DCFM – Chapter 107-108: Her Secret and Dark Coffin

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Rifreya had come to my side at some point in time. 

She is a close range battle specialist, but it is hard for her to perform in a situation like this. 

There really is no other choice but to hit it with the higher Tier ability of Shadow Bind, Dark Coffin. I don’t know how much it can immobilize it, but it should have more effectiveness than Shadow Bind. If we do well, we might be able to lower its movement greatly.

“Rifreya, nice timing. When it comes down, I will restrain it with my new Spirit Ability. When that happens, hit it with all you have.” (Hikaru)

“U-Uhm…” (Rifreya)

“Ah, of course, without being reckless, that is. It should have more restraining power than Shadow Bind, so no need to hold back. Go all—” (Hikaru)

“Hikaru! Listen.” (Rifreya)

Rifreya yanked my sleeves hard. 

When I looked back, she had a grim expression, however, it had determination in it… That’s the kind of face that was looking straight at me. 

“W-…What’s the matter…? Did you really get injured somewhere…?” (Hikaru)

“No, that’s not it. I…uhm…haven’t told you something, Hikaru… No, there’s something I have to tell you.” (Rifreya)

“E-Eh? What? Or more like, does it have to be now?” (Hikaru)

I can tell that she has to tell me something important, but we are currently in the very middle of a battle against a Demon Lord. There’s no knowing when the Demon Lord will be plunging again even while we are standing here.

“…Uhm…actually, I do have…an attack that can hit flying targets…” (Rifreya)

“Really? Like throwing your sword? It is true that it is a distance that projectiles might reach, but—” (Hikaru)

“No, that’s not it. Uhm…” (Rifreya)

While being cautious of the Demon Lord flying, she hesitated for a moment in saying it and…

“Hikaru, just like how you couldn’t tell me that you came from another world and that unknown people are watching you, I also had something I couldn’t tell you. Actually…even though I should have told you…if I were to tell you that, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to stay by your side anymore… So selfish, right? Even though we are in so much trouble here, even now…I have been hiding it all this time…” (Rifreya)

“What’s the matter, Rifreya? What are you sayi—” (Hikaru)

“…I told you that I won’t be doing Spirit Ability training anymore, right? Actually, when I went to the Great Spirit-sama’s place the day before that, I had low hopes…but then…” (Rifreya)

After saying that much, Rifreya hesitates in her words.

She looked straight to the front and directed her right hand up. 

I can feel Spirit Energy gathering on the palm of Rifreya. 

That became a shining sphere, and it is being collected in front of her palm as if energy is converging there.

“Could it be…” (Hikaru)

“I thought we would somehow manage with these many explorers. That’s why I thought I didn’t need to say it. That I will keep it a secret… That’s why, even in a situation like this, I couldn’t say it… But…after saving my life twice already…I can’t continue being so selfish.” (Rifreya)

The shining sphere was flickering repeatedly as if wanting to be released from her at any moment. 

She looked straight at the Demon Lord circling above and directed her palm at it. 

“Pierce! [Photon Ray]!” (Rifreya)

The dazzling and shining streak of light that shot out from the palm of Rifreya shallowly cuts the wing of the Demon Lord flying, and a spray of blood rains from above. 

The Demon Lord raised a cry of anger at the attack from the ground that it thought we had none of.

It wasn’t to the point where it can’t fly anymore, but it must have learned now that flying isn’t completely safe. We want to bring the fight to the ground, so the effect of this one attack is big. 

I am not so dense as to not understand the reason why she kept this a secret. 

I also know just how conflicted she must have felt in confessing this. 

It is not like I am not thinking ‘in a situation like this?’, but I have no right to blame her. 

“…I missed. Haah haah… My Spirit Energy might be in a bad state.” (Rifreya)

“It is difficult to use an ability all of a sudden in real battle. But that was impressive, Rifreya.” (Hikaru)

If it were a literal speed of light attack, it might have hit right on target, but it isn’t actually that fast. 

I don’t know the physics of this world, but it is a speed that can be barely followed with the eye. It is a power brought by Spirit Energy, so it might be different from the light in nature. 


The Demon Lord raised a cry resembling a roar while blood flowed from its wing, changed course in midair, and took a stance to plunge. 

Even if we have found a means to attack flying targets, it is not like the tides of battle will suddenly turn. 

The battle continues. 

It is not the time to lower our guards.

“Alex! It is diving your way!” (Hikaru)

“Got it! Please provide backup!” (Alex)

“I will try!” (Hikaru)

The Demon Lord glides down to the ground together with a roar.

It is aiming for Alex, but the shield bearing warriors stand at the front to try and stop it. 

However, it is impossible to stop that charge from the front. The warriors were sent flying as if they had been hit by a car as one would expect. 

Even so, there’s no way I am going to let this chance escape. 

“[Dark Coffin]!” (Hikaru)

I feel Spirit Energy escaping from me. 

After one breath, a dark giant coffin appeared with the Demon Lord as the origin point as if swallowing its target. 

The Demon Lord notices the abnormality and makes steps in a way to get out of the coffin.

The coffin of darkness was completely one instant too late…

“Alex, sorry! I missed!” (Hikaru)

“Can’t be helped! Ora!” (Alex)

The spear attack of Alex was easily deflected.

The Demon Lord opened distance with deft steps and took flight again.

It managed to incapacitate several explorers that came to aid with just one attack, so it must have learned that dives from the air are effective. And it would actually be bad if it were to repeat those. 

Even so, it would be a poor plan to escape to the stairs. 

The stairs have bad footing, a monster in 4 would have the advantage, and most of all, we would be done for if it were to continuously spit out fire in there. 

Stacking all those negatives, you could say the enemy sticking to dives isn’t that bad of a situation. 

The Demon Lord has a good head but it is lacking in some fronts. 

That’s why we can take advantage of those lacking elements. 

Marchosias flies overhead. 

I can’t tell how much damage we have dealt to it, but it doesn’t look like it is dying anytime soon.

The sight of the Demon Lord soaring above made me feel as if it even has leisure. 

  • Chapter 108: Hearing the voice of the Spirits and Locking it up in a Coffin

“Rifreya, can you shoot it one more time?” (Hikaru)

“Yeah, if it is one more…I think I can.” (Rifreya)

Rifreya answered that, but honestly, her Spirit Energy looks like it is on its limit. 

Not only has she shot several Lights today, the new Spirit Ability seems to have a high cost in Spirit Energy.

Also, I have no spirit energy potion.

I can’t use both Crystals and Points. 

“Alex! Got any spirit energy potions? Or if you have Crystals, please buy one. I will definitely pay you back later!” (Hikaru)

“Sorry! I already used them all! The one I gave to Jal was the last one!” (Alex)

“Is there any other person here that has one?!” (Hikaru)

The backline Spirit Users all shook their heads to the sides.

Spirit energy potions are expensive items. This result can’t be helped. 

Rifreya squeezed her strength and gathered Spirit Energy into her palm. 

Spirit Abilities can display their strength in the form of abilities by making a contract and borrowing their power.

However, for the Spirit Energy itself, you have to use your own. That’s why there’s a limit to how many Spirit Abilities a person can use.

“Uuuh…kuh…” (Rifreya)

The light gathering in the palm of Rifreya was flickering powerlessly. 

Photon Ray is an ability that allows you to hit from long distances, and on top of that, it is fast and it has high firepower. 

It must use quite a lot of Spirit Energy. 

No matter how I look at it, she has no energy left in her to shoot it one more time. 


There’s no choice but to bring it from the outside.

“Spirits! Please help out Rifreya! We will bring down the Demon Lord!” (Hikaru)

“H-Hikaru…? What are you saying…?” (Rifreya)

“Spirits have wills. They might help out if you call out to them.” (Hikaru)

I speak to the Spirits. 

On Earth I obviously didn’t feel the stir of the Spirits. 

I certainly can feel what’s like the touch of them in this world.

“Please! If you guys have wills, help us out this once!” (Hikaru)


—Are we beating up that scary one? Beat it up.


I heard voices.

I could feel Light Spirits gathering in the surroundings. 

I could see twinkling light beads faintly floating. 

Are these Light Spirits?

“Rifreya, can you see them? The Light Spirits have come to help out. It seems like Demon Lords and Spirits are in a hostile relationship.” (Hikaru)

“Eh?! Light Spirits…? I am not a Loved One, so I…can’t see them.” (Rifreya)

So she can’t see this, huh.

But it is certain that the Light Spirits want to lend Rifreya their strength.

However, the light gathering in the palm of Rifreya is still flickering and isn’t enough to activate. 

I stretch my hand out, move to the back of Rifreya, who had sweat flowing down from her forehead, as if hugging her, and hold her wrist.

“Eh, w-wait, Hikaru…?” (Rifreya)

“Rifreya, the Spirits want to lend you their strength. Aim well. Listen to the voices of the Spirits.” (Hikaru)

The Gift that is the Affection of Spirits. 

That’s apparently called Loved One in this world, but I have borrowed the strength of Spirits in the past. At the time when I ran out of Spirit Energy and was about to die in that forest, I borrowed their strength and used Create Undead, somehow managing to get out.

Probably only people with Affection can borrow the strength of Spirits directly. 



—Scary one is bad one. 

—Beat it, okay?

—Use us.

—Children of Light, gather.

“Eh…? I can hear them… The voices of the Spirits…?” (Rifreya)

Looks like their voices reached Rifreya through me. 

“Mysterious voices, right?” (Hikaru)

“Yeah. They sound as if they are right by my side, and as if they were really far… Also…I can feel it. Spirit Energy is entering my body… Spirits are really giving me their strength…?” (Rifreya)

“That’s right. They say they want you to defeat the Demon Lord.” (Hikaru)

I can feel power going into her with my body as the intermediary. 

And at the same time, the light in the Photon Ray grew brighter and bigger to an incomparable degree from last time. 

“H-Hikaru…! I can feel it too! I can feel the Spirits are lending me their strength!” (Rifreya)

“Looks like the Spirits really hate the Demon Lord.” (Hikaru)

The sparkly and shining particles gathered onto Rifreya, forming a giant mass of light. 

A size that can’t compare to the last Photon Ray. 


The Demon Lord was leisurely flying around and most likely recovering its stamina, but it must have noticed the abnormality below, it changed its course rapidly, and switched with the intention of plunging at us.

“Looks like the Demon Lord doesn’t like this light. It is coming right at us. Can you hit it?” (Hikaru)

“Yeah, leave it to me. I definitely won’t miss it.” (Rifreya)

With its sharp knife-like fangs in full display, the Demon Lord approaches us as if sliding down midair. 

A roar like that of tearing fabric echoed, and we, who were standing right on a straight line from it, even felt as if that voice had actual mass to it. 

However, the light gathered in the palm of Rifreya had enough promise that it was enough to push away that fear. 

Aside from the attack of Rifreya, I also calculate the distance, speed, and timing of the Demon Lord. 

“Pierce! [Photon Ray]!” (Rifreya)


The giant photosphere was shot with such force it made that kind of firing sound, turning into a beam, and connecting straight onto the Demon Lord charging at us. 

The beam passed by the right cheek of the wolf face, piercing it just like that, severing the base of the right wing, and cutting half of the left wing too. 


Having lost its wings, the Demon Lord is falling this way while spinning. 

At this rate, it will crash into me and Rifreya.

At this rate, that is.

“[Dark Coffin]!” (Hikaru)

A dark coffin appears right in front of us. 

A deep deep darkness as if it had manifested from hell. An icosahedron darkness that had clear contours. 

The Demon Lord that crashed from above was swallowed inside that darkness just like that from the momentum. 


The door of the coffin closes.

And then, after that, silence reigns in the place.

“E-Eh? What about the Demon Lord…? Did you trap it inside that?” (Rifreya)

“Yeah, but…this ability is different from bind in that it is only an ability that completely restrains them.” (Hikaru)

In exchange, its binding power is strong. That’s why we can just leave it restrained like this. While the ability is active, the Demon Lord won’t be attacking us, and we can buy time. 

But the Spirit Energy being drained from my body is so astounding that Darkness Fog doesn’t even compare, and my Spirit Energy will most likely be completely dry by around 10 minutes. 

There’s no means to attack the trapped monster inside the coffin from outside. 

…Aside from one exception.

I could tell by instinct as the user. 

“I will be going for a bit.” (Hikaru)

“Eh, wait, Hikaru?!” (Rifreya)

“[Darkness Fog]!” (Hikaru)

I spread the darkness, held my shortsword, and ran…

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