DCFM – Chapter 193: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 5088th

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-5: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru’s party is damn strong…

They have a strange weakness in their mental strength though.

-7: Anonymous from Earth

It is 1,000 times better than Chosen who are the shame of Earth after their physical strength increases and all of that ego goes into their brains. 

-15: Anonymous from Earth

Clearing the 4th Floor; they are feeling like veterans now.

They said that they are not paying attention to the viewers, but thanks to the God camerawork, they are looking outrageously cool.

-22: Anonymous from Earth

Normally, you would scamper in a fight against many.

‘I want to fight when I have the advantage’. Rather than fighting 1 monster 1 person, it is better and safer to deal with 1 monster with several people. 

Of course monsters also think that way. 

As a result, it tends to turn into a messy battle. It is not like in games where you can have different perspectives of the battlefield. 

-25: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru and Jeanne have a tendency to ‘fight only when they are in an advantageous position’. Well, they can manage to do that because Hikaru can spam his Dark Spirit Abilities though.

-31: Anonymous from Earth

Dark Sense can detect the location of the other party. 

Darkness Fog that can take away the sight of their opponents almost completely. 

Distracting your opponent with a fake enemy, Phantom Warrior.

And a summoned beast that is of the same appearance but has actual substance, Summon Dark Knight.

Not only does he have this but also 2 powerful frontlines, moreover, he himself can fight as well…

-37: Anonymous from Earth

I have seen all Chosen that fight, but Hikaru’s party is by far the strongest one. 

They fight without much trouble, so it is easy to misunderstand, but Lizardmen are seriously crazy strong monsters, you know? 

-40: Anonymous from Earth

Even Alex and his party concluded: ‘the 4th Floor is impossible!’.

-44: Anonymous from Earth

Hellfire Steel weapons really are strong. Weight is power! 

-45: Anonymous from Earth

Anything stronger than that would be a present of a Divine Beast after all. 

-48: Anonymous from Earth

…No, weapons that are stronger than this increase in size. The lower the floor you go, the bigger the monsters get too, so you have to make your weapons bigger. Even if you had a knife that can cut through all creation, you wouldn’t be able to defeat giants. 

-52: Anonymous from Earth

Humans have size limits, so they have no choice but to make their weapons bigger…

-54: Anonymous from Earth

Another option is to specialize in Spirit Abilities. I feel like it would be hacks to gather a bunch of people who can use Photon Ray.

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Spirit Abilities are strong. Even Chosen without Affection of Spirits can get pretty OP by taking the MP UP stuff or the Natural MP Regeneration. 

-64: Anonymous from Earth

Getting both Spirit Energy Up Level 5 and Natural Regeneration Up Level 5 takes 35 Points though. If you think of it as an Affection of Spirits with no demerits, it ain’t that bad.

-68: Anonymous from Earth

There were actually Chosen who took both of those, and they still can’t reach the levels of Affection of Spirits. 

It works plenty well for normal exploration though.

-70: Anonymous from Earth

If you could use Spirit Abilities 5 times inherently, Level 5 multiplies that to 10 times more. You would be able to shoot them 50 times. If you take Natural Regeneration Up Level 5, you are technically not running out ever. 

-72: Anonymous from Earth

All the Chosen apparently don’t have much affinity with Spirit Abilities, so it seems there wasn’t anyone who could use Spirit Abilities 5 times inherently though…

-75: Anonymous from Earth

Even Alex, who took Spirit Energy Up, can only use it 3 times…

-79: Anonymous from Earth

Am I the only one who was relieved that Hikaru got new armor? 

It didn’t become much of a topic around here, right? 

-85: Anonymous from Earth

The armor talk is done in the armor thread. 

-88: Anonymous from Earth

If Hikaru saves up the Points, he could get Spirit Energy Up and Natural Regeneration Up too…

-90: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan is strong, but as long as she is a Hated One, only physical strengthening enhancements hold any point at all for her, so she is technically all maxed out already.

-99: Anonymous from Earth

Shade Shift is going to go to the next Tier soon. 

Will something happen once all of them are high Tier? 

-102: Anonymous from Earth

Shade Shift seems to be strong in 1-on-1, but it is plain after all. 

I am looking forward to what it will become at high tier. 

-107: Anonymous from Earth

What Hikaru is using are not High Tiers but Mid Tiers, you know.

-109: Anonymous from Earth


-115: Anonymous from Earth

It is recent info after all. There were theories of that at first, but the dark twins asked the Great Spirit, and it has been confirmed that there’s Low, Mid, and High Tier abilities. Apparently, even Great Spirits can’t utilize High Abilities often. I would say it is something that normal people can’t utilize at all.

-119: Anonymous from Earth

But if it is Hikaru…! Hikaru should be able to spam High Abilities…! 

-124: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru can even use the hidden 8th ability, Create Undead, as if normal.

-128: Anonymous from Earth

Create Undead is the type that utilizes catalysts after all.

-129: Anonymous from Earth

But the lower the floor you go, the higher the risk. Having Points in handy will become important. Hikaru barely has any points saved up, so it is gonna be dangerous if he doesn’t get bonuses with some achievements. 

-138: Anonymous from Earth

I think he will get a bonus when he gets all his abilities to Mid Tier. I don’t know how many points it will give though.

-140: Anonymous from Earth

I wish it is at least 3 Points to get a High Heal Scroll.

-157: Anonymous from Earth

When talking of the importance of Points, it reminds of the crying face of Charitari-chan…

-160: Anonymous from Earth

Charitari-chan, so pitiful…

-162: Anonymous from Earth

Charitari-chan really was pitiful there…

-165: Anonymous from Earth

Seeing Charitari-chan bawling after she was shocked from being ignored was so nice…

-168: Anonymous from Earth

Roy Mchedlidze-san and Sandra-san properly accompanying her are pretty patient themselves.

-170: Anonymous from Earth

Charitari-chan looks like an adult, but she is still only 13 years old after all.

-173: Anonymous from Earth

Most of the underage group is pitiful after all. God is just way too heartless.

-175: Anonymous from Earth

Are you talking about the 3?

I don’t watch their channels. Who are they? It is not like they actually came to kill them just like Jeanne said, right? 

-177: Anonymous from Earth

The 3 of them are super good people…

-187: Anonymous from Earth

The problem is that they threw the ‘we are troubled’ card right from the get-go. They should have gone for a more business-like approach. 

Introverts have low defense, so that makes it even harder to get close to them. Remember the days when Rifreya-sama was avoided like the plague. 

-190: Anonymous from Earth

Now that you mention it, that did happen.

-196: Anonymous from Earth

The episode where Hikaru used Spirit Abilities to restrain Rifreya and run away, huh. 

It shows every and then in my Youtube recommendations, so I watch it often.

-200: Anonymous from Earth

One of the money raising suggestions for the 2nd Chosen group was ‘get the favor of trustworthy 1st Group Chosen’. Those 3 were trying to make negotiations for that with Hikaru and Jeanne. 

-203: Anonymous from Earth

That’s basically being parasites. 

-210: Anonymous from Earth

You don’t get it. For the 1st group…especially Hikaru and Jeanne who are earning buckloads of coin, Points have far more worth than money. The 2nd Chosen group can buy items with Points and sell them, but there’s also the factor that they would be supporting the 1st Group, so they were going to suggest selling their Points. 

-211: Anonymous from Earth

You can’t sell Points though?

-214: Anonymous from Earth

He is probably talking about buying the item they want and selling it for the money of that place. 

Barrier Stones are worth no matter how many you have, and I don’t know about Hikaru, but Jeanne would definitely be into the idea. In gachas, Points would be the paid currency, and the things you can buy with that paid currency are basically like paywall items. 

If you can buy them with in-game currency, you should buy them with utmost priority.

-220: Anonymous from Earth

Stop the hard to understand comparisons. 

An isekai isn’t a game.

-222: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that it would be better to sell those to Chosen rather than natives. 

-227: Anonymous from Earth

They don’t have money at the beginning of the transfer after all.

-234: Anonymous from Earth

A High Heal Scroll has the worth of 1,000,000 dollars after all… That said, they can’t sell that to the natives.

-236: Anonymous from Earth

That’s how it is. 

Chosen know with certainty the item does exactly that, so there’s no problem between them. 

-241: Anonymous from Earth

Well, ‘we are troubled’ was bad, but them going ‘we have a good offer’ and ‘there’s a favor we want to ask’ were also red flags. I can only say it was a bad idea to make contact with them all of a sudden. 

-:246 Anonymous from Earth

Sandra-san went ‘well, it can’t be helped’ and gave up after all.

Hikaru and Jeanne missed a chance…

-250: Anonymous from Earth

It is the result of them deciding that they won’t be getting involved with the 2nd Chosen group. 

Of course they have already accounted for the merits that could have come before they reached that decision.

-258: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan has been labelled as dangerous by Hikaru and Jeanne, and it makes me laugh whenever she comes up in conversation every now and then, lol.

-260: Anonymous from Earth

They are correct in labelling her that way…

-266: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne: “O-Oi…isn’t this guy heading here at full speed…?”

Hikaru: “No way… They are most likely just heading to the sea, right…?” 

Jeanne: “It is true that it could also look like they are doing something… Just hope this is just unnecessary worry…” 

-272: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami is an actual danger after all…

She has a Quasi-Demon Lord with her…and she also can talk with animals…

-280: Anonymous from Earth

Ai-chan is love! 

Ai-chan is life! 

-282: Anonymous from Earth

The Ai-chan popularity has been crazy lately…

I also see drawings circulating in Twitter that draw Ai strangely cute…

-284: Anonymous from Earth

So it is buzzing huh.

-285: Anonymous from Earth

The wiki of Ai-chan has every single thing that can be exaggerated, it is scary. 

-287: Anonymous from Earth

The Eye Cult is an actual cult. 

-288: Anonymous from Earth

Freemasonry likes this. <Wiki>

-289: Anonymous from Earth

Caodaism is a pain in the ass. <Wiki>

-290: Anonymous from Earth

The Eye Cult fanart where Nanamin is wearing invented priestess attire was strangely trending overseas. 

-295: Anonymous from Earth

The priestess Eye Cult attire is nice… The slit is deep…The one who thought of it really is a man of culture. 

-299: Anonymous from Earth

You can tell if the one drawing is an Eye Cultist by whether they drew a halo on Ai-chan! 

-300: Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t need that knowledge in me…

-309: Anonymous from Earth

How did those 3 group up in such a short span of time? 

It would be difficult unless they get the High Efficiency Map of the Surroundings, right? 

-314: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t you know that the Chosen around the world made plans beforehand to group up?

-318: Anonymous from Earth

There’s so much information related to the isekai that it is impossible to keep up with everything.

-324: Anonymous from Earth

The common point of Chosen is their ‘Chosen Clothes’. There was apparently an agreement that they would gather at the center of the city with those clothes on.

-330: Anonymous from Earth

That’s why those 3 were gathered in front of the dungeon, huh.

-334: Anonymous from Earth

Meaning that they knew each other before this?

-339: Anonymous from Earth

Wrong. You can’t decide where to transfer to, so it was common knowledge for everyone that they would gather in the center of the city with their Chosen Clothes if they were to arrive at a city (not exactly everyone was on the know though). 

Of course, the ones who don’t like gatherings would ignore this, but it seems like a decent amount of people grouped up. You can at least tell how many people there are if you take the High Efficiency World Map after all.

-348: Anonymous from Earth

There’s obviously other Chosen deemed that dangerous and act alone. It all depends on the individual. 

-358: Anonymous from Earth

You could even say only 3 people gathered in Meltia. 

-365: Anonymous from Earth

The gathering of Chosen in Gran Alismaris is increasing in members, and they are becoming a powerhouse of their own within explorers. 

-370: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it dangerous to stand out too much?

-375: Anonymous from Earth

It is the idea of ‘it is instead easier to protect your secret’. Even Hikaru and his group; they are small in scale, but it is technically the same idea. 

-380: Anonymous from Earth

I think requesting the guild to be the intermediary of those 3 would be a more certain option.

-390: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan has safely gotten out of the hell after meeting Ai-chan, so I can’t contain my excitement for when they reunite. 

-392: Anonymous from Earth

Nanamin still has to travel a pretty lengthy distance after all…

-396: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne seems like she has a daring personality, and yet, she is scared of strangers; she is like a child. No, she is a child, huh. 

-400: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne has avoidant personality disorder. Hikaru had a mental breakdown for a certain period of time, but he seems to be a normal person at his core. 

-404: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t Jeanne simply a closed-doors Benkei???

-410: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama was thought of as a dangerous woman at first, but it was funny how it slowly became ‘maybe she is actually a good girl?’ with her aggressiveness. Having that high Onee-san energy is also 10/10 from me. 

-414: Anonymous from Earth

Please make Hikaru younger and let us have a Rifreya and Hikaru OneeShota moment…

-421: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, when is Hikaru going to assault Rifreya? 

No, when is Rifreya going to assault Hikaru?

It is rough to be on standby buck naked every night wondering if they are going to do it now. 

-425: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said: “Just as planned! Not exactly, but it has settled down nicely… (grin)”.

So I doubt there will be anything for a while. 

-430: Anonymous from Earth

They are teenagers, you know? With just one trigger, it will become one wet mess in an instant. 

-440: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of which, weirdo Ozawa seems to be getting close to Worigami. Is that okay? 

-444: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like Ferdinand has settled how he should be acting, so shouldn’t it be fine? Ozawa is only doing moves like that of Suneo** for now. <From Doraemon>

-450: Anonymous from Earth

Fer seems to be the older one here, so it can’t be helped. 

-451: Anonymous from Earth

They are 5 years apart, right?

-455: Anonymous from Earth

It is nice how Ferdinand seems to have a nice evil personality there. 

His appearance is that of a blonde young noble though.

-460: Anonymous from Earth

In a 24 hour stream, you end up seeing the actual personality of the person no matter what after all… I am worried about Worigami-shi…

-465: Anonymous from Earth

So Hikaru and Ozawa are finally going to meet, huh. What will happen? Of course Hikaru would be able to tell it is Ozawa, right? Or maybe they will name themselves?

-472: Anonymous from Earth

“I am Ozawa!” 

“Who is Ozawa?” 

-477: Anonymous from Earth

(Hikaru doesn’t know the name of Ozawa. He did say that it is a classmate he doesn’t know the name of.) 

-480: Anonymous from Earth

They are not from the same class, they were from the same year. 

-485: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t he be able to tell from his voice?

-490: Anonymous from Earth

Not happening.

Phantom is currently playing the amnesiac card after all.

-500: Anonymous from Earth

They are trying not to get in contact with the 2nd Generation, so they won’t be meeting in the first place? 

-501: Anonymous from Earth

2nd Generation, you say.

-515: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know what Ozawa thinks of Hikaru, and that scares me. 

He should at least know that he is a big shot in the Chosen, right? 

-518: Anonymous from Earth

His lawyer was a busybody and apparently told him a lot of things.

-522: Anonymous from Earth

Ozawa is destined to be massacred by Nanami-chan anyways. 

He has no way of surviving aside from the scenario where Hikaru gets in the way and she says: ‘Move, Hikaru. I can’t kill him with you there’. 

-525: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t think Phantom-kun is thinking that though.

Or more like, the chances of getting close to Nanamin are low to begin with. I feel like Ferdinand-kun would go ‘We don’t know’ and shoot it down.  

-530: Anonymous from Earth

Ferdinand: “Phantom, make a contract with a Water Spirit”.

Ozawa: “Eh? …Oh, okay. Water does have healing after all. (Seriously? …I would have preferred fire…)”

-532: Anonymous from Earth

It is turning into an Ozawa thread again! 

-535: Anonymous from Earth

Ozawa and Ferdinand do rake in a good amount of views after all.

-540: Anonymous from Earth

It is so vexing…but I end up watching…

-542: Anonymous from Earth

If they defeat the boss in the 4th Floor, you become Gold Rank, right? 

-546: Anonymous from Earth

That’s right. 

I don’t know if the Gold Rank of Meltia holds the same esteem as that of the Gold Rank from Alimari though. They are completely different countries after all.

-551: Anonymous from Earth

They are simply copying the ranking and buying system after all; the original dungeon guild system of Alimari. They are apparently not really the same organization.

-557: Anonymous from Earth

No, the dungeon engineers are selling it as an all-in-one package, so you can’t really call it copying. Sharing the good reputation.

-558: Anonymous from Earth

Reputation, you say. That’s a franchise. 

-559: Anonymous from Earth

They buy things, so it is not a franchise. 

-561: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of which, one of the 3, Roy Mchedlidze, is trying to become a dungeon engineer, right? 

Didn’t he say something ridiculous like making Meltia into a 5 Great Spirit dungeon? 

-566: Anonymous from Earth

Making Meltia into a 5 Great Spirit formation when the ones missing are Light and Darkness is pretty damn difficult. 

If I had to give an example; it would be far easier to just move the Great Light Spirit from Siltion to Meltia. 

-570: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru could also use the hidden trick of summoning a Great Dark Spirit. 

-573: Anonymous from Earth

Are you talking about the time when the Great Dark Spirit showed up in the forest? Can he replicate that?

-575: Anonymous from Earth

If he has Barrier Stones, he should be able to. Wouldn’t it be possible to summon a Great Spirit from any element with that same logic? 

-580: Anonymous from Earth

Only 2 churches of Great Dark Spirits have been found in the world, you know? 

If Hikaru can summon one, that would be groundbreaking. He would have a stable life forever. 

-582: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t he be eaten just like that if he were to summon a Great Spirit?

-590: Anonymous from Earth

The technique to affix a Great Dark Spirit in artificial churches has still not been established, so it would be impossible. 

Great Spirits are so strong they can escape their churches at any moment, but it is still possible in a sense to keep them in churches which is the crystallization of the isekai technique. 

-599: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru and Jeanne have already obtained the power to live in the isekai, so there’s no need for them to think about Earth. 

Being able to exchange items for Points is a tasty incentive, but they can still manage without that… Or more like, this isekai transfer is slowly becoming…the daily life of Chosen kinda thing? I wonder what God thinks regarding that.

It is true that an isekai is incredible, but are we going to be watching their daily life the whole time? 

Watching them in jealousy as they enjoy the isekai that we can’t reach; in our daily life on Earth? What is the objective of God?

-610: Anonymous from Earth

I think a gate connecting Earth and the isekai will appear eventually!!!!!

-615: Anonymous from Earth

I am sure there will be an update of sorts. The 2nd Chosen transfer happened this soon, so it is better to think that transfers will happen every so often.

-618: Anonymous from Earth

There’s lots of theories saying that there will eventually be something like a ‘return ticket’ and Chosen will be coming back. It is up to interpretation whether Earth or the isekai are better worlds.

-620: Anonymous from Earth

The isekai has more sexy ladies and handsome dudes, so it is objectively better! 

-622: Anonymous from Earth

Alex not being popular despite his looks might on the contrary be because that’s a common face to have… Hikaru would instead fall into the unique handsome boy category.

-626: Anonymous from Earth

And then there’s Rifreya-sama who is in the beauty category within a world of beauties…

-630: Anonymous from Earth

There’s times when even Jeanne would stare in fascination after all. Rifreya-sama is truly beautiful.

-644: Anonymous from Earth

Oi, Ferdinand said to Worigami: “I would like you to introduce me to Hikaru.”

What is he scheming? 

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