Tsuki – Chapter 299: Surprise Show

What are you doing? 

The short words that were supposed to have come from deep down my throat ended up being let out as a sad sigh.

My eyes were rolled at the surprise. 

It is the Chihiro Man Rai Restaurant; our lodging.

““Welcome home.””

I was welcomed with strange high energy. 

There’s Tomoe, Mio, and Iroha-chan.

Haku Mokuren-san is there too. 

In chinese dresses.

“The Gorgon we left at Mizuha contacted us telling us that the clothes were complete.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe who had a bright blue attire explains this. 

Aah, the one at Mizuha.

The one that we simply ordered and just left someone of Asora there waiting to be completed, huh.

But did the sample have such a deep slit? 

Why are you exposing that figure of yours with such fun?

“Hm, my legs are a bit…Waka-sama, do you like this dress?” (Mio)

It is the classic black, but I feel like I rarely see a black chinese dress, and Mio asks me my opinion.

Even if you ask me about likes or dislikes, I don’t have that much of an interest in cosplay, you see.

I do think it suits her.

Aah, then does that mean I like it? So that’s how it is, I understand now.

“It is a bit different from a yukata… So this is a chinese dress, huh. This is the first time I wear this.” (Iroha)

“I am taking part in this~♪” (Haku)

Iroha-chan’s is blue colored.

Is it that? Is she conscious about Tomoe’s blue? 

Or more like, why are you here? 

Aren’t you in the middle of a big crisis that might flip around the Ministry of Justice?

For some reason, the lower area is made short, turning it into a mini chinese dress. What’s with that? 

That’s indecent.

Shougetsu-san is…I don’t see him here.

Izumo…is not here either.

The stoppers are absent?! 

Where are the males?! 

Also, Haku-san…she is also wearing a mini chinese dress.

By the way, she is the one that gives the highest feeling of being cosplay. 

To be specific, there’s a high level of exposure. But even when looking at her, I don’t feel that much either. 

Maybe because her usual dancer clothing actually has more exposure. Like, her stomach, her armpits, and her back.

There’s more hidden parts here, so it is easier to the eye than her usual self.

Taking part, she says. In the first place, those were made with the sizes of Tomoe and Mio in mind. I am impressed you could even wear it.


The fact that this person is here…

The sudden 4 people in chinese dresses made my mind fly away for a moment, but I noticed something.

One is missing.

“Is Ginebia-san also here?” (Makoto)

“…I am. I won’t be doing that cosplay though.” (Ginebia)

Ooh, there she is.

The one who opened the sliding door and appeared was certainly Ginebia-san.

The companion of Haku-san.

But she is not in her priest attire.

It is a maid outfit from the Taisho Era… If I remember correctly, it is the uniform of the judiciary here.

Arrow feather patterned. It is simple, but fits her well. 

Must have been Tomoe or Mio who selected that one.

“Uhm, what is the meaning of this?” (Makoto)

Tomoe is making a variety of poses.

Mio is looking over here with blazing eyes.

Iroha-chan is tottering around and at times would do a spin.

Haku-san is doing nimble dance moves with a rhythm that clearly don’t fit her outfit.

It is chaos.

In my perspective, there’s a chaos that surpasses last night’s right here.

For now, I ask that question to Ginebia-san who seems to be standing still enduring a headache.

She is also wearing a cute white frilly apron, but I felt like she is the one that’s the sanest here.

“Well, just like what Tomoe-san said, we were contacted by a personnel of the Kuzunoha Company that was in Mizuha.” (Ginebia)

“Okay?” (Makoto)

“And a massive amount of costumes were brought here.” (Ginebia)


Fumu fumu, no joke, I can perfectly understand till there.

“Also, well, it must be your fault, Raidou-kun.” (Ginebia)

“Why?!” (Makoto)

“Because after your thought transmission, Tomoe-san began to run wild.” (Ginebia)


“I don’t know if you are called Danna-sama or Goshujin-sama, but they were trying to cheer you up since you seemed to be feeling down.” (Ginebia)

“…Ooh.” (Makoto)

“And so, we who unluckily asked them what’s the matter also got dragged into it. Well, that’s basically the gist of it. Fuuh…” (Ginebia)

Ginebia-san, who is a priest that speaks with her fists, explains this as if tired.

Haku-san is pretty into it, so that must be how the relationship of these two work.

“T-Thanks for your hard work.” (Makoto)

“By the way, I am not a priest who speaks with her fists. Properly face the feelings of those girls that went out of their way to wear clothes they aren’t used to to better your mood, okay?” (Ginebia)

“Ah, y-yes.” (Makoto)

“Also, if possible, erase this sight of Haku and I from your memories. Why am I made to wear this frilly hostess-looking clothes or whatever? Geez.” (Ginebia)


Ginebia-san gives advice for our relationship like Rokuya-san did.

Now that I think about it, she is also a Wise.

That’s why she understands the original use of these kinds of costumes. 

Right, there’s also people who are embarrassed by this.

Or more like, that’s the normal reaction.

“Waka!” (Tomoe)

Tomoe calls me with plenty vigor.

“Yeah, what is it?” (Makoto)

“We will be changing into bunny costumes after, so I was thinking that maybe we could accompany you in the bath with those on! Outside should have been cold, so your body must be cold!” (Tomoe)


The chinese dresses were the uniforms of jailers, if I remember correctly.

…Wait, that’s not it!

“What you are saying makes no sense, Tomoe! Also, I wasn’t hit by the rain at all! I can bathe at night!” (Makoto)

“What?! So this is not a costume for bathing purposes?! Muuh, Haku, are there no costumes made for bathing within the ones that arrived? Our Waka is a late bloomer, you see. It would be great if it is something that hides skin somewhat…” (Tomoe)

I feel like you are trying to make this a settled matter already, but it is not like I bathe with you guys on the daily, you know?! 

“Of course, we can choose some, Tomoe-chi! No need to worry either, Mio who is looking over here as if pleading! There were a number of varied swimsuits there! Let’s see…” (Haku)


I have to stay firm.

It seems like being weak doesn’t bring anything good after all.

I thought this while I was watching with blank eyes this situation where a good amount of costumes were flying in the air.

And then, I noticed.

The fact that Lime, Beren, and Hokuto were at a corner of the room.

It looks to me like they erased their presence and were trying to make it so the girls didn’t surround and drag them into it.

…Aah, I understand that feeling really well.

“Ah, there it is! Bikini! One piece! Pareo! But this one is a bit old, don’t you think, Bia?! Isn’t a neck holder with a pareo stylish?!” (Haku)

They apparently came to this world before we did.

But I wonder in what fashion trend were they from? 

I myself prefer things like long pareos and ones that have a lot of cloth though.

“Don’t talk with the assumption that we will be wearing it! Also, Tomoe-san and Mio-san have great body proportions, so there’s no need to go for the in-season fashion. They can just rock a bikini without worries. Especially towards a man!!” (Ginebia)

L-Long pareo…

Ginebia-san seems to be incredibly manly. 

I should go to a corner too.

We will all sit on our knees and wait for the storm to pass.

“Then what should we do about the color? Pink is a must have though.” (Haku)

“For colors, just go with black, white, red, and the occasional purple. There’s no popular fashion in terms of male tas—hey, Raidou-kun.” (Ginebia)


She grabbed the collar of my neck real hard.


Strong, seriously strong.

“Ah, I won’t get in your way.” (Makoto)

“Do you think the only judge can leave before things are over? Just give it up.” (Ginebia)

She smiles.

Oi, did you know? At times, smiles can have Futsu dwell in them, you know? 

I feel like I could see an Ogre looming from her shoulder.

“Leaving before it is over? No way.  I was just thinking that there was the scent of soy sauce and miso from over there you see…Oi! At least change in a different room, Haku-san!” (Makoto)

You definitely must not!

“Haku! At least maintain the bare minimum decency! Hey, why is Iroha-chan the first one you are instantly hiding?! Tomoe-san and Mio-san, you go there. Oi, Haku!” (Ginebia)

“Hyaha, so fun~!! How long has it been since I have been surrounded by so much clothes!” (Haku)

How do they think I see Iroha-chan? Huh? 

That dancer-san, what kind of fetish does she think I have?! 

I am normal, you know! Probably.

“It was only for a bit. I admit that I was feeling down only for a bit. But to think that it would summon this kind of chaos… How did it turn out this way?!” (Makoto)

“Ooh, Mio, since we have the chance! Your Arke… Hey, Minato! Let’s bring that and have some photos taken!” (Tomoe)

“…That’s a good idea.” (Mio)

Mio seems to be in too.

In the end, this surprise show continued till evening. 

Bunny dealer, nurse outfit, maid, swimsuit, yukata, secretary, policewoman, race queen, high schooler; they found a whole lot.

Minato was called and served as the cameraman with a reflex camera prototype, and Hokuto served as the assistant.

Right, the photo-like stuff that Minato managed to recreate are pretty popular in Asora especially within the female side.

Leaving aside Tomoe who gets interested in almost everything; people like Mio and Ema were also pretty interested as well.

Tomoe went ‘Don’t look at me with those eyes-ja, you idiot’ and slapped Lime away, but she seemed to be having fun.

Beren seemed to be more interested in the clothes rather than the people wearing it, and so he was concentrated in the clothes together with the Gorgon.

And so, this chaotic event propagated to everyone around.

I put my hands together in prayer.

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