Tsuki – Chapter 434: Way too high hurdle

I feel like Morris-san looks a bit tired.

As a butler serving the representative of the Rembrandt Company, it is certain that he has a lot of work.

I knew it. Even in this place where they continue being overwhelming trailblazers in these favorous times, it is normal for the people at the top to not rest.

Being more busy the higher you go up seems like the right form of an enterprise, and at the same time, it is also a reality that lacks any dream.

I have reached some sort of enlightenment that if I don’t step back from the line, I won’t be having free time.

“Welcome, Raidou-kun. And also…Misura-kun.” (Rembrandt)

“Good morning, Rembrandt-san.” (Makoto)

“Good morning!! I am truly thankful for your invitation today!” (Misura)

Rembrandt-san called the two of us by name and welcomed us with a sparkling smile.

Misura is one of my students, but what’s the reason why even I was called to come as well today if I had the time?

I am sorry, but even if Misura relies on me, I don’t think I can be of help.

I would like to bring a lifeboat or two in his distress though…

I have already properly apologized to him before entering the Rembrandt Company, so I am thinking about doing a followup for him a bit once everything is over.

Right, how about bringing him to a barbeque place?

“Uwah…” (Makoto)

I ended up groaning.

The white board at the side of Rembrandt-san was an incredible sight.

Aah, that’s just like the one of Shiki.

The one I normally see when he is being all outspoken in his research lab.

This is weird. Rembrandt-san is a merchant, wealthy, and has a side of him that’s like a governor, but he is not a researcher.

“S-Sensei, what are those numerical formulas and graphs I can’t make any sense of…?” (Misura)

“Don’t ask me. He will probably be explaining that from here on. Ah, Rembrandt-san, if possible, can I please enquire why you have called for us today?” (Makoto)

Misura was already directing me eyes as if pleading me to save him, but I ignored him.

Knowing what in the world we were called here for comes first.

Depending on that, I gotta also think about doing a baton pass to someone in the company.

Keeping him company for those numerical formulas would just be plain reckless.

It is overflowing with that feeling of something that would be written by a genius college professor in a drama.

It is way too dangerous for me.

“Of course, it is this matter.” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt-san points at a part of the white board with his pen.

Alright, I’mma head out.

There’s no doubt the elite of Rotsgard Academy, Misura, will manage somehow.

He most likely has more brains than me. His grades seem to be pretty good too!

“I see, about that, huh. Then, I will be calling someone from the company suitable for the job, so I guess I will be excusing myself here.” (Makoto)

“Wa?! Sensei?!” (Misura)

“Misura is also good at maths, so I am sure he will be giving novel and innovative opinions.” (Makoto)

“Are you going to leave me alone?!” (Misura)

“I will properly bring a competent person from the company.” (Makoto)

“S-Sensei…” (Misura)

“Geez, this is your chance to show your good side to the person that might become your father-in-law. Put some spirit into it, Misura.” (Makoto)


I look at both Rembrandt-san and Morris-san, and then Misura who is shaking his head to the sides.

Don’t try hiding behind me when you have such a big body.

“I-I have come to the conclusion that that would be impossible. My body can’t handle the pressure. My stomach will be full of holes. I can only see a future where damage mitigation doesn’t work.” (Misura)

“Man…” (Makoto)

“Hahaha, isn’t that interesting?” (Rembrandt)


The laugh and retort of Rembrandt-san made the two of us stop.

“I would be troubled if Raidou-kun were to leave, and I didn’t call Misura-kun because of my daughter. It is simply that today’s topic suited your opinions and way of thinking in our discussion the other day. I don’t need it, but if you do, I can prepare some alcohol. There’s people who need drinks and food in order to have discussions. There’s no need to be reserved, okay?” (Rembrandt)

“There’s no need for alcohol so early in the morning, but I don’t think I can be of much help, Rembrandt-san.” (Makoto)

“I-I don’t need alcohol either! I also am not hungry, so there’s no need for concern!!” (Misura)

Misura is super stiff from the nervousness.

So blatantly nervous it felt like it would be infecting me too.

It has been a while since I have seen Misura like this…

Well, Rembrandt-san is a charismatic person and the father of his girlfriend.

He is a boy of age, so I can understand why he is in a situation of unprecedented tension.

Being evaluated by the person that might become your father-in-law, if that were me…

Tomoe and Mio don’t have parents, so…Hasegawa and Azuma…I didn’t even go out with them, so I can’t imagine it.

It is so far from my own reality that I can only sympathize from his face.

Sorry, Misura.

“Muh, is that so. Then, let’s begin at once. Point cards are…well, a short explanation should be fine.” (Rembrandt)

Point cards?

Those numerical formulas and symbols, and all of those scribbles are about point cards, you say?

…This is bad.

I already don’t feel like I can keep up with this.

“Are you referring to the frequent customer service that we talked about before?” (Makoto)

“Exactly right. As expected of you, Raidou-kun. Even Morris last night didn’t get it immediately…” (Rembrandt)

No, I don’t get it.

‘Ah, that of before, huh’, ‘Right right, about that thing’.

I was simply responding out of formality!


Misura looks at me with an ‘eh, seriously?’ face.

It is okay, I don’t get it at all.

“I-If it is not the main topic, I think we should make it brief. I am sure you already have the answer anyways, Rembrandt-san.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, it is technically comparing answers. Honestly speaking, the paper currency idea is still shrouded in a dense mist in my mind, and I am greatly looking forward to your unreserved opinions.” (Rembrandt)

Paper currency?

Is he talking about…the note that has printed the face of a person?


I seriously don’t know at all what he is talking about.

In the first place, when it comes to money, I am even at the point of being impressed at how they are -in a way- more developed than the modern era.

Cause you know, hyumans all hold the same use of bronze, silver, and gold to a certain degree, and it is easy to exchange them.

Tomoe is going haywire in Asora and was doing something like changing the currency into east and west like in the Edo period.

Rather than the pain that is yen, dollars, pounds and all of those currencies where you have to worry about the different exchange rates, I consider the common idea of worth from the quality and value of the metal as being superior…

At this rate…it won’t work.

I like studying.

However…if we are talking about a level that I can keep up with…

Rembrandt-san is explaining eloquently and cheerfully about how he is on the verge of implementing point cards.

Morris-san is showing a faint wry smile.

It is because I have known them for quite a decent amount of time already that I can tell their faint changes of expression.

Well, even those are soft, so I can only truly see a few of them though.


No good, this is not good.

I can’t even say yes or no, and I don’t want to give any thoughtless responses out of formality either.

The only thing that’s reassuring here is that I can tell that Morris-san and Misura feel the same way as me.

“The difficulties that can be expected from this would be the change from current currency to fiat currency. How can we make the people consent to the issue of this? In other words, how can we make them hold trust or an illusion of the country…?” (Rembrandt)

“Se-…Sensei.” (Misura)

“I have already reached my limit by firmly refusing the making of kuzunoha as the currency name, Misura.” (Makoto)

“The moment he began talking about the creation of a monetary value lower than copper coin, I was done for. I don’t get it at all.” (Misura)

“Danna-sama would journey to his own world every now and then in the middle of his arguments, which is one of his few faults, you two.” (Morris)

Did I talk to Rembrandt about paper money?

I don’t remember.

I am already used to copper, silver, and gold, so I don’t mind at all having it stay that way though…

Ah, there’s also the magic silver coin and the golden coin too.

They are premium coins that a common person would have no connection with unless they are buying big.

When you become an adventurer, merchant, noble, or royalty, there’s decent interaction with this currency.

The golden coin is quite the treasure since it is not bulky.

The core materials for it are moria silver and true gold, and the problem is that Mio would eat them as snacks every now and then.

Is it that tasty?

My relationship with Mio…ehm…our intermingling, no, connection…let’s leave it at that.

Thanks to a variety of things having deepened, my culinary scope has turned weird.

It is not like my taste buds have changed, so there’s no real problem.

“Dividing the value into small portions, Misura-kun? Think about it. Even if it is something that costs less than a copper coin, it is not like the value itself disappears. It is just that the currency that fits it just right doesn’t exist.” (Rembrandt)

“Y-Yes. Well, there’s also my honest opinion that I don’t know why it is that a wealthy person like you who runs a company as big as this worries about the materials and the odds and ends of the smallest denominator…” (Misura)

“…As if thinking about the smallest denominator has anything to do with the scope of the business. Not being able to properly place a price on things; doesn’t that mean the current currency system is lacking?” (Rembrandt)

“But even if it is a fruit or vegetable that doesn’t even reach the cost of a copper coin, there shouldn’t be any problems if it is handled with numbers and weight.” (Misura)

“Let’s try imagining breaking a copper coin into 100 parts. In that case, it would be worth 1 fruit. What happens then?” (Rembrandt)

“? W-What happens? It would depend on the seller, but it would be possible to sell them one by one?” (Misura)

“That’s right!! It is one of many advantages.” (Rembrandt)

“Thank you very much.” (Misura)


But even if you change one thing…

It is pretty rare here to live alone.

It is normal practice to throw one copper coin to buy several fruits and distribute it among your friends.

There’s a good amount of adventurers living alone, but those guys, when they are staying in a settlement, they almost never cook for themselves.

In the first place, just as Misura stated, would the seller even accept a method like that?

“For example; the pit of the laione fruit, if we were to put a price on it in this season, it would be 1 copper coin for 5 at counter price.” (Rembrandt)


It is a fruit that’s right in season.

It is around as big as an apple, and the texture and taste are like that of a decently big grape. Okay to eat raw, okay to cook it, okay to make it into jam.

I won’t go as far as calling it a shine muscat, but let’s just say it is a bit of a shame that it is a bit of a luxury item.

Of course, the more out of season it is, the more expensive it gets if they are fresh.

By the way, even frozen items that are thawed are called fresh here.

Laione is managed the whole year, but it costs 1 copper coin for 2 in the most expensive time.

“Yes.” (Misura)

“In other words, if we were to treat 1 copper as 100 kuzunohas, 20 kuzunohas would be—” (Rembrandt)

“Stop. I am sorry, but even if it is for the sake of an example, I would be grateful if you were to use the name Rembrandt, Lisa, or Morris for it.” (Makoto)

I heard a currency name I couldn’t just ignore, so I promptly requested an adjustment.

I am not going to let him ease into that one.

Yeah, definitely no.

“It would be embarrassing though.” (Rembrandt)

“I humbly decline.” (Morris)

Immediate answer.

…Then don’t use our name either.

“Then, let’s call the temporary currency name Misura.” (Makoto)

“I refuse!!” (Misura)

“Hmm, it was finally getting interesting, but the mood was somewhat dampened. Can’t be helped. Regarding the name of the currency…right, let’s call it shell.” (Rembrandt)

“In the long past, shells were apparently used as currency. I see, so you really do have a way better sounding one than someone’s name!” (Makoto)

“It is simply knowledge I unwillingly got from a book I read when I was dealing with a troublesome customer. You respond instantly, so I really can’t have enough of talking with you.” (Rembrandt)

“…So it seems, Misura. Isn’t it nice that you have now gotten one trick to getting along better with your father-in-law?” (Makoto)

Geez, it really comes down to washing these things off!

While at it, please make the conversation itself end too!

“It is not like it has been settled that will be happening, okay, Raidou-kun?!” (Rembrandt)

“I…plan on gathering knowledge in the library by reading all of the books while I am still in the academy. There’s almost nothing that can’t be done.” (Misura)


Reading books won’t end in a waste.

It will one day serve you a purpose.

If he had at least understood the benefits of being able to freely use the library of the Rotsgard Academy which prides on having the biggest book collection of the world, I would say this has been a productive time.

For me, this was just a scary time where question marks were popping left and right and my tension was at max though!

“Well…it seems like you are good at learning. Doing your very best is your duty as a person who has been blessed with a wonderful environment. If you slack, you will one day be receiving proportional retribution for it, so don’t lose that drive.” (Rembrandt)

“Y-Yes!” (Misura)

“But…” (Rembrandt)


“Monstrous concepts like pseudo infinite economic development are definitely something that you can’t get out of books. Don’t waste your luck on being taught by Raidou-kun and Shiki-dono.” (Rembrandt)

“…Yes.” (Misura)

Pseudo infinite economics?

So there’s still more mysteries left.

Rembrandt-san is fearsome.

No, I knew it already, but it is still fearsome.

“Umu, about this 20 shell worth…” (Rembrandt)

“You are still going to continue?!” (Makoto)

Crap, I ended up retorting in a loud voice.

“Even if you say that, I still want to hear about your opinions regarding the cooperation between Adventurer Guild and the existing banks, the trials for the paper money inside Tsige, how possible it would be to implement a method to not carry around physical money by having every single citizen join the Adventurer Guild. Speaking to Raidou-kun, who holds a revolutionary way of thinking, and a young man, who is flexible and knows a lot despite his age, is serving as good stimulation.” (Rembrandt)

But Rembrandt-san doesn’t mind it.

So my escape route was cut off, huh.


I would like to go back home…by today.

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