DCFM – Chapter 153: Growth Tree and Ninja Move

We were having that talk as we got out from the night city and close to the sea. 

A harbour I went to countless times in the time the dungeon was closed. The wharf here is the perfect place, you can catch quite a lot of fish. 

The night sea is silent and only the soft sound of the waves hitting the wharf were resonating faintly. 

“Was that the Water Church? I have thought of it before, but it is quite the solemn building.” (Jeanne)

I directed my eyes towards the church faraway that Jeanne was looking at. 

The Great Water Spirit Church that’s slightly away from the harbour. 

Different from the other Great Churches, the Water Church alone is on an elevation, maybe in order to provide water to the city. There’s big stone aqueducts coming from there. 

“Why make it stand out that much? Is it the hobby of the Great Spirit?” (Jeanne)

“Isn’t it most likely to provide the water created there to the city? I don’t think it is the hobby of the Great Spirit.” (Hikaru)

No, it could be possible. The Great Spirits have wills and can speak, so they might actually be unexpectedly troublesome and selfish.

“There’s no need to go through the trouble of making an aqueduct. Isn’t a river good enough?” (Jeanne)

“The water made by the Great Spirit has not been contaminated, so it has been used as drinking water too, right?” (Hikaru)

The Great Spirits are arranged in a way that they are at the cardinal points of the dungeon. The Water Great Spirit is at the south, close to the sea. Maybe they tried to place it east or north and failed to do so? I don’t know if there’s any meaning in going through the trouble of making an aqueduct to send water from a low place to a high place.

There might be a reason for it though…

“Also, it is strangely bright… Is there an event or something today?” (Jeanne)

“All churches are bright till late in the night. I don’t know the reason why though.” (Hikaru)

The Great Water Spirit’s church is always bright. The Great Spirit itself might be emitting light. The Great Fire Spirit was burning after all. The Great Dark Spirit was pitch black though.

“I see. That’s kind of interesting. The churches in this world are pretty ‘isekai-like’ places. Hey, Kuro, want to try checking it out?” (Jeanne)

Jeanne said this as if she were inviting me to some abandoned building that’s rumored ghosts show up, but I shook my head to the sides.

“…Sorry, I can’t go. I didn’t tell you? I have taken Affection of Spirits, so if I get too close, there’s the chance that Great Spirits find me.” (Hikaru)

“Affection of Spirits…? Aah, there’s indeed something like that. What happens if you get found by a Great Spirit?” (Jeanne)

“You apparently get eaten. There was one time I didn’t know and it was pretty dangerous. I managed to get away with a Barrier Stone though.” (Hikaru)

“I see. I am the opposite version: Hated One.” (Jeanne)

“Yeah, it is called Loved One over here.” (Hikaru)

While we were having that talk, it somehow turned into a talk about the Gifts before the transfer, and we ended up sitting at the wharf, chatting.

Jeanne got the No Spirit Ability talent, and I got the Affection of Spirits. 

I didn’t take much aside from that. 

Night Vision, Aging Resistance, and Disease Resistance; that’s all. 

Poison Resistance was a bonus from the transfer. Dark Spirit Ability and Physical Strength Up are things I got after the transfer. 

For the remaining, it was mostly Barrier Stones and Potions. 

“I went for Physical Strength Up, Endurance Up, Natural Recovery, Poison Resistance, Disease Resistance, and Aging Resistance at the beginning.” (Jeanne)

“From the very beginning you went for quite the physical build, huh…” (Hikaru)

“I like physical battles after all. I tend to only use magic when necessary.” (Jeanne)

“I am not talking about games.” (Hikaru)

No, maybe in her time on Earth, she did martial arts.

Jeanne doesn’t have her armor on, so she really only looks like a delicate normal girl though. 

“You have only taken level 1 of Physical Strength Up? You should get it too, Kuro. I at first was uneasy without a weapon, but I got plenty enough power to use random rocks or wooden sticks to fight.” (Jeanne)

“Even with only level 1, I could feel the difference in my body after all… But it is hard to accumulate the Points.” (Hikaru)

“No, you have already gotten level 1, right? You can get the next level with 2 Points. 5 Points for level 3. You should save 15 Points and raise it all the way to level 5.” (Jeanne)

“You are pushing it strangely hard here.” (Hikaru)

“It is clear that Physical Strength Up is the Gift that you should prioritize the most; next being Endurance.” (Jeanne)

It seems like Jeanne has increased her Physical Strength and Endurance to max from the get-go. 

With that alone, it is already 40 Points, but getting 30 Points from No Spirit Ability Talent, she managed to offset it almost completely. 

“For example; if you get Physical Strength Up and Endurance Up at max, you basically can suddenly start as a level 10 warrior, Kuro. Even if you take the other Gifts, you would still be level 1. Even if it is quite the strong power, in most cases, a level 10 warrior is stronger.” (Jeanne)

“What’s the basis for those levels?” (Hikaru)

“Wizardry.” (Jeanne)

Why are you playing such an old game? I know about it because Karen brought it from somewhere and I played together with her, but a normal 17 year old wouldn’t play that.

By the way, a level 10 warrior has enough power to get a close win against the last boss. 

“Then, which one should I be taking? Physical Strength or Endurance?” (Hikaru)

“That’s a difficult one. I have only fallen into 2 dangerous situations until now after all. I don’t know how much work this Endurance UP is doing. But your mental strength seems to be fragile, Kuro. Your mental strength apparently gets stronger if you take Spirit Energy Up, you know?” (Jeanne)

If I were to raise my Physical Strength to 2, it would be 2 Points.

Endurance would need 5 points to raise to level 1.

At this pace, I get 1 Crystal every day, so 30 days for 1 Point. If I keep the 100 million viewers, I will get 2 Points in 2 months. 

Thinking about how I will have to be living in this world, I should think of my plan in administering my Points in a long term period. 

About which to take…regarding making my mental strength stronger, I feel like it would be better to take Spirit Energy… That’s a possibility too…

“Whichever the case, I will be accumulating my Points. It might take time. I would like to keep 1 Barrier Stone at all times, and I will be buying Scrolls if I get injured.” (Hikaru)

“Yeah. However, the natives here live their lives without such things, so it should be possible to manage ourselves without using those as much as possible. The reality is that I have a decent amount of Points remaining.” (Jeanne)

“Ah, then wouldn’t it be bad if I don’t keep Points to a certain extent myself?” (Hikaru)

“That’s true, but prioritize strengthening yourself. If you need it, I will buy it with my Points.” (Jeanne)

“That wouldn’t be fair.” (Hikaru)

“Then take it as a loan.” (Jeanne)

Jeanne says that while chuckling. 

I already have the debt of the Resurrection Gem. If I do that, I wouldn’t be able to pay her back for eternity.

Points are almost as valuable as one’s life after all.


3 days after that, Jeanne and I separated, cooped in the dungeon at our respective places, and decided to explore the 2nd Floor on the 4th day. 

Jeanne arrived at the 2nd Floor for the first time, and furrowed her brows at the heavy difference from the 1st Floor, more specifically, at how bad of an environment it is. 

“This is dark. I should have taken Night Vision.” (Jeanne)

Exploration relying on torches is pretty stressful. 

Jeanne is most likely not an exception to this. This is the biggest reason as to why this floor is hated by explorers. 

By the way, Night Vision and the other special powers cannot be obtained after the transfer. 

“Kuro, in what way do you fight?” (Jeanne)

“The same as when I dueled with you, Jeanne. I cover them in Darkness Fog and stab them from the back.” (Hikaru)

“Can you show me?” (Jeanne)

We are going to be in a party from here on, so it is important to show our battle styles. 

If we don’t know how much the other moves and how we fight, we wouldn’t be able to make a plan. 

“There’s an Ogre right there-nyan. 2 with weapons!” (Grapefull)

“Then, I will defeat them, so watch.” (Hikaru)

Grapefull came from scouting and reported this to us. 

The two weapon wielding Ogres are the strongest type of monsters aside from the Mantis in the 2nd Floor. 

But I now have several ways to defeat them. 

I can defeat them simply with Darkness Fog, but she won’t be able to see with that, and it would be hard to understand when thinking of how to do teamwork with Jeanne. 

I unsheathe my shortsword and move swiftly to the Ogres walking the pathway. 

I have hunted a whole ton of monsters in these few days. I have hunted enough that I might have reduced the number of monsters in the 2nd Floor. As I won more battles, I felt as if I was getting more specialized in battle. 

I can now see the movements of the Ogres and the movements of the Mantises better now. I feel as if the movements of my opponents are slow. It might be because I am faster now.

The wild animals eat the animals around to take in the varied Spirit Energy, and become monstrosities in the end. 

Humans take in the Spirit Energy of monsters, and with that…basically Chaotic Spirit Energy, you get reinforced, and become something that surpasses the boundaries of humans: a Devil.

(Am I…turning into a Devil…?) (Hikaru)

The Ogres that noticed my approach raised growls to intimidate as they raised their greatswords. 

I have already closed my distance to them.

“[Shadow Bind].” (Hikaru)

I jump into the trajectory of the sword without hesitation and cast my ability. 

The raised sword didn’t come down and got tied up by dark tentacles, stopping the sword clean in place. 

I didn’t even use my eyes to confirm this and cut off the head of the Ogre with one swing, and with the momentum still on my sword, I cut the Spirit Energy Vein of the other Ogre. 

The Spirit Stones drop to the ground almost at the same time. 

If it had been a little before, it would have been impossible to sever their heads with my shortsword, but maybe because my strength has increased, it is possible now. 

I wouldn’t be losing to a mere Ogre anymore. 

When I picked up the Spirit Stones and went back, Jeanne and Full had their eyes wide open.

“Ninja…! To think that you were a descendant of ninjas, Kuro… Why did you not tell me…?” (Jeanne)

“Hikaru-shan, I am surprised by how much stronger you are-nyan…” (Full)

“This is really incredible… You were like a raging thunder there… Ninja…so cool…” (Jeanne)

I am using a shortsword, and I certainly do use black clothes and hide in the darkness, but I didn’t expect to be called a ninja.

Now that I think about it, I remember seeing somewhere that foreigners like ninjas. 

“I am not a ninja.” (Hikaru)

“No…I know. A secret that can only be passed on to descendants, right? Do you not use other ninja tools? I myself have delved in a decent amount of ninja games. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to ninjas.” (Jeanne)

“Ninja tools, you say… Ah, you mean the six main tools of ninjas? Well, I did want something similar to shurikens.” (Hikaru)

“Knew it! Finger whistling is also convenient. Firecrackers would be nice too.” (Jeanne)

The eyes of Jeanne were shining glaringly and her breathing was also rough too. 

Did I move that much like a ninja…? Well, it is true that I am more like a ninja than a warrior though.

“I did think you were strong, but of course you would be. We are talking about a ninja here. An oriental mystery.” (Jeanne)

“I am telling you I am not a ninja. I simply ended up with that fighting style.” (Hikaru)

“It is okay, I understand.” (Jeanne)

“You definitely don’t.” (Hikaru)

After that, Jeanne seemed to want to know about the secrets of ninjas really fervently, but as I showed her my battle style more and more, she understood that I am simply using a battle style that suits the Dark Spirit Abilities. 

No, it is doubtful whether she actually does understand.

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