DCFM – Chapter 080: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 3308th

-409: Anonymous from Earth

The Garden Panther is super cool. 

-410: Anonymous from Earth

A beautiful female warrior swinging a humongous sword against a giant white panther; that’s almost the stuff of legends.

-411: Anonymous from Earth

The amount of viewers has increased like crazy. 

-412: Anonymous from Earth

The update of God that allowed us to at least see silhouettes in the darkness was big. 

Or more like, there were quite a lot of requests for that, it seems. 

-413: Anonymous from Earth

Milliestas is also dark as a whole, so it is hard to tell things apart there. I also sent a ticket for that. 

<TLN: Author skipped 414.>

-415: Anonymous from Earth

Man, I am impressed Hikaru managed to avoid that one. 

What’s with that eye and body coordination?

-416: Anonymous from Earth

I would like them to also make it possible to see inside the darkness for past footage as well. 

God should be able to do that, right? 

-417: Anonymous from Earth

Chosen who battle really are popular. 

Real battle really is stimulating on a whole other level. 

-418: Anonymous from Earth

The slice-of-life Chosen are not bad either, but the Chosen that battle also have their own lives. 

Or rather, there’s a balance between the two, and it even multiplies the amusement. 

-419: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like PETA would explode from a video of an animal being hit by a giant sword. 

-420: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has some courage there…

If that were me, my feet would buckle and I would faint. 

-421: Anonymous from Earth

The Garden Panther is not only big, but also quick. It is normal to have an instinctive fear. 

It normally would be impossible to fight a feline wild beast even if you have a few Spirit Abilities. 

Moreover, that thing is bigger than a siberian tiger. That’s nuts. 

-422: Anonymous from Earth

I feel bad for the scary-looking old man. 

He was an actual good guy that gave advice to Alex and his party too…

-423: Anonymous from Earth

It is his fault for ignoring the warning of Hikaru.

-424: Anonymous from Earth

Grapefull-chan is seriously cute. 

-425: Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t miss it. 

The sight of Full-chan clinging onto Hikaru when the Garden Panther showed up…

-426: Anonymous from Earth

How did Hikaru know the Panther was coming? 

-427: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know. 

Maybe he has the super senses that furries are said to have? 

-428: Anonymous from Earth

“The thick scent of beast…!”

-429: Anonymous from Earth

Naruhodo (I don’t naruhodo at all). <TLN: Naruhodo means pla—I understand>

-430: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it plain scary that you don’t leave a corpse in the dungeon…? There’s no glory to that…

-431: Anonymous from Earth

That’s why it is on the low stratum of jobs. 

Even so, that way of dying…it really doesn’t feel real. 

-432: Anonymous from Earth

It is not low in the sense of that world. The explorers that have a decently high rank can apparently accept normal bodyguard jobs and such.

-433: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it is a job anyone can do, so there’s also the part that it is easy to begin for the ones who are broke.

-434: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru doesn’t seem to be that bothered even when an explorer died. He must have gotten desensitized by it. 

-435: Anonymous from Earth

He was scavenging the dead bodies of people in the beginning after all. His values on that front must have dulled a long time ago. 

-436: Anonymous from Earth

No, you have to throw away your values of the modern world or you won’t be able to survive in that world. 

-437: Anonymous from Earth

There have been a lot of Chosen who actually died because of that after all…

There were way too many who died after being deceived by the natives. 

-438: Anonymous from Earth

Even so, what’s with there being these many monsters based on the fantasy monsters of Earth?

-439: Anonymous from Earth

There has already been a whole ton of analysis in that front, so don’t go bringing it out here and just google it yourself. 

-440: Anonymous from Earth

Putting out just the conclusion, the fact that humans and Earth can even exist is the work of God in some way. God must have designed that world through the fantasy genre of Earth. 

-441: Anonymous from Earth

Or we are all hallucinating. 

-442: Anonymous from Earth

The names are different though, or more like, the names the natives call it and the names we from Earth call them are different. Aside from the literal translations like Lizardman though.

-443: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, hasn’t Hikaru increased his Tier quite a bit now? 

His movements are slowly turning inhuman. 

-444: Anonymous from Earth

He has been hunting monsters on his own after all. The physical strength of Rifreya is impressive, but the monstrosification of Hikaru has advanced quite a bit already. Does he himself notice it? 

-445: Anonymous from Earth

The people that have become monstrosities use too much money for their food expenses. They are the first to die if there’s any food issues. 

-446: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has made a name for himself overseas as the ninja. 

-447: Anonymous from Earth

He is a user of the killing blade after all… He truly is utilizing darkness properly…

-448: Anonymous from Earth

It really must be because he is the brother of those twins. It is like he has a proper grip of himself, or like, he has no hesitation. 

-449: Anonymous from Earth

Regardless of what’s said, his actions have consistency, and he doesn’t fumble around. It is rare to see someone that doesn’t space out. 

-450: Anonymous from Earth

Just the fact that he is diving that dungeon on his own as if normal already puts him at the level of inhuman. No matter how many uses of Spirit Abilities you have, it should be impossible. 

A single mistake means death, you know?

-451: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a lot of Chosen who have talked big game but have gotten scared by monsters. There’s a lot who also are completely separated from battle in their lifestyles. Hikaru is evaluated highly in those points as well. 

-452: Anonymous from Earth

The 4th Floor is pretty scary. 

Isn’t Hikaru the first one to go down there all on his own? 

-453: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know about that, but I am actually grateful that he does commentaries. 

-454: Anonymous from Earth

He is so bad at it that he is practically speaking in monotone there though. It is impossible for him to become a youtuber. 

-455: Anonymous from Earth

Now that you mention it, Ikakin said he was going to go meet Hikaru. As expected of the guy that has the attitude of proactively collabing with the people that have the numbers. 

-456: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t Ikakin at a pretty faraway location from Hikaru? 

-457: Anonymous from Earth

There’s an ocean dividing them, so there’s the need to cross on a ship. It is a big adventure. 

-458: Anonymous from Earth

I definitely wouldn’t want to ride a ship in an isekai. 

-459: Anonymous from Earth

You are going to be made to eat a biscuit full of maggots! 

-460: Anonymous from Earth

There’s only beer for drinks! 

-461: Anonymous from Earth

No matter how many Points you have, if the ship capsizes, there’s no chance for you…

-462: Anonymous from Earth

No, at worst, you have the Random Transfer.

-463: Anonymous from Earth

That’s technically picking your poison.

-464: Anonymous from Earth

You can do Random Transfers? 

-465: Anonymous from Earth

It is technically like a rescue button that was prepared for the ones that are troubled with Points. 

You can get 10 Points for a Random Transfer. Only God knows if you will survive where you get transferred. 

-466: Anonymous from Earth

It’s a trap.

-467: Anonymous from Earth

If your death is assured from capsizing, that’s your only choice.

-468: Anonymous from Earth

Really…? That might be true…

-469: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, about the Loved One Chosen that had been imprisoned in the Church and was told through messages about the reality of their situation, they used the Random Transfer, but they died in a desert. 

-470: Anonymous from Earth

That’s the worst.

-471: Anonymous from Earth

There’s only so much you can do even if you increase your level after all. Random Transfers are a big hurdle.

-472: Anonymous from Earth

You must have actual survival skills after all. That’s not something that can be solved by getting 10 Points. 

-473: Anonymous from Earth

More importantly, what’s the rank of Hikaru? 

-474: Anonymous from Earth

There’s 5 days remaining and his Total Rank is 3th. His Real Time Rank is 1st, so he is fluctuating between 3rd and 4th, but the top 2 are way too cemented there. Especially Jeanne-chan with her protagonist lifestyle. 

Isn’t it impossible to win against that? 

-475: Anonymous from Earth

In terms of viewers, Jeanne-chan has around 800 million, so if there’s some sort of explosive development, he might have a chance. But Hikaru is already doing his best in the current state of things after all. 

-476: Anonymous from Earth

Having 800 million people watching from the 8 billion in the world is already an hegemony in terms of content creation though… Isn’t it impossible to win against that…?

-477: Anonymous from Earth

The TV had a high number of viewers in the long past. There were only a few TVs, so the amount of people wanting to watch it was a lot. In the modern era, close to 100% of households have televisions, but there’s so much choice with the internet and other things that it is hard to increase viewers. Even in a situation where you can watch from whichever computer terminal, Jeanne-chan having 800 million viewers makes her history’s biggest star in this era. 

Do you think Hikaru is made to fight against that? He is your regular introverted high schooler, you know? 

-478: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that he is an introverted high schooler, but his twins are like the biggest stars of this era too.

-479: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is also on the high side in terms of viewers, but it is also true that it is in part because of the skillful branding of his little sisters.

-480: Anonymous from Earth

Celica is pretty honest about taking 1st place, and is speaking about her plans to reach that, but she is so serious it is scary. Their way to use the media and their way of throwing their money is not normal. 

-481: Anonymous from Earth

I was dumbstruck when one day the TV programs were protecting Hikaru…

-482: Anonymous from Earth

What do you mean by that? 

-483: Anonymous from Earth

They suppressed the negative opinions of Hikaru with money. You can say whatever you want, but the TV still has a lot of effect on people, and if there’s programs featuring Hikaru, the viewers will naturally increase. 

-484: Anonymous from Earth

On top of that, we are talking global scale here. Even if they have hired an agent, the whole world probably already knows that Hikaru is doing his best to revive his childhood friend. 

That’s also why his viewers are increasing. 

Since the beginning of the race for around 3 days, Celica and Karen have manipulated the world in a way that it would turn out this way. 

-485: Anonymous from Earth


You must be exaggerating there, right?

-486: Anonymous from Earth

I am serious. 

Twin/Sis apparently gets 1 billion monthly with their streams, and all other stuff. 

-487: Anonymous from Earth

Leaving aside the earnings, there’s also a big part here in the world that sympathizes with how hard 12 year old girls are working… 

-488: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru was the first one to reach 1st place in viewers, so his potential viewers is pretty high. Twin/Sis is monopolizing the market in terms of the edited videos of Hikaru. It is so well made that it doesn’t allow any competition.

-489: Anonymous from Earth

Also, the ones managing the subscription video service of the Chosen’s edited videos, Globe-Heroes, are Celica and Karen.

-490: Anonymous from Earth

Ye gotta be kidding. Isn’t that the one that has the top share of the videos for the japanese Chosen and the minor ones…? The monthly subscription is cheap, so I am also a member of it. 

-491: Anonymous from Earth

Karen called her comrades that are good at video editing, and created this by buying a video editing company somewhere. 

The company president is in-name someone else though. 

By the way, rumors say they are earning quite decently there too. 

-492: Anonymous from Earth

Even in Globe-Heroes you can watch the edited videos of Hikaru, but the shrewd part of Celica and Karen is the part that everyone can watch the videos of Hikaru for free. 

-493: Anonymous from Earth

Their revenue from ads is apparently already outstanding after all…

It may be small compared to the ones with top shares, but the total number of people into this is high to begin with. 

-494: Anonymous from Earth

It is content that easily passes the hundreds of millions after all. 

-495: Anonymous from Earth

If they created that aiming for this flow of events, Celica and Karen might be true prodigies. 

-496: Anonymous from Earth

…No, they ARE prodigies. 

-497: Anonymous from Earth

Even so, we can’t write off the hard work of Hikaru. If the ingredients are crap, even a godlike chef would have their limits. 

-498: Anonymous from Earth


-499: Anonymous from Earth

He was bashed a whole lot at the beginning, being framed as the killer of his childhood friend, Nanami. 

It is hard to believe now. 

-500: Anonymous from Earth

The ones flaming Hikaru have become the minority now.

Despite the culprit not being found yet, and the theory of Hikaru being the culprit still rooted deeply. 

-501: Anonymous from Earth

A japanese high schooler Chosen wouldn’t get that much attention normally anyways. 

-502: Anonymous from Earth

No one imagined having family members with language proficiency and mega brains would become an advantage to this extent…

-503: Anonymous from Earth

The actual broadcast is all in isekai language, so the common thing to do is to translate it while watching. You could say that in a sense, there’s no language barrier, or like, everyone has the same barrier. You can watch both Chosen of your own country, and Chosen from other countries all the same. 

-504: Anonymous from Earth

Twin/Sis has the right for the AI translation program, and uses the latest in translations. There’s no way they aren’t strong…

-505: Anonymous from Earth

If the advantage of countries played too big of a role, then China would be too strong. No, they are plenty strong already. 

-506: Anonymous from Earth

Xin Yan-sensei is nice. <TLN: 欣妍 it is a chinese name, so I am not sure if I am right here. Help >-<.>

-507: Anonymous from Earth

Xin Yan-sensei’s gourmet journey’s 1st arc conclusion was way too perfect.

-508: Anonymous from Earth

Because of that, the viewers end up gathering to the edited videos…

Their position in the Viewer Count Race is 30th.

-509: Anonymous from Earth

The original one is pretty gorey after all.

-510: Anonymous from Earth

It is impossible for Hikaru to get 1st place. 

Jeanne-chan has been 1st place this whole time after all.

If he wants to pass that, he would have to get an overwhelming number of viewers more than her. 

-511: Anonymous from Earth

Even if we tell her the situation, I don’t think Jeanne-chan would hold back after all.

-512: Anonymous from Earth

If it is Max-sama in 2nd place, he might. 

-513: Anonymous from Earth

If he goes at this pace, he could win against Max-sama. 

Being able to see in the darkness -even if only for a limited amount- is big. 

The wind is blowing our way! 

-514: Anonymous from Earth

Shouldn’t he be increasing the love segments with Rifreya-sama? To be specific: sex.

-515: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said: ‘Onii-chan is super serious on that front’.

-516: Anonymous from Earth

Well, sex is plain strong. 

Everyone wants to watch that. 

I also would want to. 

-517: Anonymous from Earth

If it is only that the whole time, it would be boring, but if it was ‘in these 2 weeks, I will make Rifreya fall for me!’ it could have been exciting. 

The problem is that she has already fallen, but on this occasion, that doesn’t matter much now. 

What’s important is the result! 

-518: Anonymous from Earth

May Rifreya-sama have a kink for bondage. 

-519: Anonymous from Earth

I would like bunny suits. 

-520: Anonymous from Earth

What are you talking about? What’s good about Hikaru is that he is simple and upright! 

You ero brats that connect everything to sex should just go back to your hole. 

-521: Anonymous from Earth

But if it is Rifreya-sama who is attacking?

-522: Anonymous from Earth

I wanna see that…

-523: Anonymous from Earth

The male viewers shot up the moment he made a party with Rifreya-sama after all.

-524: Anonymous from Earth

The exclusive advertisement videos of Hikaru that Karen makes are half Rifreya-sama. 

-525: Anonymous from Earth

Those twins use anything they can use with no hesitation after all.

-526: Anonymous from Earth

More like, Karen is the type that can make a clear line between those kinds of things, while Celica is the more noisy voice of reason. 

-527: Anonymous from Earth

I would have liked to become the brother of those little sisters. Why do I only have little brothers?

-528: Anonymous from Earth

It can’t be helped. We have no choice but to live in reality…

Now, let’s go to work…

-529: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t wanna…! I will watch Hikaru’s journey to 1st place…! 

I definitely won’t go to work…!!

-530: Anonymous from Earth

I understand how a massive number of NEETs were born from this isekai transfer business.

-531: Anonymous from Earth

Putting the joking aside, wouldn’t Hikaru get more viewers if he were to open his messages? 

-532: Anonymous from Earth

That’s something only we can say as we can see the whole picture. Hikaru is completely unaware of anything, you know? 

The hard struggle of the twins, and the fact that most of the viewers support him. 

-533: Anonymous from Earth

He won’t be opening the messages. 

He wouldn’t be ignoring them so vehemently unless he had quite the strong trauma towards it. 

-534: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru thinks all the messages are negative towards him. 

Moreover, he can’t just choose and open them by reading the title, so he has to read them in order.

It is a pain…

-535: Anonymous from Earth

The beginning was actually all flaming after all. 

Celica apparently sent quite a lot, but won’t his heart break by the time he reaches there? 

-536: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is solely aiming to get viewers in a way that he doesn’t die. 

Even though he is doing his best there, he still doesn’t open his messages. 

That means he is aware that there are parts there that if ‘he touches them, he would die’.

…This is just me paraphrasing what Celica said though.

-537: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it is true that I have also sent supporting messages to him and would like him to open them.

I want him to know that everyone is cheering for him. 

-538: Anonymous from Earth

The ones in this thread are mostly on that same sentiment. 

However, there’s also the evil part of me that wants to see Hikaru in pain and crying…

-539: Anonymous from Earth

I feel ya~.

-540: Anonymous from Earth

But why is Rifreya-sama not showing off her Photon Ray? 

If she used that, their exploration would be easier. 

-541: Anonymous from Earth

It must be the complicated heart of a maiden.

Don’t make me say it. It is embarrassing. 

-542: Anonymous from Earth

Eh??? She can use Photon Ray? 

Did I miss it somewhere? 

-543: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya suddenly said she won’t be doing Spirit Ability training, right? 

At that moment Celica said it. 

-544: Anonymous from Earth

According to Celica, she definitely can use Photon Ray now, so she said there’s no need to do ability training anymore. 

-545: Anonymous from Earth


But why? There’s no need to hide it, right? 

-546: Anonymous from Earth

At that moment in the stream:

“Ah, this, she must be able to use Photon Ray now. Onii-chan is dense, so it seems he hasn’t noticed though.” 

“Haaah, she lied because she thought she wouldn’t be able to stay with Onii-chan? *Is that so-nii~*.” <TLN: The original says Naruhodonii~. Probably her finishing it with onii which is brother.>

“Yup. In other words, she is trying to choose a future together with Onii-chan as an explorer over her future as a templar. But will it go smoothly?” 

-547: Anonymous from Earth

That transcript of Karen must have had slight ill-intent in it, lol.

-548: Anonymous from Earth

Celica doesn’t seem to like Rifreya much. 

-549: Anonymous from Earth

Their beloved Onii-chan was taken away from them, so she must be jealous. 

Don’t make me say it. It is embarrassing. 

-550: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, can women tell instantly? 

I couldn’t tell at all.

-551: Anonymous from Earth

It is okay. I couldn’t tell either. 

-552: Anonymous from Earth

Watching Twin/Sis, they saw through it immediately before anyone even had the time to notice it themselves…

-553: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, it is scary how the transcript was immediately there already.

-554: Anonymous from Earth

Eh? Isn’t it natural as a fan? 

-555: Anonymous from Earth

Yeah, or more like, the fan site has the transcript data all there. 

-556: Anonymous from Earth

Haah~, is that so-nii. 

-557: Anonymous from Earth

That mysterious phrase of Karen is infectious. 

-558: Anonymous from Earth

Karen is pretty, but she is different from the communication lord Celica in that she is an introverted otaku. Her way of speaking is otakuish too. 

-559: Anonymous from Earth

Communication lord, lol.

-560: Anonymous from Earth

You could even call her a communication god. She can communicate with people from the whole world, you know.

-561: Anonymous from Earth

Her mental strength is also strong like orichalcum.

-562: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen being amazing is them being prodigies, but Celica’s powerful communication ability is an individual trait that stands out. Your normal prodigy doesn’t have this. 

That ability to take decisive actions like going to the family of Alex to greet them is not normal. 

-563: Anonymous from Earth

Wonder what kind of man would be able to go out with Celica. 

-564: Anonymous from Earth

The president…

-565: Anonymous from Earth

She would be the strongest first lady. 

-566: Anonymous from Earth

The rice government is going to have an eye on her! 

-567: Anonymous from Earth

There’s already eyes on them. Like the FBI and the CIA. Source: Me.

-568: Anonymous from Earth

We are talking about the little sisters again! 

-569: Anonymous from Earth

So in short, what does that mean? 

If she can use Photon Ray, she won’t be able to stay with him? 

-570: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya said she came to the dungeon to earn money and to train her Spirit Abilities, right? 

In order to become a templar, you need to learn Photon Ray. 

Turning that around, you can become a templar if you can use Photon Ray. 

It seems like there’s an age limit as well, so once that happens, she has no business with the dungeon. 

Of course, she won’t be able to play around with Hikaru anymore. 

-571: Anonymous from Earth

I immediately noticed she could already use Photon Ray. 

-572: Anonymous from Earth

Ah, calling it after the fact~~~.

-573: Anonymous from Earth

Even if she has fulfilled the requirements to become a templar, it should be fine to hang around with Hikaru, right? 

-574: Anonymous from Earth

It is not that simple of a thing. 

He isn’t a modern japanese person that can easily allow throwing away matters of the family. 

Even japanese people have their strict parts, and would prioritize their family over everything.

-575: Anonymous from Earth

That’s why she is lying, huh. 

That’s so lovely…

-576: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is super dense.

-577: Anonymous from Earth

But Hikaru took the risk of revealing to her that he can use the 8th Ability, you know? 

What’s this about hiding your true strength because of your own convenience? 

-578: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama must be feeling conflicted here as well. 

She probably didn’t even imagine that she would be able to learn how to use it in just a few days. 

-579: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe the effects were high because she was training by the side of a Loved One? 

-580: Anonymous from Earth

There’s also the possibility that she felt bad about having Hikaru give her expensive potion after expensive potion.

-581: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru would definitely tell her to go back home now that she has learned Photon Ray. 

I can even bet on it. 

-582: Anonymous from Earth

Well, rather than working as a low job like an explorer, it would obviously be better to work as a templar at her homeland. 

-583: Anonymous from Earth

No, it is better to be by the side of the person you love. 

I don’t mind betting on it, but I will deeefinitely regret it. 

I regretted it. 

-584: Anonymous from Earth

As I said, stop throwing heavy topics. 

-585: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is actually a good catch of a man.

-586: Anonymous from Earth

The problem is what Hikaru himself will do.

-587: Anonymous from Earth

True that. 

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