DK – Chapter 132-133: The Disappearance of the Mercenary I

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“…Haah, what a nice bath.” 

“It really is…” 

What are Zephyr and I doing? We are in heaven. Aah, of course, that’s a metaphor. We are not dead yet, okay? We are the victors of the war after all!!

This is the hot spring inn. The zakuroa hot spring inn that my Strauss family visited often, and Victor Laichi manages.

The treatment we get as the heroes of Zakuroa is truly different. Not only me, even Zephyr was allowed to take a bath… Before, we were told about the hot spring source deep in the mountains, and Zephyr slept close by there. My Zephyr using a hot spring that wild monkeys most likely use…

Well, he is a dragon, so it probably isn’t that rough on him though. According to Victor, even Ares used that monkey hot spring. ‘That’s why it is a historical hot spring, you know?!’, is what Victor said with a smile to fool me. He really is a merchant.

You must never trust in the smile of a businessman, they only speak lies.

As proof, look at this. After saving their country from destruction, they went ‘go ahead, go ahead, Zephyr-sama’ and immediately allowed him to enter too.

…They were pulling their punches in their service last time. Even though we saved him from skeletons and a giant spider… Victor Laichi, I won’t forget that fact. Maybe I should have our crew get free lodging for a lifetime?

“Hey, what’s the matter, Doje? Your face is scary. Is it lukewarm? Should I blow some fire?” (Zephyr)

“No, a boiling hot spring would be harsh. This amount of heat is adequate for a person.” (Solje)

“Really? If you feel it is lukewarm, tell me, okay? I will make it bubbly hot.” (Zephyr)

If you make it bubbly, I feel like I will end up getting fatal burns in 10 seconds on my whole body… Don’t do it okay, Zephyr? I don’t want to die in any other bath aside from the mixed bath. 

…But bathing in this open air bath together with Zephyr makes me think it was great to have won the war!! Aah, how is it, Zephyr? Rather than a monkey stinking hot spring, elegance really does bring a different taste, right?

Aah, it takes away my fatigue. Killing people leaves you tired in the arm muscles, you know… If I were to have a beautiful lady massage me, it would be even more refreshing.

The stars you can see from here are truly beautiful. The best scenery. But…as always, just what’s up with this absolute cliff that’s separating the men and women bath? 

Even now, it still looks like it is completely straight. 

It is around 30 meters high, and looks harder to climb than even the castle walls of Garuna… It really makes me question the hot spring culture of Zakuroa. I wonder if the zakuroan men are all people that would risk their lives to peek at the female bath.

Well, there’s cultures in this world like the Diaros that would kill you just for touching their horns just a little. I wouldn’t be surprised about any culture there is out there.

For example…

Like a coming of age ceremony in Zakuroa. Just like the coming of age ceremony in Garuna where you would have your ankles tied and have to jump off a steep cliff. From an altitude of around 200 meters. And in that way, they ‘kill’ their child self.

Aah, of course, it is not like they actually die. It is just a ceremony for their coming of age.

‘Kill your child self with courage, and by doing that, you are reborn as an adult’, is the kind of thought process. Because of the barbaric culture of the Garunoans, I have been insulted by drunkards in the past, but…I think it is better than the Diaros culture.

That’s right, there’s a lot of ceremonies that involve cliffs. Maybe the zakuroan men also get recognized as adults by bravely climbing this steep cliff?

I managed to climb it up last time, and the sense of accomplishment was quite nice. That feeling of conquering it was awesome. I collapsed right after though… Right, depending on your training, it isn’t something impossible to climb.

Last time, my tsundere elf Riel-chan setup dangerous stuff like magic landmines, so I ended up fighting back with magic as well. 

Now that I think back to it, that was foul play.

If…climbing this wall really is their coming of age ceremony -of course, the chances are low- and it is a ceremony to show their courage and power, what I did would have been looked down on.

Using magic is like doping.

It is not like I relied on my body and knowledge… Umu, I wonder why, I am beginning to feel like I want to conquer this wall with strength and technique alone. No, I have to, or I won’t be able to face the people of Zakuroa.

I must not lose. Being laughed at is unforgivable. 

My name is Solje Strauss…the captain of the strongest mercenary crew of the continent, the Banjar Mercenaries. The number one. As the strongest among the strongest, I cannot allow myself to be looked down by the youngsters of zakuroa.

“Okay, I have decided, Zephyr!! I will climb this wall!” (Solje)

“Hm? Why?” (Zephyr)

“My soul is telling me to. I will be going.” (Solje)

Or maybe the wind is telling me to. Well, who cares. I just said whatever came to mind. Zephyr probably isn’t that interested either. He just nods and dips the tip of his nose into the hot spring.

Ooh, a whole lot of bubbles are coming out! I saw something nice, it healed my heart.

For a dragon maniac like me, the lovely gestures of a dragon are as wonderful as seeing a naked beauty… No, a beauty wouldn’t be able to bring out that cuteness. 

That’s right, this is a healing sight that can only be made possible by a dragon.

“…I got an ultra heal there. Thanks, Zephyr!!” (Solje)

“…Okay? That’s great, Doje!” (Zephyr)

It is! 

“Now then, it is time to heal the dryness of my soul!! I am restoring my pride! I will show that I am the strongest among the strongest! I will conquer you, and prove this again!! Rinse your neck and wait, you damn wall!!” (Solje)

Hehehe, the wall bastard was thrown off by my words and can’t say anything back…

Huh? Yeah, I am drunk.

That’s why I grin, and begin climbing the wall.

Yeah, last time I climbed, I found to a certain extent the success route. Let’s be faithful to the basics, and slowly climb it up. Use my eyes, confirm the contrast of cracks and protuberances. 

The rocks will tell me where there’s tears, and where I can place my fingers and feet. Become one with nature… 

I should be able to climb it. I am the strongest man in the world. There’s no wall I can’t climb!!

“Ooh…Doje, you look like a monkey.” (Zephyr)

“Right? At times, you have to become a wild beast!” (Solje)

“Wild beast… Yeah, you are right…” (Zephyr)

Zephyr probably isn’t that interested in me right now…

Yeah, a monkey may be a beast too, but…now that I think back to it, I feel like it might be a bit different. A monkey is an incomplete beast. A perfect beast is a dragon, just like Zephyr!!

Ain’t that right, Zephyr?!


Zephyr is sleeping. His wildness is zero. But that’s really cute. Maybe I should have someone that’s good at sewing like Loroka make a plushie of you. 

It is not for me to hug, but to spread the lacking dragon component around the whole world! And then, we will widen our market! We will obtain another stable income source aside from our mercenary business! It will sell!! No doubt it will!!

There’s not enough dragons in this world after all!!

My face loosens into a smile while imagining the whole world overflowing with Zephyr goods. There’s a whole lot of Zephyrs no matter where I look!

That would be paradise!

We can do it!

It will sell!

And when that happens…!!

We will create even more Zephyr goods with the profits, and fill the world with dragons!! Wouldn’t that basically be like conquering the world?!

“Hehehe, ah…the alcohol is really getting to my brain!” (Solje)

I climb the wall. The more I climb, the lower my tension gets.

The temperature seriously drops as I go up. The springs of Zakuroa are still cold. It is night…and with my wet body, the freezing wind was already as cold as ice. 

My fingers are trembling. What should I do? Rely on my mana? Those pitiful feelings were luring my heart. But endure, I shouldn’t do that.

Challenging the wall with such lukewarm feelings?

I am going to be laughed at by the locals!

I will be relying solely on my body. If I don’t, I will be a loser! I won’t allow that!! I hate losing more than anything!

Even if it is for something stupid.

Even if it is pointless.

I won’t allow defeat in a challenge that I want to win!

“My heart is burning!” (Solje)

Burning plenty enough to blow away this cold. This is not mana. This is my soul. 

I already feel like I am a professional alpinist. No noise, just choosing the routes, and climbing in a sure manner. Of course, no impatience, but speed is important.

Throw away fears and doubts. What’s needed is questioning, analyzing, and decision; everything else in my brain goes out. Choose the best route, and operate my body according to it.

Transform myself into a being that was solely made to climb. Self-hypnotizing myself in this way with my polished concentration is easy.

I was born to conquer this wall!!

Now then, the rough part.

There’s no footholds now. Only this part is missing in the route. It is a tough route that overflows with the scent of death. It is a distance of 1 meter and 5 centimeters. I just have to jump horizontally and my route will once again regain its link. Now, this one requires ultimate concentration and center of gravity stability.

…Control my breathing. Stiffen when inhaling, soften when exhaling. When inhaling, the side diaphragm lowers, and the center of gravity lowers slightly, and the opposite happens when exhaling. Breathing is a great exercise for control. 

See, my center of gravity has settled, and my heart is calm. Now, it is gonna get rocky.

Placing my weight in one finger, I release my body from its position, and gain freedom. Without that, I can’t jump after all. Now then, I kick the cliff like a monkey, and…fly. No doubts, as if it is natural.

My left hand’s pinky and middle finger clutch onto the slight protrusion of the rock. Everything is as calculated. There was the expected impact from my limbs. My toes were trying to grip the wall. My left leg slips. It’s okay, it is within a manageable extent. My right thumb managed to clutch onto it.

Pushing my muscles, I stabilize my body with only the two fingers of my left hand and the thumb of my right feet. Excessive tension runs into my muscles. I won’t be able to last long. I am a warrior, I have a lot of weight.

I don’t have the leeway, but it is possible.

I grab the wall with my left toes. With this, I can relax a bit. Now, I managed to secure my posture, but this maneuver expended stamina. I only have little time remaining. Now, I just have to do this without hurrying and…

I exploited my freezing body, and by inhaling cold air into my lungs, I cool my insides. And so, I somehow managed to climb that steep cliff.

“Alright!!” (Solje)

I tightened my fists and sang like a beast on top of the cliff I finished climbing!!


My white breath flows into the cold night wind of Zakuroa. 

What a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. The scenery from here is truly splendid. The old brick cityscape of Zakuroa is still lit up from the happiness of the continuous victory celebrations.

And then…my head gets hit. 

I already noticed the presence. But I couldn’t fight back. If I did, I would get an even worse experience after all.


“Ouch! Stop hitting me with the corner of the bath bucket, Riel-chan.” (Solje)

When I look back, there’s the silver haired and emerald color eyes elf-san that’s covering her body with a bath towel. She is puffing her cheeks in a bad mood.

“You, what are you thinking?” (Riel)

“There was a cliff there, so I had to climb it.” (Solje)

“And now you are in the female bath?” (Riel)

“…Yeah, it just ended that way.” (Solje)

“…Hm, I certainly don’t feel any maliciousness.” (Riel)

“Maliciousness?” (Solje)

“Lately, when I am about to get sexually harassed by you, I get chills in my back. Thus, I call it maliciousness.” (Riel)

“You have learned one weird ability. Anyways, Riel…” (Solje)

“What?” (Riel)

“Can I enter the hot spring? I seriously feel like I am about to freeze to death.” (Solje)

“…I can’t believe there’s a person that’s on the verge of dying from hypothermia after coming to the hot springs… You really are an idiot.” (Riel)

I can’t deny that. But I am fine with that. I feel like the biggest winner in Zakuroa tonight. I managed to climb up this wall after all!!

  • Chapter 133

<TLN: Lewd Warning! Lewd Warning!>

“In other words, by creating a peaceful heart with no noise, you won’t get caught in any pointless constraints. Just don’t think. By doing that, your trained muscles will move on their own…” (Solje) 

“…You talk as if it is the basics of archery, but what you did is a crime, you know?” (Riel)

It is true that I invaded the female bath, but summarizing the emotional accomplishment of my body into those few words doesn’t feel right. It is not like that. Just a few moments ago, I was seriously one with the wall, and had tapped into a kind of novel power, you know?

“…I am not that kind of man!!” (Solje)

I am indeed bathing in the female side hot springs, but this is just to warm up my freezing body, and there’s no lecherous meaning to it!

“A-Alright. I don’t really understand, but sorry. It is true that tonight your evil aura is thin.” (Riel)

“Right! I currently feel like an incredibly holy existence!!” (Solje)

“N-No, that’s going way too far! You are saying that after just climbing up to the female baths?!” (Riel)

I see…the excitement I felt at that time… I just convinced myself that I was doing something extremely sublime…?

“Hehehe…I am ashamed of my own actions… What was I doing with my life at stake?” (Solje)

“It is certainly something to be disappointed by and reprimanded for. Trespassing the female baths. Don’t do that again, okay?” (Riel)

“But I tapped into the limits of my physical and spiritual power, you know? Without relying on mana, I did my best with only my brains and brawn…” (Solje)

“That in itself is weird… What’s the matter? Why did you want to do that?” (Riel)

“My side that doesn’t like losing must have activated. I have been fighting way too much.” (Solje)

“…That may be true, but you love fighting, right?” (Riel)

“Yeah! I love fighting so much, I sometimes even forget to breathe.” (Solje)

“Don’t forget that. You are going to die.” (Riel)

“My concentration covers for me. When I don’t want to move my center of gravity, I even stop breathing in the middle of battle.” (Solje)

“…You are a master in a sense. Even though there’s a lot of things to admire about you, why is it that you are like this sometimes?” (Riel)

“‘Like this’, as in?” (Solje)

“Don’t sexually harass. That’s the obvious thing as a person.” (Riel)

“Eh? This is not sexual harassment though, Riel.” (Solje)

“Then, what do you call it?” (Riel)

“A display of my love?” (Solje)

“D-Don’t say love…” (Riel)

My tsundere elf-san blushes. My my, she really is cute. Riel-chan truly does love me… That’s why I also love you to an unbearable extent.

“Even though I love you…? When I look at you, I can’t lie to myself.” (Solje)

“Hngh, I-I kind of feel maliciousness.” (Riel)

“I am simply confessing my love. You are imagining it. There’s no evil to it.” (Solje)

“H-Hey, w-why are you getting closer?!” (Riel)

“Because you are slowly escaping.” (Solje)

“Because you are getting closer!! Y-You are making the eyes of when you are thinking something erotic! And I also feel a whole lot of maliciousness!!” (Riel)

Hmm, she seems to be feeling embarrassed. This Riel, so shy. That’s cute too, but…I would like it if she were to get used to it soon. I want to have children with you already.

“I-I am leaving…” (Riel)

“Riel, don’t run away. You are my woman, right?” (Solje)


The movements of Riel Harveld, who was about to leave the hot spring, stopped cold. Yeah, she is my girlfriend. I don’t want her to reject my love.

“Tying me with those words is not fair…!” (Riel)

Not fair? Really? I don’t think so.

I am only speaking the truth. I don’t have a single sliver of doubt that you, Riel Harveld, are my woman.

Riel cannot escape. She easily got caught by my approaching arm. Her supple skin feels nice to the touch. A frighteningly smooth and beautiful skin. That sensation for some reason even made me feel guilty. 

Maybe because I feel like I am touching something untainted? This innocent reaction to my desire for Riel is giving me an immoral happiness. She is shifting her body, but she isn’t running away. Yeah, I am seriously desiring you. You don’t know how to run away from this kind of act.

You haven’t experienced anything further than this after all. Here, I will hug you. Riel didn’t fight back the strength of my arm and let herself be hugged. Can she tell my wicked desires? She is trembling a little. That kind of reaction is also unbearably lovely.

I whisper into the long ears of my girlfriend elf.

“…Riel.” (Solje)

“W-What?” (Riel)

“Will you let me kiss you? We haven’t done that in a while.” (Solje)

A simple request between a couple, right? Is it okay, Riel-chan who is only wearing a bath towel and is in between my arms and legs? 

“…Why are you asking?” (Riel)

“Hm? What do you mean by that?” (Solje)

“Because you usually just suddenly come at me.” (Riel)

“Really?” (Solje)

“Y-Yeah. Mostly you suddenly get close and do it…” (Riel)

“Did you dislike that?” (Solje)

“…No, not really…” (Riel)

“Do you want it to be that way today as well?” (Solje)

“Eh…u-uhm…” (Riel)

“If you don’t want to, I won’t.” (Solje)

“I-I didn’t say I don’t want to!” (Riel)

“Then, can you please let me hear it from your mouth?” (Solje)

“W-What should I say?” (Riel)

 “If you say ‘please kiss me’, I will immediately do it, you know.” (Solje)

“…Y-You intend to make me say something so vulgar?!” (Riel)

Yeah, I want to hear you wishing for a kiss.

“No?” (Solje)

“…Wuuh…It is not a no. It is true that if I give the permission, you should do it. But suddenly being so forceful is close to criminal!” (Riel)

“So it is not completely criminal.” (Solje)

“T-That’s…yeah…b-because…” (Riel)

“Because?” (Solje)

“…There’s no victim. It is not like I would dislike being done that.” (Riel)

“I see, that makes me happy.” (Solje)

“Don’t be… I don’t know how to answer that…” (Riel)

“What my ears want to hear is you asking for a kiss.” (Solje)

“…I-I get it. I will let you hear it, so kiss me gently.” (Riel)

“Okay.” (Solje)

My girlfriend elf-san is blushing. Even her long ears are bright red. Yeah, I really love you, Riel Harveld. Please make me happy with that voice of yours. I want to feel your love.

“Solje…I-I will let you k-kiss me…” (Riel)

The girl says this in a low but clear voice. Maybe because of her high pride as royalty of the forest elves, she was trying to take the high ground. Well, she is probably just trying to act tough. Such obedient words like ‘please kiss me’ don’t suit you.

“Yeah, I will, Riel.” (Solje)

“G-Good…” (Riel)

She slowly closes her eyes and slightly raises her chin to accept me, perking her lips a little.

I will kiss you gently as per request. 

When our lips touched, her body twitched slightly. It is soft and warm. It is not only in the physical meaning, I can feel her love too.

The gentle kiss marked its end.

My tongue entered Riel’s lips. When Riel notices this, she tries to move her head away in panic, but that’s simply a reflex -not refusal. As if she gave up, she slightly opened her mouth in order to accept my tongue.

Is she looking forward to it? Riel doesn’t really hate it after all. I know about it more than anyone in this world. That’s why I try to tease her a bit. Just before touching Riel’s tongue, I stop moving it.


Riel is confused. But it is not like I want to show my love alone. I want to confirm our love. That’s why, you coil your tongue around mine.

When I leave it like that for a while, Riel must have noticed what I wanted, or maybe because she couldn’t endure it any longer, she coils our tongues on her own. I think of it as an honest show of her love. 

It makes me happy. The show of love from this beautiful and brave bow princess that shines in the battlefield.

I will teach you what an adult kiss is. A lewd kiss with a whole lot of desire.

I answer the movement of Riel’s tongue. It was as if we both were fighting, and I place strength in my arms that are hugging her, and she also wraps her arms around my neck. She is trying to stick closer to me.

I enjoy Riel…and in time, we separate. 

When I opened my eyes, I saw the aroused face of Riel-chan. She had a tint of embarrassment, but even with that, she was filled with love and desire.

“…You did a lewd kiss.” (Riel)

“And you answered back.” (Solje)

“D-Don’t say that! T-That wasn’t fair. You set me up.” (Riel)

That’s right. But you were the one who answered it.

“…Hey, Riel…” (Solje)

“W-What…Solje?” (Riel)

“Can I move to the next step?” (Solje)

“Y-You mean…?!” (Riel)

“I want to make love to you. Will you let me?” (Solje)

“T-T-That’s…! T-This is too sudden! M-My heart is still n-not prepared…!” (Riel)

“If you love me, isn’t that enough preparation for your heart?” (Solje)

“!! …Yeah.” (Riel)

“Are you scared?” (Solje)

“O-Only a bit. I am a brave forest elf!!” (Riel)

“Yeah, I know about your courage more than anyone else. No matter the intense battlefield, I have no worries when entrusting my back to you.” (Solje)

“…That’s right. Don’t doubt it, my strength…and my love for you.” (Riel)

“I never have… That’s why I also know that even if I were to forcefully do it, you wouldn’t reject me.” (Solje)

“T-That’s…u-uhm…” (Riel)

“But I want to hear it from you directly.” (Solje)

“N-Not fair! J-Just asking for the kiss was already so embarrassing…!” (Riel)

“I want to impregnate you with my child.” (Solje)

“I-Impreg…” (Riel)

“No?” (Solje)

“As I said, not fair… There’s no way I would say no…!” (Riel)

“Are you already fine with your laws?” (Solje)

The one about not doing it with other races…

“It is okay. I want to give birth to the children of the man I love. The only children I want to have are yours.” (Riel)

She can say that clearly, and yet, she is embarrassed to say that she wants to do it? The heart of a maiden, maybe? …Well, teasing her any more than this would be too much.

“Got it. Riel, I will make you have my babies.” (Solje)

“I-In the hot springs? …T-This is my first time, so…a bed would be…” (Riel)

“Here’s fine too, isn’t it? The female staff here will understand when they hear us doing it. Zephyr is currently taking a bath at the male side, so there’s no one who will be coming to the baths.” (Solje)

That’s right, this is currently the most protected place in the whole world. There’s definitely not gonna be intruders…intruders…

*Flap Flap!!*

“Uh…?” (Solje)

“This sound of feathers…!” (Riel)

Damn it!! Every single time! Just what the hell is going on?! You are supposed to be my friend, Sharon Doche!

“Hooh hooh hooh!”

The cries of a white owl echo in the darkness of the night. And then, the white owl lands on top of my red hair. No way, this guy. Read the mood. Or more like, don’t grab on tightly to my head with those claws. Choose a more proper place to land.

“Hooh hooh!!” 

“A message from Sharon, huh… It is an even more aggressive approach than usual.” (Riel)

“Damn it, judging from this insistence, it must be quite the emergency.” (Solje)

If this is about how you finished writing your new love novel, I will kill you, Sharon. Destroying my real life love with your stupid fake one would deserve divine retribution.

“Riel, can you get it?” (Solje)

“Yeah, better take it fast. I feel like your head is going to bleed a whole lot if I don’t.” (Riel)

“Yeah, and please don’t give it any kind of shock. Even I feel sad at pointless and silly wounds.” (Solje)

“Right. Getting injured by the contact of a comrade would be stupid… Slowly…?!” (Riel)

“Guh! That runt, the moment the leg band was taken, it flew off!” (Solje)

While kicking my head pretty hard at that. The moment my head went forward, its claws scratched me. 

“Are you okay? Umu…it really is…an emergency level S.” (Riel)

“Pass it to me. It is solely for the captain, right?” (Solje)

“Yeah! Hurry, I can only get a bad feeling about this.” (Riel)

I take that coded piece of paper from Riel who only has worry in her face. I opened it immediately. And then…my face stiffens at what was written.

[Emergency!! Camilla has been reported MIA in the battlefield!!]

“…Riel, pack up.” (Solje)

“…Got it!!” (Riel)

“Jean is out scouting, and Loroka is currently on a business trip… Gindo…I don’t think he will be of use in this mission.” (Solje)

“Should I wake up Mia?” (Riel)

“Yeah, of course!!” (Solje)

Also, you are here as well!

“Zephyr!!” (Solje)

I call my partner. Those wings will be necessary. In order to deal with this emergency!!


I hear the song of the dragon from below the cliff. 

Yeah, we have to hurry!! We are the only ones who can rescue Camilla!!  

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