DCFM – Chapter 060: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 2829th

TLN: Two chapters today! Make sure you didn’t miss the previous one~.


-333: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama is already completely in love! 

-334: Anonymous from Earth

The way she just follows him with her gaze every now and then is just…

-335: Anonymous from Earth

My heart is throbbing so much. I’m die, thank you forever.

-336: Anonymous from Earth

It is hilarious that Hikaru doesn’t notice at all. So dense~~~~!!

-337: Anonymous from Earth

No, he probably is pretending he doesn’t notice.

Rifreya-sama has already confessed to him. 

-338: Anonymous from Earth

It is not a reality show but reality itself. This corrupt feeling of watching an actual love with no acting, I just…I just…

-339: Anonymous from Earth

I also want to have a romance like this~.

-340: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya saying ‘just give them my name and it will be okay’ as if it is nothing.

She really has the traits of making a man a deadbeat. 

-341: Anonymous from Earth

Grapefull-chan falling asleep at the diner was so cute. 

-342: Anonymous from Earth

It is good that he has become more positive, but can he really get 1st place like this? 

-343: Anonymous from Earth

I am not saying he is taking it easy here, but they are acting mainly in a dark dungeon, so no matter if he has the radiance of Rifreya-sama, this is a bit…

-344: Anonymous from Earth

Watching the sweetness between the two is fun too though.

-345: Anonymous from Earth

He is currently 27th place, right? It ain’t bad, but…the top places are way too strong.

-346: Anonymous from Earth

The zombie annihilation master plan of Max-sama is way too amusing after all. 

-347: Anonymous from Earth

Being surrounded by zombies and settling one sieging act by using Barrier Stones. It is so like zombie movies, I was laughing out loud. 

-348: Anonymous from Earth

Why do Americans love zombies that much? 

Zombies are just plain disgusting.

-349: Anonymous from Earth

They probably got desensitized from seeing them so much in movies.

-350: Anonymous from Earth

The stream of Hikaru lacks handsomeness. If you want to get viewers, you can’t just cater to men.

-351: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t you know about the popularity of Hikaru overseas? 

-352: Anonymous from Earth

He is strangely making the overseas onee-sans crazy. I don’t know the reason why.

-353: Anonymous from Earth

It must be those tears and that darkness in him.

-354: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a lot of his type in Japan, but maybe there aren’t that many overseas? It might seem fresh.

-355: Anonymous from Earth

What way are the other Chosen who chose darkness using it? The same as Hikaru?

-356: Anonymous from Earth

They are using it the same, but Dark Mist is honestly meh. It would be one thing in a place that’s already dark, but have no choice but to call it trash in bright places.

-357: Anonymous from Earth

The one that seemed like the biggest miss, Earth, was actually the strongest early game. 

Light and water are strong when raised though.

-358: Anonymous from Earth

Gravel Mist is nice. 

-359: Anonymous from Earth

You have to get to the level of Hikaru where he uses Darkness Fog and Summon: Night Bug at the same time, or darkness just won’t perform. 

-360: Anonymous from Earth

No, you get an advantage with just the Shadow Bag, so that’s actually the main body.

-361: Anonymous from Earth

They don’t need to hire a porter after all.

-362: Anonymous from Earth

Will Hikaru challenge other dungeons someday too?

-363: Anonymous from Earth

If he doesn’t die.

A dungeon explorer is by the side of death the whole time. 

Right now he is taking a margin of safety, but that can be overturned with a second of misfortune. 

-364: Anonymous from Earth

It is easy to imagine that the members will fall into dangerous states if you act in a party after all.

If Rifreya-sama or Full-chan were to die, he wouldn’t be able to get over it for a while. 

-365: Anonymous from Earth

By the way, the Great Fire Spirit came to eat Hikaru, but could it be that after that…

-366: Anonymous from Earth

This is just a possibility, but he must have been offered captured Loved Ones in order to appease him.

-367: Anonymous from Earth


That’s why Rifreya-sama told him so many times to not get close to the church, huh…

-368: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama is a Templar Apprentice, so of course she knows how they appease Great Spirits. 

-369: Anonymous from Earth

Not telling Hikaru this must have been her being considerate. 

-370: Anonymous from Earth

Great Spirits are docile when they are sucking on Loved Ones after all…

-371: Anonymous from Earth

But the sucked Loved Ones die.

-372: Anonymous from Earth

One more that gets sacrificed for Hikaru…

-373: Anonymous from Earth

One more?

-374: Anonymous from Earth


-375: Anonymous from Earth

So there was still someone pushing the Hikaru killer narrative, huh.

-376: Anonymous from Earth

The possibility still remains after all. The murder weapon still hasn’t been found either.

-377: Anonymous from Earth

If Hikaru is the culprit, he has no reason to aim for 1st place. 

How about thinking with your own brain?

-378: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru can’t really be blamed here. He doesn’t know about it. 

I do feel bad for the sucked Loved Ones though.

-379: Anonymous from Earth

It is not like it is certain they have been sucked.

-380: Anonymous from Earth

It is scary how calm Hikaru was despite him being on the verge of being eaten by a Great Spirit. 

Is it really the time to be eating yakisoba?! 

-381: Anonymous from Earth

A Barrier Stone is effective for 12 hours after all…

-382: Anonymous from Earth

He probably thinks that’s a tasty development to increase viewers. 

He is the same as the twins; his ability to discern opportunities is incredible. 

-383: Anonymous from Earth

“This is definitely Onii-chan not caring about the dangers to his own life.”

“Onii… He is in such a dangerous state that I just can’t bear to watch.” 

“I think this would have been pretty close if he didn’t have a Barrier Stone. They do say that Great Spirits are not beings a human can fight against… It seems like Onii-chan is trying to put his life on the line to get 1st place in the Viewer Count Race. I just hope he doesn’t do something reckless though…” 

“I only have bad premonitions of this…” 

-384: Anonymous from Earth

He was originally diving on his own after all.

Yeah, I am beginning to have bad premonitions too.

-385: Anonymous from Earth

Even though Rifreya is affiliated to the Light Great Church, she isn’t snitching on Hikaru.

When you report a Loved One, you get something like a reward, right?

-386: Anonymous from Earth

A number of Chosen have been imprisoned from that after all…

Hikaru will be suffering the same fate…

Or more like, Affection of Spirits really is one trash skill.

-387: Anonymous from Earth


She already said that the Light Great Church is a natural church, and is against artificial churches, right?

Even the natives must have their own thoughts regarding sacrifices. 

Well, there’s also the fact that she loves him, so it would be scary if there’s a time when her feelings take a turn.

There’s the chance for the faithful-looking Rifreya-sama to have a change of heart after all.

-388: Anonymous from Earth


Affection of Spirits is seriously a landmine skill. 

The ability itself is strong though.

The Chosen who grabbed Affection of Spirits and have been imprisoned have relatives sending messages to them, but it doesn’t look like they can escape. 

The Templars are plain strong after all.

-389: Anonymous from Earth

A smithy is nice. Being in a world where you can have your own weapon made by a blacksmith; that’s the stuff of dreams. 

-390: Anonymous from Earth

There’s demand in the dungeon city, so the price is also accessible. 

If we wanted to buy a greatsword here, it would end up being pretty pricey. 

-391: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of it, was that a dwarf?

-392: Anonymous from Earth

It is apparently being translated as dwarf, but in the original language, it is not dwarf at all. 

-393: Anonymous from Earth

It goes the same for lynx and elves. It is just the translation doing too much work.

-394: Anonymous from Earth

That goes for the names of the monsters too.

According to Alex-kun, the names of the Hungering Beasts Underground Prison are: Servants to Goblins; Jailer to Orcs; Chief Prison Guards to Ogres; Executioners to Mantis.

-395: Anonymous from Earth

Having both arms as scythes is quite the dangerous executioner. 

-396: Anonymous from Earth

Really? Even though the native language is being perceived, the names different? 

-397: Anonymous from Earth

Because of the isekai language skill, the ‘Earth Language’ is automatically being translated. Even though their mouths say ‘Servant’ they are thinking ‘Goblin’ in their head. 

The researchers that are investigating the discrepancies are cooperating with the Chosen quite a lot and sending quite a lot of messages. 

That’s why there’s sometimes flips with Chosen to match with the original name. 

-398: Anonymous from Earth

Aah, it is that, huh. Right now it is translating it as elf, but the native language is whiteshine person.

-399: Anonymous from Earth

The translation has the playfulness of God in it. 

Well, the talking, writing, and reading all have the translation doing its work, so there’s rarely any inconveniences though.

-400: Anonymous from Earth

In the automatic translations, lynxes add -nya to their sentences. They apparently have their own accent in the native language, so that must have been the localization. 

-401: Anonymous from Earth

So the Chosen are in a state like when the japanese dubbing has way too many personal interpretations in it. 

-402: Anonymous from Earth

The japanese Chosen apparently get that localization treatment a lot. Ryoko-chan is being cooperative in the translations, so there has been a lot clarified in this one month though.

-403: Anonymous from Earth

The Chosen that don’t have knowledge in fantasy settings get the actual word after all. They don’t get the -nya, or Caveman, or Whiteshine. 

-404: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know which one is better. I personally prefer the localization.

-405: Anonymous from Earth

Elf (not really saying elf).

-406: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, I am cheering for Hikaru, but 1st place is a bit…I don’t know. I do want Nanami-chan to come back to life, and Celica and Karen are pushing the advertisement to the limits. 

-407: Anonymous from Earth

He is slowly creeping up into the ranks. His motivation to become 1st is different after all.

-408: Anonymous from Earth

The 2nd place and below get pretty good prizes too.

-409: Anonymous from Earth

It is a shame that each person can only give 24 hours worth of viewer points per day. 

-410: Anonymous from Earth

There’s talk that if you aren’t properly watching, the time won’t be counted.

-411: Anonymous from Earth

If they were counting the times when we are sleeping, it would easily be double the numbers after all. 

God is strangely strict in those areas.

-412: Anonymous from Earth

But there’s no way to verify that.

-413: Anonymous from Earth

Is there no place that wants to take 1st place for their country or something like that?

Like cults too.

-414: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no place doing it publicly in fear of being punished by God.

There’s conspiracy theories floating every now and then, but who knows how true they are. 

-415: Anonymous from Earth

The more influential one is, the weaker they are to a God that their ‘power’ doesn’t work on.

No matter how cocky a country gets, for God, they are simply mere humans after all…

-416: Anonymous from Earth

God shows its mercilessness sometimes after all.

Trying foul play on a large scale is risky. 

-417: Anonymous from Earth

It is scary how there’s strangely more people dying from being struck by lightning this year than ever. 

Coincidence? Or…

-418: Anonymous from Earth

Too obvious divine punishment. 

-419: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way the tops of countries would all be dying coincidentally in that way after all…

-420: Anonymous from Earth

I can feel the will of God that doesn’t allow cheating. 

-421: Anonymous from Earth

In that sense, Hikaru also has a chance. 

The plans of Twin/Sis shouldn’t be that dangerous that they would warrant divine punishment. 

-422: Anonymous from Earth

No, who knows what they are doing in places we don’t know. 

They at the very least have money in the billions, so there’s a high chance they are doing shady stuff.

-423: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t think that’s the case…

At the end of the day, they are still 12.

-424: Anonymous from Earth

I always end up forgetting that.

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