DCFM – Chapter 002: Tumult of the world and childhood friend

An uproar that was as if heaven and earth had turned upside down spread around the whole world soon after. 

God had made its appearance after all.

For the countries that respect religion, it had enough impact to overturn common sense itself. 

The internet, television, newspapers, and almost all forms of news media were talking about ‘God’.

‘Just what was that?’ ‘Was that really God?’ ‘In the first place, what even is God?’

It was a discussion that had no answers at present, but it was certain that this was the biggest ‘incident’ of the century. We are talking about God appearing in the displays of the whole world -apparently didn’t show up in the ones that were being used though- at the same time. 

It was morning in Japan when it happened, but there were apparently places where God appeared late at night or early morning due to the time difference. 

The countries and religious organizations were giving their respective statements regarding God.

The only thing that they shared in common was that all religions and all countries didn’t acknowledge that as being the true God. 

It has God-like powers -that point alone was certain. Even so, using this as the reason to acknowledge that as being God would apparently destroy the notion of religion from its very roots. 

One religion said that’s the devil, and one country claimed it was international cyberterrorism. 

In one country, there was even a tragic incident where a group of people had killed a ‘Marked’ boy stating that he had been seduced by the devil. They said things like ‘the ‘Mark’ disappears once they die’, and ‘the ‘Mark’ is passed to the person that killed them’; news that lacked any sort of credibility…

Most people easily accepted that as being God, and their interest mostly shifted to the parallel world.

43 people were chosen from Japan.

It is apparently on the high side when considering the population, but I can’t really tell. 

The problem for me is that my childhood friend Nanami has been chosen. 

“Uuuuh… This is the worst… The worst… Can you return from this…?” (Nanami) 

“I don’t know, but according to the information we have now, it doesn’t sound possible.” (Hikaru) 

It has already been half a day since then, and yet, Nanami was still crying in her bed. 

Nanami is the gentle and calm type, so it was a bit surprising that she already had a life plan, but what’s certain is that she now has been cut off from all things like university and employment -even if there’s the chance to go to school or get a job in that other world. 

God has been uploading bits and pieces of information since then. 

But, putting it bluntly, there’s currently no information that would bring her peace of mind. 

There’s not much time left for Nanami.

She has only been given half a year in order to prepare until she is transferred. 

There’s no way the mass media and the countries would leave the ‘Chosen Ones’ alone in that half year span. 

When Nanami went to school, all the students gathered to spectate this ‘Marked’. 

There’s only 43 japanese people who have the ‘Mark’, so of course they would find it intriguing, but it was a situation where it was almost impossible to have classes. 

Curious onlookers would come even from outside the school too, and the mass media would lie in wait in front of the school gate. It didn’t even take 3 days for the principal to tell Nanami to be on standby at her house which was just another way of telling her to  stay away. 

I could only watch my childhood friend crying without being able to do anything. 

The most I can do is gather as much information as possible so that even when she goes to that other world, she can still manage to live there.


The days passed by together with the same noise. 

My life didn’t change much, but the life of Nanami was already changing drastically exactly because it is before going to the parallel world. 

Because her face has been shown around now, even more onlookers have come to the school. Nanami has technically dropped out, so she hasn’t come to school. 

A special program was made by gathering the 43 Chosen, and Nanami showed up in her usual school uniform on tv. 

Her presence at school was thin just like me, and if I had to put her on one side, I would say she is on the bullied side, but right now she is completely the favorite child of the era. 

Due to the parallel world information that was slowly being disclosed by God, the gears of the world were turning even faster. 

I would note that information down and explain it to Nanami.

God has allowed the chosen 1,000 to ‘bring one thing that they can hold in one hand’. The countries have put their all to create the products for their own country’s ‘chosen’.

From Japan, they would be provided a high spec body armor developed in America. 

There should be no guns in an isekai, so it is resistant to blades, impacts, fire, and electricity; a product tailored for a fantasy world. It is apparently the kind of product that would easily go over 10,000,000 yen if you were to purchase it normally. 

However, God has given the strict order that the item they bring can’t go against the will of the person themselves, so to not force them to. They are technically free to choose. It seems Nanami is troubled over what to bring. 

“Hi-chan, about what to bring, I think I would get homesick, so I am thinking photos would be a good idea.” (Nanami)

Nanami said this and took out an album.

An album filled with memories that she herself handpicked. 

“No, it definitely would be better to go for the body armor. There’s no knowing what will be there, you know? There’s no assurance that it will be a peaceful world like Japan.” (Hikaru)

“Eeh… But that thing’s not cute… It looks stuffy too…” (Nanami)

“I honestly would want you to bring a proper weapon. Just bear with it.” (Hikaru)

“Eeh, but won’t that stand out instead?” (Nanami)

“Isn’t it okay to just hide it with a cloak?” (Hikaru)

Right now the only choice is the body armor. 

It is like being able to bring an armor that can let you fight the last boss right away after all. If it were me choosing, I would choose that. 

Nanami made a slightly sad face, but in the end, maybe because of the country, her parents, and advice from outside, she chose the body armor. 

Her wanting to bring photos is just like her, but it has already been settled that she will be sent to a different world. Even if Nanami doesn’t want to go to another world, even if I wish from the bottom of my heart for someone else to take her place…

There’s already no escape. 

Then, I would like her to make the choice that will have the highest probability of survival… I do feel bad for Nanami, but she has been chosen by God. There’s no way to stop the transfer. 

To be honest here, I even want to insult God that they should be choosing more suitable people. 

But in the eyes of God, you could even say that choosing people who are ‘unsuitable’ like Nanami would be more amusing. It is an ill natured plan of broadcasting the humans that will be going to that world after all.

I doubt there were no such intentions in play when they were choosing the ones to be transferred. 

Anyways, it has already been settled. 

She may not like it, it may be unexpected, even so, she has no choice but to prepare herself ahead of time. 

Thanks to my two little sisters who are proficient in languages, we also managed to gather information from overseas. 

How to say it, it is like their personalities showed in the items they were bringing. Contrary to all the japanese people that had chosen the body armor, in the other countries (even America) the items they were bringing were very varied. There were unexpectedly a lot of people who were bringing musical instruments, most likely due to their expectations that music will overcome communication.

I am pretty worried about Nanami being thrown into a parallel world, but I also feel a bit jealous… I am honestly feeling conflicted here. 

As for Nanami herself, she was cursing while crying at first, but it seems like she had come to terms with it in her heart as time went on, she had somewhat gotten more positive about going to a parallel world. 

Even so, it is not like she is proactive like the other Chosen. It seems like this side of her resonated well in the tv and magazine interviews, in social media, she had been cemented as a loved character despite being teased as well. 

In the official site managed by God, exclusive bulletin boards and chat rooms for the respective chosen were made, and due to it being translated to all languages, it had traffic flooding from the whole world, and they were all writing whatever they pleased. 

I myself checked the page of Nanami out of curiosity, but the personal information of Nanami had been exposed completely, and it was content that I just couldn’t stomach to look at any longer. 

She had already lost any privacy, and I was repulsed at how they were treating her like a panda on display, but there’s already no method to stop this development. 

The broadcast of God was being done once every week. 

The parallel world that was being unveiled steadily. 

The ‘benefits’ for the chosen that were steadily being made clear.

The special official site that God had prepared was being accessed by people from all around the world everyday without end, and it managed to get the world rank 1 website in the blink of an eye. 

Despite there still being 1 month before the people are transferred, popularity polls were being made, and the number 1 was a french girl. Nanami also put up a good fight and got 79. She was 8th among the japanese. The person herself was surprised and humbled herself like crazy, but she is already a worldwide celebrity. 

I was feeling somewhat proud as her childhood friend.

And so, explosive days passed and…

That day finally came. 

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