DCFM – Chapter 162: Conclusion and New Objective

“Eeh…about her…about Rifreya, uhm…I do think favorably of her. However, I can’t be together with her because of my own circumstances. That’s what I told her when we separated -just around 10 days ago. And so, being suddenly thrown talk about marriage has taken me by surprise.” (Hikaru)

“By circumstances, do you mean marrying that girl called Jeanne?” 

“No, that’s not it at all. She is just a party member.” (Hikaru)

“Party member? It didn’t look like that though… Fumu… Then, just use her as a party member. Boil her or bake her as you wish.” 

“Boil her or bake her, you say…” (Hikaru)

Just what do you think of your own daughter…?

No, Rifreya said she didn’t get along well with her family… Now that I think about it, diving the dungeon because it doesn’t seem like she can become a templar doesn’t seem like a plausible reason. It might be that she actually wanted to leave that house. 

If not for my little sisters, I myself would have chosen to leave the house…

In the time I was speechless, the duel of Rifreya and Jeanne continued. 

The attacks of Rifreya increased in speed, and the vicious sword dance without break was not allowing even Jeanne any room to fight back.

But Rifreya’s attacks were not connecting.

Jeanne has heavily armored, so Rifreya herself can go all out in her attacks, but if Jeanne were to get hit by an attack like that, even with a plate armor on, something might happen even with just one hit. 

Rifreya must have thought this isn’t going to end, so she goes for an even bigger attack. 

Jeanne moves forward to match that attack. 

The two were at a distance where their noses were on the verge of touching, and ended up with their sword and shield grinding against each other. 


I saw Jeanne mutter something in that clash.

Rifreya’s eyes open wide. 


Jeanne said something more, and Rifreya bit her lips. 


With her following words, Rifreya’s legs lost strength. 

Her knees dropped to the ground, and she was completely defenseless.

But Jeanne didn’t pursue it, and was looking down at Rifreya. 

I couldn’t pick up anything since it was so low, but just what in the world did she say? 

Jeanne is the type that clearly says things that are hard to say, but she isn’t the type to lie.

Was she insulted in a way that it shocked her? 

Rifreya soon stood back up.

She took distance for now, and took a battle stance with her sword while her shoulders shook, and then, she shouted. 

“If what you said is true, then more of a reason to defeat you! For the sake of my own future!” (Rifreya)

This one was loud, so I could hear it. 

No, seriously, what did Jeanne say? 

“Come! Show me you can cut open your future!” (Jeanne)

Jeanne readies her shield again and shouts. 

I think she is completely roleplaying a game character here. 

To be more precise, having come to a fantasy world that is an isekai, it would be more correct to say that she is devoting herself to roleplaying the resident of a fantasy world. 

There’s no doubt her personality and way of speaking would change from time to time, creating a character. 

The heat of the crowd also rose, and there’s even people who were betting on who was going to win. If it were me, I would feel so uncomfortable, I wouldn’t be able to take it, but Jeanne must be the type that likes to stand out. The type that is suited for an isekai transfer. 

Rifreya ran with her greatsword low as if dragging it, brought out one hand to the front, and she finally pulled out her trump card. 

“[Light!]” (Rifreya)

A compressed sphere of light itself appeared right in front of Jeanne instantly. 

It is decently bright in front of the dungeon’s big spirit stone that’s emitting light, but it has enough intensity to blind someone in an instant. 

The user doesn’t get affected by that light. 

Rifreya must have wanted to create an opening with this ability and decide it in one go. 

But the result was the opposite. 

Jeanne began charging towards the sphere as if she had been waiting for this, jumped in for an attack against the unguarded Rifreya, and straddled her. 

Spirit Abilities don’t work on Hated Ones. 

Jeanne must have been aiming for the timing when Rifreya used a Spirit Ability. 

It is the same as it was with me. 

However, if it is Rifreya who has far more strength than me, maybe she can manage somehow even in a mounted position…is what I thought, but it looks like she has conceded. 

Rifreya exchanged words with Jeanne while she was still on top of her. 

The winner supposedly can ask the loser to do anything, so it must be about that. 

It seems they finished talking about that real quick, Jeanne helped Rifreya get up, they dusted off and walked towards us. 

“Looks like they are done.” 

“Yeah. I am glad it ended with no one injured…” (Hikaru)

Now that things are done, it was an anticlimactic end, but it is true that I am relieved by this. 

It seemed as if Rifreya had lost her calm there, and I thought that, if it was Jeanne, she would be able to end this without injuring her, but I am glad it ended exactly as I thought. 

It probably wasn’t fair to tell her beforehand the battle style of Rifreya. 

I thought Rifreya would be more saddened from losing, but she looks as if nothing has happened. 

Jeanne said something to her, so it must be that. 

“I won, Kuro. We got a dps!” (Jeanne)

Jeanne smacks my shoulder. 

Well, yeah, that was the original intention, but…

“Hikaru, it seems like I have misunderstood Jeanne-san. I will be in your care again. Looking forward to working with you.” (Rifreya)

Saying this, Rifreya lowered her head to me. 

We regroup with Jeanne just like that, and walk off while chatting. 

What’s this…? What happened? 

Even though she was pissed off just a few moments ago, at some point in time, they got along…?

“Looks like things have wrapped up. I knew it. Rather than talk, it is better to communicate with a duel. It is the shortest route to understanding each other’s hearts…” 

For some reason, Rifreya’s mother was watching in understanding here. I am the only one who can’t keep up.

Or more like, please don’t think of battles as a way of communication. You normally don’t choose that. 

Jeanne called Rifreya and her mother, and they talked while walking. 

We entered the house we rented just like that, and I was left behind still unable to keep up with the situation. 

…And then…

The conclusion was that Rifreya has entered the Battle Junkies party, and she will be helping out in the dungeon conquer of Jeanne. 

The marriage talk is gone for now. Or more like, it would be more accurate to say that I didn’t try to dig out that topic back. 

Rifreya had passed the templar exam the next day she returned to her home, and she apparently registered in a reserve unit. And so, she has already officially obtained the title of a templar. 

I thought a templar is a knight that works in the church, but it seems that wasn’t the case. 

I had separated from Rifreya with resolve of my own there. 

That’s why I am getting really complicated feelings here from being in a party together again, moreover, living together too. 

But Jeanne said she should do that, so I don’t know if I have a right to say anything on the matter. 

Maybe because I was making a complicated expression, when Rifreya and her mother said that they would return to their lodging and parted, Jeanne asked me this.

“Are you not happy? Your girlfriend has come back.” (Jeanne)

She is not my girlfriend to begin with…is what I think, but she must have been told that by someone in the messages. 

In that case, it might be natural for her to feel my attitude is a mystery here. 

“…I am mixed here. I thought that I wouldn’t be meeting Rifreya anymore, or that it would be a lot further in the future… I thought it would only be at the time when we are both walking our own separate paths.” (Hikaru)

“That must have been your own misunderstanding. I spoke to her, and it didn’t feel like that at all.” (Jeanne)

“Rather than calling it a misunderstanding…it must be that it didn’t properly transmit. About the matter that I am an otherworlder and that millions of people are watching us even now.” (Hikaru)

I thought I had properly explained it to her, and it looked like Rifreya had come to an understanding as well. 

Of course, it was also because she had her own matters with her ill little sister, and Rifreya herself must have understood my own feelings. 

But it isn’t something that you can suddenly come to terms with.

“Well, whichever the case, I have no intention of letting you interfere in this matter, Kuro. You have no choice but to help me out, and I will have Rifreya help me out too. This is a settled matter.” (Jeanne)

“Yeah, I understand that. Also…when I separated from Rifreya, I was truly thinking about living all by myself, but after you gave me the Resurrection Gem and forcefully provided me with the objective of diving into the dungeon together, I have become a lot more positive.” (Hikaru)

To think that I would be able to live in this world with such refreshing feelings. That was something I didn’t even consider before. 

Most of that was thanks to Jeanne, and I really can’t thank her enough for that. 

“Yeah, I myself wouldn’t feel good having my partner moping the whole time after all.” (Jeanne)

“Right.” (Hikaru)

Partner, huh. It makes me pretty happy to be told that by a strong person like Jeanne. 

I have to become even stronger. 

“And so, it is not like I feel bad for having decided all of this on my own, but I have told Rifreya that it is prohibited to act like lovers in this house. That’s why you can live as normal, Kuro. You should have no problems if it is like that, right?” (Jeanne)

“No, it is not like I was thinking about doing it anyways.” (Hikaru)

“It is even less of a problem then. If you were to say that you don’t want her daily lifestyle and dungeon exploration to be seen, you wouldn’t be able to live at all.” (Jeanne)

Jeanne was the one who recruited Rifreya. 

She won the duel and invited her. In that sense, you could say my matter is another issue. 

My feelings are…just selfishness, but there was a time when I thought ‘no matter what happens, I won’t allow it’.

There’s even Jeanne, so it might work out somehow…

“It might get a bit awkward around here, but if Rifreya is alright with it, then I think it should be alright. Also, it is true that it was questionable whether we would be able to manage the 3rd Floor by ourselves.” (Hikaru)

“Alright. Ez.” (Jeanne)

“Hm? Did you say ‘easy’ just now?” (Hikaru)

“I didn’t.” (Jeanne)

There’s times when it feels as if Jeanne is making fun of me, but well, it is true that I can’t deny I am an idiot. 

But I can’t just accept it so easily. 

“Anyways, with this, we have gotten a native as a comrade.” (Jeanne)

“Right. Rifreya is strong, and she is used to working with me, so I think we will be able to get to the 3rd Floor really soon.” (Hikaru)

“That’s good. The 2nd Floor is dark, so it is tiring.” (Jeanne)

We might need to practice our teamwork a bit, but we should be able to get to the 4th Floor real soon once we get used to it. 

I personally am looking forward to the lower floors. I am scared, yeah, but maybe I am being charmed by the dungeon, or it might be that I still have an adventurous spirit left in me, anyways, if we are going to be doing this, I will be doing my best. 

“There was one other thing I wanted to do aside from the matter of the dungeon, but with this, I will be able to advance with that.” (Jeanne)

“Something you want to do?” (Hikaru)

“This.” (Jeanne)

Jeanne opened her Status Board and operated something. 

{J’essaie d’apprendre une langue.} (Jeanne) <Google TL: I’m trying to learn a language.>

“Eh? Aah, I see.” (Hikaru)

I soon understood what Jeanne did. 

By cutting off the isekai automatic translation, she spoke her original language. 

I only know a bit of French. She probably said something akin to I want to learn the language. 

{Il est dangereux de trop compter sur le pouvoir que Dieu vous a donné. Si vous le perdez, vous aurez de sérieux problèmes.} (Jeanne) <Google TL: It is dangerous to rely too much on the power that God has given you. If you lose it, you will have serious problems.>

“S-Sorry, I really only know a little bit of French. Please use the translation.” (Hikaru)

Jeanne once again operates the Status Board and activates the isekai translation.

“It is simple. Our powers are something God gave us, so there’s the chance we will suddenly lose them, right? It is a classic in fantasy stories. Even if that’s not the case, our language is only translated in the area around here, so it would be troubling in the future when we try to go to a different dungeon. If we were to learn one language here, it would be a little easier to learn the language of other nations.” (Jeanne)

“True… I didn’t think of that before. You are incredible, Jeanne.” (Hikaru)

We can communicate with the people here because of the isekai language Gift we were given at the time of the transfer. 

It is the Gift of automatically translating the language of the place you were transferred to, and the hurdle of living in this world would have been a lot higher without it. 

But it is also true that I have been relying too much on it. Even if suddenly losing the Gift is worrying a bit too much, it isn’t a bad mindset. 

With a native like Rifreya with us, it shouldn’t be that difficult to learn.

“Your desire to become stronger is in order to not grow over-reliant on the power given by God, and also to admonish yourself?” (Hikaru)

“In part, yeah. Even if you are brought back to level 1, the player skill you have ingrained in your body won’t be going anywhere. Well, almost all of the powers exist in this world too, so the chances of them disappearing are pretty low, but we are talking about that God. There’s no knowing what it is thinking.” (Jeanne)

“I agree with that.” (Hikaru)

Maybe because Jeanne thinks of this isekai transfer like a game, or because she thinks realistically about it, she is very clear on what to do.

It is true that we should at least learn the language of the natives. It is shameful that I didn’t even think about it because I had a convenient power.

“Then, let’s try taking off the isekai language as much as possible in our everyday life. Let’s try deactivating it right now. I would like to hear your Japanese, Kuro.” (Jeanne)

“Got it.” (Hikaru)

I opened the Status Board and turned off the isekai language. 

{It feels strange. Even though it is my intention to speak the same words, I can tell the difference when I turn it off.} (Hikaru)

{Hello. I like Japan.} (Jeanne)

It seems like Jeanne also turned off the translation, she spoke with janky Japanese. I see, this is indeed inconvenient. Well, we both can speak English, so we can communicate like that while learning a new language. 

{Quand je suis avec toi, j’ai l’impression d’avoir des papillons dans le ventre.} (Jeanne) <Google TL: When I’m with you, I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach.>

Jeanne spoke French with a grin on her face, but I could barely understand it. 

{I don’t understand French, so please speak English (Said in English).} (Hikaru)

{All right… You really don’t seem to be very good at French (In English).} (Jeanne)

And so, we have agreed to turn off the automatic translation and speak English and the isekai language (native language).

Once Rifreya becomes a member, we should be able to work in the 3rd Floor.

The weapons will soon be ready too. 

The matter of Rifreya was totally outside my expectations, but even so, it is true that we are moving forward. 

…Anyways, what did Jeanne say to Rifreya to get along with her? 

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