DCFM – Chapter 117: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 4000th

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-6: Anonymous from Earth

I want to have a love story like this one~.

-7: Anonymous from Earth

I want to have a love story like this one~.

-10: Anonymous from Earth

I am…We are the moon! 

-14: Anonymous from Earth

When Hikaru slipped out from the party by himself, Celica and Karen were talking like machine guns, but it really got me when they spoke less and less the moment Rifreya-sama appeared. 

-18: Anonymous from Earth

The moment they kissed and Celica leaked out an ‘Ah…’ really was so cute. 

-21: Anonymous from Earth

Since the point when the two began to dance, the pressure of Celica and Karen disappeared…

-27: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it is plain embarrassing to be watching the romance of a relative.

-36: Anonymous from Earth

Those two seriously love their Onii-chan after all. 

-50: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no real younger sister like that. Got it?

-54: Anonymous from Earth

Why do the two have to go their separate ways…?

-59: Anonymous from Earth

Apologies, it is because of the moon…

-61: Anonymous from Earth

My chest is so full I can’t say anything…

-63: Anonymous from Earth

It ended with just a kiss after all…

-71: Anonymous from Earth

You simply wanted to see the continuation of that.

-74: Anonymous from Earth

We are all badgers of the same hole… We are all bad moons…

-80: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama lying so nonchalantly was so cute, I love it. 

-87: Anonymous from Earth

What lie? 

-89: Anonymous from Earth

She told Alex: ‘Leave Hikaru to me!’.

On top of that, she was scheming something like ‘if I can’t get him by pushing, I will pull’.

-95: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya seriously does seem like she would just go do the exam and then come back. 

Even though Hikaru is completely on the idea of them completely separating here. 

-99: Anonymous from Earth




I was completely fooled… Women are scary…

-101: Anonymous from Earth

The difference in temperatures here is incredible too. 

Rifreya-sama is quite impressive for being able to fool him while completely on the know. 

-104: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru doesn’t know the charging power of a maiden in love. 

More so when Rifreya-sama is a stalker of light. He should know that she is in no way that meek…

-108: Anonymous from Earth

This is most likely seriously a scenario where Rifreya is going to be coming back soon after…

I have a strange confidence that that’s exactly what will be turning out to be…

-113: Anonymous from Earth

When you are seriously in love, even a few days away is sad. 

You guys probably don’t have experience in that though.

-117: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama’s brain is pretty much filled with love after all…

-118: Anonymous from Earth

The two are still children. 

And yet, the two of them have experienced something like this. 

The two are resolved to face forward and live on…

Uuuh~~~ (Tears)

-122: Anonymous from Earth

Calm down. 

-125: Anonymous from Earth

No, being love brained might actually be the natural state of a human. 

We have matured way too much in the bad meaning of the word. 

If we even stop having delusions towards the opposite gender, it would be the end of us. 

Of course we would end up with low birth rates.

-131: Anonymous from Earth

Eh?! What about the promise?! 

-134: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya: “I plan to return immediately, but it is not like I won’t feel sad about it”.

-139: Anonymous from Earth

If it didn’t look like he could get 1st place in the Viewer Count Race, he was probably planning on unsheathing his excalibur. 

In the end, it looked like he was going to get 1st place and adding the forfeit, it ended without him unleashing his noble phantasm.

-143: Anonymous from Earth

Unsheathe the excalibur! 

I wanted to see that noble phantasm! 

-149: Anonymous from Earth

Stop using the excalibur as a metaphor, lol.

-160: Anonymous from Earth

The promise is probably still alive for Rifreya. 

She will definitely return to fulfill that promise. 

Please come back!! (Plead)

-167: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a difference in the weight of ‘promises’ depending on the location after all.

I wonder how heavy Rifreya is taking it. 

Hikaru is definitely thinking lightly of it though.

-178: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru seriously should read the messages already. Even though there’s quite a lot of supporting messages.

-180: Anonymous from Earth

Why did Hikaru accept introducing Alex to Rifreya so easily? 

If he doesn’t want her to be seen, Alex is obviously also No Good.

-189: Anonymous from Earth

Because he is still misunderstanding that he is being hated after all…

-191: Anonymous from Earth


I beg of you, please watch the stream of Twin/Sis at the same time too. 

Celica explains most of everything. Don’t know if she is right though.

-196: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Aah, this is so Onii-chan-like.” 

Karen: “What do you mean by that?” 

Celica: “For example; if Alex-san were a reprehensible guy, even Onii-chan would have said no. I think he actually didn’t want to do it. However, Alex-san is a good guy, right?” 

Karen: “Well, I guess.” 

Celica: “Being asked by a person like that, I think he thought that he had no right to refuse him. That’s just a matter of feelings, but there’s a side of Onii-chan that is uptight in the bad meaning of the word.” 

Karen: “Aah~, I see. Onii-chan has already rejected Rifreya-san after all. And so, he can’t go saying something similar to ‘he is my woman, so no’.” 

Celica: “That’s basically it. Not wanting to watch, these being my own feelings; he is the type that would be strangely obstinate in that way… I would say that’s just like Onii-chan though… I should have given him a lecture about the heart of a woman a bit more.” 

Karen: “Even though you were purposely not teaching him about that because you didn’t want him being popular with other women”.

Celica: “I like Onii-chan the way he is!” 

There you have it.

Celica seems to be his human relations teacher or something. 

-202: Anonymous from Earth

How about having another Chosen be our messenger?

-213: Anonymous from Earth

When Alex tried to tell him, he rejected it by saying he didn’t want to hear about it. I think it is going to be pretty difficult. 

The person himself seems to have received quite the mental damage after all. 

-217: Anonymous from Earth

You guys really are hopeless.

-220: Anonymous from Earth


Thanks a lot.

But Hikaru really isn’t manly at all. 

The foreign guys of the main thread are bashing him quite a lot. 

-228: Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t think Hikaru was the culprit since the very beginning.

-235: Anonymous from Earth

Anyone can say anything now. At that time, even this place was pretty bad, you know.

-245: Anonymous from Earth

What about Ikakin? 

-258: Anonymous from Earth

He clearly refused. 

He said it is not his role to tell him that. 

-269: Anonymous from Earth

Then who is going to? 

-287: Anonymous from Earth

Doesn’t it mean that he should notice himself? 

Not opening the messages is in a sense a weakness of Hikaru himself. 

-299: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it too harsh to say that? 

Hikaru doesn’t even know if his family is okay, you know? 

Opening something that might be decisive requires quite the courage.

-320: Anonymous from Earth

If a troll message like ‘your whole family committed suicide’ was written there, he wouldn’t even have the means to confirm if that’s true. God has made quite the sinful system. 

-338: Anonymous from Earth

There’s various opinions about whether it is actually God or not after all…

-346: Anonymous from Earth

We’ve got Jeanne-chan! Let’s ask Jeanne-chan!

-362: Anonymous from Earth

“I am not a messenger girl!!”, is what she will say as she snaps. 

-375: Anonymous from Earth

She snaps, but she might tell him. 

-388: Anonymous from Earth

That’s the part we won’t know for sure.

Wanna try sending her a message? 

Someone with strong emotions, please do. 

-400: Anonymous from Earth

Celica hasn’t sent that to Jeanne either. 

She has only sent: “Please properly see the truth with your own eyes”. 

There’s no knowing if Jeanne even remembers that. 

-411: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t she heading to Meltia where Hikaru is exactly because she remembers? 

-417: Anonymous from Earth

No, isn’t it because there’s a dungeon? 

-429: Anonymous from Earth

No no, she was heading to Meltia before that, right? 

-440: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, in the end, it concluded with Jeanne being the rightful 1st, huh.

Even though Hikaru would have been saved a bit if he had managed to revive Nanami-chan at least.

-454: Anonymous from Earth

But he put Rifreya-sama -who he met just a few weeks- on a scale, and chose to save Rifreya-sama. 

-462: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t that the weakness of falling in love? 

-477: Anonymous from Earth

There’s obviously that, but he even went as far as fighting a Demon Lord to revive Nanami-tan. Hikaru was pretty seriously trying to get 1st place. 

-490: Anonymous from Earth

Everyone would do that when Rifreya got wounded. Reviving Nanami-chan is technically more of a gamble after all.

-501: Anonymous from Earth

It is his childhood friend, you know. Moreover, with the chance that she could prove his innocence. 

-513: Anonymous from Earth

Whichever the case, it is love. 

I would have wanted to be loved by a man like this. 

-520: Anonymous from Earth

As I have said, don’t suddenly go throwing the scent of a heavy past, lol.

-534: Anonymous from Earth

The moment Hikaru began dancing skilfully, my chest grew crazy hot. 

-540: Anonymous from Earth

The fruits of Celica’s teachings…

-545: Anonymous from Earth

No, Hikaru is actually cool.

-558: Anonymous from Earth

According to Alex, this time’s Demon Lord was apparently quite the strong one compared to the ones that have shown in that dungeon. He said that it was a mistake to assign too many strong parties in the first half team.

-570: Anonymous from Earth

Jordan explained to Alex, but they apparently divided their forces equally in the long past. But when they did that, it would always ended up with more than several people dying because of it, and it would also end up with pretty close battles because of the strength of the Demon Lord, so the guild would divide them into strong side and weak side like this time around, and have changed into a style where the strong side is the one hitting. 

Moreover, it seems like that has worked for a pretty long time, and the failures have decreased to 1 every 10 times.

In other words, the guild has already factored in irregular situations like the one this time around. 

-587: Anonymous from Earth

So what they thought worked had turned around on them, huh.

Hikaru seriously saved their ass there.

-599: Anonymous from Earth

Normal silver rank parties can barely even put a hand on it, so Hikaru really does have the skills of a gold or a mithril rank. 

-611: Anonymous from Earth

There’s the demerit of being predated by Great Spirits though…

-618: Anonymous from Earth

Now that we are talking about that, what happened with the reward? 

-629: Anonymous from Earth

I was watching the broadcast of Alex at the same time, and they announced it at the venue. Hikaru was the number one, Rifreya-sama and the party of Alex were number two. Hikaru himself was denying his contribution, but well, it was an achievement that sticks out too much after all. 

-642: Anonymous from Earth

They probably get the opinions of the people on-site and make a decision. 

That’s unexpected.

-651: Anonymous from Earth

Jojordan said that the guild staff has a magic tool that can see through lies. 

-657: Anonymous from Earth

Even when knowing this, Alex was singing BS epics of him and Crabbell. He really got some balls. 

What a dork. 

-663: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a tool like that…? Scary…

-666: Anonymous from Earth

So the lie of Hikaru was completely exposed, huh. 

Or more like, why did he have to go as far as to lie like that to not get number one? 

There’s no doubt his actual skills are up there.

-671: Anonymous from Earth

Jojordan was completely singing high praise about Hikaru. 

He must have felt something as a Spirit User himself. 

-675: Anonymous from Earth

That’s nice…

Hikaru x Jojordan…

-679: Anonymous from Earth

Stop with the Jojordan! His name is Jordan! 

-682: Anonymous from Earth


“Being evaluated has become a trauma for Onii-chan.” 

Celica muttered this and I didn’t let it escape. I don’t know why being evaluated has become a trauma for him though.

-684: Anonymous from Earth

I thought people participating as porters didn’t get a reward. 

It was unexpected that Hikaru would get 1st. 

Hikaru must have thought the same.

-690: Anonymous from Earth

What was the reward? 

-701: Anonymous from Earth

10 gold. Rich overnight. 

-712: Anonymous from Earth

Seriously? 10? That’s like 10 million yen, right? 

-718: Anonymous from Earth


You can get it just by thinking about it normally. He has two genius little sisters, you know? 

No matter how much you try, you will be compared to your little sisters -like moon and the dirt. 

Being told ‘you tried so hard and this is what you get?’ coupled with a sigh is seriously rough.

-719: Anonymous from Earth

You have done it, Hikaru-chan! You can buy a house! 

-727: Anonymous from Earth

Let’s employ a maid! This has gotten fun! 

-731: Anonymous from Earth


My little brother is also exemplary, so I understand that a bit. 

More so when the parents in the household of Hikaru are poison—oops, someone is knocking on the door. 

-740: Anonymous from Earth

If Hikaru suddenly employs a pretty maid, I will laugh. 

His little sisters would foam on their mouths and collapse. 

-754: Anonymous from Earth

You can’t buy a house with 10 gold.

You can rent an apartment at least though.

Even Alex is sharing one after all. 

-768: Anonymous from Earth

Jojordan doing nothing but eating at the party was cute.

-776: Anonymous from Earth

Dumplings over flowers. 

But it is those kinds of guys that score a goal before anyone else.

I know about that…

-783: Anonymous from Earth

I watched the VOD, but Alex is seriously a good guy. I thought for sure he would use this chance to invite Rifreya-sama into his own party.

-799: Anonymous from Earth

I see Alex in a new light too.

-812: Anonymous from Earth

Well, anyone who sees it would be worried -about Hikaru. Even though he is in an isekai, he doesn’t seem to be having fun at all. 

-823: Anonymous from Earth

No, there’s a part of him that’s enjoying it a bit, I think.

-837: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no boy who doesn’t have his heart dance at an adventure in a dungeon! 

-845: Anonymous from Earth

I would be blowing the hunting hurn while crying. 

-856: Anonymous from Earth

Turning into a stone when you die in the dungeon is plain scary. 

-870: Anonymous from Earth

The 2nd Floor is dark and the hurdle is high. It is tough with just the light of a lantern. 

-871: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama in the party was beautiful…

-877: Anonymous from Earth

The sewing technique is so high it is scary. 

What’s the material of the dress?

-890: Anonymous from Earth

It is silk-like though…

Maybe there’s silkworms there? 

-900: Anonymous from Earth

It is most likely a mix of cotton. I don’t know what they are mixing with the cotton though. There’s no chemical fibers, so it really might be a material like silk.

-904: Anonymous from Earth

There was a Chosen in the textile area, right? If it is that person, they should know. 

-912: Anonymous from Earth

Even if you get one lump of wool, it is not the same wool as the one from Earth, so it is pointless to even think about it. 

-924: Anonymous from Earth

In order to solve this mystery, there’s no choice but to jump to the actual site. 

-929: Anonymous from Earth

There’s materials that you can get from monsters after all.

-932: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t monsters turn to a spirit stone when they die?

-947: Anonymous from Earth

Only the ones inside the dungeon. The ones outside leave a corpse. 

-951: Anonymous from Earth

What happened with the spirit stone of the Demon Lord? Does Rifreya-sama have it as the one that defeated it? 

-960: Anonymous from Earth

The feudal lord is most likely getting it. 

The Demon Lord subjugation is being paid that much in value as a reward. 

-967: Anonymous from Earth

The big chaotic stone that comes from the Demon Lord is apparently pretty valuable after all. 

If Hikaru had gotten it, he could have summoned it as an undead. 

I so would have wanted to see that.

-975: Anonymous from Earth

Zombie Marchosias would be way too much of a trump card. 

-988: Anonymous from Earth

That’s what shows up in a boss gauntlet before the battle against the last boss. 

-990: Anonymous from Earth

At any rate, he is parting ways with Rifreya-sama tomorrow, huh.

Seriously, what will Hikaru be doing now?

-999: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan is going to arrive soon, so I think it is going to turn into trouble, you know.

I am looking forward to it, but at the same time, I am scared…

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