DCFM – Chapter 146: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 4451st

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-3: Anonymous from Earth

Man, the 2nd transfer came as expected. 

My heart was on the verge of exploding until I saw my own palm.

-5: Anonymous from Earth

I did think it would happen, but to think it would come this soon. 

Won’t the whole population of Earth be migrated to that world in around 20 years or something? 

Maybe I should liquidate a variety of things while I still can…

-6: Anonymous from Earth


Why?! Are you telling me I lacked the desire?! 

-8: Anonymous from Earth




Didn’t get chosen, let’s gooooooo!!!!

-11: Anonymous from Earth

It is the right to go to a world of sword and magic after all. 

Can’t they sell it to me for around 100,000 yen? 

-13: Anonymous from Earth

The condition to be selected being the ones who want to go to the isekai the most might be some sort of pretext in and of itself…

-16: Anonymous from Earth

We’ve got no choice but to continue maintaining stronger feelings than ever. 

No choice but to quit my job.

The backwater formation. <To place yourself in a situation where you can’t retreat.>

-20: Anonymous from Earth

Why did I, who even made perfect simulations of how I would allocate my points, was not selected?

-22: Anonymous from Earth

Strong feelings are not something that can be shown in numbers after all.

No matter how I think about it, this God doesn’t feel like the omnipotent type. 

I would even go as far as to say their intelligence is on the level of a high schooler… Oops, someone’s knocking on the door. 

-26: Anonymous from Earth

Divine Punishment!!

-27: Anonymous from Earth

Why am I not being selecteeeeeeed?! 

I also want to go all OP protagonist in the isekaaaaaaai! 

-29: Anonymous from Earth

The people that want to be OP protagonists tend to die early…

-30: Anonymous from Earth

So it is not a real time announcement for the Chosen side, huh.

Hikaru is having a leisure shopping date with Jeanne.

-41: Anonymous from Earth

Then, the messages are still not frozen? 

Think I can slide that announcement in? 

-49: Anonymous from Earth

The submission form has been frozen, so it is impossible~.

-52: Anonymous from Earth


The person doing the point allocation simulation, I think there’s easily hundreds of millions doing that same thing…

I would be dumping all of my points into the Spirit Energy stuff (not taking Affection of Spirits).

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Why is it prohibited to send messages?

Even the talk about abusing it, it hasn’t been abused that much, right?

-61: Anonymous from Earth

Dumping everything into the Spirit Energy entries means that you are taking a build assuming you will be forming a party, right…?

Wouldn’t it be stronger to train your physical strength in that world?

-64: Anonymous from Earth

That’s because Celica squeezed the messages of Jeanne…

-69: Anonymous from Earth

As long as I can earn a bit and get stuff, anything’s fine. 

It seems like you can also tinker your age, so I could redo my youth. 

That’s plenty enough reason to want to be transferred (average feelings of a middle-age guy).

-71: Anonymous from Earth

No, that’s something a guy before had tested and she simply made use of that. I wouldn’t really call it ‘abuse’.

-80: Anonymous from Earth


And, how was it?

-90: Anonymous from Earth


Of course I wasn’t chosen!!!!!

-100: Anonymous from Earth

There was that murder, right? 

The one where a Chosen learned about a Chosen who had money and killed them.

-105: Anonymous from Earth

That indeed happened. 

That’s certainly abusing it. 

Or more like, that’s the fault of the Chosen. 

It is their bad for utilizing the message. 

-114: Anonymous from Earth

Easy to say. 

But it is also the fault of the viewers for sending way too much information in the messages. 

There’s no need to go through the trouble of telling them: “That guy’s pockets are loaded!”.

-126: Anonymous from Earth

In these cases, it is hard to judge who is the one doing the abusing here. 

It really is the fault of anonymity. If they made it so it shows the country and full name, it would serve to keep in check the pretty bad messages. 

-138: Anonymous from Earth

It is obviously the one who actually does the deed that is the most at fault here. 

-149: Anonymous from Earth

I should send a ticket for it to be implemented, huh.

-160: Anonymous from Earth

Just by a Chosen nearby having a rare item, it can become plenty enough motive to kill them and get it…

-167: Anonymous from Earth

It is important to send tickets for demands. 

The management is God, so there’s no room for doubt that they seem estranged to the feelings of people. 

-173: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, the ethic of Chosen is important. 

They should gather this time’s Chosen and teach them morals. 

The isekai is not a trash can. 

It really is not good to be sending people that are trash.

-180: Anonymous from Earth

Is the list of Chosen not posted yet?

-187: Anonymous from Earth

The special case that got their right back is referring to Nanami-tan?

-199: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no other aside from her. 

Or more like, Nanami-chan just managed to revive, and yet, she is going to be sent to the isekai anyways…?

-206: Anonymous from Earth

God: “Out of good will!” 

-213: Anonymous from Earth

Thanks no thanks… 

-228: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan is pitiful.

Even though I was looking forward to the watchalong streams of Celica, Karen, and Nanami-chan.

-238: Anonymous from Earth

It is only 20 days this time around after all…

-240: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it good that she can reunite with Hikaru though?

-245: Anonymous from Earth

We don’t really know what kind of relationship Nanami-chan had with Hikaru.

-254: Anonymous from Earth

You saw the photos in that album, right…?

There’s no way she would bring that many photos of a person she thought nothing of…

-260: Anonymous from Earth

Even if there’s an update to the list, we can only go: ‘There’s x amount of Japanese people!’.

Speaking of them would be impossible without knowing their details. 

-264: Anonymous from Earth

If it is a handsome guy or a hot lady, that alone can make any thread heated up though…

-272: Anonymous from Earth

I would say we can only actually gather information from tomorrow on.

-286: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a theory that, because there’s already Nanami-chan, the slots for Japanese people have decreased. 

There’s most likely not that many from Japan.

-300: Anonymous from Earth

With 300 people, I would say it is around 20 people if it is on the same balance as before. 

Japanese people are a solid choice or like there’s a lot who survive, so there’s even the chance that they will increase the amount. 

-309: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that the ones with in-depth knowledge of fantasy games adapt faster. 

Well, the prime example of that is Jeanne though.

-315: Anonymous from Earth

There’s rarely any people who can move like in games as she does.

-321: Anonymous from Earth

It is a rare case of having both knowledge and proactiveness.

-323: Anonymous from Earth

The ones who have the strongest desire to go to the isekai, was it?

Why wasn’t I chosen? 

Were my feelings still too weak?

-330: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t know until we see the list. 

Isn’t it just that guys like us who want to escape reality don’t get selected?

We end up thinking negative stuff no matter what after all.

-345: Anonymous from Earth

Seeing things only on the positive side and longing for it; that’s a privilege of children and idiots after all.

-357: Anonymous from Earth

Then, are you saying the next Chosen will be mainly children and idiots…? 

That would be hell.

-368: Anonymous from Earth

God doesn’t understand the hearts of humans after all.

It is plenty possible…

-380: Anonymous from Earth

The list has been updated! 

-395: Anonymous from Earth

Oh, the ones from Japan are really a bit on the high side. 

-400: Anonymous from Earth

Oi, Ozawa!

-406: Anonymous from Earth

I really can’t tell anything just from their faces.

-419: Anonymous from Earth

The age distribution seems to be the same as last time. 

-422: Anonymous from Earth

The number 1,057 girl is cute.

-430: Anonymous from Earth

Oi, Ozawa! (2nd time in 2 seconds)

-437: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-tan is cute.

She is lined up by the side of Hikaru being the 1,001.

-440: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t Ozawa that infamous true culprit? 

-451: Anonymous from Earth

Seriously? Can that be possible? 

It is true…

-454: Anonymous from Earth

Selecting a murderer…

Just execute him at once already…

-456: Anonymous from Earth

Can you execute someone in 20 days…?

-459: Anonymous from Earth

He still hasn’t even had his first trial.

-464: Anonymous from Earth

If the verdict is given, he should be executed, but 20 days would be impossible. 

It is settled that he will be escaping to the isekai.

-468: Anonymous from Earth

God really doesn’t understand the heart of humans. 

-475: Anonymous from Earth

This is the worst. 

Is it really okay to send a guy like this to the isekai, God?! 

-480: Anonymous from Earth

Looks like there’s no concept of you can’t if you are a bad guy.

So abusing the message system is not allowed but choosing an evil doer is ok; what a tyrant mindset. 

-485: Anonymous from Earth

No, can’t this be taken as a chance for Nanami-chan and Hikaru to get their revenge?

-500: Anonymous from Earth

Will we be able to see the true calling of Assassin Hikaru?

-510: Anonymous from Earth

A guy that has just transferred, for the current Hikaru, twisting his head would be as easy as twisting a faucet. 

-514: Anonymous from Earth

I forgot the messages were frozen.

-523: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the method of telling the other new Chosen. 

Everyone wouldn’t want to have a mass murderer among their group, right? 

It would be better for him to disappear at once. 

-534: Anonymous from Earth

Once they go to the isekai, he would just be one of the many evil doers though.

He also knows the weaknesses of Hikaru and Jeanne, and their current location.

-542: Anonymous from Earth

Can you get that information from prison? 

-550: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know, but they should be able to read books and newspapers. 

-555: Anonymous from Earth

Their lawyer can tell them to a certain extent too.

-562: Anonymous from Earth

They should just execute him already. 

Sending a guy like him to the isekai would be a national disgrace. 

Spare me from that.

-570: Anonymous from Earth

You must be a guy that sent a message to Hikaru a long time ago.

-583: Anonymous from Earth

Execute someone outside the precincts of law? That’s impossible. It would be a different story if at least the trial had finished.

-591: Anonymous from Earth

Did you see the warning below? 

Even when you die in the preparation time, you get revived and transferred.


-600: Anonymous from Earth

Ozawa-kun striking it big here.

-605: Anonymous from Earth

At the time when Hikaru came out as being the killer of Nanami-tan, it was like a wildfire, but he obtained a lot of viewers.

Will we see a repeat of that with Ozawa too?

-613: Anonymous from Earth

Would you be able to not watch?

-629: Anonymous from Earth

I think I would definitely watch it…as vexing as it is…

-634: Anonymous from Earth

What’s that about reviving? Preferential treatment much?

-638: Anonymous from Earth

Can’t he just die quickly by choosing Random Transfer? 

-644: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no Celica or Karen streaming. 

They are definitely losing their minds right about now.

-656: Anonymous from Earth

If they can revive people, they should have done so from the 1st time.

There was even a boy that was killed for being told he was possessed by the devil, you know.

-666: Anonymous from Earth

24 people died after all. 

Even if 1 of them has revived.

-669: Anonymous from Earth

Management never looks back. 

Even game companies don’t do rollbacks. 

-678: Anonymous from Earth

In other words, we are getting apologems…?

-689: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than gems -crystals- give points. 

-690: Anonymous from Earth

It is plenty possible that they will give away crystals for the 2nd transfer.

-699: Anonymous from Earth

Imma sent a ticket.

To kick out the criminal from the list. 

-704: Anonymous from Earth

The things God does sometimes feel…disconnected.

-716: Anonymous from Earth

It is a God after all.

They don’t understand the heart of us humans.

Or maybe they don’t even have the intention to. 

-719: Anonymous from Earth

Ain’t there a chance there’s other criminals mixed in this list? 

If the list is composed of people wanting to get out of this corrupt world quickly and it is taken as ‘wanting to go to the isekai’, it would be hell.

Not only are they the late party, but they would also have an advantage in their build and all that stuff.

-727: Anonymous from Earth

Get out of this corrupt world, lmao. 

-735: Anonymous from Earth

It isn’t something to laugh about.

If it is ‘people who have the strongest feeling of wanting to leave’ it wouldn’t be strange for those kinds of people to fall in that category…

-740: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it seems like there’s mostly young people from the side of Japan, so maybe the only criminal there is Ozawa-kun?

-746: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know just because they are minors. 

Ozawa is a minor, but we simply know because information of him circulated like crazy.

-754: Anonymous from Earth

Whichever the case, information should show up to a certain degree tomorrow or the day after. 

If there’s way too many criminals, it would be grounds for complaints, but what side will it roll, I wonder.

-760: Anonymous from Earth

It would be dangerous if it is a bunch of people with evil intent. 

They would definitely aim for the other Chosen.

-768: Anonymous from Earth

They already know Hikaru has a lot of things packed up in his Shadow Storage, so he might be a great target for the Chosen with bad intentions. 

He is a glass-cannon after all.

-774: Anonymous from Earth

If a Chosen who brought a gun with them were to target him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. 

With 30 bullets, they could easily kill Hikaru and Jeanne with long range sniping. 

A skilled one would just need two headshots. 

-777: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t say something so scary…

-785: Anonymous from Earth

If God says “30 points to the ones that kill a Chosen!”, it will suddenly become a Death Game.

-796: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru and Jeanne each have one Barrier Stone for emergencies, right? 

Their equipment is also pretty high quality. 

If they can obtain that with just 2 bullets, sorry for putting it in this way, but they would be like bonus time mobs. 

-804: Anonymous from Earth

They still haven’t been transferred yet. 

They might be listening here and taking those words of you guys as advice, so seriously, stop it already. 

-815: Anonymous from Earth

A Hikaru anti was screaming in the main thread that they have been chosen…

-828: Anonymous from Earth


This is actually sounding bad now.

-836: Anonymous from Earth

Well, the chances of them being transferred close is low. 

-845: Anonymous from Earth

If it is a distance from Tokyo to Osaka, I could somewhat say ‘close’, but that distance is outrageously far in that world.

If there’s an ocean in between, it would be impossible to meet.

-859: Anonymous from Earth

Then, it would be impossible for Nanami-chan to reunite with him too.

-860: Anonymous from Earth

The main thread is automatically translated, so it is impossible to even know how many Hikaru antis there are. 

Well, we will be able to tell from their actions once the transfer begins though.

-864: Anonymous from Earth

They are finally going to an isekai, so even antis wouldn’t have that much tenacity to continue their Hikaru anti activities in that world.

-871: Anonymous from Earth

They must be a rotting middle-aged guy that has nothing to do after all.

If they don’t get serious once they get in the isekai, they won’t be able to survive in the first place.

-877: Anonymous from Earth

Are there any events regarding the worry of Hikaru about ‘an influential person capturing a Chosen’?

-885: Anonymous from Earth

There are. 

In the continent Hikaru is in, there aren’t many Chosen, so there aren’t any cases there, but on the east, at the Roshesill Continent, it happens often.

There are also those who have managed to escape because of the persistent warnings of the messages towards the loose-lipped Chosen.

-894: Anonymous from Earth

Well, that also depends on the Chosen. 

If there’s at least one idiotic kidnapper transferring, who knows when the capturing begins…

-903: Anonymous from Earth

In that sense as well, you could say the freezing of the messages was a good thing. 

With just information about who in Gran Alismaris is a Chosen, they could capture several of them.

-917: Anonymous from Earth

The message system was too soon for humanity…

We finally got an isekai transfer, so we should have done our best by our own strength.

-923: Anonymous from Earth

It was way too good for cheating purposes. 

-930: Anonymous from Earth

But with a message prohibition, we wouldn’t have any means to tell them that they are being targeted either.

Will Nanami-chan arrive first or…Ozawa, the anti, and those 1st group hunters, huh.

-935: Anonymous from Earth

Stop talking as if hunters actually do exist. 

I don’t want to watch something like that.

-940: Anonymous from Earth

No, you definitely would watch.

-947: Anonymous from Earth

Telling them that they are being targeted could be considered cheating too though.

-950: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t what God is doing going to show its ugly side?

Don’t underestimate the evil of humans.

-953: Anonymous from Earth

Is God acting under the Seizensetsu? <TLN: The theory that people are intrinsically good> 

-955: Anonymous from Earth

Meaning what?

-960: Anonymous from Earth

Meaning that whoever reaches Hikaru first, whether it is an ally or enemy, will be the key. 

-963: Anonymous from Earth

But as long as the Hikaru anti isn’t a guy that can bring a gun, there should be no problems. 

It would be difficult to defeat him in one hit with a normal weapon after all.

-967: Anonymous from Earth

It would be impossible in a situation where there’s people close by after all.

If Jeanne is around, they would be killed.

-974: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the stalker of Hikaru too…

Eh? Doesn’t it sound like he would be pretty fine? 

-986: Anonymous from Earth

I find it hard to think there would be a guy that would go through that risky of an act when they have finally been selected to be transferred. 

What are you guys even talking about?

-1000: Anonymous from Earth

If I had been chosen, I would have gone to help Hikaru…

I could have seen Rifreya in the flesh too…

-1014: Anonymous from Earth

Of course you would want to see Rifre in the flesh.

-1025: Anonymous from Earth

I want to be crushed in between the raw thighs of pure Rifre.

-1039: Anonymous from Earth

It is only 300 people this time around after all.

-1050: Anonymous from Earth

Does God want to secure 1,000 people? 

If that’s the case, if the numbers decrease, we could see a 3rd selection…

-1059: Anonymous from Earth

There might be, but we don’t know what will be the condition to be selected. 

Even if it is strong feelings again, I wouldn’t be able to bring out that much emotion.

-1068: Anonymous from Earth

If the more Chosen die the faster we get the next selection, wouldn’t that reinforce the idea that God doesn’t understand the evil of humans???

-1077: Anonymous from Earth

No, humans are not all full of evil people. 

There might be those kinds of guys, but it is only a minority. 

-1100: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of which, why did the 2nd transfer happen at this timing? 

The system update happened not that long ago, right?

-1111: Anonymous from Earth

The official chronological table has been updated. 

It is simply because the Chosen have died and the remaining Chosen have gone from 701 to 700.

-1125: Anonymous from Earth

I see…wait, then, the timing for the revival of Nanami-tan…

If it had been after this, would she have been spared from transferring? 

-1127: Anonymous from Earth

No idea. She could have been transferred later as an added Chosen.

Whichever the case, the chances of her being transferred in the 3rd one anyways would have been high.

All fronts blocked by God.

-1150: Anonymous from Earth

At any rate, 300 people have already died, huh.

Even though it is barely 1 month.

Ain’t that too many deaths? 

-1164: Anonymous from Earth

It normally ends up with a lifestyle leaning towards fighting monsters after all.

Even when you live in a way that doesn’t, there will end up being a time when you have to, and you end up dying from that battle.

No matter how you put it, the ones specialized in battle are the ones who have the highest survival rate. 

The ones who live a normal life but only fight when monsters show up are the ones who die.

-1175: Anonymous from Earth

In the dungeon, if it is the shallow floors, the monsters are weak, so you can get gradually stronger. 

You can’t expect that from animals in the wild. 

Even on Earth, you can suddenly have a wolf or a bear come out all of a sudden.

You can even encounter Monstrosities on rare occasions, and when that happens, it is GG.

-1189: Anonymous from Earth

Can’t just expect to have weak monsters with just the right amount of difficulty come out to train after all.

The animals that attack you normally attack when they have judged that they can win.

The irony of dungeons being safer…

-1196: Anonymous from Earth

All the monsters that appear in the dungeon are enemies that attack you, so it is easy to understand after all.

-1206: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of that, the giant monkey that Hikaru met for the first time was a Monstrosity, right? 

Can the current Hikaru defeat it?

-1213: Anonymous from Earth


-1218: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru lacks a finisher.

If it were a pair with Rifreya, they might be able to defeat it.

-1233: Anonymous from Earth

Aah, the Chosen have also gotten the announcement of God now.

For them, the message freezing must be an unexpected surprise…

-1240: Anonymous from Earth

There were Chosen who acted while relying on that after all.

More deaths might be coming from this…

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