Tsuki – Chapter 313: The wish of Lime

(Understood. Leave the circumference of the company to me.) 

Tomoe finishes her thought transmission. 

Remains of reluctance were showing in her face for a short instance, and she was using her usual face to give out the necessary instructions.

It goes without saying who the other person in the thought transmission was.

Lime, who was on standby at the Kuzunoha Company’s store, was looking at the expression of his superior from up close and that expression she showed for an instant surprised him.

It is not like she was merry to the point that flowers would bloom in the surroundings.

Rather, if we were to compare the internal emotions of Tomoe and Mio, her way of showing her emotions is pretty docile.

But for Lime, even when Tomoe’s relationship with Raidou deepened, he didn’t think that there would be areas he would be able to tell with the naked eye.

It probably is in part because it is hard to imagine Tomoe acting like that, with her being like a tomboy and all.

This type of misunderstanding injured Lime.

One day, he thought Tomoe would act all happy, so Lime practically said ‘you had fun last night, huh’ instead of his greetings. 

As a result, he was left with heavy injuries that left him unable to act for half a day.

Half a day.

Just how big of a lion’s tail did Lime step on with all his strength?

Is the medical treatment of Asora just that incredible?

The people who know about that disastrous sight of his would groan in wonder.

“…Is Boss still in the Dusk Street?” (Lime)

“Umu. He will be returning to Asora before night, and we will be having dinner around the time he returns-ja. It feels like he has left to work for a bit-ja na.” (Tomoe)

“We only know that that place is prohibited to enter. It is simply a place that’s comprised of any kind of criminal. There’s no danger for Boss-ssu ne. I am not even worried a single bit about Sis.” (Lime)

“…You are slightly wrong in your understanding, Lime.” (Tomoe)

“Are you somewhat worried?” (Lime)

“No, not even a single spec in that regard. What you are wrong about is your understanding of the residents-ja.” (Tomoe)

“The criminals part?” (Lime)

The Dusk Street is a place that even adventurers avoid.

You step into that place when handling stuff that’s quite unlawful, or in the cases when you have to obtain information that would definitely never surface so you have to use other means, even violent ones. Also…at the times when you are faced with unlawful things and you have no choice but to take a step forward regardless.

It is the last resort for the adventurers that are cornered to the extreme and are at their last straws.

The other one would be adventurers that don’t have the required level or rank, yet are hurried to enter the wasteland. 

Lime sighed from the bottom of his heart at the last people that it applied to with feelings similar to pity and anger, and then bottled them.

“The people gathered there are people that love crimes and are loyal to what they want to do-ja.” (Tomoe)

“…That’s criminals then, no?” (Lime)

“No matter the unavoidable circumstance, if you commit a crime, you are a criminal. But people who like that, actively conspire to, and put it to action, not only without any remorse but rather find joy in it, are also wrapped up as criminals. Putting them all in the same category is a bit too unreasonable, don’t you think? The former still have room to rehabilitate, but the latter are hopeless.” (Tomoe)

“People that love crimes then?” (Lime)

“Yeah. But because of this, their noses are good. The only ones who would try to put a hand on Waka and Mio after seeing them and getting in contact with them would be the ones who are extremely suicidal-ja. Looking at their whole, I would say they are in the minority, so there shouldn’t be a problem.” (Tomoe)

“You are saying that those suicidal guys would want to die by Waka’s hand? No, simply look to die? I don’t understand that-ssu ne.” (Lime)

“Like we would know. Even if we categorize them, we won’t know the result. Fortunately, there’s no talent in Dusk Street that would trouble us if they died.” (Tomoe)

No matter what bad habit they have, the bunch that live there on their own volition are trash. 

Tomoe cut them off heartlessly.

Lime just now noticed that the ‘no problem’ of before was her asking agreement at not minding everyone dying, and he ended up smiling bitterly at that.

Even if she can now make feminine faces, it is not that she has gotten sweeter or kinder.

“Well, there’s no doubt that the Dusk Street is a secret place in the city.” (Lime)

“Even so, crushing it and having them spread in the city wouldn’t be good either. The Rembrandt Company did a good job in forming a mutual relation-ja. Nothing gets past him.” (Tomoe)

“From as long as I remember, that place has not done any blunders-ssu yo.” (Lime)

“The more I know about him, the more I feel like there’s no other person as fitting as him to be Echigoya <probably refers to a corrupt merchant in Tenchu>. Haah, but with Waka being in good relations with him, that won’t happen. What a shame, what a shame.” (Tomoe)

“Haha…” (Lime)

“And so, Lime, I will have you move too. About the rumor of the Kuzunoha Company, cooperate with the adventurers and stop the rumors.” (Tomoe)

“Stop the rumor-ssu ka?” (Lime)

Lime also knows about the rumor that the Kuzunoha Company is connected to the revolutionary army and the Anti-God Cult.

On top of that, the ruler of the Mist Town is the God of the Anti-God Cult, and it is The Devil that suddenly appeared in Limia.

The ruler of the Mist Town = The Devil = The owner of the Kuzunoha Company = Raidou; Lime already knows this, so for him, this would be a story to laugh out loud at, but it is true that the Kuzunoha Company’s representative is shrouded in a veil of mystery to the public eye, and he was impressed by how well this was made.

Also, Raidou’s power is still being questioned in Tsige and is like a joke-like existence.

There’s people who say whatever they want, like ‘he is a decoration’ or ‘that’s just a figure he uses to conceal himself’. 

…That’s if you don’t know the truth about him.

By the way, Lime wouldn’t even think about participating in such a folly that only has risks.

Lime can still analyze those rumors calmly, but when the Forest Oni, Mondo, heard about this, he was outraged.

He said this was the very definition of insulting and it belittled the power of Raidou and the Kuzunoha Company’s achievements. 

Aqua had a vein popping, wearing a fake smile. Eris laughed out loud at first and slapped the thighs of Lime while saying ‘so where did it originate? I’m gonna go throw some Balsan<pesticide> at them’ which he didn’t understand, but her words had some strange pressure on them.

Lime reconfirmed just how much the employees love Raidou.

“Umu, fortunately, there’s many adventurers who have a lot of acquaintances. We will be using those people to rework the rumors of the Mist Town.” (Tomoe)

“…Understood.” (Lime)

“The contents of the rework will be…the ruler of the Mist Town is not from the Anti-God Cult, but the old feudal lord of Tsige that was exiled.” (Tomoe)


“The reason why he is assisting the adventurers is because he still loves Tsige even now. His relationship with the Kuzunoha Company is fine for it to be when we met at the wasteland.” (Tomoe)

“So we spread that new one to overwrite it, right?” (Lime)

The question of Lime was natural.

The rumor that has already been spread has the advantage of having seeped beforehand. 

Even if the one that appeared later were to settle, time would be needed, and there’s no assurance that it will overwrite it completely.

“There’s no need to overwrite it.” (Tomoe)

“Huh?” (Lime)

“This rumor is groundless to begin with. We are just giving one more possibility to a matter they are interested in, and have a certain degree of people, centering mainly on the weak, to accept it.” (Tomoe)

“Okay.” (Lime)

“In exchange for being unable to deny it on our side, it won’t be easy for them to deny ours either.” (Tomoe)

“Ah, that’s true.” (Lime)

“We just have to create chaos and stray those rumors. We are buying time-ja.” (Tomoe)

“That’s…quite the docile plan coming from you, Big Sis.” (Lime)

“Really? Their side hurriedly spread a silly rumor like this in our absence, and the waning merchants are mobilizing to interfere with us using anything they can. It was quite the hasty move.” (Tomoe)

“…Yeah.” (Lime)

“Why did they hurry that much?” (Tomoe)

“I don’t know, but it smells that there’s something to it-ssu ne. This timing, the strained interpretation of the revolution army, the heightened likelihood of a war…” (Lime)

But there’s the possibility that this is part of the kingdom’s plan using the revolutionary army as bait. 

Lime thinks this is a move that involves the war, but in the current state, he can’t pinpoint who is the one picking the fight.

“You might be going through a good line of thought there, but it might be completely wrong too. What’s certain is, as I said before, the part that they are hurrying. In other words, if the situation stagnates, they will be agitated.” (Tomoe)


“Their agitation will make them move. And the Tsige store of the Kuzunoha Company currently has all our main forces. If they move…” (Tomoe)

“They will be caught in the web.” (Lime)

“That’s right-ja.” (Tomoe)

“Is it okay to place an emergency request by asking my past comrades?” (Lime)

“I don’t mind. Splurge on the reward. Make it rain.” (Tomoe)

“Yes!” (Lime)

Lime immediately responded to the ferocious smile of Tomoe.

If you hammer, it will resonate; this is exactly that. 

Tomoe speaks further to the back of Lime without changing her expression.

“Ah, one more thing.” (Tomoe)


“The orphanage you were in, the Weits Orphanage, right?” (Tomoe)


“Move the children there too.” (Tomoe)

“Big Sis, that’s…” (Lime)

“It is true that there’s many adventurers with a lot of acquaintances, but in places like the slums, there’s many who don’t readily open their hearts to others. But…the weak are surprisingly fragile…towards people who are the same as them, or people who they surpass in power.” (Tomoe)

“But making children do such an important mission like this is…” (Lime)

“…Hey, Lime.” (Tomoe)

“…Yes?” (Lime)

“You have something you want to request to Waka, right?” (Tomoe)


“I do have my own thoughts in regards to that though. But it is something you resolved yourself to after carefully thinking what’s best for them, right?” (Tomoe)

“That’s…but…” (Lime)

“You want to add the Weits Orphanage into the Mist Town, add them to Asora, right?” (Tomoe)

“! Yes…I don’t mind if it is just asking.” (Lime)

“…Rotsgard, huh.” (Tomoe)

“H-Haha…you really see through everything-ssu ne, Big Sis. Yeah, I asked about Jin and the others, watched them, and spoke to them. Then, I began to think that maybe if Boss were to raise the kids there like that, no, if they were raised by the people of Asora… I have been faintly thinking about it since a while back, but I froze there.” (Lime)

“They would have to gain a decent amount of power, no, even with that, it would depend on the decision of Waka… They might end up living their whole life in Asora depending on what Waka decides, you know?” (Tomoe)

This was the part that Tomoe had a thought about. 

Even if they are accepted in Asora, will hyumans be able to adapt to Asora? 

If they were to adapt and obtain power, and get enough ability to be accepted as members of the Kuzunoha Company, will Makoto allow them to go outside? 

There’s still problems with having hyumans entering Asora, is what Tomoe thinks.

That’s why she was honestly against the wish of Lime not that long ago. 

“I am not worried about that.” (Lime)

“Hoh?” (Tomoe)

“In the end, they would be dragged out by a major company – starting from the talented- and use them till they collapse, and the remaining ones will see a possibility as adventurers, do something reckless, and die an early death, or end up in the slums.” (Lime)


“No matter the path, only a few handful can grasp a bright future. If they can live in a vast place like Asora, there’s no doubt that’s one of the best choices…is what I think. I plan on having them decide what they want to do. Whether they can leave or not doesn’t matter-ssu.” (Lime)

“Making children decide sounds like giving them the freedom of choice, but at the same time not though… Especially when it comes to orphans.” (Tomoe)

“It is not like I can change the past or the present at this point in time anyways. Big Sis…you are unexpectedly kind to children. Hmm?” (Lime)

“…You didn’t learn from last time?” (Tomoe)

“Plenty enough! I have reflected!!” (Lime)

“Then good. Just this once, got it? I have gotten tired of seeing you mumbling. It means that I am trying to have the orphanage get some good points in on the matter too-ja yo.” (Tomoe)


“Aqua and Eris, and also the ones who are from the same Weits Orphanage…Keema and Carol, right? Use them as their bodyguards.” (Tomoe)

It has been a while since the Kuzunoha Company opened as a company in Tsige.

They have a decent amount of connections now.

Keema and Carol are capable adventurers, and at the same time, one is a cook and the other a woodworker. 

They are also from the Weits Orphanage. 


“The idiots that picked a fight with us are displeasing, but if it is a situation where we can use them, we gotta. I will prepare the groundwork, so try using this opportunity to ask Waka.” (Tomoe)

“I-Is it okay?” (Lime)

“I am doing the groundwork here, of course I am.” (Tomoe)

“T-Thank you very much!” (Lime)

“Work hard.” (Tomoe)

“I will make this work for sure!” (Lime)

“Umu. Then…ah, right. I have something I have to tell you, Lime.” (Tomoe)

“Eh? Y-Yes?” (Lime)

Lime had been given the best of proposals and was about to run off with his morale at max, but he was called to a stop.

“I am inexperienced, so I had you tell me about a lot of things, right?” (Tomoe)

“Y-Yes?” (Lime)

“About men and women…” (Tomoe)

“A-Aah, yes, what about it?” (Lime)

“You said it, right? That I shouldn’t be too sticky. Even when we are in that kind of relationship, people like Waka don’t like being desired too persistently.” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, that’s general knowledge, but I indeed said that. There’s many people like Boss who have just stepped into it and get tired if they were to do it everyday.” (Lime)

Lime thinks that he would most likely prefer training with his bow than have love affairs.

Lime himself has drowned in it so much yet still loves it, but he is proud that he has learned a certain degree of self-restraint.

But he can’t imagine Raidou being the same as him.

That’s why he told Tomoe that being too sticky is bad, in part to protect Raidou. 

Mio is way too scary for him to say that to her in her face, but if it is a situation where she asks Tomoe, it could be managed.

If he tells Tomoe, there’s no doubt it will reach Mio’s ears too.

Lime was actually pretty proud in this tactical play of his.

“Actually, not only is Waka not tired, but…” (Tomoe)

“Eh?” (Lime)

“That Mio is always…” (Tomoe)


“And lately, I have been joining them every night…” (Tomoe)

“Huh?!” (Lime)

“In the first place, we don’t know when to stop…” (Tomoe)

“No way, that’s impossible…” (Lime)

“Really? By the time we notice, the sun is already shining from the window.” (Tomoe)

“Wow…You are incredible, Boss…” (Lime)

Lime contemplated on the fact that he doesn’t know enough about his lord yet. 

And to explain to Tomoe, he said that that’s something that’s normally impossible to accomplish. 

That, in a sense, it is miraculous. He put all of his spirit in stressing this point.

Tomoe was taken aback by that mysterious vigor of his and nodded. There was no scolding, and Lime was freed.

(When there’s the chance, I will try inviting Boss to the hot springs resort. I definitely want to hear about this from him!) (Lime)

Lime runs in the city of Tsige.

To the Adventurer Guild, and then to his nostalgic orphanage.

His steps were light.

The possibility of his wish being granted drawing closer was giving him even more willpower. 

A little bit mixed in it being his curiosity towards Raidou.

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            This kind of situation. Originally, the role of the hero that was supposed to be yours was taken away by the goddess itself so, you don’t have to hold back. By the name of Tsukuyomi I permit it. You, Misumi Makoto. I give you freedom in this new world. Do what you want!”

            Makoto doesn’t need to hear the goddess, and with just my word he would feel uneasy but with my name on line I promised him freedom.

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