DCFM – Chapter 122: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 4187th

Author Note: In terms of when this happened, it is at the time when Hikaru was sleeping. 

The moment with Love-Love Twin Birds is on the next one. 

-3: Anonymous from Earth

The profile of Ozawa-kun who was arrested urgently. (Link)

-12: Anonymous from Earth

Even though he is underaged, the information got spread in an instant. It is as if someone is pulling the strings on the back…

-20: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t poke too deep into it. 

You are going to get erased.

-22: Anonymous from Earth

To think it really was a guy in Hikaru’s school.

-32: Anonymous from Earth

He had an apology letter in his own handwriting… It is truly a mystery. 

-40: Anonymous from Earth

So he really killed Nanami-chan thinking that he would get to go to the isekai? He is nuts. 

-49: Anonymous from Earth

He must have believed the fake stories on the net. 

There’s a decent degree of idiots in society. 

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Proactive idiots being the worst kind really shows here. 

-77: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru being the culprit was quite strong to begin with, so the complete turn has really stirred up the whole world. This is crazy. 

-79: Anonymous from Earth

It is only a matter of time before the house of the culprit gets literally burned down.

-85: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of burning, the guy that literally burned the house of Hikaru should surrender themself. 

-101: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen would magnificently evade comments regarding the true culprit in their streams. Was that because they knew this would happen…?

-116: Anonymous from Earth

The discovery of the culprit was way too nonsensical. I can only think of this as someone having confined him and then throwing him out. 

-123: Anonymous from Earth

If that’s the case, the culprit would say that was the case. No, it could be that he is saying it, but the police aren’t announcing it. 

-127: Anonymous from Earth

“I was confined!” -like that?

Would that be trusted? 

-139: Anonymous from Earth

It would most likely be impossible to bring out proof of him being confined after all. For the police, he is just the culprit; plain and simple. They are probably not interested in the period of time he escaped.

It would be the end by just throwing him in the slammer after all.

-153: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen were also not too into talks about the true culprit -all this time. 

That’s why, maybe Celica and Karen also thought Hikaru was the true culprit? -is what I silently thought in my mind. Well, it seems I was completely missing the mark there, but if it was Celica and Karen who were hiding Ozawa, the dots would connect. 

Even in the Total Stakes bets, Hikaru was one of the candidates for the First Chosen to die when he started in that dangerous forest. 

However, he was strangely blessed with viewership, gained Crystals and Points, and survived, right? At that time, I didn’t find it strange at all. It was burning everywhere from him being suspected as the killer of Nanami-chan after all. 

But after seeing this strange arrest story of the culprit, I am beginning to feel like it was set from the start… As if it were an artificially created scenario…

-160: Anonymous from Earth

The mystery novel writer came…

-164: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen are not your weird story of them actually being old men over 30 years old, you know. They were elementary schoolers just recently. 

-178: Anonymous from Earth

Not your regular children, but I don’t think they have the physical strength to achieve something like confining someone. 

-183: Anonymous from Earth

They could have hired an assassin. They do have the money. 

-190: Anonymous from Earth

Do assassins actually exist? 

-205: Anonymous from Earth

Why do you even think they don’t? It is something anyone can do, moreover, you can get a lot of money from it. 

-212: Anonymous from Earth

Celica looked like she was moved by the culprit having been apprehended, but Karen was completely normal. It made me laugh.

-224: Anonymous from Earth

Karen: “Isn’t it great that he was arrested-nii~.” 


-226: Anonymous from Earth

Hah! I got it! 

The true culprit that killed Nanami-chan are Celica and Karen! 

Ozawa was simply a scapegoat, and because they were scared of their brother being taken by Nanami-chan, they killed her. Hikaru having been selected to go to the parallel world was an accident. 

-235: Anonymous from Earth

Hmm, 3 points. 

Or more like, what are you talking about Nanami-chan taking their brother? She was going to go sayonara and head to the isekai, so their rival would be gone by default. 

-247: Anonymous from Earth

If that were the case, TwinSis wouldn’t have any reason to help out in reviving Nanami-chan.

-260: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru will become Rifreya-sama’s, so maybe it was their way of atoning. 

-272: Anonymous from Earth

Atoning, huh…

-281: Anonymous from Earth

Offer Nanami-tan! This is an offering to the Gods!!

-287: Anonymous from Earth

Hmm, 3 points.

-299: Anonymous from Earth

If Nanami-chan were to be revived, the mass media wouldn’t leave it be, and the truth would be revealed immediately. 

-310: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t think the religious people would leave it be. 

Won’t they go “a resurrected person shouldn’t exist!”?

-322: Anonymous from Earth

They would either worship her or kill her. 

-340: Anonymous from Earth

I would be the first in line for a Nanami religion. 

A religion of just cuteness.

-351: Anonymous from Earth

Leaving aside the atonement business, Celica was one of the first finders, right? 

She had a spare key, was the first one to enter the room, and found the corpse… E-Eh…?

-366: Anonymous from Earth

If this were a mystery novel, that would definitely be the first move of the culprit.

-380: Anonymous from Earth

The bodies of her parents were found in the dining room and Nanami-chan in her own room, right? There were no signs of struggle either…

-387: Anonymous from Earth

The perfect culprit move of Celica. If we weren’t bulletin board residents, we would have missed it. <HxH reference.>

-390: Anonymous from Earth

Celica is also a genius killer.

-401: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe Hikaru’s family is actually a house of ninjas. 

-403: Anonymous from Earth

So it really was the genius…

-405: Anonymous from Earth

Karen does look like a kunoichi.

-412: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, Celica and Karen live next door, so they should have already been investigated, right?

-419: Anonymous from Earth

So there’s someone who is actually taking this seriously…

-427: Anonymous from Earth

And what if it is actually true? 

In the first place, you would wonder just what in the world is Ozawa-kun who had been selected as the scapegoat, right? 

Also, what happens with what Hikaru said about ‘the culprit being a student from the same year’.

-438: Anonymous from Earth

A student of the same year he does not know the name of! Hikaru was also complicit in the killing of Nanami-chan! 

-444: Anonymous from Earth

What’s this BS?! 

Have you people already forgotten just for whose sake Hikaru was putting his life on the line for just a few days ago???

-452: Anonymous from Earth

Go to the hospital. For the brain.

-481: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, will Nanami-tan revive? That’s what’s important. 

Who the true culprit is, the truth of the incident; everything would be resolved with the resurrection of Nanami-tan.

-498: Anonymous from Earth

No idea yet. 

We don’t know if Celica’s strange plan will succeed.

-509: Anonymous from Earth

Can’t call it a strange plan, right? 

The reality is that the number of messages is actually decreasing. 

-517: Anonymous from Earth

It really looks like they threw their private funds to the fire for this. There’s not a single gain from this. 

It is actually utilizing the nature of ‘the messages don’t reach unless you have strong feelings’. But you normally wouldn’t have the guts to actually do it. 

-527: Anonymous from Earth

The advertisement cost must be crazy. They are even using TV commercials. 

-533: Anonymous from Earth

Hm?? Does everyone know what Celica did?

-540: Anonymous from Earth

More like, you still don’t know even though you came to this thread? 

-546: Anonymous from Earth

The Jeanne exclusive board is having a festival.

-555: Anonymous from Earth

In the TVs of France and the internet, they are showing frequently “Send messages of support to Jeanne Cronet! The messages that safely arrive get 1,000 Euro!”.

-567: Anonymous from Earth

What’s with that campaign that could blow up in their faces instead?

-580: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t 1,000 euro around 100,000 yen? They are going to bankrupt themselves.

-592: Anonymous from Earth

No, the messages have actually decreased.

-599: Anonymous from Earth


-613: Anonymous from Earth

In order to make it valid, in the site that Twin/Sis had prepared, you have to send a specific thing. The unique code is generated instantly, and you have to send a message with that code included in that message.

And so, if that message with the code safely arrives at Jeanne, you get 1,000 euro.

-635: Anonymous from Earth

I see, so the code is not being generated.

-650: Anonymous from Earth

No, a software to automatically generate one has been made, so the code is generated and sent to you almost instantly. 

But, for some reason, most of the ones with the generated codes in them get bounced off even when you send them to Jeanne.

However, several messages are reaching Jeanne and you really do get the 1,000 euro! And that’s what the festival is about. 

It is like a free lottery. 

-657: Anonymous from Earth

The big trap of one message being 100,000 yen.

-664: Anonymous from Earth

100,000 yen is big. 

It could even be a monthly salary. 

-666: Anonymous from Earth

Even 10 in one day would be around 1 million yen, huh. 

Isn’t that too rough even for Twin/Sis?

-679: Anonymous from Earth

That would be around 30 million a month, and 360 million a year. I would die.

-695: Anonymous from Earth

By intentionally mixing impure emotions like wanting money into their messages, they are decreasing the messages that reach, huh. 

Even if you can think of it, would you actually do it??

-710: Anonymous from Earth

They are actually doing it.

-721: Anonymous from Earth

But wait, there’s more.

It is apparently a mechanism in the messages, or like a criteria which has been researched. 

The criterias are soft on the Chosen that don’t get many messages, so almost any random message can reach, but when it comes to Jeanne, it instead rarely reaches.

Even with that, the total numbers are crazy high. 

Even if the messages that reach are only 1 out of 50, the number of people sending them are high to begin with. Moreover, it is not a criteria like ‘no matter how much it increases, a certain number of messages will certainly reach’; it is plainly, the higher the number of messages sent, the higher the difficulty for them to reach. 

In other words, if the total messages reach the limit, the difficulty is also taken up a notch. Meaning that, by Celica creating that campaign, she is purposely going over that total message limit by increasing the number of messages to a ridiculous degree, inherently decreasing the number of messages that can reach. 

-726: Anonymous from Earth

In RPGs, there’s those where the enemy’s levels increase with the level of your character. 

So it is like that disgusting system, huh.

-728: Anonymous from Earth

Also, even if it does take a bit of money, it doesn’t matter as long as Nanami-chan is resurrected. It is also written in small letters that it is a time limited campaign.

-732: Anonymous from Earth

If the total messages increase drastically, the restriction level that was implemented will go up as well, huh.

-744: Anonymous from Earth

It might be the ultimate: prepare a number of fake agents that say ‘I really got it!’, and then you don’t actually need to give the prize. 

It is hard to say if this is not a scam after all.

-759: Anonymous from Earth

So cruel, lol.

-768: Anonymous from Earth

If this were a scam, they wouldn’t give a half-baked number like 1,000 euro and go all in like 10,000 euro or something.

-780: Anonymous from Earth

This is also valid for Japan, right? 

I am gonna go send a message!

-787: Anonymous from Earth

I already did a long time ago.

It didn’t reach at all though. I had no other emotion but wanting money after all…

-795: Anonymous from Earth

God being able to filter them by ‘strong emotions’ is incredible. 

An unknown mechanism. 

You would need strong emotions like the time when a company president somewhere was handing around 1 million yen.

-809: Anonymous from Earth

The problem with this is that one person can send as many as they want. 

I think more than 100 are sent for each head.

Who knows how many that makes in 1 day…

-822: Anonymous from Earth

Now that I think about it, the matter about the difficulty of having your message accepted, I have seen that on twitter. 

When it comes to the unpopular Chosen that barely get any messages, messages that are truly pointless can arrive.

I only remember thinking unpopular Chosen are really pitiful.

-845: Anonymous from Earth

It is a system that was implemented after a damn crazy amount of trash messages were sent in the beginning, but Celica and Karen are turning that to their advantage as if nothing…

-851: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, this means that Jeanne giving Hikaru the Resurrection Gem has been settled! 

-856: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan is coming back! Resurrection! 

-865: Anonymous from Earth

It would be a really pivotal day for the christians. I think the Vatican will be turning the gears in their head wondering how they should take this. 

At worst, it could come to: “How about assassinating her to play it off as if it never happened?”

-872: Anonymous from Earth

You are reading way too many light novels dude.

-888: Anonymous from Earth

It is for sure that the God here is different from the one in christianity, but resurrection in itself is a special thing. 

The resurrection of Christ will bring the death back to live, and the Last Judgment will begin.

Resurrection of Christ = All the dead are resurrected = The dead Nanami is resurrected

Resurrection of Christ = Last Judgment

That kind of diagram would be made.

-894: Anonymous from Earth

That’s one convoluted diagram, lol.

-902: Anonymous from Earth

The Last Judgment is already upon us. 

With the judgment of God, we have been separated by Chosen and Not Chosen.

This world will now be entering Gehenna.

-911: Anonymous from Earth

There’s people who truly believe that, you know.

The current society is one of decadence.

-912: Anonymous from Earth

The end! The world will perish!!

-916: Anonymous from Earth

If Nanami-chan is resurrected, at that instant, the Last Judgment would begin, huh.

This is bad.

-926: Anonymous from Earth

Last Judgment, you say. 

The one where Gabriel blows the trumpet? 

-940: Anonymous from Earth

That’s the Book of Revelation. The word apocalypse is normally heard of. The book that revealed the last moments of the world. 

-947: Anonymous from Earth

Doesn’t the Book of Revelation also talk about the end of the world? 

I don’t really know.

-959: Anonymous from Earth

In the Book of Revelation, Christ will resurrect at the last moments of the world. At that time, all the people will be revived, and on top of that, it will be a ‘from now on, we will be doing the last judgment!’. 

The evil ones will be dropped to hell and suffer forever without dying; the people of faith will be saved and go to the millennium kingdom~.

That’s basically the story.

-965: Anonymous from Earth

Resurrect in order to kill them? 

Is what I thought for a second, but they are resurrecting the dead to give them an eternity of suffering where they can’t die, huh.

I see, so that’s heaven or hell…

-968: Anonymous from Earth

Talk about going on a tangent…

With how much you have talked about christianity, this won’t wrap up with just a joke.

-970: Anonymous from Earth

Do christians really believe that? 

No way, right??

-973: Anonymous from Earth

Aren’t we actually heading to that at this very point in time?

-974: Anonymous from Earth

All religions have their thoughts of the end of the world.

With the appearance of God, all of them are pretty tense. 

-980: Anonymous from Earth

The end! It is the end! 

This world is going to perish!!

-982: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan might be worshipped as the reincarnation of Christ?

-990: Anonymous from Earth

It is plenty possible. 

Whichever the case, it would bring in the cash. 

Just by having her talk about the world of the death -even if it is a lie- it would bring a huge fortune.

-994: Anonymous from Earth

Well, Celica has probably already thought about all of that.

-995: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, I hope the smile of Hikaru returns with Nanami-chan coming back.

-999: Anonymous from Earth


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