Not a Chapter: A new story on the side?!

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

This may be really really sudden, but I am planning on translating a new story! Yeah, I am not used to taking two stories under my wing, but I really wanted to do this for a while now.

Maybe some already know, but the current story I am translating Dragon Knight, has like 1900 chapters. That’s a LOT of chapters to be a 100% into translating. So to put a bit of variety when translating, I wanted to undertake a new story on the side.

As for the story I am planning to translate…

Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage among the Classmates.



[“Your stats are lower than that of your average person.”
The weakest by a mile among the otherworldlers of class 1-A, Takatsuki Makoto.
The Heroes and Sages who had cheat skills in his class had went off, and the base set lifespan is 10 years?
The Great Demon Lord is going to revive soon?
I am a Mage Apprentice?
Isn’t the balance way too bad? This damn Isekai is a trash game!
“Want to be my believer?”, the Goddess that told me this has zero believers!
Aah, this is bad…I don’t think I can clear this. The Goddess with zero believers is an incredible beauty, and she is telling me she is imprisoned somewhere and is waiting to be saved. My last and hardest mission is to save the Goddess.
Clearing this Isekai that only has adversities, the story of the weakest mage.]

I will be uploading the first few chapters in batch. I have not really decided on the upload schedule yet though. Maybe 3 chapters a week?

This story is pretty slow at the beginning and begins to pick up more and more momentum as it goes, so if the story is not completely out of your taste, please give it a few chapters before actually deciding.

I am not really good at selling a story without entering into spoiler territory, so I might as well just let you guys decide on a blank slate.

Hope you guys join me on this journey to a new Isekai!


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25 thoughts on “Not a Chapter: A new story on the side?!

  1. I will wait with great anticipation! XD

    Still, I am curious.
    Did you choose novel based on MC name?
    1. Hiatus Makoto.
    2. Dropped Makoto.
    3. Soon to be picked up Makoto.

  2. Ohhh it looks funny XD but still few question:
    Does he become strong later?
    Harem or any heroine?
    Ps any new about tsuki ga? It’s long time that i don’t hear anything about it(it isn’t like i look for it though)…

    1. 1. Does he become strong later?
      From as far as I have gotten, yes…and no. He uses wits in battle to adapt to the situation, and even in future chapters, he is “strong” but you can see clear weaknesses.
      Which actually spices up the battles.

      2. Harem or any heroine?
      It is a harem.
      Here’s the thing, I have two classifications for harems. Badly done, or well done harems.
      -Badly done harems create girls that fall for the MC in the drop of a hat, and are then forgotten, making them more like trophies than actual characters.
      -Well done harems are ones where the girls have actual personalities and grow as the story advances. With their own goals and convictions, meaning that their only defining trait isn’t that they love the MC.

      I personally think that this falls into the well done part.
      Supporting characters also have their own romantic interests and there’s visible progress in their lives which makes it interesting.

      About Tsuki, the author posted an extra chapter recently. I don’t know if that means the author will be making a comeback, but it certainly is a sign of life.

      1. ty for precise answer ^^
        cool! it’s like i hope, hahaha exactly my definition of strong… for unbeatable normally i used OP XD
        about the harem is good to know that there are developments on the character ^^
        o right I forgot an other question the last time… the story is more to serious or is more like a comedy type( well in the end is ok either ways but just to know…)?

        1. Hmm, I would say it is more of the lighthearted comedy type. But this story has a bit of both worlds.
          The surroundings of the MC are light hearted, but you can see hints of the underlying world, and you can tell that the world itself is clearly not in a good state.
          I would say it is pretty similar to Tsuki in the way they handle the funny and serious things.

  3. Well it sounds interesting, but really another MC called Makoto, you do well to sniff those out. I am glad you decided to challange yourself, Good luck with the new project.

  4. This will be interesting. I don’t really get into DK to be honest so it’s been so long since I check your site. Hope I like this one.

  5. If your good at translating Japanese novels, then I would advise you to try to get volunteers to try to edit your work for free. This way you can release faster with the help of friends! Just my advice, so I look forward to it. Just started this novel and looking forward to more.

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