Tsuki – Chapter 441: Safety Measure

The war between demons and hyumans continues even now. 

The Demon Lord, Zef, was a person that could be reasoned with, but he had no intentions of stopping this war in a half-baked state. 

It is somewhat hard to understand the thoughts of Tomoki from the Gritonia Empire, but their military expansion route is still the same as always, and judging from how he is standing on the vanguard in the march to the demon territory, I think that he might be completely into the idea. 

As for Hibiki-senpai from the Limia Kingdom…I would say battle is unavoidable.

I don’t think the long war will be settled in this march, but…the empire must be serious to a certain degree here. 

We still don’t know what their objective is in this march. 

As of now, there’s no one in our place that has been hit by the Charm of Tomoki, but there’s no absolutes. 

I don’t want them to go too deep in the investigation of the Empire. 

Even the Superior Dragon Grount-san has come to Tsige to take shelter, so it amplifies that feeling…

“Ah.” (Makoto)

My voice leaked out unconsciously.

Now that I think about it, there was that.

At the time when I went to Lorel, at the time when we fought the mercenary group deep in the dungeon, the Forest Oni Shi’s state was strange. 

When we had her come back ahead of time, the result was that it was the result of the Charm. 

Someone who had been caught in the Charm of Tomoki was mixed in their group, and apparently infected her in the middle of the battle. 

After Tamaki and Shiki treated her, she is now normal and there’s no problem. 

The person herself seemed to be pretty down about it though. 

That girl…she admired Eris, so she created a queer personality, but if I were to describe her actual personality, I would say she is closest to a straightlaced hardworking person like Akua. 

No, Akua isn’t that straightlaced, huh. 

She does have stiff parts about her, but she is decently serious and also has a scent of rotten. 

If she really were straightlaced and a fastidious hard worker, there’s no way she would be partnering with Eris. 

Well, and so, the Charm is a pain and problematic. 

Shi was infected by it, but it wasn’t something that could be easily treated -cured. 

I was asked before by Sofia why I am increasing my defensive power even more.

But would you enhance a power like Charm? 

The Charm of Hibiki-senpai and the Charm of Tomoki may be different types, but they are apparently royal rights conferred to them by the Goddess, so maybe there’s some other merit aside from strengthening the Charm Skill?

“Uhm, Raidou-dono, you accepted quite easily there. You aren’t going to doubt me?” (Risui)

This is the rocktree forest that is around 1 hour from the Ringa Base on the feet of an adventurer. 

Just as the name states, it is a place where there’s a lot of trees of rock growing there. 

Rock trees are normally called ore trees, and they are a material of the wasteland. Their uses are vast and have a decent price tag. 

But it is heavy and the mamonos are troublesome, so this place is quite unpopular. 

If there were a magic tool or Skill like that of an item box, there’s the possibility of things changing, but there’s currently no one around.

It is an invitation that has outstanding chances of it being a trap, so it is better this way since it wouldn’t drag anyone else. 

Of course, the only ones around here are me and Risui-san. 

…Also, Tomoe and Mio are hiding.

There’s no way I would face Rona one on one… There’s no knowing what she will tell me and what she will try to make me do. 

It is not only fighting power that can be a threat. 

Moreover, Rona is deeply in love with the Demon Lord. 

It is basically like Shiki and Amelia in the fact that there’s no knowing what she would do. 

The state of Rona is pretty dangerous. 

There’s no doubt she has pledged her allegiance not to the demons or the country, but to the Demon Lord. 

“Eh, it is not like I believe you.” (Makoto)

“Wa?” (Risui)

“I do think that you have your own circumstances. Considering the personality of Rona, she would use anything and anyone aside from Lord Zef, and would threaten them too. There’s the chance it is hard for you to say it.” (Makoto)

“I am thankful for that, but…even though you know that much about the situation of the demons, you are not interested in the war?” (Risui)

“Are you telling me to take a side?” (Makoto)

“I think that’s the normal decision.” (Risui)

“That’s just the normal of demons. The way of thinking where people with power have fitting rights and responsibilities.” (Makoto)

“Uuuh…” (Risui)

Even though Risui-san has left the army, her way of thinking in those areas is still the same, huh.

It might be similar to how even hyumans living in a small village with no outstanding traits at all believe that they are the favorite children of the Goddess without a doubt about it. 

Even though she would treat you like trash if she doesn’t like you, regardless if you are a hyuman-sama, just like me. 

I wonder just how important of an existence are hyumans for her. 

Even when she woke up, I haven’t seen her favoring the hyumans that much. 

I would say the most she has done are the Goddess Apostles? 


Using a cheat element like lightning. 

Tomoe was a pretty bad match against her and she got really injured from it. 

“…I simply thought that, rather than having her do stuff sneakily and cause trouble for everyone at the company working hard in Tsige, it would be better to just solve matters here. And so, would you attack me together with Rona depending on her movements?” (Makoto)

I have judged that won’t be happening, but I try to confirm just in case. 

I doubt she would say yes even if that were the case though.

“I have no obligation to go that far for her. I would rather cooperate with you and show Rona some pain, Raidou-dono.” (Risui)

“That’s a relief.” (Makoto)

Tomoe and Mio have taken their spots while considering the surrounding demonic beasts. 

Now then, it is fine for her to come at any time though…

“…By the way, is there a chance that she won’t be coming today?” (Makoto)

It would honestly be a pain to make the Base my center of operations for a few days.

Risui-san shakes her head to the sides as if trying to dissipate my worries. 

“None. That Rona, that always does minute thought transmissions, seemed to have been pretty hurried, leaving out a trail from her carelessness that even I can track. She is heading straight here. There’s no doubt the worst thing has happened to either the demons or herself. She will definitely be coming.” (Risui)

“…That’s a relief.” (Makoto)

The complexion of Risui-san isn’t good.

Is she being threatened? 

She doesn’t look like the type that can be threatened though…

“Oi oi, what really happened with Rona?” (Makoto)

It seems like she has already left Ringa. 

I thought for sure that she would hide and make a surprise attack, or use Risui-san to set a trap as a way of greeting, and yet…her presence is completely leaking. 

She has absolutely no intentions of hiding. 

“She is here already? I don’t feel her yet.” (Risui)

“Yeah, I don’t think she will take more than 30 minutes to get here.” (Makoto)

“…I see.” (Risui)

“It is not like her. With the way she is right now, she is like Io.” (Makoto)

“The four armed Demon General, huh. He seems to be a skillful man that can be both a warrior or a leader.” (Risui)

“I would say he is tilting more into the warrior side though, even if he is capable of being faithful to the missions of the army as a whole.” (Makoto)

“Being able to properly suppress the inherent warrior blood of a giant race is already impressive. On his level, he could even exchange blows with a Spirit.” (Risui)

Risui-san seems to be acquainted with Io, or there might even be a chance they are friends. 

It is true that, if it is Io, he might be able to obviously put up a good fight against a Mid Spirit but even a decent fight against a High Spirit if he were to use those 4 element gauntlets of that time. 

(Waka, it is Rona. She is clearly in a strange state. Should we capture her?) (Tomoe)

(No, there’s no need to. I would like to see her directly with my own eyes.) (Makoto)

(As you will.) (Tomoe)

So Rona’s state is strange even in the eyes of Tomoe, huh.

(Waka-sama, Rona seems to be using a strange spell.) (Mio)

(Mio?) (Makoto)

(Please be careful! This kind of…doesn’t feel good!) (Mio)


Mio is feeling danger? 

Towards Rona?

In this situation where the forte of Rona that is her smarts has been lost because of her strange state? 

Well, of course I am on guard here. 

For a battle or for negotiations. 

I won’t just get defeated by her so easily. 

“Ra-Raidou-dono!” (Risui)

In the time I was on guard from the thought transmission of Tomoe and Mio, the flustered voice of Risui-san reached my ears. 

I look at her. 

“Wa?” (Makoto)

“Raidou, please, die.” 

Rona was right in front of me. 

No, why?

For a moment, the natural thought ran through my mind. 

I make eye-contact with Rona. 

But while at it, I felt it, the abnormal air around her whole body was what pulled my gaze even more than anything. 

This feeling…could it be…

Rona reached right close to me with movement unlike herself, and just like that, she tried to stab me with a black something covering her left hand without any hesitation. 

It is impossible to avoid. 

For some reason, barriers are not working. Doesn’t seem like I can expect much from deploying barriers continuously to take distance, huh. 

No choice but to take it. 

I lower my center of gravity with both legs planted to the ground. 

I will endure it and punch her once. 

Rona, what are you going crazy for?! 


This is…! 

The place where the thrust hit…no…! 

My whole body is as if it were being torn apart…!

“Gaha…! Fuh…!” (Makoto)

I breathe… Just by letting my breath out…it made me…want to shout. 

My heart and body…were rampaging from the pain.

A gentle impact suddenly came. 

“Ah…the knee, huh.” (Makoto)

Looks like I have gone on my knees without my notice. 

Damn it, doesn’t look like I can fight back immediately here. 

This is far beyond the red lightning of Alte… What’s with this…black lightning-like thing…?

This is without doubt the most pain I have felt since coming to this world.

“Waka!” (Tomoe)

“Waka-sama!” (Mio)

The voice of the two I have grown used to listening to.

When I looked, they had already seized Rona, and the both of them were looking at me. 

Tch, I was thinking of doing that myself, and yet, the power was more than I had expected it took my all just to endure it. 

She had obtained a trump card strong enough to kill me, and she came from the very front for the kill.

So that’s what it was, Rona.

“…Why…alive…that’s exactly why…there’s the safety measure…” (Rona)

“…Huh?” (Makoto)

In the first half, she had an expression as if she didn’t understand at all what was happening here; the latter half, Rona made a face just like her as if saying she got us…and blood spurted out from her whole body. 


“Tch, what a problematic fox!!” (Tomoe)

“Dirty!!” (Mio)

“Rona!!” (Risui)

Aah, I don’t get it at all.

I don’t, but…

It just hurts. 

Just like what happened to Rona…

I tried to confirm my whole body to see if blood was coming out just like hers did. 

Looks like my leisure time in Tsige is over now…is what I thought as if it were somebody else’s business.

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