DCFM – Chapter 018: Skill Enquiry and Translation Bulletin Board [Integrated – B] 1897th

TLN: Just a warning here. 

Religious people, careful ahead. It is just a short portion of the chapter though. 

Remember, this is an “emulation” of the internet.

1: Anonymous from Earth

What we know until now. 

・You can modify your age. 

・Special Powers require an abnormal amount of points (details unknown).

・Skills are mostly physical and magic buffs related. 

・The items that you can buy with points are mostly composed of things that have high performance.

・3 point potions can even restore lost parts of your body. 

・The transfer location is set as completely random by default. It apparently takes as much as 30p to choose a safe place, so Chosen who chose Random appeared one after the other, and most of them have already died. 

・The items in the Beginner Pack are worth 15 points total.

・The Disadvantageous Factors increase your points greatly. The details are unknown but it seems like the Chosen who brought children and pets chose a disadvantageous factor.

The details will be linked to a different side. (Link)

2: Anonymous from Earth

A Japanese Chosen was explaining a lot of things in a flip board, so it helped out a lot.

Now, if only the translations progressed, we would be able to understand most of it. 

3: Anonymous from Earth

The Chosen that didn’t take isekai language became super silent after all.

If only they explained the situation of when they were transferred, we wouldn’t be struggling here.

4: Anonymous from Earth

They are not talking at all after all.

On top of that, they made a self-sufficient start and got dragged away by the authorities. 

They might have been someone that was ill-suited for society. 

5: Anonymous from Earth

The automatic translation being applied to writing as well is a big trap.

Moreover, the people themselves think they are writing in their own language. 

But well, thanks to them explaining with a flip board, we managed to finish the translation for numbers pretty quick though.

6: Anonymous from Earth

Oi, they apparently released an alpha translation software! (Link)

7: Anonymous from Earth

Aren’t they way too fast?!

8: Anonymous from Earth

If I remember correctly, there’s a variety of isekai languages though.

9: Anonymous from Earth

According to the press conference, the project had begun the very next day God appeared.

10: Anonymous from Earth

The next day, you say…

Projects can begin moving that soon…?

11: Anonymous from Earth

It was announced.

An acquaintance of mine participated. 

2 japanese wizzes took command and completed it in an instant. 

12: Anonymous from Earth

What’s that? Japanese wizards? 

Does that country have magic users? 

13: Anonymous from Earth

Must mean they are super skilled programmers.

But does that translate to translation programs? 

14: Anonymous from Earth

Aah, it is only for the Ringpill Continent language. 

15: Anonymous from Earth

Stop that lame naming…

16: Anonymous from Earth

Then what? Isekai Language A?

17: Anonymous from Earth

The announcement web will be doing it apparently. 

18: Anonymous from Earth


19: Anonymous from Earth

In 2 hours, huh.


……Omitted. <TLN: This is a sort of timeskip in the bulletin board.>


207: Anonymous from Earth

The announcement had translations so it was easy to understand.

208: Anonymous from Earth

The enterprises that invested here must have won big. 

209: Anonymous from Earth

The benefits of being the first ones is unmeasurable after all. 

There’s Divine Punishment, so it would be dangerous to use a pirated version.

210: Anonymous from Earth

They said ‘Thanks to the ones who contributed greatly in the development of this, Celica & Karen’. Are those the japanese wizards that are at the top?

211: Anonymous from Earth

Celica & Karen? Is that a company team? 

I haven’t heard of them before.

212: Anonymous from Earth

Aren’t those the same names as the sisters of that one boy? 

213: Anonymous from Earth

Hoeeeh~. So these days you can even use AI for translations.

214: Anonymous from Earth

But it looks like it is still incomplete. Seems like it will take quite a bit of time before it can do perfect translations. 

215: Anonymous from Earth

Obviously. It has only been around 1 week since the transfer happened, you know? There’s an overwhelming lack of word samples, and if local dialects get mixed in, it could get chaotic.

216: Anonymous from Earth

If you think about this, not as translating ancient language, but a project where the whole world is translating, I can somehow understand the speed here.

217: Anonymous from Earth

Ancient language translations do give the image that only a few are translating after all.

218: Anonymous from Earth

They said the languages unexpectedly resembled those of Earth, so it wasn’t that difficult, but what was even the criteria here for measure…

219: Anonymous from Earth

Ancient language is deciphered from limited writing information, so it can’t be compared to this. 

220: Anonymous from Earth

That’s true.

221: Anonymous from Earth

Why did they begin the translation from Ringpill Language first? There’s not that many Chosen there.

222: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know, but isn’t it because there’s a lot of narrators? The Ringpill Continent and the big island below it are within the sphere of the Ringpill Language after all.

223: Anonymous from Earth

Also, it must also be because the japanese youtuber, Ikakin, is in the Ringpill region. Who knows how much the translation benefited from his flip boards.

224: Anonymous from Earth

The translation has a fee, huh. Of course there’s a fee.

225: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a number of sample translations, but the monologue of that one boy was chosen.

226: Anonymous from Earth

Seriously? The japanese side is rioting on the level of a revolt, so maybe it is to calm them down?

227: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like this will be adding fuel to the fire instead though.

228: Anonymous from Earth

A normal message to his family. It wasn’t anything special.

229: Anonymous from Earth

What about his girlfriend?

230: Anonymous from Earth

He didn’t touch on that topic. No matter how you look at it, there’s no way he is the culprit. 

Are the japanese crazy, or are they making noise despite knowing this? 

231: Anonymous from Earth

It seems there’s no known culprit yet. 

But it seems the innocent until proven guilty principle doesn’t apply on japanese.

232: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t there an inciter for that uproar? I am rooting for that boy.

233: Anonymous from Earth

Aren’t they having fun making noise?

234: Anonymous from Earth

I am japanese, but the journalism in this is terrible. 

They are broadcasting it like crazy with him completely as the perpetrator as if for amusement. 

235: Anonymous from Earth

The childhood friend died and he got transferred to the parallel world. That’s apparently all they need to know. 

The rights of the Chosen being passed or not is a trifle matter to them; they are going first by ‘he is the culprit’, and they say the problem here is that he has escaped the hands of the authorities.

They are going all ‘if the laws can’t punish him, we will’.

It is hopeless.

236: Anonymous from Earth

We are beginning to derail here. Let’s talk Skills.

I heard the details about the Disadvantageous Factors with the translation samples, but is it really accurate? 

237: Anonymous from Earth

‘One that shall be loved’, huh. God is damn crafty. 

238: Anonymous from Earth

No, the memory loss one is worse. 

There was one Chosen that was acting as if they had no memories, but could it be…?

239: Anonymous from Earth

The german one, right? 

Must have…

240: Anonymous from Earth

‘One that shall be loved’ is dangerous.

You get your love quantified by God, you know.

Wait, I will copy+paste it.

[You can bring the one you want to protect the most to the parallel world. A boy or girl below 12 or an animal. You can’t strengthen the one you must protect with points. Only the isekai language will be applied. The added points will be calculated from how weak the protected one is and the love of the Chosen towards that target.]

241: Anonymous from Earth


242: Anonymous from Earth

God is a being that overflows with agape. 

Quantifying love in points is a bit…

243: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t care if it is God, the Devil, or an alien. 

244: Anonymous from Earth

Of course, I do think that there’s Chosen who would want to bring their children.


245: Anonymous from Earth

I see…but turning love into points…

That guy really must be the Devil.

246: Anonymous from Earth

I can’t even tell if that’s mercy or what.

247: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, religious Gods are creations of humans after all.

More importantly, what are the other Disadvantageous Factors?

248: Anonymous from Earth

・No affinity for Spirit Ability – +30 Points.

・Memory Loss – +50 Points.

・Heavy Eater – +10 Points.

249: Anonymous from Earth

Ooh…I have an inkling of a Chosen who took Heavy Eater.

250: Anonymous from Earth

No doubt it is Max.

251: Anonymous from Earth

If Memory Loss takes away all your memories, then that’s basically suicide.

252: Anonymous from Earth

But to think the isekai language would be deciphered this soon. It is godlike.

253: Anonymous from Earth

It is only the Ringpill Language though.

Well, the other languages will be a matter of time with this pace.

254: Anonymous from Earth

So you could even choose to not have any affinity for Spirit Ability, huh.

You get the rare chance to go to an isekai, and yet, not being able to use magic? There’s no stalwart Chosen that would choose this. 

255: Anonymous from Earth

No, there’s actually one person that comes to mind…

256: Anonymous from Earth

I have also seen a power type girl that has absolutely no interest in magic…

257: Anonymous from Earth

Alright alright, talk about Jeanne-chan is also off-topic. 

258: Anonymous from Earth

What about the special skills?

259: Anonymous from Earth

The translations for that still haven’t progressed. 

There’s no knowing if it is because it will take more time, or the information is being purposely hidden though.

260: Anonymous from Earth

Apparently the Celica &Karen of before are really the sisters of Hikaru.

261: Anonymous from Earth

Huh? You kidding, right?

No matter how you look at Hikaru, he seems to be in his low teens. 

No, he might have tweaked his age?

262: Anonymous from Earth

They are apparently 12 years old twin sisters.

263: Anonymous from Earth

What the… They are children.

264: Anonymous from Earth

It seems they are going to be experiencing youtube because of their older brother. 

The social media of Japan is going crazy. 

265: Anonymous from Earth

The Celica & Karen that did the isekai language translation and these ones must be different people, right? 

They simply share the same name. 

I won’t be fooled.

266: Anonymous from Earth

Just google it your damn self. 

This ain’t something to be talking about here.

267: Anonymous from Earth

Well, anyways, let’s just watch.

I am a fan of Hikaru.

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