DCFM – Chapter 065: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 3000th

-675: Anonymous from Earth

That feeling of Rifreya-sama wanting to be together with him as much as possible reached even me. So cute. 

Or more like, Hikaru is beginning to look like a brusque boyfriend. 

-676: Anonymous from Earth

The shortsword is so cool! 

-677: Anonymous from Earth

Black bladed knives can be seen often, but there might not be that many that are forged. 

-678: Anonymous from Earth

Japanese swords normally are just the same color as the metal, so they don’t become black.

-679: Anonymous from Earth

In other words…it is cool. 

-680: Anonymous from Earth

The new weapon is nice. 

I would like to sell my own weapons in an isekai. 

-681: Anonymous from Earth

Black clothing and a ninja sword; that’s completely a ninja.

-682: Anonymous from Earth

He is super popular with the foreigners. 

So ninjas did exist in Japan! 

-683: Anonymous from Earth

The handle is on the long side.

-684: Anonymous from Earth

They said it doesn’t get dirty in the dungeon. What does that mean?

-685: Anonymous from Earth

The Millietas Great Dark Church is where those twins are?

-686: Anonymous from Earth

The defeated monsters become Spirit Stones and their bodies disappear.

Of course the things sticking to the blade will also disappear, so there’s no need to wipe it. 

-687: Anonymous from Earth

What’s the business that Hikaru has? Even though he has to get as many viewers as possible.

-688: Anonymous from Earth


The place where the twins (evil) are, yeah.

It is pretty far away in terms of distance, but they are well known…

-689: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe he is aiming to increase his number of viewers by fighting solo? 

-690: Anonymous from Earth

If he were that narcissistic, he wouldn’t be having this tough of a time. 

-691: Anonymous from Earth

He even has his own personal weapon. Hikaru-kun is finally looking like an explorer.

-692: Anonymous from Earth

If he were blessed with party members, he would be able to live off being an explorer using his Dark Spirit Abilities as much as he wanted.

-693: Anonymous from Earth

With the power of Hikaru, can’t he even be scouted by the number one party of the city? 

He can even double as a porter.

Wouldn’t that route be better in terms of increasing viewers?

-694: Anonymous from Earth

It is a world where magic tools can provide the same effect as a Shadow Bag, so I don’t know about that. 

-695: Anonymous from Earth

Hmmm? Is he seriously going to be acting separately from Rifreya-san?

-696: Anonymous from Earth

The sad face of Rifreya-san! 

-697: Anonymous from Earth

I feel bad for Rifreya-sama.


What did you smoke to think that Hikaru has that level of communication capability…? 

He even looks like he has his hands full with Rifreya.

-698: Anonymous from Earth

Is he maybe going to the guild to gather information?

-699: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t this the first time he has bought a potion in the conventional way? 

-700: Anonymous from Earth

He didn’t have the leeway in money at the beginning after all.

-701: Anonymous from Earth

Alex is properly using the guild often, and most if not all the information of the dungeon has been displayed. They are called dungeon explorers, but the reality is that almost all of the floors up to the 5th Floor have been completely explored.

The real explorers are diving the 6th Floor or lower, and they are apparently a real low percent. 

-702: Anonymous from Earth

Most of the explorers are more like just monster hunters rather than explorers.

Or more like, is Hikaru going to be dungeon diving? Now? 

-703: Anonymous from Earth

Also, since you become stronger by fighting monsters, there’s benefits in the future. 

You can switch to being a bodyguard or a mercenary, and you can go as high as a templar. 

-704: Anonymous from Earth

“I knew it…” “Onii, you idiot.” 

Is what they said, but why is Hikaru being insulted?

-705: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it simply because he is trying to dive alone? The fact that he is keeping it a secret from Rifreya must mean that he is most likely going to be doing something unreasonable. 

-706: Anonymous from Earth

When he uses Darkness Fog on the 2nd floor, I really can’t tell where Hikaru is on the screen.

-707: Anonymous from Earth

Commentary! So awkward! 

-708: Anonymous from Earth

3rd Floor! On his own?? 

Isn’t Hikaru still a 3rd Floor virgin?

-709: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t this dangerous? The 3rd Floor isn’t a darkness stage, so it won’t go as smoothly as the 2nd Floor. 

This ain’t a game. 

-710: Anonymous from Earth

Even Alex in a party of 3 is having decent difficulties with it. 

Both of them are Chosen, so I don’t think there’s that much of a gap between the strength of Alex and Hikaru. 

-711: Anonymous from Earth

He may be the Great Dark Mage, but there’s limits. 

He might be okay if he stays hidden in the darkness the whole time though.

But in terms of viewers, that’s not so fun to watch.

-712: Anonymous from Earth

Moreover, what’s dangerous is that he hasn’t investigated beforehand. 

There’s the Treant that camouflages ingeniously or the Gremlin that can use Spirit Abilities.

There’s even Ghouls that can paralyze you if you get bitten.

-713: Anonymous from Earth

Paralysis is really bad news.

If you get hit by that when alone, it is without doubt game over.

-714: Anonymous from Earth

If he were to encounter 2 Trolls, he would no doubt die. 

No matter how you think about it, he won’t be able to defeat them with just your Summon: Night Bug.

-715: Anonymous from Earth

He does have his trump card that is Create Undead, and that’s actually super strong. 

If I remember correctly, he still has the stone of the Mantis, so when push comes to shove, maybe he plans on resolving it with that?

-716: Anonymous from Earth

He obviously is strong if he were to call the Mantis, but just because you manage to overcome one battle…

-717: Anonymous from Earth

He may be able to use Dark Spirit Abilities on a high level, his weapon is that shortsword, right? 

There’s a reason why Rifreya-sama uses that obscenely big weapon. Using a shortsword on goblins and orcs would be one thing, but it would be plain reckless in the 3rd Floor. 

-718: Anonymous from Earth

If a Garden Panther shows up, he is definitely dying…

Alex and his party encountered it once, and barely managed to come out of that with their lives by throwing dried meat at it…

-719: Anonymous from Earth

Damn, you guys are actually worrying here? So kind.

Here I am, excited about what’s to come.

-720: Anonymous from Earth

It is because there’s people like you that Hikaru is trying to be reckless here. 

He doesn’t open his messages, so no matter how many messages we send, it is just wasted.

This is seriously bad.

-721: Anonymous from Earth

He can use Shadow Storage now, so isn’t he basically already the ultimate form of a porter? 

He could enter any party he wants. 

-722: Anonymous from Earth

If he comes back alive, that is…

-723: Anonymous from Earth

Phantom Warrior is so damn good! 

-724: Anonymous from Earth

Even an Ogre with a weapon is instantly killed.


-725: Anonymous from Earth

※An Ogre with a weapon is a monster that even a full party of explorers avoids depending on the situation.

-726: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t that impressive? 

He just now defeated that as if nothing without Shadow Bind.

Isn’t he stronger than Jeanne-chan on a 1v1???

-727: Anonymous from Earth

No, at first, I thought this ability would be pretty strong against humans, but maybe it would instead be seen through? 

It is unnaturally dark, or other stuff like that. 

-728: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know. Let’s have him use it on Alex and check.

-729: Anonymous from Earth

Alex is a real scaredy-cat despite his looks, so please don’t.

-730: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is so kind that it would be suicidal to fight against Jeanne-chan.

In the time he is hesitating, he would get instantly killed.

-731: Anonymous from Earth

Is Jeanne-chan a killing machine or something???

-732: Anonymous from Earth

No idea. The person herself says: “I am simply a gamer”.

-733: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe only Jeanne-chan got transported to a game world?

-734: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru really is going to be going down to the 3rd Floor…

-735: Anonymous from Earth

This isekai was a game that Jeanne-chan had played in the past!! 

-736: Anonymous from Earth

I understand now that Hikaru is strong.

But even with that, exploring the 3rd Floor is bad news.

It is on a completely different level from the time when he was spamming the 2nd Floor.

-737: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen are barely talking now, so it really does seem like he is pushing himself here.

-738: Anonymous from Earth


I am happy for the commentary and all, but your voice is trembling…

-739: Anonymous from Earth

That’s the brother of Celica and Karen for ya.

Even if you’ve got the objective of reviving Nanami-chan on your back, you normally wouldn’t be able to act this firmly. 

-740: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru barely has any Points, right? 

If I remember correctly, he’s got no Barrier Stones.

-741: Anonymous from Earth

Even if we send him messages, he doesn’t read them.

He is getting all cornered by himself…

The Chosen that have been dying have decreased by quite a lot, but is the count going to increase…today?

-742: Anonymous from Earth

I am sure he is just gonna hide in the darkness and check the place around.

Well, that in itself is still pretty reckless. Just hope the viewer count doesn’t endorse this act of his. 

Darkness doesn’t show well on the screen, so I guess it should be okay. 

-743: Anonymous from Earth

“Onii-chan thinks that he is being hated, so he thinks that the ones who hate him will be happy if he were to be reckless… And that’s why he is doing something like this…” 

“Even though we are all worrying here…” 

The two should think of a way for Hikaru to open the messages as soon as possible. 

-744: Anonymous from Earth

So Hikaru thinks that if he were to push himself, there will be people watching in joy and saying: ‘can’t he just die already?’.

The vast majority will be watching in worry and saying ‘treat your life with more care’ though.

-745: Anonymous from Earth

Have Alex bring him our message… 

There’s still more than 10 days left in the Viewer Count Race. At this rate, Hikaru is going to die.

-746: Anonymous from Earth

Is he seriously going in without any prior knowledge?

-747: Anonymous from Earth


As someone who has been watching Hikaru the whole time he has been awake, I will tell you there’s no doubt about that. 

-748: Anonymous from Earth

Is your life okay…?

-749: Anonymous from Earth

He sucks at commentating, but that in turn makes it feel more real and pitiful.

Seriously, don’t push yourself…

-750: Anonymous from Earth

Darkness Fog really does have bad compatibility with this place.

The 3rd Floor is mostly whitish, so it stands out like crazy. 

It is nice to be able to tell where he is for a change, but that in turn means that the monsters can also tell. 

-751: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru suddenly encounters a Troll. 

Moreover, one with a weapon. 

-752: Anonymous from Earth

I want to be that one guy that’s sticking on the wall and saying ‘Turn back…’ ‘Turn back and leave…’.

-753: Anonymous from Earth

He obviously will avoid it. 

A Troll with a club is the 2nd strongest monster in the 3rd Floor, right? 

-754: Anonymous from Earth


He intends to fight it?

-755: Anonymous from Earth

A comrade of Alex has been left in a critical state because of the club swinging of a Troll.

-756: Anonymous from Earth

The incident where Crabbell was foaming on his mouth and had become a crab…

-757: Anonymous from Earth

Instant Kill! 

-758: Anonymous from Earth


-759: Anonymous from Earth


-760: Anonymous from Earth

You gotta be kidding me.

-761: Anonymous from Earth


-762: Anonymous from Earth

His courage is impressive. 

With that shortsword, you would have to be practically sticking to your enemy to defeat them. 

-763: Anonymous from Earth

It could also be the other way around. The reach is short, and that’s why he managed to defeat an enemy with a long club. 

A barehanded Troll would go for a fast slap or something.

-764: Anonymous from Earth

Why can’t we see inside the darkness? Do your damn job, management. 

-765: Anonymous from Earth

Humans can’t see inside the darkness…

-766: Anonymous from Earth

I hear sobbing from my speakers. 

-767: Anonymous from Earth

T-They are…They are crying…

Don’t cry Celica, Karen…

-768: Anonymous from Earth

“Uuuuu~~h. Why are you being this reckless. Onii-chan, you idiot…” 

“Everything will be over if you die… Him being unable to calculate on those fronts is clumsy and cute though… But this really is just pushing it…” 

-769: Anonymous from Earth

I am sorry to admit that I thought that was cute.

-770: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is indeed an idiot.

However, there’s times when a man has to do it even when knowing it is foolish, Celica…Karen…

-771: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru isn’t showing any signs of leaving.

He has already encountered Hobgoblins and Gremlins…

-772: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is defeating 2nd Floor level monsters without any difficulty. 

-773: Anonymous from Earth

Gremlins can use Earth Spirit Abilities, so they should be decently problematic though! 

-774: Anonymous from Earth

Even with Night Bug rendered useless, he didn’t panic at all.

-775: Anonymous from Earth

But Hikaru is going deeper and deeper though.

Isn’t that place really easy to get lost in? 

It is on the level that Alex and his party had a detailed map, yet, they got lost.

-776: Anonymous from Earth

A Ghoul showed up! 

-777: Anonymous from Earth

Instant Kill! 

-778: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is so strong it feels as if he is playing a different game. 

-779: Anonymous from Earth

Ghouls have paralyzing poison in their claws and bite, so they are pretty dangerous.

But this is basically ‘if it doesn’t hit, get beat’.

-780: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has Poison Resistance.

-781: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru: ‘I might have gotten lost’.

-782: Anonymous from Earth

What’s with his composure?

From where did this op character come from?

Where is our Hikaru-kyun?

-783: Anonymous from Earth

Did his brain fry at some point in time? He is so calm it is unsettling.

-784: Anonymous from Earth

I would have fainted.

-785: Anonymous from Earth

Of course he would get lost if he just treads on without even mapping. 

You can already tell that with the name Straying Big Mist Garden, right? 

-786: Anonymous from Earth

He is obviously getting lost on purpose.

-787: Anonymous from Earth

Even if he is going for the style of cornering himself more and more to get viewers, isn’t he overdoing it? 

We don’t wish for this. 

Just give me some romance with Rifreya-sama.

-788: Anonymous from Earth

So you say, but the viewers are increasing more and more…

-789: Anonymous from Earth

“Why?! Why?! Why are you doing something like this? You were partying with Rifreya-san! You were getting an increase in viewers by fighting safely! We will definitely have you get 1st place, so you could have just done what you usually do!” 

Celica is flipping out here.

-790: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen are doing their best, and yet, it isn’t reaching his brother. So pitiful.

-791: Anonymous from Earth

The viewers were increasing well, but he is aiming for nothing less than 1st place. 

It can’t be helped that he would think it would be impossible to obtain if he doesn’t push himself.

-792: Anonymous from Earth

Didn’t Alex get an explanation from the guild saying that there’s quite a lot of parties that have gotten lost in the 3rd Floor and haven’t returned? 

Isn’t Hikaru in real danger here? You can’t deal with a lot of stuff when you are alone. 

-793: Anonymous from Earth


-794: Anonymous from Earth

This is bad (real bad).

-795: Anonymous from Earth

This is probably the first time I see Hikaru getting hit. 

-796: Anonymous from Earth

Darkness doesn’t work on Treants?! Even though it is weak against Fire Spirit Abilities! 

-797: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen are panicking to unprecedented extents. 

It really is rough to watch a family member be in this state…

-798: Anonymous from Earth


Depending on the circumstances, he could die. 

If he dies, nothing will be accomplished.

-799: Anonymous from Earth

They weren’t doing real time commentaries in the time at the forest after all.

If they had, they probably would be panicking even more than now.

-800: Anonymous from Earth

They were panicking plenty enough in the audio commentary of the edited version too though…

-801: Anonymous from Earth

“I might have broken a bone” -my ass. 

Run away already… Treants are slow.

-802: Anonymous from Earth

It looks like he intends to fight with the full-course of the Dark Spirit Abilities.

It has been a while since I have seen Shade Shift.

-803: Anonymous from Earth

One of his arms really is useless now. 

Treants are weak against Spirit Abilities, but they have high physical resistance.

-804: Anonymous from Earth

It called 2 Trolls. 

Isn’t Hikaru way too unlucky???

-805: Anonymous from Earth

Aah…he is dead…

-806: Anonymous from Earth

‘I will do it’, Hikaru? 

His resolve is crazy on a lot of fronts. 

Is he going to be using Create Undead here? 

-807: Anonymous from Earth

He was the same type as Jeanne-chan…

-808: Anonymous from Earth


“Don’t dieeeee!!” 

-809: Anonymous from Earth

If a family member of mine were to do something like this, I would also be bawling my eyes out…

-810: Anonymous from Earth

Raise your hands! Give him our energy!! 

That’s the only thing we can do for him to come back alive!!

-811: Anonymous from Earth


-812: Anonymous from Earth


-813: Anonymous from Earth

He insta killed 2 Trolls??

-814: Anonymous from Earth

Ye gotta be kidding me.

-815: Anonymous from Earth

The moment I thought the darkness had spread, 10 seconds later, the Trolls were already Spirit Stones. 

I don’t even believe my own words here.

-816: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is so cool I am crying here…

-817: Anonymous from Earth

2 Trolls are enemies that Alex and his party would normally just avoid. 

-818: Anonymous from Earth

If it were a normal RPG, those would be monsters that would show up in mid game…

-819: Anonymous from Earth

What kind of battle happened inside the darkness?

-820: Anonymous from Earth

Judging from the speed, he is striking the Spirit Vein with one hit. 

-821: Anonymous from Earth

That’s a ninja! 

-822: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is seriously a Critical Hit artist. 

-823: Anonymous from Earth


-824: Anonymous from Earth

He is a bad match against a Treant, but he managed to defeat it in the end.

I am beginning to feel stupid for worrying.

-825: Anonymous from Earth

Even Celica and Karen were speechless.

-826: Anonymous from Earth

I have seen the muddy battles Alex’s party has had, so it really accentuates how abnormal Hikaru is…

-827: Anonymous from Earth

This has been good battle experience” -my ass. 

Just how worried do you think Celica and Karen were?

-828: Anonymous from Earth

I am beginning to fear Hikaru here.

He really is the brother of those twins. 

He was by no means your regular high schooler.

-829: Anonymous from Earth

Fighting against beings that are clearly superior to you with a sword or a spear is something that only a person with screws loose could do. Even other Chosen have said that often. 

Alex is actually on the side that’s doing pretty well.

Hikaru and Jeanne are outliers. 

-830: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is beginning to fight the next battle as if nothing. 

And this time he instantly killed the Gremlin…

What’s this? 

What are we watching here? 

Bring out the guy that said Hikaru only shines in the 2nd Floor. 

-831: Anonymous from Earth

Ikakin is fighting in a way that appeals to viewers, and yet, even he doesn’t pull stunts like this and runs away when he has to. 

But that’s the normal reaction of a human. 

Not just anyone can fight life or death battles in close range. 

-832: Anonymous from Earth

I have read this before, but no matter the training a soldier undergoes, only a handful of them can actually fight in the battlefield.

-833: Anonymous from Earth

Being able to do that without hesitation is a crazy valuable attribute for warriors, huh…

-834: Anonymous from Earth

This ain’t a game. 

If you get wounded, it hurts. The enemy will come at you with the intent to kill.

Fighting them off and killing them isn’t as easy as in games.

-835: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is a Loved One, right? 

Being attacked by Great Spirits is a demerit, but the advantage of shooting these many Abilities is outrageous. 

-836: Anonymous from Earth

I thought I had understood how impressive he was when he was defeating the monsters in the 2nd Floor, but…

Man, this is crazy. 

I am beginning to understand why Rifreya-sama was so enthralled by him.

-837: Anonymous from Earth

The tempo of the battles is nuts. 

It is like he doesn’t even take an action for a battle stance, or like he is killing them as he passes by…

-838: Anonymous from Earth

Search & Destroy! 

It is also because they would call for reinforcements if you take your time though.

-839: Anonymous from Earth

Brb, gonna become a Dark Spirit User.

Where was the church again?

-840: Anonymous from Earth

He is gonna get scouted by the Assassin Guild with this. 

I don’t know if there’s one though.

-841: Anonymous from Earth


-842: Anonymous from Earth

No, you normally wouldn’t be able to hunt with this tempo in the 3rd Floor! 

He insta killed everything aside from the Treant! 

I do understand that his battle style isn’t suitable for a normal exchange of blows, but this?! 

-843: Anonymous from Earth

It is seriously crazy that he can instantly kill a Troll too.

-844: Anonymous from Earth

It is also because the weapon is well made, but what really stands out here is how abnormal the person himself is…

-845: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has only defeated Goblins and Orcs in the 2nd Floor. He only began fighting Ogres when he met Rifreya, and the Mantis was defeated after Rifreya had weakened it. 

That’s why we didn’t understand his potential in solo battles. 

Compared to Rifreya, he has weak physical strength, and he does give the impression that he is weak, so that’s why we thought that going down to the 3rd Floor was nothing but suicidal. 

His abilities are strong and Create Undead can serve as a trump card. Even so, if the person himself is weak, it would only serve to buy time. But what do we get after opening the lid? To think we would be witnessing the arrival of a warrior on the same level or higher than Jeanne here! I was seriously trembling there!! 

-846: Anonymous from Earth

It really was goosebump inducing. 

In the first place, Spirit Abilities are strong, but the ones of Hikaru are all support abilities. If it were to run away, it would be one thing, but I thought it would be reckless to fight with them.

-847: Anonymous from Earth

Even while we are talking here, he is turning monsters into Spirit Stones. 

That smoothness in storing the Spirit Stones into his Shadow Storage is impressive.

-848: Anonymous from Earth

He has really mastered his abilities…

I was calling him the Great Dark Mage as a joke at first, but..I can’t make fun of him now. 

-849: Anonymous from Earth

“The exit! What a relief”, Hikaru says with a straight face.

-850: Anonymous from Earth

“Onii-chan has had an outrageous sense of direction since forever, so he probably wasn’t that lost.”

“If he really had been lost, it would have shown in his face more.” 

“Well…whichever the case, he is okay. I hope this is the last time he does this.” 

-851: Anonymous from Earth

Celica was quite the emotional roller coaster there.

-852: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t that just a communication technique? The type that would increase the affection of others if she were to show her emotions in her face.

Isn’t she like super calm out of camera? 

-853: Anonymous from Earth

You expect a 12 year old to go that far? 

No, maybe she is??

-854: Anonymous from Earth

The viewers really did increase.

He went all the way up to 14th place…

-855: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru probably doesn’t notice that his viewers increased because they were dumbstruck by his battle power…

-856: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe he will meet up with Rifreya-sama tomorrow and tell her ‘let’s begin exploring the 3rd Floor’ as if nothing happened.

-857: Anonymous from Earth

He probably will. Hikaru is one evil guy…

-858: Anonymous from Earth

So we have to watch Rifreya-sama act like a senpai there with a smug face, huh…

-859: Anonymous from Earth

It would be impossible even for Rifreya to explore the 3rd Floor solo after all.

She was close to wiping out with a Mantis.

-860: Anonymous from Earth

The discussion of who is the strongest now is heating up like a storm, lmao. 

Hikaru was strong in his abilities to begin with, so he was up there in the ranks, but he has suddenly jumped up to the probability of being the strongest. 

-861: Anonymous from Earth

In terms of plain strength, there’s no discussion. 

If he is this strong even in a bright place, then that means his strength at night is on a whole other level.

-862: Anonymous from Earth

He managed to do this much in solo battle, and on top of that, he can use Summon Night Bug.

He even has Create Undead if things get hairy…

-863: Anonymous from Earth

This is nuts.

-864: Anonymous from Earth

Stop sending messages to Jeanne saying: ‘Hikaru is stronger than you’. LMAO.

Despite how Jeanne-chan looks, she is a stickler when it comes to strength.

-865: Anonymous from Earth

I was pretty worried about Hikaru dying here but… What’s this?

I thought watching Chosen was in bad taste and was wondering what God was thinking, but…is this what they call the potential of humans? 

-866: Anonymous from Earth

I am glad I was following in real time. 

Gotta thank Twin/Sis for that one.

-867: Anonymous from Earth

It has been a while since I have been this excited by something. 

I am taking a break from work tomorrow.

-868: Anonymous from Earth

No, go to work.

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