Tsuki – Chapter 437: End of the Trip ③

“And then, I return to my original intention.” 

Daena wasn’t even trying to hide his rough breathing as he stood in the late night city. 


He did ask Izumo who stayed at their lodging -the orphanage- but the result was that he was shot down instantly. 

By the way, Misura and Jin were already not even there, so he couldn’t even invite them. 

It may have the ‘school’ on it, but it is the last day of the trip.

Even though they are men of age, every single one of them was just not cooperating here. 

Daena was thinking ‘these friends of mine…’. 

The place he was standing at was a certain district. 

It is a place that lets out brightness like that of the day despite being late in the night. 

It is commonly called the red-light district. 

With a city this prosperous like Tsige, its scale and liveliness doesn’t lose to that of a major power.

With the Dusk Street falling, there was the fear the public order would be thrown into disarray and people would begin complaining to the male and female prostitutes, but there was no problem at all.

When Daena looked up at the splendid gate in front of him, what was written there was ‘Welcome to the Cristania Street’. 

The prominent bustling street, Cristania, that Tsige prides in was prospering greatly tonight as well.

“According to this booklet that I have stealthily gotten about Cristania…” (Daena)

Daena immediately excluded the stores that have hyumans and the elves and dwarfs you can see around often. 

He came to a remote region. 

He wants to enjoy a race that he can’t enjoy anywhere but here. 

It goes without saying, but Daena is a student and a married man. 

But hyumans are poligamous and even if he already has a wife, there’s no rule that doesn’t allow playing around with other women. 

Those details are normally settled between the couple.

For example; there’s Izumo who, even though he is married, declared to Iroha that he wouldn’t be fooling around with other women.

If he had accompanied Daena at his invitation, that would have been a problem.

However, in the household of Daena, the basic rule is that if it doesn’t get found out it is ok.

This place is the remote Tsige that is far from Rotsgard. 

Daena was sure it won’t be found out. 

“Oooh! Nice atmosphere!” (Daena)

He unconsciously whistled and raised his voice in excitement. 

He stepped into a division where there’s only a whole lot of stores of demihumans, moreover, demihumans that are of a pretty rare race. He was showing his male desires on the bare as he looked left and right, checking the goods. 

“Hey, well-off Onii-san there…” 

“? Aah, sorry. I am not in the mood for a hyuman today.” (Daena)

“Don’t say that. Here.” 

The glossy dressed woman slid onto the bosom of Daena. 

Daena judged her to be a hyuman at a glance, so he rejected her and tried to go ahead, but he was stopped. 

Their bodies were glued to each other and their faces were drawn close. 

With impressive ability, she managed to turn the situation where, not only their faces, even their bodies were really close to each other.

“I know that you are beautiful. When I come to play again, I will buy you, beautiful lady.” (Daena)

“Even though you are going to be leaving tomorrow? Lies are sad, you know.” 


The hand that was wrapped around his back went from there to his abdomen, tracing down, reaching his crotch, and stopping there. 

But what surprised Daena wasn’t the stimulus that could be brought from the tender technique, but the sharp feeling of something that was hidden in her palm. 

And then, the fact that she knew they would be going back tomorrow. 

“I am sad that the work I got in a long time is being a babysitter, but I am happy as a woman that a young man like you still sees charm in me even when I am not using skills.” 

The overflowing sexy charm that she was letting out until now had turned into the complete opposite thing; a smile of absolute boredom was directed at Daena. 

“Who are you?” (Daena)

“Hmm, so…you are Daena-kun, huh.” 


“Aah, it is fine that you came to play around. You are young, so you probably have a lot pent up. But even if it is Cristania, the place is bad. It is too soon for you.” 

“Soon? No, I am simply—” (Daena)

“You probably want to embrace a slightly unusual demihuman, right?” 

“!! T-That’s right. Uhm, who are you?” (Daena)

“Jona. Hmm, the best place for Daena-kun…” (Jona) 

“Ah.” (Daena)

A man walking the streets with a woman leaning coquettishly by his side as they flirt.

That’s the kind of atmosphere Daena and Jona give out at a glance. 

It is the woman -Jona- who held the power here.

There may be a difference of race between demi-human and hyuman, but most of the women that are bringing in the customers can’t compete with Jona. 

The girl, who has such extreme beauty which can’t be seen often even in Rotsgard, was enough to gather attention from the surroundings, and she was guiding Daena.

“See, it has been tinkered with.” (Jona)

 “Eh?!” (Daena)

“Here. A number of pages have been taken out. There’s places with races that have specially addictive traits to it.” (Jona)

“Addictive. Like an alraune?” (Daena)

Daena gives out the name of a race that popped up in his mind.

Even so, an alraune is like a combination between hyuman and plant, and basically more of a chimera mamono. 

There’s often rumors about a number of people capturing them and enjoying those kinds of plays. 

That’s just how beautiful they are, and their enticing scent is powerful and it is said to be the best. 

Basically it is like the best of both sex and drugs in this world. 

But Jona snorted at the mention of alraunes. 

“Fufu, alraunes? Something like that, you can just drink medicine beforehand and you can get out of it with just a fun partner. I am talking about even more dangerous races.” (Jona)

“L-Like for example?” (Daena)

“Succubus or lylims; the kind that are specialized in sexual activities.” (Jona)

They are both races that came from demons. 

Hyumans treat both of them, not as demi-humans, but as mamonos. 

When speaking of their way of breeding, they can mix with hyumans and leave children. Depending on your standards, you can categorize them in any one way or the other. 

Depending on the race, you treat them as demi-humans or mamonos. The opinions are divided on this. 

“I think I have heard about them… But aren’t those mamonos?” (Daena)

“Not falling into one or the other. A scholar would most likely know the detailed stuff, but there’s most likely not much meaning to it. The important part is that they have a mountain of Skills and magic to throw men into a spiral of pleasure. A boy like you, Daena, would just fall instantly. You at least have a dream for the future, right? Do you really want to experience such a downward spiral in one single night?” (Jona)

Jona asks Daena with cold eyes. 

Future dreams. 

The reformation of the Rotsgard Academy. 

Honestly speaking, inside Daena, he was thinking that it would be fine for it to not be Rotsgard. There’s also the choice of making a completely new education facility in Tsige. 

But the education that Daena thinks of; its worth, its ideal…

The definite achievements that the predecessors have built upon…

Those are in Rotsgard.

Right now, Daena is forming his future in the direction of changing Rotsgard. 

An experience that would make him feel like those are not important anymore. 

Holding an interest in that is of course the nature of a man of age.


If he really ended up feeling that way… 

Just thinking about that possibility, Daena could feel how his head began cooling down.

That’s not it.

‘I want to enjoy this, but I don’t want to be imprisoned by it’, that’s the root of Daena when fooling around with women.

“…No.” (Daena)

“Right? You are a bright boy. You also have zeal. You are a good man.” (Jona)

“No need to comfort me here.” (Daena)

Daena grew sullen. 

But at the same time, he was grateful.

He managed to escape from a stupid bait that was about to drop him down into an addiction after all.

“That wasn’t my intention. Then, let’s go. My place is safe. Can’t have you embracing your average woman when you are the friend of Patrick Rembrandt.” (Jona)

“What, so you are an owner?” (Daena)

“From a specially nice place. People who don’t have countermeasures for the seduction of succubus or for nightmares shouldn’t be coming here. For example; see that establishment there.” (Jona)


He directed his gaze to the location Jona spoke of, and there was a small girl with 2 small horns poking out from her glossy black hair, sitting there with an enchanting smile.

Even if she has horns, she is not a demon. So that’s a succubus, is what Daena thought.

But Daena doesn’t have a taste for little girls, so it wouldn’t have been a store he would have gotten close to and checked out. 

“You thought just now you don’t have a liking for little girls, so you don’t understand what’s good about it, right?” (Jona)

“…Yeah.” (Daena)

“Succubus are a fearsome race. If you get too close, they can easily break through those tastes.” (Jona)

‘Just what’s breaking through those tastes?’, is what Daena thought as he tilted his head.

But then an adventurer-like man that made eye-contact with her and got beckoned to, entered the store as if he had been sucked in.

The black haired girl entered what looked like a showcase place and disappeared into the establishment with a happy countenance. 

“See?” (Jona)

“Eh?” (Daena)

“He was a completely normal guy. Despite appearances, he is also an adventurer with enough skill for the wasteland, and should have more basic resistance towards Charm than you. But he didn’t have an amulet for protection. With just that alone, he ended up in that way.” (Jona)

“Ended up in that way, you say. And what’s that about an amulet?” (Daena)

Daena could tell that the man entered the establishment. 

But he didn’t understand at all what Jona was trying to say. 

“The left wrist. Can you tell that most people have a red bracelet?” (Jona)

“Ah!” (Daena)

“That’s a required item in order to properly play around with Charm types. If he had gone through a proper tour guide establishment, he could have gotten one at a good price. He must have tried to skimp on the cash. He didn’t even have a guide with him, so he jumped into that one himself.” (Jona)

“Uhm…what do you mean by that?” (Daena)

Even if he has been Charmed, it would just end up with one getting all of his possessions taken away. 

‘If you can pass the best night of your life with that, there’s people that would consider it worth it’, is what Daena thinks. 

If his teacher, Raidou, were here, he would have retorted with ‘you seriously think that?’.

“Can you read the name of the store?” (Jona)

Being prompted by Jona, Daena directs his eyes at the shocking purple luminescent name of the store. 

“We will bring you to a new world. A store of big and lovely men and women…Incu…bus?” (Daena)

“You may not understand it all, but putting it simply, it is a place where the customers offer their asses to crossdressed men.” (Jona)


Jona reveals a fearsome and shocking thing. 

“Of course, there’s customers who go there while still having an amulet on them. In terms of the price, it isn’t that high on the standards around here. But well, a man that’s coming here for the first time without an amulet must be going in there thinking that he will be playing with a black haired ‘girl’.” (Jona)

Daena nodded vehemently at this. 

“But the reality is completely different. He will be dropped into a new world inside the room, and will have a pitiful turn in his life. If he doesn’t get saved somewhere by someone…only a pitiful life where he earns money to use for that store will be waiting for him.” (Jona)

“…” (Daena)

“Maybe.” (Jona)

“T-That’s way too scary…!” (Daena)

Daena was truly scared by this. 

Jona reflects a bit here thinking she has scared the young man a bit too much.

If his mood has completely dampened with this, she intends to bring him back to the gate, and if he is still willing to, it is fine to bring her to her store and have him play around just as she said before. 

‘Now then, which one will this man take?’, is what Jona thought as she observed Daena. 

“I-I…” (Daena)


“How lucky am I!” (Daena)

“…!” (Daena)

‘Heeh’, Jona let this out, half baffled and half amazed, as she looked at Daena.

“Jona-san!” (Daena)

“What is it?” (Jona)

“Please let me enjoy your store that you say will provide me with the best experience on the connection of the Rembrandt Company!” (Daena)

“…O-Okay.” (Daena)

It seems like he has a decent degree of courage. 

Also, he has no reservations in using what he has at hand. 

‘The student called Daena is indeed an interesting talent’, is what Jona thought with a smile. 

Smiling unconsciously when seeing a good man or a soon-to-become-one is one of the bad habits of Jona. 

Daena is apparently a man good enough for her to keep an eye on. 

“Ah, also, if possible, can I play around with the succubus and nightmares without the Charm stuff too?!” (Daena)

“You…are quite the big deal, aren’t you.” (Jona)

“This is a rare chance after all!” (Daena)

“Then, there’s a specially good one whose appearance is close to that of a hyuman. Want to make it that girl?” (Jona)

“That would be the best! What race is it?!” (Daena)

“Gorgon.” (Jona)

Jona answers as asked.

When speaking of girls in her establishment that have charm on the level of succubus and are a race that you normally wouldn’t be able to embrace, it would be the gorgons. Jona gave an objective selection.

She had confidence that it would no doubt go above his expectations, but…

“Sorry, but change.” (Daena)

“O-Oh?” (Jona)

“I have experience of being beaten up to a bloody pulp by a really strong Gorgon-san, so when it comes to them, I am still a bit…” (Daena)

“That’s a Rotsgard Academy student for you, I guess. That’s one crazy experience you have.” (Jona)

While they were talking about that, they arrived at a building that could be described as a luxurious residence.

Of course, it is the store of Jona. 

Even so, just as Jona said, it is the most luxurious one among the stores she has. 

Daena carried out his morning return on the last day of his school trip.

He tasted the best night he couldn’t describe with words.

‘I have cut off all of my fooling around with women at Rotsgard in preparation for the school trip’, that’s what he answered to the questions of his kouhais who he hung out with before. 

Depending on the person, they would say that’s one stupid thing to cut off, but for Daena, he tasted an unforgettable experience for the end of his time in Tsige. 

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