DCFM – Chapter 155: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 4617th

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-4: Anonymous from Earth

The approach of Jeanne-chan is so roundabout that it is cute. 

Even so, Hikaru is way too dense, lol.

-8: Anonymous from Earth

You gotta tell him straight your love just like Rifreya.

-13: Anonymous from Earth

No, I think Jeanne is decently straight, you know. 

At the very least, it is not in the ball zone. 

-16: Anonymous from Earth

The ones of Rifreya are fiery straight pitches. 

-22: Anonymous from Earth

A party of a ninja and a fighter is nice. 

Or more like, it is a surprise that Hikaru wasn’t aware of himself being one. 

-27: Anonymous from Earth

The viewers have all been watching with the feeling of ‘it is a ninja…’ ‘a shinobi…’ after all…

-30: Anonymous from Earth

Once Rifreya comes back, their composition would be: 

Fighter (Tank)

Holy Knight (Attacker)

Ninja (Attacker and Supporter)

-33: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-chan has her Light Spirit Abilities, so she could serve as a support. 

-34: Anonymous from Earth

Even if Nanami-chan were to meet up with him, wouldn’t she have no place there? 

-36: Anonymous from Earth

She might have a chance as a healer. 

-37: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-tan will fight too! 

-40: Anonymous from Earth

Healing Spirit Abilities don’t work on Jeanne, so that’s questionable. 

In the end, it would be more beneficial to have more people who can fight in Hikaru’s party. 

An archer might be unexpectedly good.

-43: Anonymous from Earth

It is difficult to bring out enough power in bows, right? 

It is fine if you can aim for their weak point, but that would fall into how skilled you are. 

-46: Anonymous from Earth

If you get Super Concentration, it might be possible…

-48: Anonymous from Earth

If there are enemies in the air, the Rifreya Beam would be stronger…

-50: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan getting all merry and going ‘Ninja! Ninja!’ was cute. 

-52: Anonymous from Earth

Watching the movements of the two in the same house makes me feel things. I am already exploding from the emotions. 

At night, Jeanne-chan would get up from her stupidly big bed, go to the front of the door, and would turn back again. I have seen her do that several times already…

-54: Anonymous from Earth

It really is exciting, isn’t it? The night battles…

-55: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru falls asleep incredibly fast without a single clue about this though. 

That guy really can sleep well. 

-58: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen seem to be forbearing of Jeanne, or like, even when a lovey-dovey air appears, they don’t snap. 

Is it really because they have the debt of her reviving Nanami-neesan? 

-60: Anonymous from Earth

Has there been any moment that could be called a lovey-dovey air? 

This still feels like a dry relationship for now. 

-61: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan waiting in front of the bathhouse…

-63: Anonymous from Earth

Of course they feel indebted.

-66: Anonymous from Earth

I love the part when Karen shouted ‘that’s the Kanda River!’. <A folk song where a woman is kept waiting in front of the bathhouse.>

-68: Anonymous from Earth

The responses of the thread were also filled with Kanda River. 

-71: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne is really gallant. 

She is trying to not show it though.

-74: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru: “You can go back first.”

-77: Anonymous from Earth

Read the room, Hikaru.

Hikaru, read the room.

-80: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t women normally take longer baths? 

-85: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is the type that takes his time seeping in the warm water after all. 

Jeanne is the type who just washes herself really halfheartedly and there’s even times when she wouldn’t even soak in the water. 

Most likely the difference in the environments they were raised in. 

-88: Anonymous from Earth

The unfair view that French people take half-hearted baths. 

-92: Anonymous from Earth

Every place is half-hearted when compared to Japanese people…

-93: Anonymous from Earth

With the update of God, the steam in the bath scenes has been buffed.

-94: Anonymous from Earth

Not yet! Love-Love Twin Birds isn’t dead yet! 

-98: Anonymous from Earth

I have learned of the side of Jeanne-chan that actually feels lonely. 

I don’t know who to ship for: Rifreya-sama or Jeanne.

-100: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne secretly biting her lips is unbearably cute. 

-103: Anonymous from Earth

In front of Hikaru, she is trying to show herself all steadfast, but I would like to tell her that that’s most likely having the opposite effect. 

-105: Anonymous from Earth

I am peeking at the main thread of Jeanne, and their evaluation of Hikaru is crazy high. 

Maybe he is getting a good impression because he is a ninja? 

-108: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is stalwart and is diligent after all.

It seems like there’s many people in the Jeanne thread that see Jeanne as their own daughter. 

Don’t they simply think they can feel at ease leaving their daughter to him?

-110: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is the type that can properly stop the dangerous parts of Jeanne-chan.

-115: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru himself has his own dangerous parts though. 

I do have a sense of trust that Jeanne will be able to stop Hikaru in her own Jeanne way.

They are a fitting couple. 

-117: Anonymous from Earth

In the romance department, Rifreya still has the lead. 

But Hikaru can’t abandon Jeanne.

-120: Anonymous from Earth

The development where he can’t choose any of the two is coming…

-123: Anonymous from Earth

It is still not settled that Rifreya-chan is coming back. 

She might get talks about marriage at her home and she can’t refuse, and it just ends like that. 

Women are dry. 

-126: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is a man too.

I think that if Rifreya comes back and she does a babu babu oppai attack, he is going to fall in an instant. 

-130: Anonymous from Earth

So dirty! 

But I think so too! 

-133: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, isn’t there really the chance she won’t come back?

-137: Anonymous from Earth

She fulfills the conditions to become a Templar, so there’s no way her family is going to be letting her go. 

She even has a sick little sister and all. 

-140: Anonymous from Earth

The panacea should take care of her little sister’s disease.

A 3 Point medicine should heal her 100%.

-147: Anonymous from Earth

Even so, such a beautiful daughter like her going off to an explorer of unknown origins…moreover, he is an actual rootless otherworlder. Is there any parent who would give their daughter to someone like that? 

Even on Earth, that would be impossible. 

-150: Anonymous from Earth

But I do think Rifreya will be coming back.

She will come back even if she has to abandon her family. 

She is that kind of woman.

-152: Anonymous from Earth

What’s most important is who Hikaru will choose. 

-155: Anonymous from Earth

I already want to see the: “You CHEATEEEEER!”

-158: Anonymous from Earth

I smell bloodshed…

-164: Anonymous from Earth

A man gotta choose both! 

We ain’t on Earth, you know?!! 

Throw away the ethics and common sense of Earth!!! 

-174: Anonymous from Earth

The message freezing was technically beneficial for the two.

I would say they are the most stable I have seen them be. 

-179: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne meeting with Hikaru must have been big for her. 

The revival of Nanami-chan must have been big for Hikaru.

I don’t know if that had to do with the messages freezing.

-184: Anonymous from Earth

Everything is rolling favorably, I would say. 

Anyways, it seems like the mental state of Hikaru is pretty stable right now. 

I would say the best until now. 

-190: Anonymous from Earth

The battles have no danger in them.

I feel like he is properly taking a safe margin.

-195: Anonymous from Earth

It is incredible how he can manage to do all that despite keeping a safe margin. 

Goblins and Orcs are literally not a threat to him anymore. 

-198: Anonymous from Earth

But all of them are from preemptive strikes, right? 

-200: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has enough power to dive to the 4th Floor alone after all…

Even in a vast isekai, I don’t think there’s many who can defeat a Lizardman alone. 

There really must just be a handful of them. 

-203: Anonymous from Earth

The Dark Knight was so strong I even let out a strange yelp. 

If he were to utilize both Create Undead and Phantom Warrior too…he would be able to be almost peerless against people. 

-204: Anonymous from Earth

The form of the Mantis is cool, I like it. 

-209: Anonymous from Earth

The Mantis showing up in the 2nd Floor gives that sense of dread, it is nice. 

-214: Anonymous from Earth


I let out a weird yelp at the strength of Hikaru himself. 

I can understand the sentiment of Jeanne having heart eyes from that. 

-219: Anonymous from Earth

The current Hikaru could deal with an Ogre without Dark Spirit Abilities. 

-222: Anonymous from Earth

An Ogre would be rough. 

Hikaru hasn’t done a straight on battle before. 

He would have to get a feel of it from back to the Skeleton Soldiers or it would be dangerous. 

-229: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it is true that he should do training for proper battles. 

If not, when things fall into a situation like that, he would be done for. 

-237: Anonymous from Earth

For the specialized types, wouldn’t it be better to just go all the way in for their specialization? 

-250: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know if it is Hikaru who is OP or if it is the Affection of Spirits that is OP.

Isn’t his growth of Spirit Energy way too crazy? 

-253: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is the first Chosen to be able to use a higher tier summon ability after all.

Or more like, he is the one who can use the most Spirit Abilities among all Chosen. 

By a lot.

-260: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is still the only one who can use the 8th Ability. 

If the others with Affection of Spirits take Random Transfer and run away, they might have a chance.

-267: Anonymous from Earth

Running away in a Random Transfer is an option, but the captured Chosen have a normal decent life, so they won’t be taking the Random Transfer until the moment they need to.

-279: Anonymous from Earth

You can seriously die from Random Transfer after all…

-300: Anonymous from Earth

The Total Stakes for the heroine race have people choosing Grapefull, lmao.

-305: Anonymous from Earth

No, there’s the chance, you know. 

Hikaru is pretty kind to the Lynxes.

-318: Anonymous from Earth

From Jeanne’s side, there’s also people shipping her with Full-chan…

-320: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has increased the affection of all Lynxes as a whole with his fish plan.

-327: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan being more on the cat side was unexpected…or not. 

She had those vibes from the very beginning. 

-338: Anonymous from Earth

The cats from the Lynx Mutual Aid Association all gathered were so cute I squealed. 

-341: Anonymous from Earth

…I myself can’t handle them well.

Therianthropes are not for everyone. 

-348: Anonymous from Earth

It was a festival for the furries overseas though. 

However, it seems like Jeanne has been completely considered to have joined their ranks. 

-367: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of which, the Bone Knight didn’t run away from Jeanne, but the Goblins and Orcs of the 2nd Floor did.

What criteria does it have?

-370: Anonymous from Earth

Level difference! 

-376: Anonymous from Earth

Bringing game logic…

-380: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne brought out Wizardry for the strength of levels, but Hikaru being able to understand that was pretty impressive in itself. 

-384: Anonymous from Earth

Is a level 10 warrior in Wizardry strong? 

-390: Anonymous from Earth

It is made in a way that you can clear the game at around that level. 

To be more specific, warriors have an easier time leveling up, and there’s the level balance of stuff like mages and priests who are hard to level.

-394: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t think you would be able to clear it without resets though.

-396: Anonymous from Earth

Starting at a level where you can clear the game, huh…

Of course Jeanne would push the Physical Strength Up…

-401: Anonymous from Earth

Celica also said: “I have been trying to convince Nanami-neesan about Physical Strength Up being essential countless times already.”

-403: Anonymous from Earth

A level 10 fighter showing up as a monster is weak! 

-410: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a weirdly high amount of old men in this thread. 

-435: Anonymous from Earth

A compilation of Hated One traits:

-Can’t make a contract with a Spirit, thus can’t use Spirit Abilities.

-Hated by Great Spirits (it is apparently their smell that makes them not want to get close to them).

-Even when defeating monsters, they have a hard time increasing their Tier (reduced exp).

-Spirit Abilities don’t work (not only attack abilities but also healing and buff abilities don’t work).

-You get hated by living beings with weak Chaotic Element in them (run away from you).

-442: Anonymous from Earth

What are creatures with weak chaotic element? 

Jeanne-chan didn’t seem to be hated by the Lynxes.

-450: Anonymous from Earth

Humans and beastkin are creatures with strong chaotic element. 

The more mixed you are, the higher your chaotic density, right? 

-454: Anonymous from Earth

What do humans have mixed? 

-460: Anonymous from Earth

Humans are ‘Chaos’; elves are ‘Purity’.

A whole lot of components mix and show in their appearance. Elves all have close to transparent hair, right? 

Compared to that, humans have a variety like blue or red or many others. There’s a variety of ways the Spirit traits show outside, but they are actually all internal. In other words, Chaos. 

-467: Anonymous from Earth

Compared to the absolute Spirits that are the Great Spirits, and the Quasi-Spirits that are the elves, humans are living beings that have all properties mixed in. 

Lynxes are also living beings that have the cat component mixed strongly; a creature leaning more on the Chaos side. 

By the way, monsters are all creatures from the chaos side, but the weaker ones are closer to Spirits. 

-472: Anonymous from Earth

Eh? Then, does that mean Jeanne-chan is hated really badly by elves?

-475: Anonymous from Earth

That’s right.

-480: Anonymous from Earth

Being hated by Great Spirits doesn’t mean they will attack you because they hate you.

It means that even Great Spirits will get away from you…

Wonder which one would be more effective on them, Hikaru’s Loved One or hers.

-483: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like they would offset each other. 

-490: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan and Hikaru are a good match…

-493: Anonymous from Earth

Would Great Spirits fall into a state of wanting to get close and not wanting to when Hikaru and Jeanne are together? 

-499: Anonymous from Earth

A state similar to ‘there’s my most favorite meal right by the side of excrement’, maybe? 

-502: Anonymous from Earth

With that as the comparison, there’s practically no one who would worry about what to choose, right? 

Anything by the side of shit is practically also shit. 

-505: Anonymous from Earth

If it is after fasting for 1 week, I would be able to eat it unfazed!! 

-508: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t compare Jeanne-chan to shit!!!

-529: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne saying ‘It is still 1 month, so there’s no way I am strong’ definitely meant that her player skills are still too low right now. 

-532: Anonymous from Earth

But it was surprising that the dwarf blacksmith said she is around level 30, right? 

-538: Anonymous from Earth

By logic, even if your Tier is low, you can still defeat monsters. 

Just like how Hikaru did. 

The ideal of Jeanne is most likely to train her player skill, and get strong as if she were challenging the last boss and winning with only the starting equipment. 

-544: Anonymous from Earth

Even if you train your level only, stuff like the experience from actual battle, the technique, and the knowledge intertwine in a complicated manner after all…

-550: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of Great Spirits, talk about the Great Water Spirit came up. 

The aqueduct is the same in Gran Alismaris. 

The Great Church is in a low place and they are pulling the water to a high place. 


-553: Anonymous from Earth

Thinking about it normally, it would be easier to just put the Great Water Spirit in a high place, but the problem is the place where Great Water Spirits appear in…

-564: Anonymous from Earth

According to the Chosen that investigate the dungeons, it is the problem of how the dungeon cities are made, and it is mostly made in places where there’s natural churches from the beginning. 

It is incredibly difficult to pull all the Great Spirits to their respective locations, and thus, a place like Meltia that has 4 Great Spirits already makes it quite the big dungeon. 

The reason why Gran Alismaris is the only one with a 5 star shaped dungeon city is because it is that difficult to make it. 

-567: Anonymous from Earth

Meltia most likely had a natural water church from the very beginning, and the dungeon was made with that as the reference point. 

-570: Anonymous from Earth

Even if they pull them from the outside, it is apparently more stable if the Great Water Spirit is at the waterside. 

-573: Anonymous from Earth

In the first place, how do Great Spirits appear? 

At the time with Hikaru, I heard that it was because he used too many Spirit Abilities inside the barrier and it concentrated the darkness too much.

-580: Anonymous from Earth

Stuff like storms, fires, eruptions of volcanoes, typhoons, earthquakes; those kinds of high energy natural phenomena are what make Great Spirits appear.

-584: Anonymous from Earth

In other words, Great Spirits are a gathering of many Spirits of one element, right? 

-587: Anonymous from Earth

For the Great Light and Dark Spirits, everything is unknown aside from the fact that they appear in the day and night respectively. 

That’s why there’s only one Dark Great Church in the world. 

-593: Anonymous from Earth

According to the Great Spirit map on the wiki, there’s almost always a Great Water Church in the big cities. 

Cities themselves develop from having water natural churches or artificial churches. 

-598: Anonymous from Earth

The tribe living together with the Great Spirit deep in the mountains where there’s a big waterfall and a water natural church had some nice fantasy elements to it, it was great.

It was a really primitive lifestyle, but the water alone was crazy hygienic, and you can use it infinitely…

-600: Anonymous from Earth

What are Great Spirits? Don’t they snap when people use them so conveniently? 

-603: Anonymous from Earth

There are quite a good amount of big cities that are not dungeon cities which have around 2 Great Churches. 

The pair of fire and water is the most prevalent, I guess?

-609: Anonymous from Earth

No, the one that has the most is water and earth.

Always having an abundant harvest is big.

-612: Anonymous from Earth


From the perspective of the Great Spirits, people are like babies. 

They are so cute, they can’t help but listen to what they say. 

However, they suckle on Loved Ones every now and then.

-614: Anonymous from Earth

If there’s no fire, you can’t get hellfire steel, you know! 

It is an absolute necessity in a dungeon city!

-617: Anonymous from Earth

We are not talking about dungeon cities…

If it is a normal city, the priority would be Earth > Fire.

-622: Anonymous from Earth

I think it depends on the condition of the surrounding soil though. 

If it is a fertile land, there’s no need to force yourself to invite a Great Earth Spirit to boost it.

-625: Anonymous from Earth

Poor Great Wind Spirit…

-628: Anonymous from Earth

If wind power generation starts in the future, wind might become the star in an instant. 

-631: Anonymous from Earth

Water and fire have higher efficiency when it comes to power generation, dude.

-645: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan’s weapon was 8 gold, but why is it so expensive?

Thinking of the time for payment, isn’t it absurdly high? 

-649: Anonymous from Earth

Hellfire steel is crazy expensive. 

The Great Churches are pushing the price up! 

-655: Anonymous from Earth

Hellfire steel is a metal that appears when a Great Spirit melts a black soil named cauldron charcoal, and blacksmiths would bring the model of the weapon they want to make and buy only the amount necessary. 

You mold it with that material, and harden it for the last touches to finish it, but with the heat of a smithy’s hearth, it can at most just soften it a bit, so it is pretty difficult to bring it into a good shape. 

The alms for the Great Church are also really high, so the sword of Jeanne, from the 8 gold, around 6 of them melts from the cost of the materials. 

-660: Anonymous from Earth

No fold back tempering necessary?

-667: Anonymous from Earth

It ain’t watetsu steel. No need for that.

In the first place, the tempering of the steel is in order to adjust the carbon ratio, so it is unnecessary for the materials that have uniform composition. 

-674: Anonymous from Earth

It is apparently better if you do folding tempering once or twice for the last adjustments though.

-680: Anonymous from Earth

Just leave that part to the pro dwarf. 

-683: Anonymous from Earth

When it comes to the level of making weapons with hellfire steel, there’s no need for there to be razor-like sharpness.

 It is plenty enough if it is just a bit sharp. 

-686: Anonymous from Earth

They say it is outrageously heavy, but what’s the specific gravity? 

-690: Anonymous from Earth

It is so high that gold doesn’t hold a candle to it.

-694: Anonymous from Earth

Chosen who have decent smarts in science have investigated this, but the specific gravity of gold and iron is apparently around the same as that on Earth.

With that in consideration, the hellfire steel, hear this and be surprised…35. 

-697: Anonymous from Earth

You gotta be kidding.

-699: Anonymous from Earth

No matter how much gorilla strength Jeanne-chan has, a 35 specific gravity sword is just…

-703: Anonymous from Earth

No, that’s around 5 times that of steel, right? A gorilla should be able to use that easily. 

-710: Anonymous from Earth

The top explorer red hair person’s weapon was that giant hellfire steel axe, right? 

Even though it was a size impossible to lift even if it were steel, it is 5 times the specific gravity? That’s a monster.

-715: Anonymous from Earth

The strength numbers are crazy.

A giant monster movie disguised as a fantasy. 

-717: Anonymous from Earth

How impressive is a specific gravity 35?

-716: Anonymous from Earth

It means that it is 35 times heavier than the equivalent volume of water…

-719: Anonymous from Earth

The specific gravity of iron is 7-8.

Lead: 11.

Gold: 19.

35 is quite the insane number. 

It would mean a 1 cubic meter mass has a specific gravity of 35 tons after all.

35 tons is 35 compact cars. 

-721: Anonymous from Earth

In that case, the sword of Jeanne-chan, if it were a normal one made of steel, it would most likely be around 10kg. 5 times that would make it 50kg? 

-725: Anonymous from Earth

The sword she had was pretty dense already after all.

Even with that, it might not have had 10kg, but whichever the case, making something out of hellfire steel would turn it into something the weight a human shouldn’t be able to utilize. 

Moreover, there’s even the chance that her next sword will get bigger. 

-730: Anonymous from Earth

It will be fine.

It is around the weight of an M2 machine gun, so just think about it as if you were fighting swinging that around.

-731: Anonymous from Earth

Why the M2 talk all of a sudden?

-735: Anonymous from Earth

There was a Chosen who brought an M2. 

They ran out of bullets and, at the end, tried to swing it around at their wit’s end, but ended up hurting their back and were killed by the monsters…

-740: Anonymous from Earth

I do understand the feeling of admiring having a strong weapon and being all OP, but a heavy machine gun is a bit…

-743: Anonymous from Earth

There was no follow-up report about Nanami-chan, but speaking of that, what happened? 

-748: Anonymous from Earth

She is apparently in the middle of training as if her life depended on it. 

-752: Anonymous from Earth

The short sentences of Nanami-chan are sometimes picked up in the streams of Twin/Sis.

‘You are a demon, Celica-chan’, ‘Even eating is training, it is painful’, ‘I am being put through inhumane training’; it seems like she is passing quite the rough days…

-757: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it can’t be helped. 

Better than passing the days in a half-baked manner. 

She will be spending the remainder of her life in that world after all.

-760: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like she has made a sponsor contract with a gun company to have a special one made for her ‘Transported Item’.

-762: Anonymous from Earth

Special, as in? 

-770: Anonymous from Earth

Having a lot of bullets, strong enough to defeat powerful monsters, with a loud sound that could serve to intimidate.

The downside is that you won’t be able to use it anymore once the bullets run out, so rather than making it last long, they are prioritizing making it light. It is still unknown what will come out of it.

-774: Anonymous from Earth

If we are talking about something a newbie will be using, the only option is a shotgun. 

A slug bullet would fit the job just right, and she won’t be doing long distance sniping, so there’s no point in it being a rifle. 

Even a sub-machine gun would be better. 

-777: Anonymous from Earth

The problem with shotguns is the bullets. 

-778: Anonymous from Earth

Total bullets: 2!!

-783: Anonymous from Earth

No, shotguns that can do rapid-fire do exist. 

Like the tactical shotgun. 

There’s ones that can go all the way to 15 too.

-786: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that it would be better to have something like that.

The one using it is Nanami-chan after all…

-790: Anonymous from Earth

Even when the bullets run out, make it a design that can be used as a blunt weapon; betting 3,000 Crystals on that. 

-797: Anonymous from Earth

An outer barrel that has a shape that’s strangely easy to hold with a steel stock.

-800: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of which, has the Hikaru Anti-kun been pinpointed?

-803: Anonymous from Earth


-808: Anonymous from Earth

Most of the information has circulated, but not many criminals aside from Ozawa. 

That’s a relief. It wasn’t a bunch of criminals that wanted to get out of prison…

-812: Anonymous from Earth

It has been shown to a decent degree in interviews, but there really are a lot of people who began jogging and doing exercise to buff their muscles up. 

-814: Anonymous from Earth

It is a world that doesn’t even have bicycles after all…

The Physical Strength Up is a multiplier of your base strength, so it would be better to move your body no matter the case. 

-819: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of that, with that Physical Strength Up, will your monstrosification or devilification or whatever end up increasing that strength by 5 times to 10 times?

-823: Anonymous from Earth

According to Karen, it would be strange for Hikaru to not be a lot stronger if that were the case. 

It simply brings out at most 10 times the potential that your base body had. 

The boost of the Spirit Energy is apparently a different calculation.

-828: Anonymous from Earth

Horse riding is a necessity. 

Just by being able to ride a horse, your travelling speed is increased by a hella ton. 

-825: Anonymous from Earth

Ozawa seems to be the most interesting one. 

In a lot of meanings. 

-844: Anonymous from Earth

It is displeasing, but it is natural for him to gather a lot of attention.

As vexing as it is.

-850: Anonymous from Earth

An American singer seems to be practicing singing in the native language to sing over there. 

An Italian sommelier is thinking of increasing the standing of wine over there. 

An esthetician seems to want to continue being an esthetician in that world, but they are troubled about what to do about the tools. 

-853: Anonymous from Earth

You should be able to buy scissors and combs with a few crystals. 

-855: Anonymous from Earth

I will put my previous job to full use and do my best in an isekai! -that was actually the minority in the previous transfer. 

-860: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe because this time it is limited to people who want to go to the isekai, I feel like there’s a lot of people with passion.

-864: Anonymous from Earth

I personally am pushing the British guy that wants to make a map, Hector Garland-san. There’s already a map that you can get by using points, but he wants to write about stuff like famous local products and historical constructions while he is travelling the world. 

-868: Anonymous from Earth

I myself like the bug hunter person. 

The bugs in the isekai are not getting any attention at all. 

They are talking about catching them all, so I am really looking forward to it. 

-871: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also a reptile breeder. 

They said their final objective would be to tame a dragon or something…

-873: Anonymous from Earth

Dragons… Do they exist…?

-879: Anonymous from Earth

There apparently are.

-884: Anonymous from Earth

In the lower floors of Gran Alismaris, it has been confirmed there are Lesser Dragons.

-894: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also an old lady whose hobby is gardening and has participated in gardening tournaments and stuff. The 2nd group looks really promising. 

-900: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a lot of variety.

-904: Anonymous from Earth

Even so, I doubt there’s any more interesting watch than Hikaru. 

-909: Anonymous from Earth

Of course the top dogs would be interesting. 

Especially since you can watch both Hikaru and Jeanne as a set. That’s way too broken. 

-914: Anonymous from Earth

On top of that, what would even happen when Rifreya comes back.

-918: Anonymous from Earth

They will be the immovable 1st place viewership party, no doubt…

But I feel like that in itself will attract bad apples, so as a viewer who enjoys relaxing watches, this is going to be rough.

I hope they can become so strong they can kick away any evil intent. 

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