Tsuki – Chapter 429: Crazy Orphanage

“Money, money…!” 

“To think I would do a part-time job in the place I travelled to…” 

“It seems like they will be paying for our lodging as well, so we would be earning quite a lot. Being able to work in the holy grounds is already a reward in itself!!” 

For some reason, the notorious Rotsgard students were running around with cooking attire. 

Being in the same academy as the Rembrandt sisters who were relaxing elegantly, it is a sight of heaven and hell that makes it hard to believe that they are participating in the same event. 

It is the very picture of a variety show that’s showing the punished group and the winning group. 

I could tell my face was loosening unconsciously. 

“…Uhm…is it really okay to have those student-samas do subordinate work as well?” 

The employee-san, who’s working every day while taking away from their sleep time to desperately study in order to not lose to the children, asked me this nervously. 

The children learn more easily by nature, and on top of that, they are more flexible. 

On the other hand, the adults were completely estranged from studies and were desperate in maintaining the orphanage alive…or so I say, but most of the staff members are still young, and when I investigated, they were around their twenties, but…the people they are trying to compete with are just too bad of a match.

I seriously think they are really working hard. 

“Of course. Gotta experience everything. Also…they are in a sense pros when it comes to schools. You could make some time to have them tell you about the objective of a learning space and the atmosphere.” (Makoto)

“That would be a great help! Just having trustworthy people help in the menial work is already a great help!” 

“I am glad to hear that. Just give them a place to sleep, and you can use them as you wish in the time they are here.” (Makoto)

I say ‘everything’, but there’s experience in this world that there’s no need to experience or things that would prove detrimental to learn of. 

However, the Rembrandt sisters, who seem like the ones who would be influenced the worst from the menial work in the orphanage, are giving off an aura of rich people and elegantly enjoying tea time. 

I don’t think the other guys will be completely useless.

Moreover, these guys are currently being controlled by an overwhelming greed. They are like hunters who have sighted their target, or horses who have a carrot dangling in front of their nose.

I am sure they will be doing their best for the things they respectively want.

The money that was supposed to go for the hotel lodging, by working in the orphanage while in their stay here, I can give it to them as payment instead. 

When I proposed this, the students jumped at the offer in a heartbeat. 

It would be troublesome if they were to head to the wasteland because of an excess in energy after all. 

Gotta reduce a bit of that energy by having them work a bit. 

“It is hard work, but compared to before where the future was pitch dark, we now have the hope of being rewarded for our effort. How could we even repay the Kuzunoha Company-san—” 

“Hahaha, even if you sing us praises, we won’t be softening the curriculum, you know?” (Makoto)

Tomoe apparently did her best in making it. 

Eris was complaining that this is too soft and there’s no way they can be used as employees with this. 

No, this is not an employee training program, and we are not looking for combat capabilities here, so this is plenty enough.

“That wasn’t my intention! But when looking at the student-samas, I feel as if I am watching the adventurers of this city. They must be trained quite a lot everyday.” 

“…There’s no need to put -sama on students. Please call them by their names without any honorifics. It will get on their heads real quick after all.” (Makoto)



“But, uhm…” 

“What is it?” (Makoto)

I haven’t said anything shocking here. 

They are currently hired to do menial work and all after all.

“Uhm…they are from the Rotsgard Academy, right?” 

“…Yeah?” (Makoto)

“I can’t just call them without honorifics…” 

“You all are currently in a position similar to landlords though. Right, let’s see… Then, how about student-sans? Well, if it really is impossible to call them without honorifics, at least keep it at -san.” (Makoto)

“I will strive to.” 

Maybe as a result of their recent studies, the way of speaking of the people working in the Weitz Orphanage has gotten more proper. 

The children as well can apparently deal with outside guests to a decent degree too.

My image of kindergartners and elementary schoolers is honestly not that of order in any sense of the word, but when it comes to this world -moreover, orphans- they are robust. 

They quickly understand the worth and fortune of being able to study, and are properly absorbing the knowledge and technique. 

Children who get more happy on the learning days instead of the breaks are nothing short of incredible in my eyes. 

My common sense is that it is on weekends that one wakes up early. 



“Yeah. Good job. You understand that Boss is a busy one too, right?” (Lime)


“Hey, don’t intimidate them. It is not like I am slacking here, and it is not like she is slacking on her work too. We were simply chatting for a bit.” (Makoto)

While confirming the work of the students, that is. 

Seeing them like that, I would say they will be okay. 

There didn’t seem to be a need to have Lime stay, so I left the rest to the travelling plans that Shiki made, and returned to the company. 

“I am aware of it. I have a souvenir in the office, so have a bite of it when you are going to be taking a breath!” (Lime)

Lime says to the employee that had lowered her head and left in hurried steps. 

The employee-san stopped her feet and turned around with a bright red face, and bowed deeply at us. 

“The students will be staying in this city for a while.” (Makoto)

“I see.” (Lime)

“We are going to be increasing your workload because of this and will be troubling you, but I will be counting on you, okay?” (Makoto)

“Watching over your students is basically a reward for me-ssu yo.” (Lime)

“Don’t go giving preferential treatment only to Sif and Yuno, okay?” (Makoto)

“…Yeah…I will be careful.” (Lime)

“…Well, I don’t mind if you treat them as friends you have met coincidentally in Tsige though.” (Makoto)

“So you saw through me… I am deeply impressed.” (Lime)

Summer vacations.

I have heard that, when the Rembrandt sisters come back at that time, there would be a master-like person that would help them out in bettering themselves. 

I am aware that the one doing the guidance is Lime. 

Not only adventurers, Lime is relied on by a lot of people, so this is him being good at looking out for others. 

I personally would find it hard to imitate. It is a part of Lime that I admire greatly. 

In the words of Tomoe: ‘He is a meddler, for good or for bad’.

A strong point and a defect. 

It is a harsh evaluation of him.

“They are students that get too out of control. Can’t take our eyes off. Even with Shiki accompanying them, they have the numbers after all.” (Makoto)

“Right. Rembrandt-san said that he would be making a thick book that will bring more flavor to the touring plans of Shiki and welcome them, so I don’t think this will just end up with just your regular trip-ssu yo ne.” (Lime)

“…Seriously?” (Makoto)

“Seriously-ssu.” (Lime)

Lime nodded while baffled by this too. 

The trip plans of Shiki that he prepared for this school trip was as thick as a monthly shonen magazine, you know? 

And now we have a book that will surpass that? Just what is Rembrandt-san planning on telling the students? 

Aah…so that’s why Lisa-san and Grount-san conspired together to avoid an encounter on the first day. 

It seems like since the time they met at the hot spring, Lisa-san and Grount-san get along well. 

Or more like, that Lisa-san, I feel like she has made all the housewives she invited to the hot springs into her sympathizers.

I do have certain confidence in the comfort of hot springs as a japanese person. 

That place is more of a super resort now, so there must be pleasures there that can’t be tasted anywhere else. 

But if I had to be blunt about it, it is technically just a bath.

Is it really something to be so addicted to?

I do keep an eye on it just in case they are selling something weird there, but I am a bit uneasy. 

Maybe I should inspect it once more. 

While properly explaining why I am there for beforehand! 

For some reason, at the time when I went to inspect the whole place, the male and female baths were full. 

Because I was going to visit, they wanted to show me the beauty of their naked bodies and all of that stuff, and it was a chaotic hot spring resort. 

I…don’t really want to remember that day. 

Right now, the former priest or former bishop or whatever, Shima-san, is staying permanently there, so I…want to believe it will be okay. 

“Well then, I will be going back now. This place seems to be fine.” (Makoto)

“I will accompany you-ssu.” (Lime)

“Right, Lime, do you have in mind any adventurer that could serve as a good lecturer for the students?” (Makoto)

“I would say Hazal is a good candidate.” (Lime)

An unexpected name came out. 

The mess-up king, huh.

He finally died once, but his clumsy trait has still not died even with that.

He is still a clear powerful one, and he is prominently hated in Tsige as a harem owner. 

“A good candidate?” (Makoto)

I feel like with his clumsiness and his ability, it is still a bit too soon for the students in a variety of ways. 

“Despite his looks, Hazal has been in Rotsgard before.” (Lime)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Lime)

“…Hazal is a graduated student from Rotsgard?!” (Makoto)

“No, he left midterm from a branch school though… You didn’t know?” (Lime)

“I didn’t. None of the branch school and the leaving midterm.” (Makoto)

What kind of life did Hazal walk? 

How did he end up almost dead in a base at the border of the world with that personal history? 

Maybe I should be praising him for staying alive until now. 

“I thought for sure you had investigated it and were on the know already. And so, including the dark past of him being a former student, I think they will be able to talk about things that might be a learning experience for them.” (Lime)

“I see.” (Makoto)

“On top of that, his level and ability are great, so even if he were doing a handstand, these children wouldn’t even be able to win against him, so there would be weight in his words.” (Lime)

“Ability…well, yeah. But in terms of weight in his words, there’s his clumsiness.” (Makoto)

“That’s the problem-ssu ne… Feels like any persuasiveness and respect would be blown away-ssu.” (Lime)

“Thanks for the candidate at least. I will keep it in mind.” (Makoto)

“I am glad to be of help-ssu.” (Lime)

I had some silly and casual talk with Lime as we returned to the company. 

It really has been a while since I have had a time like this with him.

I feel like I managed to relax. 

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