Tsuki – Chapter 310: As if Putrid

“Religion?” (Makoto) 

Well, the Anti-God Cult does sound like a religion.

But that’s a shortened version, and it is more accurately simply a group of people that don’t like the Goddess.

In the first place, they have no doctrine, a religious representative, or even a God to venerate. 

Not only the Goddess, but even the Spirits and Superior Dragons are not involved in it at all.

“Umu, an Anti-Goddess Religion that fights the Goddess Religion. That’s why I think it is plausible to call it a religion.” 

A slender elf answers my question with confidence. 

I don’t have enough experience to tell the age of an elf from their outward appearance.

That’s why I investigated with Sakai, and it came out as 299 years old.

I wonder if they have birthday parties each year?

His appearance is that of a long eared handsome model.

With those looks he is 299. In the eyes of a human, an elf really is an unfair existence.

His expression is gentle and kind.

Even if he were to walk around town normally or look at requests at the Adventurer Guild, he wouldn’t feel out of place at all.

…This is currently the Top of the Dusk Street.

Well, I don’t know since when he has been the Top though.

He is also the one who negotiated with Rembrandt-san and decided that both sides won’t interfere with each other.

“But being an Anti-Goddess is an ideology, not a faith, right? Also, the leader would end up being their religious representative.” (Makoto)

Even if that’s the case, they have even caused a war.

They are quite the terrorist cult.

…Well, you could say a religion isn’t all just beautiful.

But I really do find it hard to see those revolutionaries and their background as a religion.

“…That part is something we don’t care about. Putting it simply, it doesn’t matter. Then, let’s just call them the Anti-God Cult as we proceed.” 

“…Sorry for troubling you there.” (Makoto)

I don’t really mind it that much either.

I would be troubled if he were to think of this as him doing me a favour though.

“Are you that Kuzunoha Company’s representative? Also, you have come here as the proxy of Patrick Rembrandt as well, right? In that case, I will show the appropriate respect.” 

“I am lacking as a proxy of Rembrandt-san though. But it seems like the Kuzunoha Company matter has caused strife in your side as well, so I have come.” (Makoto)

“The part about the Kuzunoha Company being an organ of the revolutionary army, no, of the Mist Town, right? Also, that you are the vanguards of the Anti-God Cult that’s trying to change the Goddess religion, and that they are the owners of the Mist Town.” 

The elf shakes his head to the sides as he speaks about this.

I heard Elders, but the room I was guided into only had him inside.

There’s also no presence observing us.

Is he the only Elder? 

Then why is it in plural?

“It is a troublesome matter. There’s no basis in it.” (Makoto)

“But you have no proof to prove otherwise either. Rather, there’s evidence to validate that deduction.” 

“Eh?” (Makoto) 


No, the Mist Town is Asora, and it is something that began with an idea of mine and Tomoe’s mischievousness.

It definitely isn’t the headquarters of the Anti-God Cult, and there’s absolutely no influence from them.

…You could say that not being in the religion of the Goddess is a point in common with them though.

“I have been living for a long time in this city, but the rumor about the Mist Town appeared within this few years.” 


“And the Kuzunoha Company came out from the borders of the world, and opened a store in Tsige…around that same time.” 

“That’s…” (Makoto)

“On top of that, the rare materials and equipment that the Kuzunoha Company manages, and many of the ingredients, resemble what the adventurers bring back from the Mist Town, and without regards of the amount of materials and ingredients brought from the Mist Town…the Kuzunoha Company always has them restocked in a fixed quantity.” 


“Thus, there’s no doubt that the Mist Town and the Kuzunoha Company have a relationship that isn’t shallow. Even with the information of the Dusk Street, we are unable to grasp what’s the relationship, but we of course can’t prove that it wasn’t commenced by the Anti-God Cult.” 

The Mist Town is a mysterious town, an illusory town.

There’s no knowing to what power it is affiliated to or where it exists. 

It hasn’t been clarified in Tsige.

In reality, the Kuzunoha Company and the Mist Town are affiliated with Asora, and it has no relations with the Anti-God Cult.

Only the name is…well…

“Are you telling me that I as the representative refuting this is not enough?” (Makoto)

“I personally think it is okay to trust you.” 


Wow, so easily. 

But there was a continuation to his words.

“However, as an organization, it is objectively difficult to trust you. There’s no company dispatched by the city that would go saying that they are allied with the revolutionary army looking at the current state of the war after all.” 


So that’s what it is.

Even if it is true, being allied with the revolutionary army that’s inferior in numbers, moreover, in this current situation where we are having negotiations with both the Kingdom side and the revolutionary side.

Even if a representative of the Company were to deny it, it wouldn’t be that convincing. 

It would be one thing with a person you are close with, but it would be difficult to convince everyone of not being related to the Anti-God Cult.

Moreover…proving what’s not there to begin with is close to impossible.

I have heard that it is called the Devil’s Proof in Japan.

“…How problematic.” (Makoto)

I ended up complaining.

“Sadly to say, there’s quite a lot of people who believe this about the Anti-God Cult. The adventurers who rely on their own power rather than that of the Goddess to challenge the wasteland received a deep impression from the great personage of the Anti-God Cult, and are using their own city to help them out, is what it is being said.” 

Great personage?

Oi oi, is that the religious representative?

Or the target of belief? 

It really does stink of a cult now.

Good grief, they are using the Mist Town and Asora as they wish.

“Great personage?” (Mio)

Mio who was silent all the time until now asks the elf back.

It looks like Mio was also bothered by that.

Or more like, you were actually listening huh.

I am relieved.

“Yeah, a great existence that’s the standard-bearer of the Anti-Goddess faction.” 

“The Top of the Anti-God Cult is just a plain hyuman, right? Are you saying they have the power to go against the Goddess?” (Mio)

“I think you already know, but the Top of the revolutionary army is Ark. The heir of a famous clan of Aion, Daguza. A man that has fallen a long time ago and is unrelated to the throne now, but he obtained a decent amount of standing in the Anti-God Cult, and has been given a role in this time’s coup d’etat on Aion.” 

Hm? Is that so?

Ah, right.

There’s someone else who is serving as the symbol, while the commander in the army and leader is Arks Daguza.

“The current Top of the Anti-God Cult is Muller, a dark elf. They cause an incident every now and then and get crushed, but in the end, they soon reform themselves and hide underground. Then, they gather strength and cause an incident again. It is a repeat of that. Muller was an executive that didn’t stand out in the previous of the previous of the previous iterations, but around the previous part, he began to obtain quite the amount of power, and now he is currently at the Top. If you were to call someone the religious representative, it would be Muller.” 

This is a first.

I see, so the Anti-God Cult…is getting crushed every so often, huh.

In that case, Azu-san and Root should know a decent amount about them.

This elf saying the previous of the previous really does say a lot about the sense of time of this elf.

Judging from his way of speaking, there have been quite a lot of hyumans taking their place, no doubt about it.

“Is that dark elf called Muller the so called Great Personage? The ruler of the Mist Town? A mere dark elf?” (Mio)


It really is stupid.

There’s no dark elves in the Mist Town or in Asora! 

We do have Forest Onis though! 

Then, yeah, we should have the adventurers who went to Mist Town testify that they didn’t see dark elves there, and that will increase the believability.

“No, that’s not it.” 

“Not it?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. It is said that the ruler of the Mist Town is an even bigger existence.” 


“You guys are also merchants. I think you guys have a decent information network. Have you not heard about it? It was a while ago, but it is the story about the amount of lakes increasing in Limia.” 

“Lake…” (Makoto)


“Lake…are you talking about the Seiko Lake?” (Mio)

I was stuck in my words, and Mio was the one who responded.

“That’s right. It was apparently the doing of a person called the Devil who appeared from a golden magic power pillar just like that of the Goddess.” 



“Possessing the same power as a God, but holds the will to fight against the Gods; a messiah, apparently.” 

“Like hell that’s true.” (Makoto)


“N-No no, it is nothing! And so, what is this Devil involved in this?” (Makoto)

I ended up retorting.

But this is bad.

This isn’t a good turn of events.

Are you telling me that’s how it is going to connect?

Is there a novel writer within the Anti-God Cult?

“You understand now, right? The Great Personage is apparently the Devil. The Devil is the ruler of the Mist Town, and serves as a God for the Anti-God Cult. ‘To bring an end to the unfairness of the Goddess, I will lend my strength to the Anti-God Cult’, is what the Devil apparently said.” 

He didn’t!

He didn’t say anything like that at all! 

I haven’t even met Arks or Muller! 

How can this be?

Not only is it patched with crazy stuff, the equations in the middle are all wrong, and yet, the answers are correct. 

Even though it would be incorrect in math no questions asked!

“It goes without saying that the Mist Town has high popularity in Tsige. It is an oasis of the wasteland and a Shangri-la. The ruler of that is the Devil that showed its power in Limia, an ally of adventurers, and an existence that helps out the revolutionary army. On top of that, the Kuzunoha Company is an organ of that Mist Town as ones that manage the same materials.” 

It has gotten incredibly problematic at a surface level.

It makes it even more egregious that it is somewhat correct.

What’s with this thing that feels like it is a sample of how to make a good lie?

“The Devil…that’s the ruler of the Mist Town, huh. I see…that’s interesting.” (Mio)

“Mio-dono, you won’t deny it immediately like Raidou-dono did?” 

“Who knows… The scale of this talk is so big. I am simply working the whole time at the Kuzunoha Company with Waka-sama, but I have never heard about this Anti-God Cult until now.” (Mio)


I am The Devil, and I am the owner and ruler of the Kuzunoha Company and Asora, but the name of the Anti-God Cult didn’t show up even once between us or in Asora.


This is a lie, but not a lie, Mio! 

That’s impressive!

“…I see. But the Kuzunoha Company is popular in Tsige just like the Mist Town. In that case, the power of these kinds of rumors will slowly but certainly spread and rot from the inside with the adventurers as the centre. If you don’t make a move, it certainly will.” 

I understand that.

“Judging from your way of saying it, it is already in a stage where, even if the rotten parts are eliminated, it won’t be solved?” (Mio)


“I have been bothered by this for a while now. There’s no doubt that you are the Top of the Elders, but where are the other Elders? Could it be…” (Mio)

“That’s indeed the case.” 

What’s the case?

“They have already been taken in, huh. In that case, the origin was here, and currently the people of the slums.” (Mio)


“And then, the poison is beginning to spread to the merchants and adventurers?” (Mio)

“What impressive discerning eye. Most of Dusk Street has been taken in by those guys already.” 


What is this elf saying all of a sudden?! 

The underground society has already fallen into the cult?! That’s no joke!

Tsige is in trouble then!

“So I say, but it is only 85% though.” 

“That’s practically everything!” (Makoto)

“But Patrick gave us a joker. Kanta has stated resolutely that there’s no doubt about their abilities.” 


Talking about us, huh.

“I didn’t expect a day would come where the Dusk Street would be putrefied in such a way, you see. I will leave you in charge. I, Rio, intend to move as a pawn of you two as well. Please become the antidote to our Dusk Street.” 

The Elder of Dusk Street, Rio, lowers his head.

So that means Kanta is his right hand?

If Rembrandt-san’s intentions were this, I would have done something about it even without him asking.

This definitely involves internal affairs.

This kind of antidote is outside my expertise, but the Kuzunoha Company will see this out. 

More so, having the Anti-God Cult use the Mist Town and the Kuzunoha Company as they please…is definitely unforgivable.

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