Tsuki – Chapter 407: New Pioneer

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“Tiara, Beast Rush!” 


Baretta sends an order to the demonic beast with a Skill behind the spread out frontline composed of Bir and Akos.

The Moon Grizzly that is a demonic beast a lot bigger than a person showed discontent at being ordered as he acted accordingly, defeating the enemies along the way. 

Yeah, he sucks. 

The beast tamer type Jobs are backliners, so they don’t train their bodies much.

This is natural, but he doesn’t understand at all the feelings and tactics of warriors who get wounded in the frontlines.

“What a pointless attack.” 

“He is not even the shadow of that formidable opponent of before.” 

The enemies did get wiped out. 

You could say the danger is gone.

However, that was clearly overkill.

They are placing priority in the familiarization of Baretta and Tiara in the Skills for battle, so it is not a complete waste.

That’s the only saving here.

It can’t be helped that Bir and Akos would complain though.

Big attacks that drain one heavily shine the most as the first move in a battle. 

It is not a Skill that you choose when the opponent has clearly lost posture and you only have a little bit of spare energy. 

“How’s that, Haku-sensei! What was the evaluation for that battle just now?!” (Baretta)

“Right, you can properly give orders and Skills. 2 points.” (Haku)

“Aah…no way. For me to get an average score…” (Baretta)

“It goes without saying, it is out of 100. It is not a rare 3 points being the full score, okay~?” (Haku)

“H-Haha, what a good joke. I will be the champion of the coming tamer era, you know, Haku-sensei! You are going to be giving such a harsh evaluation to this talented person that will surpass even Alpine?! Just saying, but I am the type that rises the more I am praised.” (Baretta)

“That’s why I am doing my very best here to praise what’s barely there. It is just because that Moon-kun there is strong that your tamer ability gets 2 points. This may be our first lecture as teacher and student, but the future prospects look shaky.” (Haku)

Because the people of the Bronzeman Company are with them together with the fact that it is a shallow area of the wasteland, there’s not much tension around them.

It is also a big plus for Birgit to get the benefits of the large amount of goods they have, so there was no reason to refuse them.

Haku Mokuren has promised that she will be Baretta’s teacher until the relationship between Tiara and him takes form at the very least. 

Baretta, who has spread his name as a tamer in Tsige, didn’t nod to this at first, but when she tamed a stray Ruby Eye and showed a part of her ability, he obediently accepted the relationship.

“Ooi, Haku! Can you come here for a bit?!!” (Bronzeman)

A call from the center of the big group was directed at Haku who was interacting with Birgit.

It goes without saying that the one who called her was the representative of the Bronzeman Company. 

She came to the wasteland originally because of his objective, so it couldn’t be helped. 

In terms of business, it is unnatural for her to be at the side of Birgit. 

“Yes yes, boss. What’s the matter~?” (Haku)

Even so, it is also a trait of hers to talk casually. 

You could tell from this that their association isn’t one-sided.

“Right, I tried challenging it a bit aggressively and I got a class up. Which one has Storage or something similar?” (Bronzeman)

“Can you tell me the candidates?” (Haku)

“Right, right! I was moving too fast there. I was a bit too excited. Smith Crown, Magi User, Quatro Breath.” (Bronzeman)

“Aah, if it is that, there’s still—wa?!” (Haku)

Haku had heard until the middle and was about to say the conclusion, but the next instant, she immediately choked on her words.

“What’s the matter, Haku?” (Bronzeman)

“Quatro Breath?! You really got that?!” (Haku)

“Yeah.” (Bronzeman)

“Quatro Breath is…a rare Job that has the Storage Skill. It normally appears when you go to the Smith Crown branch, but…it may be because of the blacksmiths and the people that you have met as you managed your company…and some rare achievements. Quatro: meaning weapons, armor, accessories, and magic tools. It shines brilliantly in all those areas. One goal point for the ones that hold the hammer.” (Haku)

“?! I see, then there’s no need to hesitate. Quatro Breath it is.” (Bronzeman)

Bronzeman applies for the Quatro Breath.

A normal adventurer can increase their level where they are, but when it comes to class ups, they have to return to the Guild in order to know if they got a class up or not. 

But as one of the top companies in the city, he has done the unreasonable. 

He has taken along a part of the Adventurer Guild staff.

Something like bringing a portable Adventurer Guild and power leveling. 

Only loaded people could do that.

“ALRIGHT!! You guys, the experiment has ended in success! We will return for today, and speak details tomorrow! Withdraw!!” (Bronzeman)

“I was wondering how it would go at first, but to think it would be Quatro Breath. I saw something good~.” (Haku)

The Bronzeman Company’s representative and Haku were in a good mood. 

“Haku-sensei! Look! Tiara, short ponytail!” (Baretta)

“You bratty Master! Don’t mess with me!” (Tiara)

“…Plus minus zero. And here I was in a good mood there, geez! Baretta-chan! Failed!! Minus 50 points!!” (Haku)

“No waaaaay!!” (Baretta)

The scream of Baretta and the heavy sigh of Birgit.

The future prospects of this master and disciple relationship was pitch black. 

Haku was also sighing behind her smile. 


‘I am busy right now’. 

Seems to be a phrase often used to refuse visitors.

But it is also the truth.

I -Raidou- am decently busy. 

My name and face has spread in many places in Tsige. 

Even though my job is to sell things, I feel like my job has become meeting people. 

We have gotten more successful, but my position is company president, so what I have to do doesn’t change. 

I have noticed that’s somewhat impossible. 

That’s why I currently have no leeway to meet with people outside schedule. 

It is an indisputable reality. 

But there were a number of people I had to meet even if I had to mix and turn my schedule of that day.

I want to avoid saying his name, but one example is the genderbender guy that’s looking at me all smiles. 


He has brought company with him, so even I have to act. 

“And that’s how it is…” (Root)

“Sounds so deliberate.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Root)

“When you say that in this kind of situation, it really stinks to an unbelievable extent.” (Makoto)

“I swear that’s not my intention. I want to make a special request of you, Raidou-kun. Verifying his body, and if possible, investigate the activation conditions for this time’s matter.” (Root)

“…Dio Nanibo. If I remember correctly, he is the son of a big shot of the Aion Kingdom, right? Of a general or a noble or something.” (Makoto)

That Root.

He is bringing another one that reeks of trouble.

The one who came with Root is someone that’s not completely unfamiliar. 

It is that Dio-kun that was on the verge of death at Rotsgard. 

Fortunately, there’s no signs of Variant transformation. 

You could even say he is completely back in form already. 

“I have thrown away my family name and have escaped from the country. That’s why I am currently just Dio, someone without a place to rely on at all. Normally, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to have an audience with a personage like you who has achieved great things, but I find it an honor that I have managed to meet you thanks to the Guildmaster here.” (Dio)

“No, I simply managed to ride a good wind in this city. It seems you have been born under a pretty unfortunate star. I wasn’t sure if it was okay to tell you this, but…I pity you from the bottom of my heart.” (Makoto)

“I have come to you whose someone Falz-dono trusts on all fronts. He advised me that I should learn about myself first. I have no right to object to begin with. Can I please trust in you for a bit and rely on you? When I have become someone, I promise I definitely will repay you at full.” (Dio)

Saying this, Dio stood up from the sofa, placed his hands on the carpet, and lowered his head facing me. 

This guy really goes all out. 

Even Root is surprised by this. 

“…A straightforward boy, right? He still has blood connections, but he himself has cut them off, and just as I explained before, he is someone that might create quite the new era in the world of adventurers. That’s why, he may be like a bundle of top class national secrets, but I brought him here. Can you look after him?” (Root)

He said ‘please!’ and put both of his hands together to plead. 

It is rarely seen in this world, but it is a normal sight in Japan.

I have already been getting requests from the warriors and mages of Asora. 

Thinking about how we have to register everyone in Asora to the Adventurer Guild, it doesn’t sound so bad to have Root owe me a few ones. 

Or more like, there’s only positives here. 

If we are talking about an Adventurer of Origin here, it would be Haku Mokuren-san, huh. 

It seems a change is happening, but I haven’t really interacted with Haku-san much. 

Well, fine. 

If I can borrow their knowledge too, this shouldn’t be that difficult of a job. 

The matter of the Moon Grizzly hasn’t ended, but it is basically something that has already left my hands…

Let’s do it. 

“We have been acquainted with the Adventurer Guild for long, so there’s basically no other choice but to agree when asked. If you are okay with me taking this job as an adventurer rather than a merchant, our place is willing to take care of Dio-san there for a while.” (Makoto)

“Yay!” (Root)

“Feel free to call me without any honorifics. Please do take care of me! I promise I will do my best to grow enough that I can travel on my own as an adventurer and a soldier!” (Dio)

There’s no man who wouldn’t take in someone who received a guinea pig treatment before and is moved in tears. 

We spoke about the special characteristics of the Job of Dio, Eren Novice.

Also, one other thing. This is most likely the subject matter of the guild, but Dio’s card is currently showing an invitation to a new horizon.

When I touched it, a shocking piece of information surfaced in my mind. 

It said…

[You have fulfilled the conditions for a Double Job. Will you begin the settings?] 

Double Job.

It seems even Root didn’t know about this function, and doesn’t know about its details. 

And so, I have been chosen. 

An investigation to see what happened to the body of Dio after having recovered from his Variant transformation.

Also, an investigation on field about what effect it will take on the Skills until now. 

And lastly, an investigation on how to obtain the quest for the Double Job…no, it would be better to say that we have to investigate the conditions for it to show up.

This might even take 10 days.

First, I should check this Eren Novice Job that he has become before I go back to Asora.

I honestly haven’t heard of it before. 

At the very least, I haven’t met one even in Tsige. 

The war may be over, but work is coming one after the other. 

Is this normal? 

It is a big city, so there’s also a lot of troubles. 

Could it be that a big big bomb has been born?

I ended up getting worried here. 

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