Tsuki – Chapter 395: Unexpected Audience ②

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“What’s that?” 

At that moment when the members of Birgit had crossed the gate with their close acquaintances of the Mist Town…a strange demonic beast appeared in the sky far at the horizon.

They were all sure that this was a demonic beast but didn’t know how to express it, so not a single one spoke. 


After that, a number of powerful flashes happened, and at the same time as this happened, the place was filled with overwhelming magic power that even Bir and his party managed to detect because of the waves that reached all the way to where they were. 

The strange membrane-looking demonic beast floating in the sky.

What was happening below that was completely unknown for the Birgit party. 

“…Oh my…” 

“I thought Bir and his group would be the first ones because he was a master samurai and all, yet…” 

“It looks like one group has already crossed.” 


Jiel, Lacy, Ronny.

The Birgit party also noticed what’s happening there with the words of their now close friends.

A battle against the gatekeeper. 

Right, it is not like that place is only known by Bir. 

Different adventurers must have been guided to a different sector. They must have met different residents of the town than Jiel and the others.

That magic power and shockwave was overwhelming to the point that it made even the current Bir Sheet tremble. 

They once again look over at the direction where that demonic beast was while thinking that maybe that was a fight against a gatekeeper, but the demonic beast was no longer there.

“That just now was…Pure Phantom.” 

“Also Beheading Blade. Looks like quite the strong fighters are over there.” 

“Fumu…looks like they are also being guided as guests. Moreover, it seems that was the 2nd Gate.” 

“Oh my, to think they managed to reach the colosseum through fighting capability instead of a reward.” 

“That’s a bit of a shame as the ones seeing after Bir and his group.” 

It is rare to see the residents of the Mist Town show their surprise. 

From what he remembers, the most surprise he has seen was when he was a Ronin, when he was showing his longsword battle skills.

(No, there was most likely disappointment mixed there. I probably have not surprised them with pure admiration.) (Bir)

At any rate, not even the presence of that truly mysterious demonic beast that looked like a mantle or a membrane was present anymore. 

The Birgit members don’t seem to be able to get a grasp of the details of what’s happening, and yet, Jiel and the others were nodding to each other in amazement. 

The intricate network of the Mist Town -their information transmission technique- would always manage to surprise Bir. 

“May I?” (Git)

“Hm? What’s the matter, Git?” (Ronny)

Git had raised her hand timidly, and Ronny who was slightly spaced out looked back.

“According to what you said, at the place where that strange demonic beast was at, there’s people who have overcome the gate with their fighting ability?” (Git)

“Seems so. They overcame the first one with their legs, challenged the second one, and even when there was an intruder, they pushed them back without care. Moreover, the lives of the gatekeeper and the intruder seemed to be at risk here, so the higher ups came in to stop them.” (Ronny)


“They are apparently Tsige adventurers just like you guys.” (Lacy)

The Gorgon Lacy glanced at Akos and Ranai as she added this information.

Thinking about the fact that they have finally managed to cross the gate after their own abilities were judged objectively, there’s only one adventurer party who would be able to manage such outstanding actions.

But Bir didn’t want to admit it. 

He didn’t want to think that…there was still this much of a gap in their abilities. 

“Alpine… They are on that level, huh.” (Bir)

The adventurer party that they admire, and at the same time, want to be called their rivals. 

It seems like their backs were even further than Bir had expected.

“Who was the one that faced them in the 1st Gate?” 

“The al-emera, Heschung. The alcohol in his system from last night was apparently not gone yet.” 

“…Ema is going to get angry again. Most likely will be judged for not being able to show restraint.” 

“What about the 2nd one?” 

“The Mist Lizard Yusly.” 

“It is a hyuman adventurer party, right?” 

“It looks like there’s two hyumans, one dwarf, and one elf.” 

“The wild Levi had intruded there and the two fell?” 


The ones who showed clear confusion at this were Akos and Ranai.

It can’t be helped. 

A memory of them almost being killed without being able to fight back at all resurfaced in their mind.

“If we are talking about a strong party with that team composition in Tsige, there’s only Alpine.” (Ranai)

Ranai has placed the Neptunes as the wall she should overcome with her pride in her unique job, Oceans One, on the line. 

That’s why her tone wasn’t as vexed as the other 3.

“Yusly-san has high combat power, but I am surprised that the bunch managed to deal with that crazy ability called Wave Worship whatever. Even that Agares shouted ‘what the hell is that?!’ and was defeated by it the first time.” 

“But that’s what adventurers are best at, right? How to come back alive from unknown situations and danger. But their evolution is something that I think I have heard of before…” 

“We thought we had pulled a pretty good winning group though.” 

The group that just now passed the 2nd Gate through combat capability, and the Birgit party that crossed guided by Jiel and the others. 

It is because they managed to incapacitate a demonic beast that was rampaging in Asora, but Bir and his group just couldn’t openly be happy by this outcome. 

The 3 that are walking at the front are also the type that don’t mince their words, so Bir was growing smaller and smaller with the honest words coming out, but he was also incredibly interested in the Mist Town that had clearly changed once again.

Within that, Ranai was especially perking her ears to the conversations and not missing a single piece of information. 

There were even more varied races in sight now, and an arena-like building was visible in their eyes the whole time. 

It is not like they are going to go there and fight this instant, but when Bir thinks about how they will be going there, he felt excitement and a mysterious elation was covering his body. 

“Ooh, you are here already? We have brought the adventurers we reported about.” (Jiel)

Jiel spoke to the big framed orc that was standing at the entrance. 

At the same time, the Birgit party was shocked for who knows how many times today.

Beings like that Neptune Tuna were here as if it were natural. 

Even the orc that’s guarding the entrance is at the very least as strong as the Moon Grizzly, with clear intelligence, technique, and being a warrior that can use skills or magic, he might be even stronger. 

There’s quite the high chance that the Birgit party would fall from fighting even him alone.

“It seems like the plans have changed a bit. Not only them, but even the Lord has come.” 



The words of the orc clearly shook Jiel and the others.

“I-I-I-It is not only Tomoe-sama and Mio-sama?!” (Lacy)

Lacy stuttered with unprecedented fluster. 

Even Akos who is apparently decently close to her had his eyes wide open at this, so Bir could tell this is quite the new sight for him too. 

Her suddenly fixing her appearance was like a young noble lady that had learned that her beloved had come. 

“Yes. Together with Shiki-sama and Tamaki-sama. They have said that the 3 that are guiding the Birgit party will accompany them as it is, and one of you will be serving as the main guide.” 

“Yes, I withdraw! I withdraw!” (Ronny)

Ronny flapped the white wings at his back and proclaimed this promptly while doing one step back.

This was also a rare reaction. It was clear that this wasn’t from rejection or negative emotions. 

The wingedkin young man that’s normally aloof was showing clear tension and respect towards someone. 

“Has the main guide been decided over there?” (Jiel)

Jiel was brushing his beard as he continued the conversation with the orc.

“They said Beren would be right for the job, so he has been called back hurriedly. They have crossed two gates on the very day they were invited after all. It seems there’s still no resident they are close with.” 

“No wonder then. I see… If Beren is going to be the guide for that Alpine party, I will also be withdrawing. I would feel bad for everyone if the two groups had elder dwarfs. Now then, Lacy, please do your job properly and make sure not to be rude.” (Jiel)

“Eeeeeeh?!” (Lacy)

“Tomoe…Mio? And there’s also Shiki…and Beren…?!” (Ranai)

Ranai reacted to a number of the names in the conversation and was shocked. 

Those are the names of the executives and employees of the Kuzunoha Company that give out a strong presence. 

In other words, this is proof that the rumors about the Mist Town and the Kuzunoha Company having a deep relationship are true. 

There’s no information as groundbreaking as this for the ones in favor or against the Kuzunoha Company.

The beauty Ranai has bad luck that’s comparable or even stronger than her greed and curiosity, so it couldn’t be helped that this situation would make her eyes shine. If she weren’t in the public eye, she would have begun singing and dancing in merriness. 

Since obtaining the rare healer job, Bishop Siesta, she hasn’t shown any changes and class ups for a while, but just recently she finally managed to grow into a unique job. 

This must be what’s called the limelight of life, is what she thought. 

It is also these kinds of times when dangers and pitfalls sneak their heads though…

The difference between Ranai and the female adventurer, who had wandered into these lands in the past, planned to escape after stealing, and died, is that the former one can calmly and objectively see what she can gain from her relationship with this place. 

There’s currently no benefit so big that would tip over the scales to the point of her cutting her relationship with the Mist Town. 

“Now then, guests of Tsige -the adventurer party, Birgit- and our brethren of the 3rd District; continue straight forward. Congratulations, guests. You people who have obtained a chance for an audience -which is something that some of us can’t get even when wishing for it- make sure not to show any rudeness to the personage that rules over these lands.” 

‘I will protect this place’.

Even though this place should be a safe place that enemies most likely don’t come, the morale of the armed orc was quite high, and was overflowing with fighting spirit. 

(In other words…inside here, there’s the lord of this land that has taken an interest in us, and the loyalty towards this person is quite high. Now then, what will be showing up here? I am already nervous to the limit and there’s no signs of the situation getting any better. There’s no other choice but to keep stacking the nervousness on top of nervousness, and enjoy the unknown territory that hyumans will be stepping onto for the first time.) (Bir)

Bir finishes taking a breath that’s not deep or shallow, yet is filled with emotions. 

He then raises his head and begins to walk through the corridor, towards the light that’s peeking at the other side. 

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