DCFM – Chapter 119: Different World Bulletin Board [Country: JPN – C] 19678th

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Author Note: The intermission bulletin boards can be the different world bulletin boards or a different thread altogether aside from Hikaru’s. 

-6: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, which ones of the initial Special Powers were a hit?

-14: Anonymous from Earth

The ones with high point costs were in principle the most useful, but that’s depending on how you use them. 

Even if you got Charm, it is not like you can use them like the twins of Milliestas. 

-16: Anonymous from Earth

I would say the ones that are a hit are Night Vision and Presence Detection.

A world that lacks illumination really is stressful. 

-22: Anonymous from Earth

Night Vision and Presence Detection synergize too. 

Taking both does require quite a bit of points though.

-29: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the choice of taking Dark Spirit Ability and Presence Detection. 

-40: Anonymous from Earth

Dark Spirit Abilities are a landmine though.

-52: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no other choice but to take Affection of Spirits as well and stack landmine with landmine just like a certain Hikaru.

-59: Anonymous from Earth

If Hikaru had at least taken the other powers, he could have been peerless.

-66: Anonymous from Earth

No, darkness is pretty strong too. It is hard to say whether Affection of Spirits is a landmine. 

Great Spirits alone are super bad news, but if you have Barrier Stones, you can escape the worst scenario. 

-71: Anonymous from Earth

No, Great Spirits can see inside the barrier, so it is pointless against the ones like water and earth which wait patiently. 

You would get eaten when time runs out.

-74: Anonymous from Earth

No choice but to run away with Random Transfer. 

-77: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like it is not a 100% certain that all Great Spirits eat Loved Ones no questions asked though. 

Great Spirits are like a manifestation of nature, or like, basically gods, so there’s a lot of mysteries around them. 

-80: Anonymous from Earth

Can you fight and kill them? >Great Spirits.

-88: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like there’s cases where they fight Demon Lords and lose, so they obviously can die. 

I don’t think a human can manage that though.

-92: Anonymous from Earth

Great Spirits are the allies of humans, so there’s no one who actually is antagonistic towards them though. 

-97: Anonymous from Earth

Courage and super concentration are amazing, but the people that knew them before they got those powers said ‘they have become someone else’, so it gives the scent of brainwashing. 

-105: Anonymous from Earth

What special powers were there? 

Someone post the list. 

-108: Anonymous from Earth

Courage seems to be working for now though.

-111: Anonymous from Earth

The list of special powers you could get in the beginning.

・Courage 20p

・Super Concentration 30p

・Detect Presence 15p

・Night Vision 15p

・Intuition 20p 

・Breathless Activity 10p

・Wide Vision 10p

・Communication 30p

・Affection of Spirits 30p

・Charm 50p

By the way, you can’t choose the special powers after the transfer.

-120: Anonymous from Earth

Breathless activity and wide vision give that professional scent…

-128: Anonymous from Earth

It is plain popular with the Chosen that have diving hobbies >Breathless Activity & Wide Vision.

-136: Anonymous from Earth

Jose Hunter-san is nice. He is the only one doing the ‘I am conquering the isekai!’.

-140: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, what’s with Intuition and all the other stuff?

-149: Anonymous from Earth

A number of people who took it have survived, so it must be effective. 

However, there’s no knowing what would have happened if they had taken a different choice, so it is really hard to say. 

-155: Anonymous from Earth

Communication seems to be plain but good. Though there’s so few people who took it, we don’t really know.

-167: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like you can communicate with monsters after all…

-170: Anonymous from Earth

If it were to say “I am hungry. Let me eat you”, it would only be troubling though.

-173: Anonymous from Earth

I want Super Concentration in real life. 

It is a power that doesn’t seem to be of much use in an isekai. 

-177: Anonymous from Earth

There’s only a few Chosen who have taken Super Concentration, and most of those few have died. 

-189: Anonymous from Earth

It is the fault of the Random Transfer. 

Most of the Chosen that got Points for that died. 

-199: Anonymous from Earth

The ones that survived have become peerless though.

-206: Anonymous from Earth

Well, they have already charged into a whole other realm after all…

-227: Anonymous from Earth

Quick Announcement: The culprit for the killing of Nanami-chan’s family has been apprehended!! 

-230: Anonymous from Earth


-234: Anonymous from Earth

Geez, don’t go joking around. I won’t fall for that lie—

It is true.

-236: Anonymous from Earth


-237: Anonymous from Earth


-250: Anonymous from Earth

They are suddenly going to be doing an interview, huh.

-253: Anonymous from Earth


Culprit secured! 

Hikaru was innocent! 


-298: Anonymous from Earth

Boy? So no full name was disclosed to the public, huh. That means he really was a student from the same year. 

-312: Anonymous from Earth

I am going to throw a hell ton of messages to Hikaru.

-335: Anonymous from Earth

But why did it take this much time to apprehend him? 

Is it an incident that takes more than a month to solve? 

-353: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t apprehending an underage person something that has to be done with care? 

They can’t just disappear into smoke anyways. 

It is still in the phase of a suspect, so they can’t even make an official announcement. 

-387: Anonymous from Earth

Just thinking about the fact that if Celica and Karen hadn’t done anything, Hikaru would still be treated as a killer… 

I am happy about the culprit having been apprehended, but I have complicated feelings about this.

-453: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t the explanation of the interview a bit strange? 

He was apprehended when he was standing in front of the police station with the bloody killer weapon in hand? What kind of situation is that? 

-475: Anonymous from Earth

They are saying the fingerprints also match, so it is settled. 

-511: Anonymous from Earth

Is it someone that was in the list of students that didn’t come to school?

-532: Anonymous from Earth

No idea.

The underage person was simply announced as Boy A. Wait until there’s a leak somewhere. 

-576: Anonymous from Earth

By Boy, it means it is a man? 

-590: Anonymous from Earth

Even if it is a girl, it is announced as Boy A.

-600: Anonymous from Earth

I will message Alex or Jeanne-chan. 

Especially Jeanne-chan since it seems like she is still misunderstanding. 

…Is what I was thinking, but it didn’t work.

I haven’t been able to send messages at all lately, so someone else with strong emotions, counting on ya.

-621: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of that, Jeanne-chan is pretty close to the place of Hikaru now. 

So she is going to make contact with Hikaru soon, huh…

I am looking forward to it and, at the same time, I am scared.

-632: Anonymous from Earth

Talk about that in the thread of Hikaru.

-643: Anonymous from Earth

I am mostly active on the board of Hikaru, and almost everyone there already believes that Hikaru is not the culprit. 

That’s why, even if the true culprit has been apprehended, it is same old business~~~.

-674: Anonymous from Earth

They said the culprit is completely withered and they are waiting for them to recover before asking the circumstances.

Seriously, what’s going on here???

-686: Anonymous from Earth

Well, who cares. 

It sucks that they will be getting out soon because they are underaged.

-690: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way they will be forgiven for not being given the death penalty after killing 3 people. 

-700: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru said he was killed too. 

Make that 4.

-712: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way they are going to count Hikaru in that. 

-714: Anonymous from Earth

No, even if they are underaged, killing 3 people is normally still the death penalty. The lowest would be a life sentence. 

-715: Anonymous from Earth

What were the results of the psychology test? 

-722: Anonymous from Earth

Those stuff are not clear yet, but a guy that had been living normally saying that they suddenly went crazy won’t be cutting it. 

-734: Anonymous from Earth

Then death penalty. 

-745: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no doubt the death penalty is coming down. However, it will be performed after quite a while later, so there’s no knowing if it will actually happen. 

It could go as far as 20 years later after all.

-755: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t care anymore. 

Whatever happens, Nanami-tan won’t be coming back.

-761: Anonymous from Earth

I would like to hear what was the motive for the crime though. 

-765: Anonymous from Earth

Must have been a selfish reason anyways.

-772: Anonymous from Earth

The ones that treated Hikaru as the culprit, come out and apologize. 

Your life will be over if Celica and Karen get you.

-777: Anonymous from Earth

No, there’s no knowing. 

Celica has made contact with Jeanne-chan through the messages. 

-781: Anonymous from Earth

Saying Hikaru is innocent, so don’t kill him?

-784: Anonymous from Earth

No. She asked to give the Resurrection Gem to Hikaru. If there’s anything they can do, they would do it. And then, Jeanne-chan gave an impossible request. 

-791: Anonymous from Earth

Impossible request, you say?

-799: Anonymous from Earth

Wait, I will translate it.

-803: Anonymous from Earth

It is such a pain that the real time translation is so lacking…

If only I knew english.

-808: Anonymous from Earth

I am happy that I can understand a bit of the english streams of Celica and Karen.

-815: Anonymous from Earth

Is she really going to do it? 

-822: Anonymous from Earth

I have translated it. 

The request of Jeanne was: “There’s so many messages, I can’t deal with them. If you can reduce them to only a few messages a day, I don’t mind giving it away”. 

That’s impossible…

-830: Anonymous from Earth

With the popularity of Jeanne-chan, each movement of hers makes people send messages after all…

-850: Anonymous from Earth

Celica’s response: “Wait for 10 days. I will definitely show results. Counting on you for the gem”.

-853: Anonymous from Earth


-862: Anonymous from Earth

Celica is so manly. I am going to fall in love all over again.

-870: Anonymous from Earth

E-E-Eh? Then, is Nanami-tan going to revive??

-872: Anonymous from Earth

No, no matter if it is Celica, it should be impossible. 

You can easily send messages from a PC or a smartphone, you know…?

How is she going to control that…?

-877: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know. It must be an easy job for a genius.

-882: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, Jeanne-chan didn’t use the Resurrection Gem. Even though she got 1st place.

-894: Anonymous from Earth

She is the type that doesn’t show much interest in people after all…

-900: Anonymous from Earth

She doesn’t seem to be that concerned about Earth either…

-904: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, whichever the case, that means Jeanne-chan will be making contact with Hikaru?

-907: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne was heading to Meltia to begin with -seeking the dungeon.

-910: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way the gamer Jeanne wouldn’t show interest in clearing a dungeon.

-914: Anonymous from Earth

So she is going to be attacking while he is dejected about his farewell with Rifreya-chan, huh.

What’s going to happen…?

-918: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru seems to have adapted decently well compared to the other Chosen.

His relationship with Alex doesn’t seem to be bad either. 

-922: Anonymous from Earth

I want Rifreya-sama to see him and Jeanne-chan flirting and turning into a scene of carnage. 

-927: Anonymous from Earth

I want him to flirt with Alex.

-931: Anonymous from Earth

Alex said he didn’t have friends in his place despite being like that. What a mystery. 

Maybe it is like a highschool debut? But this time it is an isekai debut? 

-936: Anonymous from Earth

A jock of his hometown seemed to be dissing him with pretty dirty words at the exclusive board after all.

The exclusive board of Alex is so scary I can’t get close to it.

-940: Anonymous from Earth

After obtaining the title of hero…

I silently closed the board that was making a joke out of him. 

I don’t know how kind the board of Hikaru is. 

-944: Anonymous from Earth

I seriously want Alex to be happy in the isekai. 

-949: Anonymous from Earth

Guys that are doing their all to flame someone in a bulletin board are not jocks. 

Isn’t it a nerd that’s just fuming because they are so jealous they couldn’t get to transfer to an isekai?

-950: Anonymous from Earth

In a sense, Alex is straight on getting more horrible messages. 

Of course he wouldn’t be able to tell Hikaru to open his messages.

-959: Anonymous from Earth

Even though Alexander-kun is a kind young man who loves his family.

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