DCFM – Chapter 068-069: Shrimp Thermidor and Talk about Family

“It is juice, but cheers!” (Hikaru)

“It is a shame it is not alcohol, but cheers!” (Rifreya)

“I can’t drink anything alcoholic, so I am happy with juice-nyan. Cheers~!” (Grapefull)

The celebration after finishing the exploration.

We can’t go close to a church, so we entered a diner that’s in a safe location.

Recently, we have been purposely trying out a variety of eateries. 

Maybe because I am originally japanese, I don’t really have that many things I can’t eat. There’s a lot of things that can be eaten in this world, and Rifreya likes eating. It seems like Grapefull normally doesn’t eat anything decent, so she gets happy every time we treat her, so it in turns makes me happy too.

And I think there’s a lot of viewers who like this sort of situation after an adventure. 

I don’t think there’s anyone happy seeing me eat, but I don’t think that’s the case for Rifreya and Grapefull.

If you hate the boss, you hate the company; there’s the chance the 2 are also hated though… Even so, I feel like having only adventuring scenes would take out the excitement of it. There’s the need for tension and calm. 

“Going to a new establishment really makes you nervous, right?” (Rifreya)

“Yeah. It was recommended by the guild?” (Hikaru)

“The guild does about everything…” (Rifreya)

Well, the guild must want to keep the explorers as close to their hands as possible. It is solely a business move, since they wouldn’t be able to do anything without explorers.

“Even so, this smells really nice. Cheese and shrimp, was it?” (Hikaru)

“It is. I have never eaten shrimp before… Is it something that can be caught in the sea?”  (Rifreya)

“If it is the small ones that can be caught in the rivers, I have eaten them often-nya. They have a peculiar taste. These ones are big, so they must be from the sea-nya.” (Grapefull)

Judging from the ones that are being brought to other tables, it is more like lobster or spiny lobster. They are pretty big shrimps. 

I have eaten them…a pretty decent amount before being transferred. My youngest sister likes crustaceans, and would buy an astounding amount from the money she earned in her mysterious internet part-time job. 

The food was brought to us after a while. 

Looks like the middle part is opened up with sauce poured in it, cheese on top, and baked in an oven. 

It was written at the entrance that the name of the dish is shrimp thermidor, but it didn’t click with me. 

Shrimps (this is normal in this world) are twice as big as the ones from Earth.

If this had been spiny lobster, it would have gone for an incredible price. 

“What an extravagant meal. It is piping hot and looks tasty.” (Hikaru)

“Isn’t this expensive? Is it okay to have this much-nya?” (Grapefull)

“It is okay. Food tastes better when eaten with everyone.” (Hikaru)

She says expensive, but it is around 1 silver coin. 

I still have the Spirit Stones I got when I dove alone yesterday.

There’s no point in leaving money in the middle of the Viewer Count Race, so I want to use as much as possible in order to increase the viewers. Using money to buy food might unexpectedly gain some returns. 

I do remember watching somewhere that cooking and animal programs are pretty popular. 

I use a fork that has pretty big spaces in between, and eat the shrimp. 

The sticky melted cheese and the somewhat strong flavored tar mixed and created a dense tastiness. The tar here must be using the broth of shrimp.

“This is pretty tasty. It goes well with bread too.” (Hikaru)

It is a taste that makes me want to have rice to accompany. That I end up thinking in that way whenever I eat food with strong flavor might come from being japanese. 

“Yum~, I am melting-nya. It is totally different from the river shrimp-nyan.” (Grapefull)

“I-It is that tasty? Uuh…alright…I am eating it too…” (Rifreya)

Rifreya made a serious expression in front of the giant shrimp as if she had resolved herself. 

Well, it is true that a shrimp has the appearance of something that would require courage to eat the first time you see it. 

I knew quite a lot of people in Japan who couldn’t handle shrimp, but I wonder what will be the case with Rifreya. I hope she doesn’t end up hating it without eating it.

“Ei!” (Rifreya)

Rifreya places the shrimp flesh in her mouth. 

Well, eating something for the first time requires courage. 

“De…” (Rifreya)

“De…?” (Hikaru)

“De…Delicious!!” (Rifreya)

Rifreya’s face shines in an instant. 

I am glad to see it suits her taste. 

“I am currently moved. To think I lived without knowing such a tasty thing existed… *Munch munch*.” (Rifreya)

“There are people who really do like their crustaceans after all. My little sister likes it a whole lot too.” (Hikaru)

“Oh! You have a little sister, Hikaru?!” (Rifreya)

“Yeah. Unlike me, she is a really capable little sister.” (Hikaru)

Wonder if Celica and Karen are watching me talk about this. 

I think those two believe that I wasn’t the one who killed Nanami. 

But that’s exactly why I feel like they would suffer more from the pressure of others. It would be easier for them if they just said: “I can’t believe there was a killer in our family! We are victims too!” -but the two of them wouldn’t take that choice.

I don’t want them to fight society and get hurt in the process…

“I see~. But you are strong in battle, can give proper instructions, and can even utilize abilities precisely; I think you are incredibly competent yourself, you know?” (Rifreya)

“I am happy you say that, but the competency of my little sisters is not in that realm. I don’t know how to explain it though.” (Hikaru)

My two sisters were already fluent in english by kindergarten. How to say it, their desire to challenge new things and their brains capable of absorbing everything in their way was second to none. Even before elementary school, they were already famous as prodigies. 

They have appeared on television a number of times, and they were the pride and joy of my parents. 

“Is that so. Your parents must be proud too.” (Rifreya)

My heart jumped by the casual remark of Rifreya.

“Right.” (Hikaru)

I answered shortly and thought about my parents for a bit. 

My parents are…strong people, so even if society were to slander them because I am labelled as the killer of Nanami, they wouldn’t be bothered that much. 

In the first place, I don’t know if my father and mother are watching me in worry. I couldn’t really picture that in my mind. 

I was in an outrageous situation where I was suddenly thrown into a forest the moment I was transferred, so I honestly think that my family was at least worried about me at that time. 

But now…

“Hikaru? Are you okay? You are…making a real pained expression there.” (Rifreya)

“Hm? Aah, sorry. I was thinking about my family for a bit there.” (Hikaru)

“…So you have your circumstances. Well, most explorers do.” (Rifreya)

I thought she would pry into it, but not touching those things might be a rule. 

Well, my circumstances are way too special. There’s a high chance she wouldn’t understand me even if I told her. 

Once the Viewer Count Race is over, I am thinking about telling Rifreya and Grapefull anyways, but right now is not the time for it. 

“I also have a little sister. She is a really proper girl… Fufu. Same as you, right, Hikaru?” (Rifreya)

“Me too, me too! We are a family of 5 sisters-nyan!” (Grapefull)

As expected of a catfolk. The amount that is born at one time is high, maybe? 

I ended up thinking this with no ill-intent, but their names might be stuff like Orangefull, or Lemonfull… No way, huh.

The shrimp thermidor was a delicacy, and with the fact that we were hungry, we ended up eating it all. We even ordered extra. 

Your appetite apparently increases as your Tier goes up and the monstrosification advances. So this is how it looks like, huh. The better we can fight, the higher our food expenses might be. 

  • Chapter 069: Spirit Energy Vein and Rifreya’s Circumstances

“By the way, why is it that the weak point of the monsters is the base of their neck?” (Hikaru)

I remember what I was curious about and asked Rifreya. 

“I thought it was because the Spirit Stone is at their neck.” (Hikaru)

“That’s not it. It is because it is the place where the Spirit Veins meet. In the first place, Spirit Stones are ‘proof of having lived’, so it is something that’s born at the center of the veins when you die, and it doesn’t exist while you are alive.” (Rifreya)

“Is that so… Wait, what are these Spirit Veins you speak of…?” (Hikaru)

“There’s soul veins that have Spirit Energy flowing in them -inside your body.” (Rifreya)

According to Rifreya, people and monsters have spirit energy flowing in their body, and they concentrate at the base of the neck. 

When that part is destroyed, you can’t do anything but die. 

That’s why I ended up getting warned that I should at least protect that part with armor. I did get scared just hearing about it, so once I have gotten a good amount of money, I should have armor be made.

Now that I look closely, Rifreya and Grapefull also have complete protection on the base of their necks.

So someone like me laying it bare is rare, huh.

“I thought you had a reason why you didn’t have armor there… To think it was actually because you didn’t know… Looks like you need to study more, Hikaru.” (Rifreya)

“Is there something like ‘the basics of an explorer’ book in the guild?” (Hikaru)

“I am better than any book. I will teach you, so you will be okay. Ask me anything.” (Rifreya)

Rifreya smacks her chest. 

It is honestly a great help to have someone teach me. 

This is a different world. The common sense here is so different that, if I am not taught, I don’t even notice the differences. 

Truly the feeling of not knowing what I don’t know. That’s the state I am currently in.

“By the way…I have been thinking this after dungeon diving with you, but…are you an explorer, Rifreya? Or a templar apprentice? Should I take it as you training here until the exam because you are aiming to become an official templar?” (Hikaru)

I asked this while eating the extra that had been brought over. If prying into personal matters of explorers is not allowed, this is quite the bad question, but I want to know more about her. 

Honestly speaking, Rifreya is pretty different amongst the explorers. 

The veteran adventurers that I see every now and then have good equipment like Rifreya, and dive into the dungeon with unfaltering faces.

But she is simply a mid level explorer that mainly goes to the 3rd Floor. 

I understand that she has good equipment because she is a templar apprentice, but I don’t understand why she would have to act as an explorer…or more like, I can’t connect them. 

“You must have your own objectives to be here, and I am having you help me out here, so I was wondering if I could help you in some way… If it was a bad question to ask, it is fine to not answer.” (Hikaru)

“Objective, huh… I did have two when dungeon diving. One of them was money. Dungeon exploration is dangerous, but that makes it profitable.” (Rifreya)

“And the other one?” (Hikaru)

“I told you that I am a Templar Apprentice, right? It is that.” (Rifreya)

“Yeah, is that connected somehow?” (Hikaru)

“I see… You don’t know about Templars either.” (Rifreya)

Are Templars common sense in this world?

A templar is one job of the many. I don’t think it would be so common knowledge that it would be common sense though.

“Templars…these knights that protect the churches that worship the Great Spirit-samas are required to have two strengths. First, plain battle prowess… This falls into the battle arts and the Tier. The other one is Spirit Abilities. I am aiming to become a Templar of the Light Great Church, so I must use Light Spirit Abilities.” (Rifreya)

“Then don’t you already fulfill that condition? Your Tier should be pretty high too.” (Hikaru)

“Yeah, my Tier and battle prowess is appropriate…but you can tell, right, Hikaru? I can’t use my Spirit Abilities well.” (Rifreya)

Rifreya says slightly pained.

She said I would be able to tell, but I don’t really. 

There weren’t any moments where they had to be used, and things could be managed with my Abilities, so Rifreya has only used them a few times at the beginning to show me, but she hasn’t used them in the explorations. 

Maybe she assumed I thought her Spirit Abilities weren’t adequate enough for battle? 

…No, that might actually be the case.

It is true that it is hard to say darkness and light mesh well. 

“In other words, your Spirit Abilities don’t reach the requirement to become a Templar Knight…?” (Hikaru)

“That’s right. In order to become a Templar, I need to be able to use the 4th Ability: Photon Ray. My household has produced Templar Captains for generations, so it is expected from me -the eldest daughter- to become one as well… But even when I am this old…I am a failure that hasn’t even become a Templar.” (Rifreya)

“Rifreya…” (Hikaru)

I didn’t even know this, and have been using her as a ‘warrior’.

I am a failure as a party member. 

“My little sister is incredibly good at Spirit Abilities, and her dazzling abilities have earned her the name The Splendorous Flora. Compared to that, I am The Dark Gray Rifreya that can’t shine…” (Rifreya)

As for me, it wasn’t my effort, but because of my cheat powers. 

There’s no way I can easily comfort this girl who was born and raised in this world with her honest worries.

That’s why there’s only one thing I can do. 

“Rifreya, is it okay to just have you learn the 4th Ability?” (Hikaru)

“Eh? Yes…but I have been using them the whole time, yet it didn’t work. It has been 1 year since I entered the dungeon, you know? Normally, even the Tier of my abilities should have gone up by now.” (Rifreya)

“No, it is too soon to give up. I have been feeling bad for having you help me out. There’s only 9 days left, but in that time, I will help you out in reaching the 4th Ability.” (Hikaru)

“Help, you say… I reach my limit with only 5 casts…” (Rifreya)

I don’t know if she knows, but Abilities work on a proficiency system. 

In other words, they get stronger the more you use them.

On top of that, it is easier to raise the proficiency when used in battle. For example; even if I were to use my Darkness Fog to just hide in the darkness, the proficiency doesn’t increase at all, but if I use it to cover the enemy in battle, there’s times when it goes up. 

It should be possible to train the abilities of Rifreya in that way. 

I think she has only used Light as a light source. 

If you don’t use it in battle, it is hard to increase your proficiency. 

“Anyways, let’s test it out. By the way, how do you learn about your Abilities and your Tiers?” (Hikaru)

Maybe they all have Status Boards…? 

“We are told by the Great Spirit-sama. Wait, you can’t do that, Hikaru! Aah, I see… It is rough being a Loved One.” (Rifreya)

“Aah, no, that’s fine then. No problem.” (Hikaru)

So Great Spirits are so convenient? 

A God that tells you your level, huh… This really is a fantasy world. 

“Eh…? But you said your Revelation was in Tier 4… How did you know?” (Rifreya)

“I will eventually tell you.” (Hikaru)

If I tell her about that, I would have to begin from the part that I was transferred to this world.

I will tell them when it is all over. 

While we were talking, Grapefull who didn’t join the conversation and had a full belly was fast asleep.

She really is a cat. 

※Regarding the concept of days, this world works with the same system of 1 week being 7 days.

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