DCFM – Chapter 110: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 3799th

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-2: Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t expect to cry from Hikaru.

-6: Anonymous from Earth

I am also crying. Man, Hikaru is impressive. He really gave it his all…

-7: Anonymous from Earth

Uooooo! Hero! 

-11: Anonymous from Earth

Getting the title of hero once you defeat a Demon Lord.

So the dark great mage has become the dark hero, huh.

-12: Anonymous from Earth

That was crazy.

In the end, they managed to finish this with only members of silver rank and below! 

-15: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru: “I will be going for a bit.”

Celica and Karen: “Don’t gooooooo!” 

I laughed a bit at that.

-19: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru: “Rifreya, can you go for one more round?” 

Rifreya: “Yeah, if it is one more time…I think I can.” 

Karen: “What exactly are they talking about again?” 

I also like the simplicity of this one.

-21: Anonymous from Earth

Man, seeing the Demon Lord upclose is seriously crazy. 

The recent CG of monsters has gotten pretty real, but a real one is seriously a whole other level.

Hikaru really has several screws loose being able to stand against it. 

-24: Anonymous from Earth

In other words, a hero…

-29: Anonymous from Earth

Normally, you can’t just ‘go for a bit’.

-32: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen: “I have fallen in love all over again…” 

-34: Anonymous from Earth

We have fallen in love all over again as well. 

Even if it was a difficult situation where they had to buy time, I didn’t expect them to actually finish it there. 

-37: Anonymous from Earth

But it is a shame with the Viewer Count Race.

-40: Anonymous from Earth

He actually got 1st in the race after all.

-42: Anonymous from Earth

I am impressed he managed to defeat it, seriously. 

-44: Anonymous from Earth

But that really was cool.

Being able to buy the scroll without any hesitation even when it meant forfeiting.

-45: Anonymous from Earth

Being able to make that decision instantly even when he was 1st place really makes him our Onii-chan.

-47: Anonymous from Earth

Well, you can only do that in that situation, right? 

-48: Anonymous from Earth

The trending on twitter is all related to Hikaru.

-55: Anonymous from Earth

From the top: “Hikaru” “Rifreya” “Alex” “Jojordan” “Marchosias” “Dark Coffin” “Photon Ray” “Demon Lord” “Hunting Horn Boy”.

-59: Anonymous from Earth

Hunting Horn Boy, lmao.

-63: Anonymous from Earth

Jojordan is for some reason trending like crazy among foreigners. 

-65: Anonymous from Earth

Jordan is nice. 

Even though he looks weak, that reaction speed in being able to block the fire from the Demon Lord with his ability was cool.

-69: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a part of me thinking that if he could have stopped the recklessness of Rifreya beforehand…

But asking that from a 15 year old boy is just too harsh. 

-73: Anonymous from Earth

But because of that, he can’t revive Nanami-chan anymore…

Hikaru did his best for the sake of that…

-75: Anonymous from Earth

He decided for himself that he would be forfeiting, so he was making a refreshed face, right? 

Even Celica and Karen said that trying to become 1st place in the race had become a form of shackles instead for his life in that world. 

-80: Anonymous from Earth

A dark great mage and a hero. Most of all, his manliness for not hesitating at all when saving Rifreya-sama. Can’t help falling in love there. 

-82: Anonymous from Earth

If he hadn’t forfeited, would he have gotten 1st place? 

-84: Anonymous from Earth

In the Viewer Count Race? There were still 2 days left, but he had gotten 1st place in the Total Ranking, so if he had maintained 1st place the whole time, it would have been possible.

-87: Anonymous from Earth

So he can’t revive Nanami-chan, huh… He must be dismayed by this.

-90: Anonymous from Earth

Even Celica and Karen were speechless at that moment after all.

-93: Anonymous from Earth

It is not just the battle with the Demon Lord; it isn’t rare for an explorer to die at any moment if they continue with that line of work. 

You could even say that it is the mistake of Hikaru for not readying the healing means beforehand. 

It is basically a miracle that she was even saved. 

If he hadn’t been a Chosen, she would have died 100% there. 

-98: Anonymous from Earth

We know that! 

We do, but we can’t help but say it! 

-101: Anonymous from Earth

The two of Twin/Sis did seem to have put quite a lot of money to support him after all…

-106: Anonymous from Earth

This is not an issue about money.

Not about money. 

-114: Anonymous from Earth

No, money is important. 

Twin/Sis are still middle schoolers! 

-119: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru doesn’t even know about that either, so it can’t be helped. 

-126: Anonymous from Earth

Well, but with his comrade having been gravely injured and about to die, there was no other choice. 

-133: Anonymous from Earth

That’s true, but when something like that suddenly happens, you would normally hesitate. 

He was literally doing his best with his life on the line after all. 

He risked his life countless times, and finally managed to stretch his hands into reach.

-138: Anonymous from Earth

He got 1st in the Total Rankings even when he was assuming all viewers hated him to death and was running solely with his emotions of wanting to revive Nanami-chan, you know? 

There’s no way you can throw it all away so easily. Even if he let Rifreya-sama die there, him becoming 1st was almost assured at that point already.

-140: Anonymous from Earth

But a Demon Lord showing up really is quite the impossible game. How many died there…?

-142: Anonymous from Earth

Not leaving corpses is plain harsh.

-147: Anonymous from Earth

If you were to be exploring normally and ended up meeting and fighting the Demon Lord first, you would be completely done for. 

-152: Anonymous from Earth

No, your normal adventurer would have meat and smoke bombs to escape. That’s what Alex said. 

-158: Anonymous from Earth

You can’t escape from the Demon Lord!! 

-164: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it does look like it would chase after you.

-172: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know if a Demon Lord battle is always like this or if it was just on this occasion, but I seriously thought ‘aren’t they a bit too nonchalant about this?’.

Guild-chan, do your damn job.

-178: Anonymous from Earth

The advance of the Demon Lord was probably way faster than what was estimated. 

Demon Lords are like a natural phenomenon, so their tendencies have already been analyzed and countermeasures have already been created.

That’s why it just crumbles when it strays from that.

-182: Anonymous from Earth

It is their fault for using something like a hunting horn.

For signalling, you really have to go with gongs.

-189: Anonymous from Earth

Gong! Gong! Geh, Demon Lord!

-195: Anonymous from Earth

Well, maybe using both gongs and hunting horns. I feel like they could do a lot of things if they were to bring drums. 

-200: Anonymous from Earth

It is like the construction works in the long past. They probably just think of people dying as the nature of the profession. 

-206: Anonymous from Earth

According to what the Chosen in Alismaris have investigated:

・Demon Lords get stronger as they go up, and the longer it takes, the stronger that growth is. 

・Each time they go up a floor, they get one chaotic trait, and their rank as a Demon Lord increases.

・If the Demon Lord comes outside, the chaotic element spreads around and it turns into Hell. 

・They normally get killed by Great Spirits before that happens, but in such cases, the dungeon collapses. 

That’s basically the gist of it. 

-210: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, it means that it is different from your normal monster. 

-214: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t the Divine Beasts or whatever defeat the Demon Lords? 

It ain’t time to be giving presents to explorers, right? 

-222: Anonymous from Earth

There seems to not be much known about Divine Beasts. 

They are apparently crazy strong, so they probably can defeat a Demon Lord if they were to fight. 

-224: Anonymous from Earth

It is because Jordan kicked the hunting horn…

-229: Anonymous from Earth

Those kinds of accidents or irregularities happen normally. 

You gotta report it and make countermeasures for them. 

-232: Anonymous from Earth

Chosen teaching the natives about the Heinrich’s Triangle…

-236: Anonymous from Earth

They do seem negligent compared to Alimari. 

Don’t guilds communicate with each other in these regards? 

-243: Anonymous from Earth

It is a foreign country divided by the sea after all…

There’s apparently engineer-like people that draw up dungeons. 

They probably don’t do much guiding in the ways to manage them though.

-248: Anonymous from Earth

Alimari is so strong that there’s no need to go through the trouble of dividing them between a strong team and weak team. That’s how strong their parties are there. 

Meltia has to put more effort in raising their newbies. 

Or more like, the configuration of the dungeon is bad. 

The 2nd Floor and 4th Floor are not suitable for hunting, and there’s a lot who are only specialized in the 3rd Floor. 

And the result of that is this. 

-255: Anonymous from Earth

Well, they have managed to do fine with this way of doing things. 

The style of defeating it with the strong parties can manage to defeat it fast without any deaths if the rug isn’t pulled on them after all. 

-259: Anonymous from Earth

I do feel like they simply took the choice of high risk high return…

-266: Anonymous from Earth

High risks are not noticed in the time when things go well. 

It is human to feel things are just easy. 

-273: Anonymous from Earth

It really should be a gong, or a chime would be nice too. 

Let’s send that message to Hikaru.

-279: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru doesn’t read them…

-289: Anonymous from Earth

Alex got intimidated by being told ‘deaths always happen in Demon Lord subjugations’.

There’s probably deaths actually showing up every time.

And the guild isn’t too bothered by that.

-293: Anonymous from Earth

The guild is fine with anything as long as the Demon Lord is defeated after all.

-300: Anonymous from Earth

Silver ranks are basically on the 4th place from the top and are simply on the level of ‘competent enough’.

Putting it in gaming perspective, it would be around the stage where you can finally buy an iron sword.

In other words, people you can replace as much as you want…

-308: Anonymous from Earth

Life isn’t endless! 

-314: Anonymous from Earth

They become stones when they die, so there’s probably a lack of reality to their deaths. 

-317: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, Hikaru did well.

He was simply a fresh explorer and a bronze rank porter after all.

-321: Anonymous from Earth

Silver rank is a rank where there’s a lot of difference in power among it. 

Even Rifreya-sama is a silver rank, and the weakling party that got defeated instantly was also silver rank. 

-330: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya also was on the verge of dying with just one hit of the Demon Lord.

-333: Anonymous from Earth

I always end up speaking things from a viewer point of view like ‘if only Hikaru would have done this…’.

The best move on defined scenarios can only be spoken about here because we are watching from the outside, and it isn’t so simple as just doing it because they have been told to. 

Messages apparently reached Alex, but he didn’t have any leeway to read them. 

Even if he did, there would be no hardships in this world if you could solve things that way. 

-339: Anonymous from Earth

If I had been actually there in flesh and bones, I would have been blowing the horn while crying. 

-346: Anonymous from Earth

I would also be cast as the hunting horn boy. 

-351: Anonymous from Earth

It really hit that the camera would show the hunting horn boy every now and then. 

-358: Anonymous from Earth

He was desperately blowing while in tears after all.

No, I was already filled to the brim with desperation while watching in real time. 

But now that I think back on it, that sight was strangely comical. 

-365: Anonymous from Earth


I also think I have to work, but I just can’t bring myself to do it, so I understand that feeling…

-371: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t that a bit different? 

No, with how we all are glued to a bulletin board at this late in the night, we are all probably fish in the same tank here. 

-382: Anonymous from Earth

The magic cannon of Rifreya-sama was crazy powerful.

-387: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t call it magic cannon. 

-391: Anonymous from Earth

It is light, so maybe it is practically like a neutral element attack? Light and darkness really are special elements? 

-396: Anonymous from Earth

They might be. I do feel Light Spirit Abilities are a bit OP with them having both healing abilities and attack abilities of high caliber in their repertoire. 

-400: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru and Rifreya-sama shooting the Photon Ray together looked a bit like them cutting their wedding cake.

-408: Anonymous from Earth

You would be killed for that comment if Celica and Karen read it. 

-409: Anonymous from Earth

Demon Lord = Wedding Cake.

-410: Anonymous from Earth

It is clearly unfair to bring out a particle-beam cannon in a fight with fire and water. 

-413: Anonymous from Earth

Be it Light or Photon Ray, I don’t know if to call it Light Element or Electricity Element. 

-420: Anonymous from Earth

Mobile suit gundam, Rifreya.

-423: Anonymous from Earth

Stop that, LMAO.

-426: Anonymous from Earth

She does fight with a sword and has a beam attack after all. 

-429: Anonymous from Earth

Also a stun grenade!

-423: Anonymous from Earth

If Light made noise too, it would be invincible against people. 

-440: Anonymous from Earth

The solar flare is a handy technique that works even against strong characters. <DBZ reference.> 

-447: Anonymous from Earth

At any rate, the Demon Lord was totally a chimera. 

-453: Anonymous from Earth

But even though it is a world that has nothing to do with Earth, the Demon Lord Marchosias showed up, right? That’s a demon of Solomon. Maybe it really has some relation with Earth? 

-459: Anonymous from Earth

Gundam Marchosias. 

-470: Anonymous from Earth

That actually exists, so don’t.

-476: Anonymous from Earth

A Marquis of Hell commanding 30 legions of demons, Marchosias, huh (From wiki). 

Even the picture matches.

-479: Anonymous from Earth

The truth of that parallel world has been enquired a whole ton already in other places, so there’s no point in speaking about it in detail here, but there’s apparently no doubt that it has some sort of connection to Earth in some way. 

-487: Anonymous from Earth

It is a world created by God, so isn’t it just that the small details are the same? It is totally a fantasy world after all. 

-493: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that it is such a fantasy world that it even feels silly to theorize about it…

-500: Anonymous from Earth

It is an isekai fantasy to the point that Marchosias has shown up. 

-507: Anonymous from Earth

It is already that since the point where elves showed up.

-512: Anonymous from Earth

Well, there’s no doubt there’s some sort of hand involved by God. We can’t tell whether this is a world that existed in the first place or not. 

-515: Anonymous from Earth

The mass hallucination theory still hasn’t been denied completely after all…

-518: Anonymous from Earth

There’s Viscount class and all that business, but what’s that about Lord?

-522: Anonymous from Earth

It may be called a Demon Lord, but until it actually comes out from the dungeon, it is still a being that is on the way to becoming a Demon Lord. It is when it comes out from the dungeon that it gets the Lord Class Demon Lord. 

-527: Anonymous from Earth

That it was appraised as a viscount while still in the 4th Floor state means that in the 3rd Floor it was a count, 2nd Floor a marquis, 1st Floor a duke, and once it comes to the outside, it is lord class, right? 

-530: Anonymous from Earth

Most likely -if we go by the Monster Appraisal. 

-532: Anonymous from Earth

Lord Class has a weird ring to it. 

-536: Anonymous from Earth

A Great Demon Lord has apparently shown up before after all. That must be the king of kings. I don’t know if it is a sovereign or an emperor or whatever though. 

-540: Anonymous from Earth

Even so, didn’t it come way too fast to the 3rd Floor? Shouldn’t it have taken more time for it to come up? 

-547: Anonymous from Earth

It depends on the type of Demon Lord. There’s the slime type that are super slow, moreover, camouflage on the walls which has shown before (in Alismaris). 

This time it was a wolf type, so it must have been fast.

-551: Anonymous from Earth

A speedy Demon Lord…

-555: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t the new Spirit Ability of Hikaru too broken? 

-560: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like even in the whole parallel world there, there aren’t many who can use Dark Coffin. 

-567: Anonymous from Earth

Dark Coffin is certainly impressive, but the darkness is so dense that unless you analyze the image, you can barely see the silhouette… Gotta send more tickets to God again…

-570: Anonymous from Earth

It was finally implemented and we were just recently able to see the silhouettes inside the Fog, so I don’t know man. 

-573: Anonymous from Earth

Even though that was the sweetest moment of them all! I felt blueballed! 

-576: Anonymous from Earth

And here I thought there weren’t that many parties participating in the Demon Lord battle…

There were a number of guys inside the mist that were just watching the battle without participating, showing up in the camera every so often…

-584: Anonymous from Earth

I confirmed in the VOD. That’s true.

Are these guys for real? 

-587: Anonymous from Earth

They came close after hearing the sound of the hunting horn of the boy, but they got chicken legs because the Demon Lord looked dangerous? 

-591: Anonymous from Earth

Looks like fear won and they ran away.

It was 3 parties worth, so 18 people.

-593: Anonymous from Earth

That’s horrible. 

-595: Anonymous from Earth

They probably had no intentions of fighting the Demon Lord in the first place. 

Aren’t those people who are just aiming for the participation reward? 

-599: Anonymous from Earth

The people that were killed by the dive of the Demon Lord can’t even cry because of those pathetic bastards. 

-605: Anonymous from Earth

Well, the phrase of the hunting horn boy was a complete mess, so they can just say they didn’t know where they had to go and they would probably get away scot-free…

-612: Anonymous from Earth

Those guys, even if they had participated, there was a high chance they would have been wiped out if Hikaru wasn’t there after all. 

You could even say they are intelligent for treasuring their lives?

-622: Anonymous from Earth

It is a subjugation organized by the guild, so the things that didn’t go well are all the fault of the guild. 

They should at least place a commander on site or something. 

-631: Anonymous from Earth

This does look like a matter that the guild should have led properly using their influential power, but Demon Lords are originally things that explorers should be defeating themselves. 

The reward apparently goes to the explorer that defeats it after all.

-640: Anonymous from Earth

Explorers seem to hate influential people after all-nii~.

-645: Anonymous from Earth

They are a gathering of ruffians after all-nii~.

-648: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, who is going to be 1st place in the Viewer Count Race? 

-655: Anonymous from Earth

Must be Jeanne-chan. I don’t know who she will be reviving though.

-661: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan seems to be from pretty complicated origins too after all. Maybe she will revive her parents? 

-666: Anonymous from Earth

The person herself doesn’t say anything about it, so there’s no knowing. 

-670: Anonymous from Earth

So Hikaru couldn’t do it, huh. But not being able to revive the dead is a natural thing, and reviving them goes against the laws of nature. It is a good thing that he didn’t make his childhood friend into a being close to a God. 

-674: Anonymous from Earth

Resurrections are a pretty special thing in religions after all.

-680: Anonymous from Earth

But even with that, I would have wanted Nanami-chan to be revived. 

-685: Anonymous from Earth

We would also be able to know who the culprit is.

-693: Anonymous from Earth

What if ‘it really was Hikaru!’?

-697: Anonymous from Earth

Nothing would happen. Celica and Karen might be flamed for it though.

-700: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, Celica’s prediction of ‘She can use Photon Ray now, huh’ was totally correct. I got goosebumps when I saw that.

She is a seer already…

-702: Anonymous from Earth

If Celica were to go out with a man, she would be able to see through his lies in an instant. 

-706: Anonymous from Earth

She even said that she liked men who were bad at lying. 

-709: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, Hikaru has been fast asleep this whole time. Is he going to die here? 

-716: Anonymous from Earth

The veteran party’s Water Spirit User-chan said that his life is not at risk here, so he should be okay. 

-718: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama wiping the body of the sleeping Hikaru with her face red was truly nice.

-722: Anonymous from Earth

But he will be leaving Rifreya-sama now, right? 

-729: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama can’t pass the templar exam if she can’t use the beam cannon, so she came to train. Now that she can shoot the beam, there’s no point in being here, and Hikaru told her clearly that they can’t be together. 

-733: Anonymous from Earth

Even though Rifreya-sama loves him…

-740: Anonymous from Earth

I think that goes the same for Hikaru.

-748: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no virgin who wouldn’t fall in love with Rifreya-sama in a situation like that. 

-754: Anonymous from Earth

Even if you are not a virgin, a pretty damn high percentage of the Earth population must have fallen in love with Rifreya-sama. 

-768: Anonymous from Earth

It is because Hikaru understands this that he chose to separate from her after all…

-777: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t mind if they do their sexy time hidden in the darkness, so please no farewells. I would be plain crushed. 

-779: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said just now that it was a good thing that Rifreya didn’t die. 

It is better for Hikaru to be together with Rifreya.

Being alone is painful. 

-786: Anonymous from Earth

Did Celica say that? 

-792: Anonymous from Earth

Didn’t he become friends with Alex?

-800: Anonymous from Earth

Alex’s party can really heal you, like seriously. 

-804: Anonymous from Earth

Now that you mention it, what was the result of Alex’s Viewer Count Race? 

-807: Anonymous from Earth

13th as of now. 

It might go up a bit more, but it would be hard for him to get in the top 10.

-819: Anonymous from Earth


Celica: “It is great that Rifreya-san didn’t die. If that had happened, Onii-chan would have suffered even more than before. It is a shame what happened with the Viewer Count Race, but the reason why we were supporting Onii-chan was so that he didn’t push himself too much… The fact that he actually managed to get 1st place definitely served in reducing his recklessness.”

Karen: “That’s right-nii~. I do want Nanamin to come back to life, but the one we think the most of is Onii.” 

Celica: “As long as he is alive…this is just my intuition speaking here, but I think God will eventually be giving an ‘Earth Return Right’ in the future. That’s why we will protect Onii-chan until that happens. That’s our biggest goal.” 

Celica & Karen: “That’s why, we won’t forgive anyone who brings harm to our brother.” 

-828: Anonymous from Earth


-835: Anonymous from Earth

How were they raised to become this serious…?

-840: Anonymous from Earth

It is because they are still children. They are children.

-859: Anonymous from Earth

And yet, they are letting go the culprit that killed their brother, Nanami-chan, and her family, huh. 

Can’t they hack a security camera to find him? 

-976: Anonymous from Earth


Do you really think we haven’t done that? <TLN: Japanese is vague with the subject, but the wording implies that maybe it was Celica or Karen speaking here.>

-979: Anonymous from Earth


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