’t be finding treasures’. 

But he is going as far as putting 5 Points for it. Of course he must have an objective to do so. 

“It would be better to think that his objective is to know the location of the Chosen in this city. Of course, he said that he is gathering the 2nd group, so if his objective is that…then it would be the most logical reason to have at least…” (Jeanne)

“Then that’s the reason. It is advantageous for Chosen to gather, right?” (Hikaru)

“Right… But that Ferdinand guy was a future lawyer, right? Would an intelligent guy use 5 Points for that?” (Jeanne)

“Maybe he simply doesn’t feel the pain since he is using the Points of the amnesiac guy? The amnesiac guy might have said he wanted comrades.” (Hikaru)

“The possibility certainly is there. Comrades do have more worth than 5 Points… Hmmm…” (Jeanne)

Even if we think about it, we won’t be finding a concrete answer. 

Them having the Map of the Surroundings is pure speculation. 

We could go infinite directions for bad scenarios.

For example; Ferdinand is gathering the 2nd Chosen group to attack us. 

Well, that really would be overthinking, but it is true that Ferdinand will be able to tell the location of me and Jeanne as long as we are in this city. 

It is creepy to an indescribable degree.

“Worigami-san told me: ‘Would you kill people if it benefits you?’ …Am I worrying too much?” (Hikaru)

“No, we are not wrong. Or more like, there’s no correct answer. You and me… We are taking this route because of our personalities; we are just justifying them with our words… You already knew that there were advantages and disadvantages from taking this route, right, Kuro?” (Jeanne)

“Well, yeah, but I am being a bit…obstinate here.” (Hikaru)

“Uhm…I have been listening this whole time, but I think there’s no need to force ourselves to make contact with them. You two seem to be unable to talk with strangers at all, but I don’t know the situation well, so I feel like I would end up blurting something weird.” (Rifreya)

Rifreya was listening from the kitchen and said this while wiping her hands. 

It is true that Jeanne and I are terrible at talking with people. I feel like we would get coaxed in some way if we were to talk with them with our lacking interpersonal skills. 

Especially that Ferdinand; he looks exactly like an eloquent guy.

Jeanne and I could only nod at the opinion of Rifreya.

“…Alright. It was an unexpected encounter, but let’s think of this as having the chance to understand what kind people there are in the 2nd group.” (Jeanne)

“Right. I have already asked Worigami-san to not do this again, so I don’t think it will be happening again. If they come to meet us, we will deal with it when it happens.” (Hikaru)

“If that happens, I will drive them away.” (Rifreya)

“No, that’s dangerous, so please don’t.” (Hikaru)

“We have the coin, so how about hiring security?” (Jeanne)

With our earnings, we wouldn’t have any problems even if we were to hire security for the daytime. 

They don’t need to be strong. 

If words aren’t enough, we have to make it clear that the 2nd Chosen group are enemies. 

“…Also, it might be time to retreat from this city in full force. I want to conquer the dungeon, but there’s no need to be tied up by that. Life is long.” (Jeanne)

“Is that okay? That’s your objective, Jeanne.” (Hikaru)

“It is okay. If it comes to it, we can head to Gran Alismaris.” (Jeanne)

It seems like she is unexpectedly not that attached to Meltia. 

Or more like, that must be how much she doesn’t want to get involved with people. 

I can understand that feeling really well. 

“We are leaving the city? If they are hostile towards you, isn’t it okay to just kill them?” (Rifreya)

Rifreya said something dangerous with a baffled face. 

“Reya, leaving me aside, it is impossible for Kuro to kill people. If he were to get targeted, a fatal opening will be created in the time he is hesitating. A frontal assault would be dangerous.” (Jeanne)

“True… Hikaru is kind after all…” (Rifreya)

“That’s how it is. An enemy that we can’t hit proactively is nothing but trouble. Running away is the best option.” (Jeanne)

“I will just follow wherever Hikaru is going, so I am fine with whatever.” (Rifreya)

“…No, I can do it if push comes to shove, you know.” (Hikaru)

“Not a chance.” (Jeanne)

“Nope, no chance.” (Rifreya)

The response of the 2 overlapped. 

Well…it is true that I wouldn’t be able to come at their back and stab them just because they are antagonistic. These two know me well. 

“We have the power and the money, and most of all, we have the storage of Kuro, so traveling isn’t a bad idea. If we are going to be worrying the whole day about the 2nd group, it would be better to just draw the line. Yeah, after saying it myself, I am beginning to feel more and more convinced about it.” (Jeanne)

“Uhm, eh? Really?” (Hikaru)

“How about we leave the city after we defeat the Scylla in the 4th Floor and become Gold Rank? That’s if you are fine with that, Kuro, Reya.” (Jeanne)

“Jeanne was the super light footed type, huh…” (Hikaru)

Well, it is true that there’s no real reason to stay in this city. 

In the first place, it was Jeanne who said she wanted to conquer the dungeon, so that was my intention too, but if the person herself said it is fine, I have no complaints. 

It doesn’t seem like Rifreya has a problem either, so isn’t this quite the good idea? 

“Of course, if the 2nd group doesn’t try to make contact with us, it is fine to continue trying to conquer the Meltia dungeon. Let’s make sure we are ready no matter where it rolls.” (Jeanne)

“Got it. If that’s okay with you, Jeanne, I have no objections.” (Hikaru)

“Me neither. If we are going to Gran Alismaris, let’s check out the Dark Capital, Milliestas, too. The world’s oldest and the sole Natural Dark Church in the world! It is really close!” (Rifreya)

Rifreya is getting excited instead. 

Traveling, huh. Now that I think about it, I have been almost the whole time in this city, so I am a bit excited myself. 

And so, we have decided that, in the worst case scenario, we will be running away. 

In the end, I didn’t talk about what Ferdinand said, about the ‘something like that’.

It must be about myself, so I decided to not mind it. 

Of course, it does bother me, but it is not like there’s anything I can do if I were to learn about it. 

More so if we are going to be running away. 


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