DCFM – Chapter 135: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 4328th

-5: Anonymous from Earth

Yesterday’s battle was heated. 

Jeanne-chan is too strong.

-9: Anonymous from Earth

No, Hikaru is an assassin type, so incapacitating a heavy armored warrior is not his field of expertise. I think it was a simple issue of being a bad match. 

Jeanne probably understands that too.

-25: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan said while drinking that she would have definitely been killed if Hikaru had the intention to. 

-34: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, that was a situation that wouldn’t be strange for Jeanne-chan to die.

Does that mean she was fine with dying? Isn’t Jeanne-chan way too resolved? 

-40: Anonymous from Earth

That’s what a duel is about. 

Hikaru too must have been prepared for death if he lost.

-51: Anonymous from Earth

No, what I am saying here is: is it okay to die in a fight when there was no need to fight in the first place? 

I don’t think even Jeanne-chan would expect herself to die on a stupid duel like this, right? 

-57: Anonymous from Earth

The person herself said she didn’t think deeply about it, right?! 

She is the type to just act on impulse!

-58: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, I got excited and went: “She comforted him!!!”

-62: Anonymous from Earth

Meaning that he was unexpectedly her type. 

Hikaru is damn popular then.

-65: Anonymous from Earth


Hah? Don’t look down on Jeanne-chan.

She is prepared to die at any moment, you know???

-73: Anonymous from Earth

What’s with this guy all of a sudden?


-100: Anonymous from Earth

A stan has infiltrated us.

-105: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way having the resolve to die is an appealing trait, right? 

Looking for a samurai or something? 

-121: Anonymous from Earth

It is definite that Jeanne is a bit abnormal. 

If that weren’t the case, she wouldn’t be able to go into an abandoned castle or a bandit hideout alone. 

-137: Anonymous from Earth

She might be a gamer brain in the bad sense of the word. 

-147: Anonymous from Earth

So she wouldn’t refuse a Game Over in bloody letters, huh…

If her gamer brain goes that far, she is the real deal…

-155: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than calling her a gamer brain, it is more like she is a muscle brain. 

Jeanne-chan had a side of her that’s like she has a flowerfield in her head in the bad meaning of the word. 

-173: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, yesterday’s episode was seriously good. 

The commentary of Celica and Karen was heated. 

-190: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Why did it end up in a fight?!?!?!?!” 

Karen: “So you don’t get it, Celican -this level of communication problems.” 

Celica: “You can?!” 

Karen: “Jeanne is the type that doesn’t say even the things that must be said after all-nii~. Onii is the type to draw his own conclusions, so at the times when the pieces fit they fit really well, and when they don’t, they just miss and it worsens.” 

Celica: “And this is the result?! You idiot!” 

Karen: “Muscle brains are like that…” 

-207: Anonymous from Earth

For the communication lord Celica, such misunderstanding of intentions like this must be incomprehensible…

-210: Anonymous from Earth

You idiot!.wav

Thank you very much. 

Downloaded and saved. 

-225: Anonymous from Earth

A pervert showed up! 

-238: Anonymous from Earth

We knew that Jeanne went there to present Hikaru with the gem, but Hikaru had completely thought that she had come to kill a Chosen.

-251: Anonymous from Earth

The mount position of Jeanne-chan was good too. 

Was that not heavy for Hikaru? 

-272: Anonymous from Earth

The person herself must be light, but her equipment seems crazy heavy.

-278: Anonymous from Earth

From there to the scene where Hikaru got the Resurrection Gem and began crying…

I end up rewatching that countless times. 

No matter how many times I watch it, I cry. 

-294: Anonymous from Earth

It is impossible for even academy award actors to show that much change in emotions after all.

You can rarely see something like that if you were to live normally. 

I cried too.

-303: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Ah, could it be…!” 

Karen: “The pattern where her maternal instincts were tickled-nii~.”

Celica: “Why is Onii-chan so popular?! Isn’t this weird???” 

-330: Anonymous from Earth

No, any woman would fall for that. 

Even I thought about wanting to protect him. 

Celica and Karen probably don’t get stuff like that.

In the end, they are still children.

-341: Anonymous from Earth

Not every woman. 

Isn’t it more like he is popular with strong women?

-359: Anonymous from Earth

That might be true…

Grapefull-chan doesn’t seem to be that type. 

-370: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t think it counts if it is a different race? 

-372: Anonymous from Earth

The veteran party Onee-sans in the Demon Lord battle were also showing quite the interest after all. 

Hikaru might be the type that’s popular in an isekai. 

-403: Anonymous from Earth

The moment the iron face Jeanne made a maiden’s face, the viewership of Hikaru and Jeanne combined made an abnormal number of 2.5 billion.

That was crazy. 

-405: Anonymous from Earth


-409: Anonymous from Earth


-415: Anonymous from Earth

The board of Jeanne was understandably going at astounding speed.

But it looks like the people there have accepted it to a decent extent. 

-420: Anonymous from Earth

This is the first time Jeanne has met a Chosen after all. 

So you could say they are burning in excitement even more because of that right now. 

-442: Anonymous from Earth

No, we are talking about the two most popular Chosen meeting, you know. Of course it would turn out like that. 

Moreover, couple that with the Resurrection Gem and Nanami-chan’s revival.

Just what’s going to happen?

What’s gonna happen?

-448: Anonymous from Earth

As a Jeanne fan, Jeanne is like an unsheathed sword, giving this dangerous feeling as if something could happen at any moment, so the mood was mostly ‘Get a proper partner soon~~~’.

-463: Anonymous from Earth

Soon. Just calm down and wait…

-487: Anonymous from Earth

Yesterday night, she said ‘Bring me to the inn you are staying at’. That made me skip a beat. 

-495: Anonymous from Earth

The same pattern as with Rifreya! -we blew up at that.

-504: Anonymous from Earth

She simply stayed in a different room though…

-520: Anonymous from Earth

No, Jeanne-chan is completely locked on, right?

-541: Anonymous from Earth

No, that’s just our desire. 

Won’t she just return to her one stay one meal one deed journey? 

-553: Anonymous from Earth

It is great that yesterday it was happy drinking. 

Even I got happy and drank along. 

-567: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru drank and cried again after all.

He is a crying drinker, huh.


-571: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru was the one treating yesterday though.

Does this also count in the one stay one meal one deed of Jeanne?

-580: Anonymous from Earth

It is not like she herself has made it a series or anything…

-582: Anonymous from Earth

The crying Hikaru.

There’s no doubt Jeanne skipped a beat there.

-599: Anonymous from Earth

This was after the video call with her mother and things were tense, so the difference in the mood is outrageous.

-613: Anonymous from Earth

When there’s a god that throws you away, there’s a god that picks you up.

Life is made to have its ups and downs. 

-623: Anonymous from Earth

The kindness hidden inside the brusque heart of Jeanne-chan was pierced through.

-630: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne is not number one for nothing. 

She has a charm that makes your eyes follow her without your notice. 

-641: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan is drinking like a damn sponge. 

That’s a French person for ya. 

-655: Anonymous from Earth

It is said that Jeanne is a French with Irish lineage and that she has Norwegian blood mixed in too. 

It is written in unbelievable detail on the wiki.

-667: Anonymous from Earth

This is my first time seeing a ‘FromSoft Score’ in a wiki.

-673: Anonymous from Earth

Wasn’t it that Spirit Abilities don’t work on Jeanne? 

Fog seemed to work on her.

Does that mean the higher tiers do get through?

-689: Anonymous from Earth

The footage of that time has long been analyzed. The fog was pulling away from her. 

However, the darkness around didn’t let light pass, so in the end, she was enclosed by darkness. 

The density of the darkness around Jeanne alone was completely different though.

-699: Anonymous from Earth

Hated Ones are OP.

-703: Anonymous from Earth

You can repel Spirits with Hated One.

-717: Anonymous from Earth

Normally, light completely ceases inside the Darkness Fog.

The surroundings of Jeanne alone probably are simply in a state where there’s no light. 

We would know if Jeanne were to light up a lamp.

-722: Anonymous from Earth

It doesn’t let attack abilities pass either? That’s the strongest then.

-727: Anonymous from Earth

It is the strongest. 

Jeanne-chan is.

She is the immovable top in the strength discussion threads. 

-731: Anonymous from Earth

Her popularity is also at the top.

-739: Anonymous from Earth

To think her physical and magic defense was super strong…

-746: Anonymous from Earth

Her mental resilience is also strong. 

Moreover, that beauty.

The only thing she doesn’t have is boobs. 

-750: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t say it straight out.

You are going to be killed.

-762: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne fans are famous for being extremists. 

-772: Anonymous from Earth

That’s just because the amount of fans is way too damn high. 

She has more fans than a small country, you know. 

-779: Anonymous from Earth

The native Hated Ones can’t do pacts with Great Spirits either. 

That your means of getting stronger are limited is also a big handicap. 

Jeanne-chan having the boosts from points pretty much nullifies that handicap.

It even has the plus of Spirit Abilities not working. 

-786: Anonymous from Earth

…Well, it also nullifies buffs and healing abilities though.

There’s potions at least.

-795: Anonymous from Earth

The video that the TV program showed where Jeanne-chan was talking with Nanami-chan.

It looked like a video where they were talking super calmly having an adult conversation, but to think they were talking about games where you die and learn…

-804: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan could speak English, huh.

Despite appearances, her specs are plain high…

-810: Anonymous from Earth

According to Celica, Hikaru and Nanami can speak English to a degree where they can have casual talks.

They said it is technically a special language they learned in order to have secret talks. 

What environment is that? 

-818: Anonymous from Earth

Even if Nanami-chan is revived, her parents would still be dead, right…?

Hikaru may be happy about reviving Nanami-chan, but what about Nanami-chan herself?

-823: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Everyone, thank you very much. I will take responsibility and make Nanami-neesan happy.” 

Karen: “That’s completely a yuri declaration. You okay?” 

-827: Anonymous from Earth

The silly retorts of Karen are addicting.

-831: Anonymous from Earth

That’s a yuri declaration! 

Is that what it meant when they called her their sister?

-844: Anonymous from Earth

Context matters. The topic began with talk about the family register and all that stuff, and adding the place to live in, her education, and a lot of other things.

This is a phenomenon that goes beyond parents -reviving a human.

-856: Anonymous from Earth

She will be reviving at the place she died, so that means Nanami-chan will be reviving at her house, right? 

Won’t there be curious onlookers gathering? 

Celica sent a message saying to wait for a bit, right? Isn’t that a bad move? 

-867: Anonymous from Earth

Of course people would gather.

No one is living there anymore, but it has apparently not been demolished. 

What will they do? 

-872: Anonymous from Earth

Well, they probably have a plan that will deal with it even if there’s a crowd of people. 

-882: Anonymous from Earth

My house is close, so I went to check and…the way was closed off with a notice saying they will be doing demolition work. 

-891: Anonymous from Earth

Huh? What house are they demolishing? Don’t tell me it is Nanami-chan’s house…

-895: Anonymous from Earth

The houses of Hikaru and Nanami-chan are by the side of a narrow road.

-900: Anonymous from Earth

It is on TV.

Apparently both Hikaru and Nanami-tan’s houses will be demolished.

Or more like, it must be Celica who did this…

-908: Anonymous from Earth

A middle schooler who can get official permission to use the road beforehand, no man.

-914: Anonymous from Earth

The contractor must be the one doing it -normally. 

-927: Anonymous from Earth

They must have paid an extravagant sum of money beforehand to adjust the day it would happen. 

Even us interlopers can’t enter a construction work regulated site.

-932: Anonymous from Earth

But aren’t Celica and Karen going to enter the site?

-947: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t there the chance they are already there? 

We mostly see Karen only in the streams. 

-951: Anonymous from Earth

Celica most likely wants to be in the place and protect the person that’s practically their sister and will be confused when she revives.

-954: Anonymous from Earth

But will Nanami-tan really become the first resurrection in history?

-958: Anonymous from Earth

Will it be okay? 

Won’t it become a contest for Nanami-tan? 

-968: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, I am looking forward to the contest for Hikaru by Jeanne-chan and Rifreya-chan.

-975: Anonymous from Earth

The chances of Jeanne-chan disappearing from the contest tomorrow are higher.

-984: Anonymous from Earth

They might challenge the dungeon! 

Just as if you were going ‘there’s a mountain there, so let’s climb it’!

-990: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t she keep her style of one stay one meal one deed…?

-998: Anonymous from Earth


Will it be okay? Won’t it end up in a deathmatch?

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