DCFM – Chapter 097: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 3687th

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-4: Anonymous from Earth

Because we are watching, Hikaru is taking the path of misery himself…

-8: Anonymous from Earth

But I can’t stop watching. The more Hikaru treads into the darkness, the less I can take my eyes off. Sorry for being a piece of shit. 

-10: Anonymous from Earth

It must be pretty rough for him. I feel bad for him, like…seriously. 

-14: Anonymous from Earth

He said he would do anything, but being together is a no, huh…

-16: Anonymous from Earth

He once again said that he arrived in that world after being killed.

I would like to hear more about the situation in detail though.

-19: Anonymous from Earth

Most of the information it comprises comes from the announcements of the police and the speculations of Celica after all. 

What’s most important is to apprehend the culprit. 

-22: Anonymous from Earth

Wonder with what eyes the culprit is watching Hikaru…

-25: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, he finally said he wants to revive Nanami-chan. 

It is just as Celica thought…no, anyone could tell. 

-28: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan really played a big role in Hikaru’s life.

Hikaru rejecting Rifreya here must be because of Nanami-chan. 

-30: Anonymous from Earth

He says it is not because of love, but that also means that’s how important his family is. 

-32: Anonymous from Earth

Now that I think about it, I have been watching all this while with this in mind, but Hikaru himself didn’t outright state he was reviving Nanami-tan until now. 

-35: Anonymous from Earth

Seeing Rifreya-chan so desperate made me want to cry -no, I cried. 

-37: Anonymous from Earth

For some reason, I cried too.

This is sad…

-39: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “I think Onii-chan considers the objective of Rifreya-san to become a knight as incredibly noble. But she herself is saying she is fine with throwing that away. Her objective might be the equivalent of ‘I went to college in order to get a job at the local bank’.” 

-44: Anonymous from Earth

It is not like the person herself said that that’s her dream after all >templar.

-47: Anonymous from Earth

Her household is renowned for their templars, so she probably can’t just easily say ‘maybe no~’.

People like Celica who are geniuses that can open their own paths as much as they want wouldn’t be able to understand that feeling. 

The importance of the rails set for you. 

-48: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya saying plainly that she wanted to rent a room with him made my heart skip a beat. 

She definitely doesn’t understand the meaning of being watched by 800 million people. 

-52: Anonymous from Earth

Of course she wouldn’t.

Even I wouldn’t be able to. 

-53: Anonymous from Earth

Even though Hikaru was most likely in love with Rifreya a long time ago…

What’s with this…?

What in the world is going on…?

-54: Anonymous from Earth

Still being only 15 years old and not being able to dream of the future is too painful. 

-55: Anonymous from Earth

He has already secured a way to earn money, so I don’t think he is too down in the pits though?

-59: Anonymous from Earth

I haven’t been popular with women or have money.

Of course, no future either.

-66: Anonymous from Earth

If you get isekaid, you might have another chance. 

How about participating in the suspicious ‘lifestyle to be chosen by God’ seminar. 

-71: Anonymous from Earth

There’s rumors that there are quite a good amount of participants in those seminars. 

With God being proven real, the supernatural trade has gotten revitalized. 

-79: Anonymous from Earth

They aren’t getting hit with divine punishment from that? 

-83: Anonymous from Earth

Divine punishment doesn’t hit small scale stuff. 

The reality is that the killers of the Chosens before the transfer didn’t get divine punishment. 

-88: Anonymous from Earth

It is only towards people that tried to manipulate the viewership on a large scale. 

That’s when divine punishment-like stuff happened.

Also the people that would say ‘I was the one who made it~’ towards edited videos other people made.

-91: Anonymous from Earth

Chosen killers were probably within the plans of God.

In the end, no matter if it is in the past or the present, that’s something that would have definitely happened.

Considering that, controlling the viewership is probably taken as being in the bounds of God.

-94: Anonymous from Earth

If we think about it with the perspective of the origins of humanity until now, the ability to broadcast began just recently. 

-97: Anonymous from Earth

The world was connected with the internet only a few decades ago.

Until then, the world overseas was truly so so far that it felt like an isekai itself too. 

-102: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru being watched by us = Rifreya being exposed to evil intent too; is that the possibility he is thinking? 

If he learns that there’s no such intent when he opens the messages, maybe he would accept Rifreya?

-105: Anonymous from Earth

Celica also touched on that possibility.

-111: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “For Onii-chan, the very gazes are not good, or like…I think he has perceived them as something bad. Even when watching other Chosen, none have said they felt gazes, so it is most likely just an issue of perception. However, that’s on the contrary making the problem more complicated. You can’t cut off something that’s not even tangible, so there’s no choice but to have Onii-chan change his perception.” 

Karen: “Then, wouldn’t he be able to tell there’s no people with bad intentions if he were to open his messages?” 

Celica: “It depends on the person whether they believe that or not… Our only connection with the Chosen are the messages, you know? The problem is whether he would go ‘If all messages are warm, then there’s no problem’.” 

Karen: “Onii is stubborn in weird places after all…” 

-118: Anonymous from Earth

Celica touches on the topic that our only connection is the messages every so often. 

This situation where the filter of God has been placed on the messages towards the Chosen is way too fragile, and it is easy to warp the truth of things. 

-119: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a character limit to it, and what’s shown in the Status Board is just the digital text. There’s not even an avatar icon, and no information of the sender. 

-127: Anonymous from Earth

The craftiness of God shows here. 

The fact that it is not an actual proper messaging function but a simplified one. 

-131: Anonymous from Earth

They probably want to take the stance that we are simply fans of the Chosen. 

-134: Anonymous from Earth

There might be an actual mail function in the future. 

-138: Anonymous from Earth

There’s the chance for a telephone one too. 

That would be tasty for the viewers too after all.

-139: Anonymous from Earth

At the same time in another place, Alex and his party…

-144: Anonymous from Earth

I laughed my ass out with Alex’s side.

-146: Anonymous from Earth

“Ah, those two! Snuggling up with one overcoat…they are doing the rank 3 in what I wanted to do at least once after becoming an explorer!” “Seriously?!” “Woah!” 

-149: Anonymous from Earth

Idiots I can’t bring myself to hate. 

-152: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Even we haven’t done anything bittersweet with Onii-chan like that!” 

Karen: “C-Calm down. But that certainly ranks high in what an explorer would want to do at least once.” 

-159: Anonymous from Earth

This is my first time seeing them speak like that.

-164: Anonymous from Earth

Karen has fallen on the same level as Alex and his party! 

-168: Anonymous from Earth

“Uoooh! Flush!” “Fuh, sorry about that -four cards.” “Gueeeeeeh!” 

Those idiots really are idiots. 

-173: Anonymous from Earth

Playing board games with those guys sounds like a lot of fun.

-174: Anonymous from Earth

Tension ZERO.

-178: Anonymous from Earth

I laughed out loud when they didn’t even notice a ghoul getting really close because they were so into their poker game. 

-182: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, they should just forget about us watching and just flirt with each other. 

-187: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is way too stoic.

-192: Anonymous from Earth

Well, I do understand the feeling of not wanting others to see the cute sides of their loved ones.

-194: Anonymous from Earth

Then, are you okay with Rifreya-sama getting married with someone else? 

-199: Anonymous from Earth

No way I would be. Don’t even joke about it. 

-205: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said Hikaru stated this with that resolve in mind.

-209: Anonymous from Earth

What a man…

-216: Anonymous from Earth

Ain’t that NTR!

-218: Anonymous from Earth

Say that once it actually happens, you heretic! 

-220: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a whole ton of Chosen who don’t care one bit about that after all.

-222: Anonymous from Earth

Like Master Don Juan. It even feels as if he is showing us. 

-227: Anonymous from Earth

It is that style of acting after all…

-228: Anonymous from Earth

If it is an issue with money, doesn’t Hikaru have a rare plant? Isn’t it okay to bring that up? 

-234: Anonymous from Earth

It may be rare, but it is unknown how much it can be sold at.

-236: Anonymous from Earth

It is one flower, so it would be crazy highly priced if it goes for 1 million. But for Hikaru and the others, 1 million isn’t that much.

-239: Anonymous from Earth


-247: Anonymous from Earth

If you are going to be living a modest lifestyle, then you might be able to survive for 1 year with just that one flower, but the treatment of Rifreya-sama’s little sister is probably not on that scale. 

-253: Anonymous from Earth

But the equipment of Rifreya-sama is pretty nice, so maybe she isn’t sending that much money back home? 

-258: Anonymous from Earth

That equipment -aside from the sword- there are theories that maybe they are all hand-me-downs from her master. 

-265: Anonymous from Earth

Leaving aside what’s the truth behind it, equipment and tools are a necessary expense for explorers. Trying to be frugal on that front and ending up not performing well as an explorer would be putting the cart before the horse. 

-267: Anonymous from Earth

But if she can’t become a templar…what would she be doing then? 

-275: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru said that he won’t be partying with her even if that happens. He is simply doing his best right now because he has the mission of getting 1st place to revive Nanami-chan. 

-277: Anonymous from Earth

The description of the aforementioned flower had written that it might serve for some sort of disease, right? 

I am sure that flower can cure the disease of her little sister with that. 

I have read enough webnovels to know where this is going.

-285: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t lump reality with fiction…

-291: Anonymous from Earth

Leaving aside the other effects, can’t they just use a panacea or something?

-294: Anonymous from Earth


-300: Anonymous from Earth

The panacea requires 3 Points though.

-303: Anonymous from Earth

You people are idiots. 

The disease of her little sister has nothing to do with Hikaru not being able to stay with Rifreya.

-310: Anonymous from Earth

No, it must be serving as shackles for Rifreya herself.

Once the matter of the little sister gets solved, she would be the very definition of an unfettered stalker. 

You can manage something by pushing incessantly against a gutless virgin like Hikaru.

-313: Anonymous from Earth

The little sister of Rifreya-sama apparently had a brighter future than her after all. 

If the little sister’s disease is cured, the little sister will be the one becoming the templar. 

Rifreya would be a free person then. 

-318: Anonymous from Earth

Alright, let’s go with that story. 

Now, let’s tell him through messages—

-320: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t even have anyone we can send it to…

Maybe send it to Alex?

-327: Anonymous from Earth

If we send it to Alex, won’t he instead begin to make a pass on Rifreya?

-333: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan is going to be arriving at Meltia soon, so maybe tell Jeanne-chan? 

I am sure she will get pissed off though.

-339: Anonymous from Earth

“I am not a messenger girl!!” 

-349: Anonymous from Earth

That’s actually starting to become a catchphrase for Jeanne. 

For some reason, there’s a lot of: ‘Tell x person this’ or ‘Do y this’ or ‘Please do z’.

Even though she seems to be completely fed up with this, Jeanne still properly grants them, which says a lot about her. 

-355: Anonymous from Earth

I think she considers the messages as some sort of quest. 

She is a gamer after all.

-357: Anonymous from Earth

Telling Jeanne is fine and all, but the messages themselves are not so easy to send now.

At the beginning, maybe because God didn’t adjust it well, or it might have been a limited time event because it had just opened, anything reached. 

-359: Anonymous from Earth

Because of that, a whole lot of flaming and slander reached Hikaru though…

-364: Anonymous from Earth

Now you can’t do it unless you have strong emotions accompanying it. 

I also tried sending messages to Jeanne-chan for the fun of it, but they were all bounced off. 

-368: Anonymous from Earth

The messages of family reach at a decent rate, so it really is about love. 

“You are my pride and joy.” -by mom.

-374: Anonymous from Earth

Americans really like that phrase. 

Those were also sent to Alex, right? The: *I am proud of you*. <TLN: written in english.>

-377: Anonymous from Earth

In the silent darkness, only the sobbing of Rifreya-sama resonates in the stairs to the 4th Floor…

The pale profile of Hikaru is painful to watch…

-378: Anonymous from Earth

The message function really has its goods and bads. 

I would say it tilts more on the bad side though.

-383: Anonymous from Earth

Not really. Take Alex for example. He seems to actually be getting healed by the messages of his family. 

-385: Anonymous from Earth

How can we have Alex tell Hikaru once again to open his messages? 

-388: Anonymous from Earth

It seems even Celica and Karen can’t send too many messages. 

Moreover, there seems to be a system where, the more you send, the less probable your next ones will be sent.

-392: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way they would implement a system where you can solve things by spamming the send button after all. 

-399: Anonymous from Earth

Well, even if your letter arrives, it normally doesn’t equate to having them move according to it. 

It is the same logic as when someone tells us to study more, drink more energy drinks, don’t eat ramen, or don’t eat at night; we just don’t listen. 

-413: Anonymous from Earth

In the eyes of Alex, participating in a demon lord subjugation looks as if he is adapted to the fantasy world after all.

-417: Anonymous from Earth

Alex is a good guy, but…he is pretty self-centered, or like…he has the nature of the youngest child. He is not the type to worry much about others. 

Well, that’s also part of his charm though.

-422: Anonymous from Earth

In his conversation with Hikaru, he was talking about himself the whole time after all. 

-428: Anonymous from Earth

The fact that he at least tried telling him makes him a good guy…

There was absolutely no benefit for him in this after all…

-433: Anonymous from Earth

I confirmed the message history, and it seems quite a lot of negative messages have reached Alex too. 

Or more like, there’s few Chosen who don’t get negative messages. 

The Chosen Wiki is written that Alex is the type to skim through messages that are not from his family or friends.

-441: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it just that he tried avoiding sensitive topics in a time when they are about to subjugate a demon lord? 

-444: Anonymous from Earth

This is just for discussion, but…

In what way do we even tell Alex in order for it to properly transmit? 

The person himself has closed off his heart, so no matter how it is told to him, it wouldn’t work.

Moreover, it comes from a third party that has nothing to do with it. There’s no way it would resonate with him.

-448: Anonymous from Earth

The relationship Hikaru has with his family seems dicey after all…

Karen muttered: ‘I can’t deny that there’s a difference in temperature when it comes to feelings’.

-450: Anonymous from Earth

Alex: “There was a message from your little sisters.” 

Hikaru: “From my little sisters…? *Thump!*” 

-459: Anonymous from Earth

Hmm, doesn’t look like this will work.

-461: Anonymous from Earth

Is Alex strong? He is a Chosen, so he should be stronger than your average person because of his God skills though.

-470: Anonymous from Earth

No, he has the characteristic messy point allocation that people who don’t play games show in their character making.

It is clear that it is better to have a specialization like Hikaru and Jeanne-chan, so I really can’t say he is strong. 

Well, even with that, he has a good physique, and has the courage, so he ain’t that bad. 

-478: Anonymous from Earth

As someone who skims through the Line messages of my family, no matter how many times they tell me to read the messages, I would just go ‘I know…’.

-480: Anonymous from Earth

It resembles the cases when you cut off communication with your family in the time you slack in college. 

-482: Anonymous from Earth

The Resurrection Gem can be used on natives as well, so there’s also the possibility of using it when Rifreya dies… Or more like, is the Demon Lord battle going to be alright? They may be all relaxed because they are in a subjugation team, but Hikaru and Rifreya are alone, so wouldn’t they be in danger if they were to be attacked? 

-488: Anonymous from Earth

He is a Loved One, so he attracts Demon Lords and all.

-499: Anonymous from Earth

Loved Ones don’t really have such high value as prey, you know? Using Loved Ones to attract Demon Lords has been long done in the past, and the conclusion is that it can only detect them when they are a few tens of meters close. 

In the first place, if it could attract them even when they are hundreds of meters apart, there would be no reason for the subjugation team to not have one. 

-512: Anonymous from Earth


-514: Anonymous from Earth

They could just solve this by mobilizing the Loved Ones that the church has after all. 

Don’t know how many Loved Ones there are though.

-517: Anonymous from Earth

It seems it is on the level of 1 in every 400 people. 

That goes for Loved Ones and Hated Ones. 

-523: Anonymous from Earth

Honestly, not only the messages, Hikaru seems to want to forget about Earth itself. 

Even if Nanami-chan comes back to life, she would be reviving here, and she won’t have any relation with Hikaru’s life. 

-528: Anonymous from Earth

Knowing that several millions of people are watching you in their living rooms would be chill inducing. 

Can’t even beat your meat in peace. That’s hell.

-530: Anonymous from Earth

Now that I think about it, Alex didn’t bring that defensive suit with him. 

-541: Anonymous from Earth

He brought the Randall Knife that his father gave him. 

Looking closely, I can tell he has it on his person.

-548: Anonymous from Earth

Father…why did you give him a mere knife…?

-552: Anonymous from Earth

Over there, the ones who hold knives are apparently ones that have become true men. 

It might be something similar to passing on a Japanese sword that is your family heirloom.

-555: Anonymous from Earth

This goes without saying, but aside from people who battle, that aforementioned suit is nothing but heavy clothing. 

There’s even people who have sold it…

-568: Anonymous from Earth

If an old man suddenly comes to an unknown world in that suit, it would definitely scare people. 

-574: Anonymous from Earth

Now that used ones are circulating, there’s no doubt it is scaring more people around the world.

-579: Anonymous from Earth

Even though it is actually good stuff. 

Things really don’t go as people expect. 

-586: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, money rules over everything. 

-591: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than bringing something you don’t know what effects could cause, just bring origami paper, make them into cranes or something on the road, and sell them. That would bring in more money and it wouldn’t be as risky. 

-600: Anonymous from Earth

Even if we suddenly end up living in a foreign country, you can at the very least say you are from Japan.

You can explain things with that much.

However, in an isekai transfer, even that is sealed, so the difficulty is high. 

The only thing you can rely on is money and power. 

-608: Anonymous from Earth

It seems the young ones had high initial points, but what was the reason for that?

-619: Anonymous from Earth

In the world of humans, even if you are somewhat strong in terms of physical strength or spirit energy, that’s just one facet of the power of humans after all. 

And Hikaru has unexpectedly high human power. 

-630: Anonymous from Earth

The fact that he can speak with others already makes him a different breed from us. 

-637: Anonymous from Earth

He is not an introvert, but I can’t really call him an extrovert. 

-645: Anonymous from Earth

I think an actual otaku with social anxiety would just instantly die once they get into the parallel world.

-650: Anonymous from Earth

There were actual hundreds of people who died almost as soon as they got there after all. 

-655: Anonymous from Earth

The random transfer is at fault. The damn random transfer…

-659: Anonymous from Earth

There’s the one that began working in a bread store at the isekai. 

It is the slow life I would like. 

-667: Anonymous from Earth

Work at an actual bakery here. 

There’s not much difference dude.

-671: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t wanna, don’t wanna.

I want that feeling of creating staple food for the people in the town.

-675: Anonymous from Earth

At any rate, Alex really lacks any sense of danger. 

The Chosen are like the children of God, or like the messengers of God.

One mistake and you could get captured by an influential person.

-677: Anonymous from Earth

If it is a bad powerful person, you could get bad treatment and even get imprisoned. 

Chosen are in the end rootless grass, so as long as you give them food and water…

You would have them listening to you.

-687: Anonymous from Earth

Even if they look after them for 10 years, I would say getting a High Heal Scroll in return wouldn’t be a bad trade. 

-695: Anonymous from Earth

The Japanese Ryoko-chan did something like ‘Let us Chosen gather~’ in the neighborhood. A Chosen Clan would be pretty good publicity, and it sounds strong. 

The problem is that messages are the intermediary, so there’s almost no one who believes it…

-703: Anonymous from Earth

The one where Ikakin went ‘That sounds interesting~~~’ and ended it with that, huh. 

Ryoko-chan is a proactive extrovert, but she is a bit of an annoying type. 

-709: Anonymous from Earth

The one where her extrovert comrades are sending annoying messages, right? 

The ones that are the most famous when it comes to the messages that piss off Jeanne-chan.

-721: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne-chan always snaps at the comments, and yet, for some reason, she checks them all out properly. 

-725: Anonymous from Earth

Messages can’t be sent without strong emotions, so the people that want to tell her something with light feelings would get flicked away. 

But when you get to the class of Jeanne, the denominator is on a whole other level. 

-735: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of influential people, there’s the youth drug…

Well, the toughest one would be to become an influential person yourself though.

-741: Anonymous from Earth

The problem is whether there’s a Chosen with the talent enough to manage that though.

-744: Anonymous from Earth

The dark twins have taken a country though.

-758: Anonymous from Earth

No matter how broken the Charm Skill is, actually taking a country requires an abnormal degree of action and courage. 

Especially Lidia. She has the same face, but she doesn’t have any powers. 

-768: Anonymous from Earth

Even if you have Charm, it is incredible how you can actually make them obey you and kill. 

-772: Anonymous from Earth

It is different from the peace-numbed Japan.

-777: Anonymous from Earth

Bring the talk of Nadia and Lidia to their own Exclusive Board.

-780: Anonymous from Earth

At any rate, it is great that we managed to see a top explorer party. 

If Hikaru continues this momentum for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Floor, he will definitely get 1st place. 

-784: Anonymous from Earth

Moa-paisen is cute.

-785: Anonymous from Earth

Garnet-sama is way too beautiful.

-790: Anonymous from Earth

Is the weapon of Moapple-senpai mithril? 

-800: Anonymous from Earth

Most likely mithril.

Mithril is a metal that isn’t suitable for weapons, but it is good for lynxes that don’t have the physical strength. 

It is a thrusting sword, so it is probably like the stinger of Dragon Quest. 

-804: Anonymous from Earth

Spirit Abilities really are something you save. 

The high ranked parties don’t use a single one in something like the 3rd Floor.

-813: Anonymous from Earth

Even in games, if there’s no means to recover your MP, you would save it. 

-819: Anonymous from Earth

‘It is the same as in games!’ -is an incredibly cheap comment, but it really is like in games. 

-822: Anonymous from Earth

A party with only girls is so florid it is nice.

-828: Anonymous from Earth

Stop the comments that reek of old man. 

-836: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is indeed strong, but this really is a world where you speak with your physical strength…

Compared to warriors of high ranked parties, Hikaru is still a child. 

-843: Anonymous from Earth

Their levels are different after all.

He really can’t help it when it comes to physical strength.

-857: Anonymous from Earth

Is Rifreya aiming to be something like that red haired leader?

Is that a world where you can become that strong even without the God cheats…?

-864: Anonymous from Earth

I thought Jeanne-chan had already thrown away her humanity, but there was an even higher form of that.

-872: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne hasn’t increased her Tier that much yet, so we managed to learn that she is still relying on her cheats. 

-878: Anonymous from Earth

I can understand the reason why the weapons of high ranked adventurers gradually get bigger and heavier. 

-888: Anonymous from Earth

It goes the same for the explorers in Alimari > their weapons are big.

-889: Anonymous from Earth

Gives perspective to Alex asking ‘Are you gonna be okay with just that equipment?’.

-898: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru: “It is okay, no problems.” 

-904: Anonymous from Earth

There’s nothing but problems.

-909: Anonymous from Earth

Beautiful female party.

I am looking forward to the fanart (grin). 

-916: Anonymous from Earth

I also want to try drawing the Crimson Vials.

-919: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no copyright, so we can draw as we please! 

-926: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it is to the point where there’s already animes in production with the Chosen as the theme. 

-927: Anonymous from Earth

The bow girl from the Crimson Vials is cute. 

-933: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru didn’t ask for the name of that archer, so we don’t know at all what her character traits are. She didn’t say a single word.

She was looking at Hikaru a whole ton though.

-942: Anonymous from Earth

Eh? One more for the heroine race?!

-947: Anonymous from Earth

Even Rifreya-sama is having a hard time here, so I don’t think a person that just came out would be able to compete at all.

-949: Anonymous from Earth

She might be someone who wants to propagate the greatness of bows…

-950: Anonymous from Earth

There’s an incredibly low amount of archers in the dungeon.

-952: Anonymous from Earth

Using bow and arrow in an enclosed space is insanity.

-957: Anonymous from Earth

Can’t really call it an enclosed space though?

-961: Anonymous from Earth

The 3rd Floor has mist covering the place, and the 4th Floor is a cave. 

You would only be shining from the 5th Floor on that’s said to be a floor where you go down a pit. 

-967: Anonymous from Earth

It has been explained countless times in the streams of Alex, but harpies and wyverns apparently show up in the 5th Floor. 

You NEED an archer.

-969: Anonymous from Earth

The 6th Floor has the name plains, so it sounds like they could do some work there too. 

In that case, archers can only do well in high ranked parties that go to the 5th Floor and lower. 

-972: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, the Alismaris dungeon is an actual dungeon that’s an enclosed space until the 7th Floor, so there’s almost no archers.

-976: Anonymous from Earth

Moa-paisen having become an official explorer means that she can use Spirit Abilities, right? 

Scout, battle, spirit abilities; she has all three of them. 

-979: Anonymous from Earth

She also has her legs (CUTE) as well!

-981: Anonymous from Earth

But power is everything for explorers. 

-982: Anonymous from Earth

Man, talk more about Hikaru.

-986: Anonymous from Earth

But Hikaru and Rifreya have already fallen asleep while they were all down…

-990: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it can’t be helped. 

As long as they get their wits together and do their best in the demon lord subjugation…

-999: Anonymous from Earth

I just hope Rifreya-chan doesn’t do anything reckless in her desperation…

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One thought on “DCFM – Chapter 097: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 3687th

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