DK – Chapter 77-79: That Metropolis Silently Dyes Red I

——The mercenaries were merry. 

A new country, a new metropolis. 

Their hearts were springing, travelling on foot on this snowy field. 

Their hearts were smiling brightly and this made them notice the tragedy late. 

——Thanks to Riel who was acting tough, that fast paced journey was harmonious. 

Managing to pass through the whole journey without any breaks, they arrived at the metropolis where the spires were lined up closing in to the evening. 

When the dragon and the beastkin approached that metropolis, they noticed it.

The choking scent of blood…

——Maybe it was because of the freezing cold and the playful wind dancing.

The scent of blood had been sealed in the metropolis.

No, that’s not it. 

The Wicked God had done so.

——Loroka raised a scream after seeing her homeland dyed red.

Mia and Riel were trembling in anger, and Jean clenched his teeth to get some courage.

And Solje Strauss…

Was walking to that bloodied metropolis…


What in the world is this? What’s happening? 

The destination of this time’s journey that was filled with undead in its path was this kind of place? Just what in the world is going on?

I walk the path that’s soaked in blood.

That’s right, this city that’s covered in snow is replete with undrying blood. Thinking about it normally, that’s something impossible. Blood hardens with the air. It turns dark and dries. But this is different. The red that is dyeing this path didn’t lose that radiant red on top of the snow.

This is a deed only possible through magic. But this isn’t normal magic. We were born into this world, and yet we can’t feel traces of the mana that circulates around.

This is by process of elimination, but…I can say for sure after witnessing this chaotic sight. There’s no doubt, it is a Zeruaga.

“…Oi, Jean.” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!!” (Jean)

I call Jean at the back. 

Jean ran to my side with saber in hand. Everyone was armed and cautious of their surroundings as they walk this Barrow Gawick that is approaching evening.

Loroka is…stout-hearted. Just a few minutes ago she was panicking and screaming, but right now she is showing the usual composure. 

That’s right, she is a great woman. But we have to support her. I don’t know if we can do something, but we will stay by your side.

“…W-What is it, Captain?” (Jean)

“Do you feel the presence of a Zeruaga?” (Solje)

“…N-No, I don’t feel the presence I felt from Mistral here at all.” (Jean)

An unexpected answer. So that means it wasn’t the Mistral side that made this tragic sight? …A different Zeruaga then?

“…But…it is similar.” (Jean)

“As in?” (Solje)

“…I-It’s not like I know many Zeruagas and Agarms. Even so…this resemblance…is incredibly close.” (Jean)

“It is different, but similar…?” (Solje)

“S-Something like that. Sorry…I can’t tell clearly.” (Jean)

“…No, that brings out a number of possibilities.” (Loroka)

Our gazes gather at Loroka.

“…Loroka, are you okay?” (Solje)

“…Yes, I have calmed down quite a bit thanks to everyone.” (Loroka)

“Don’t force yourself.” (Solje)

“Yes, Captain Solje. Thanks… But right now I want to clarify the reason for this tragedy.” (Loroka)

Her blue eyes were shining with strong resolve. I acknowledge that will of hers and would like to become someone that can stand by the side of it. If she is going to chase after that blood-dyed path, I will stand at the front and become her shield and sword.

That’s right, Riel, stay by her side; Mia, your decision is correct, hold her hand tightly. 

The one who made our adjutant cry, whether they be a God or whatever, we won’t forgive them. We will teach them. 

“Loroka, what did you mean by possibility?” (Solje)

“Since time immemorial, the attacks of Zeruagas have been uncountable.” (Loroka)

“Seems so.” (Solje)

“There may not be many remaining within the legends in history, but there have been stories where Zeruagas have cooperated with each other.” (Loroka)

“Cooperate? Between Zeruagas?” (Solje)

“Yes, they have cooperated with two or more before, and that has led to a massive amount of casualties.” (Loroka)

“…Teamwork between Wicked Gods. That sounds problematic.” (Solje)

“Yeah. So…the presence that Jean-kun feels, the fact that they bear a resemblance brings me to one possibility.” (Loroka)

“…What is it?” (Solje)

Loroka takes a deep breath. 

After that, she looks at me sharply as if piercing through me with those deep blue eyes.

“…I have heard about the legend of Twin Gods.” (Loroka)

“Twins? …Does it hold the same meaning as us about twins from birth?” (Solje)

“Yes. There’s no knowing if they are truly related by blood or if they have been born from the same parents, but their way of acting, their appearance, their abilities…they are the exact same, or have powers that are compatible with each other.” (Loroka)

“…Are you saying this time’s the same?” (Solje)

“At the same time period, invading neighboring locations. I think it is worth considering.” (Loroka)

“…I see, you are right.” (Solje)

Her ability to analyze things and her amount of knowledge are trustworthy. If Loroka Sharnel says so, there’s no need for me to doubt it. 

Now then, I have to question the only source of information here in this situation.

“Jean, Loroka is saying that. What do you feel?” (Solje)

“…Twin Gods… Yes, that might be the case. They are similar… But the one here I can’t feel clearly… Since they are twins and are slightly different, there might be parts that I simply can’t reach with my senses.” (Jean)

“I see, I think that’s a good analysis.” (Solje)

A presence that’s similar. Appearing at adjacent regions, at the same time period. There’s no points to negate the ‘Twin Gods’ hypothesis of Loroka. It is indeed strange for a completely unrelated Zeruaga to appear at this kind of timing in such a position after all.

But…we have been walking this bloodied path for a while now and heading to the center of the city, yet…there’s a strange point.

“Guys, have you seen corpses?” (Solje)

They all answered with a no.

Right, I am the same. As mercenaries who have seen blood as if it were a daily occurrence, we know that this is the blood of people. 

But how is it possible that we can’t find the people that are the source of this blood? It is this much blood. Unless more than hundreds of people are killed, this much wouldn’t be possible…

What’s going on?

This is strange. Everything is. 

Being invaded by a Zeruaga must be like this. The logic of this world, the laws; they hold no power. Does that mean the ‘ruler’ we use as measure in our observations is different?

We keep our guard up as we continue on this bloody path. While holding the certainty that there must be something at the end of this path of red. 

Even a Zeruaga wouldn’t do things without a reason.

Their shitty hobbies and plans, or some kind of philosophy of theirs that has led them to this crazy action.

A path dyed in red blood? 

Fine. I don’t understand the meaning of it, but I at least can see your evil. I will skewer you up. I will have you die while regretting having invaded this world.

“…C-Captain! Everyone!!” (Jean)

Jean suddenly shouted. 

That the one in charge of sensing the surroundings is shouting that must mean…

“Enemies?” (Solje)

“…N-No, I think? …A-At the place ahead that looks like a plaza…u-uhm…” (Jean)

“Please say it, Jean-kun. I am okay.” (Loroka)

“…Y-Yes, Loroka-neesan… Probably -no, certainly, there’s a lot of corpses ahead.” (Jean)

“…I see…” (Loroka)

Loroka bites her lips. Unbearable sadness covers her face.

Mia holds Loroka’s hand tightly. Right, that’s good. The warmth of someone holds meaning in times of despairing sadness.

“Thanks, Mia-chan. But I am alright. I have everyone here with me after all.” (Loroka)

“…That’s right, Loroka-oneesama, we are together.” (Riel)

“Yes, thanks, Riel.” (Loroka)

The unity of the female team is helping me out. If they were not here, I wouldn’t have had much ways to encourage Loroka.

The most I could do is promise to protect her, or to surely kill her enemy. That’s all. With the usual words, there’s no way it could hold anything special that would release her of her pain.

Even so, I speak.

“…Let’s go, Loroka. I will be your sword. I will protect you, and will definitely cut down your enemy.” (Solje)

“…Yes, Captain. Please do so.” (Loroka)

“Count on me.” (Solje)

I am a mercenary. If requested, I make sure to fulfill it. 

Slaughter the evil god.

If Loroka Sharnel has requested me so…of course I don’t need a single Ciel. Killing the guy that dirtied your homeland? Thanks for the outstanding honor.

We confirm our resolves. They all look at each other’s face without saying a word. That’s right, everyone is prepared to become the sword and shield of Loroka. Our hearts have become one for the sake of Loroka.

“…Let’s go. We are confirming what’s ahead of here. Even if it is painful, we have to know.” (Solje)

That’s right, that’s the duty of an avenger. 

Just like the time when I picked up the burned bones of Cecil. 

It might be painful, it may bring you to tears, but even so, I think that you have to know the reality. Wouldn’t that be like hearing the voices of the dead? That might be the last conversation allowed from the dead to the ones that remain.

Even when knowing full well the painful reality waiting, we arrive at the plaza…

  • Chapter 78

What I felt the very moment we entered the plaza was an unbelievably thick scent of blood. Thick enough to make my face warp reflexively. It stinks far more than ever before.

It is as if the blood has evaporated and is wafting all over the place. As if we have stepped into a mist of iron. 

The female team also have their faces warped by this.

But Jean who has the stronger sense of smell must have it a hundred times worse, right? …I take a glance. 

He had a worried expression, but it doesn’t look like he is uncomfortable. Is this a trait of beastkin? They probably can stay unfazed by the scent of human blood.

The reason Gindo and Jean can stay together all the time must be because they have a past of being discriminated by people, and…maybe because of that, they share the same trait of having an abnormal level of disinterest to the blood and corpses of people? 

A scar so deep that it warps your very heart. Sympathy that can only be understood by people who have the same kind of scar.

I think that kind of friendship is fine. Well, Gindo, stop using Jean as a gofer. He would most likely be able to do more pushups than you and become stronger than you, so…you might get killed someday, you know?


The sole of my iron boots step into the red puddle. I have stepped into many battlefields that have sipped blood, but this is different from that. It isn’t hardened. Should I say ‘it is way too beautiful’?

What am I thinking? …Does the Zeruaga that did this think of blood as something important in some way? Not wanting the blood to dry or get blackened, it maintained the freshness of the blood to this extent?

Fresh blood?

For what? Blood transfusion? …Or maybe as food? In that case, I can see the reason to maintain the freshness. It would be logical in a sense. But there’s something that doesn’t match this thought of mine…

Would they leave ‘food’ on the ground? …If I were to put it in my values, I would definitely not sip from a drink spilled on the ground…

If it is not to feed themselves, the theory of it being closely related to a vampire collapsed?

Good grief, just what line of logic does this Zeruaga here follow?

Damn it, this may be a habit of mine as a warrior. By analyzing the enemy in this way, I grind my imagination… Just what kind of piece of shit is this Zeruaga? Creating a ‘pillar’ in this kind of place…


It was at the time when I was thinking of unraveling the plan of this Wicked God that has messed with this metropolis in such a bizarre way…

‘That thing’ was…towering in front of us.

Everyone stopped their feet and looked at it. 

I have talked to this with Zephyr before. People love scary things. Your instincts seek it…and you can’t deny it. What was controlling us right now was instinct. 

One of the pillars that serves as the skeleton of our mind was ordering our body. It stopped our legs, moved our heads, and made us stare at ‘that thing’ intently. 

“…W-What is this…?!” (Riel)

Our Bow Princess that’s known for her bravery muttered this with a trembling voice. Words I can sympathize heavily with. 

Seriously, what the hell is this?! 

“…I-Is this made out of people…?!” (Jean)

Jean asks what we can tell just by looking. You can have confidence in that, Jean. You are getting the correct answer. This is definitely made of people.

Even so, that doesn’t mean it makes sense.

Yeah, if describing it outright…this object is set at the middle of this big stone-paved plaza. It is high like a pillar, the size would be close to 10 meters, maybe.

And just as Jean said, this is made out of people. 

The corpses of people are cruelly bend and sewed forcefully together. Maybe in order to shape it up, there’s a pointlessly long iron stake piercing the corpses as if serving as a nail and was binding them together.

If I were to put it into words, it would be that…in front of us, there’s a pillar made out of human corpses towering in front of us.

“…A pillar made of people? …Is this a decoration?” (Mia)

The input of a child is incredible. My little sister, you described this bizarre combination of corpses as a ‘decoration’? …There’s no way…no, wait…

“All the bodies are my brethren… Aah, how awful… Playing with the d-dead in such a meaningless manner…!!” (Loroka)

…Yeah, that’s right. There’s no meaning to something like this. No, to put it more accurately, ‘there’s no need to’. No matter if the blood flooding the ground is fresh or not, the existence of this pillar in itself is pointless. 

And yet…the fact that it was still made…

“…They were showing it off as art…” (Solje)

“Eh…? Captain Solje?” (Loroka)

Loroka heard my words and she looks at me. Did she get hurt by my words? If that’s the case, I want to apologize, but…please deny it after I have spoken about what I have noticed.

“…They are doing something meaningless, something unnecessary. But it is clear that this holds a strong message.” (Solje)

This is what Sharon has told me before.

“In art, there’s no need for a meaning. You can even throw away necessity. If there’s emotions you want to speak out, or if there’s some sort of philosophy that shapes it…it is nothing other than art…” (Solje)

Can someone please deny it? I said this hypothesis of mine while hoping for that, you know.

But it is paining that everyone fell silent at that.

…Looks like everyone was thinking that in some part of their heart… That this isn’t a pillar to support something, or a watchtower of sorts. This object of madness that was made from the corpses of people…was just a statue…no, a monument.

A monument that commemorates the achievement of conquering the Diaros. Or in order to show off this reality, and the Zeruaga that created this was exhibiting them.

The reason for the blood flowing out from here was…probably to protect this ‘piece of art’ from decay. It may be a land of intense cold, but they will eventually rot. Did the arrogant Zeruaga not allow that?


Even though I was the one who reached this conclusion, it pissed me off so much I shouted out.

I haven’t been so pissed before. Just how much do you want to trample on the dignity of people? It wasn’t enough to just kill, you had to play with them in such manner, and toyed with the life and corpses of people in order to show off your stupid ideas!! 

Riel, Mia, and of course Loroka, who is a brethren of the victims here, were overflowing with intense anger and rage. But only Jean…was abnormally calm, and this allowed him to notice something we didn’t.

“…W-Wait!! Everyone, look!!” (Jean)

“Look where?” (Solje)

Jean points at the ‘monument’ with a trembling finger. Seeing what he pointed at…my magic eye finds it.

“A survivor!! She is alive!!” (Solje)

“Eh? No way…!!” (Loroka)

“It is!! That old lady is alive!!” (Solje)

“W-We have to hurry!!” (Loroka)

“Jean, lend me a shoulder! Become a foothold!!” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!! Go ahead, Captain!!” (Jean)

Jean kneels and crosses both arms. I used that as a foothold and it gives me a boost in climbing the ‘monument’. I extend a hand to the old lady that is skewered by the iron pole at a side of the pillar.

“Baa-san, get a grip!! Don’t die!!” (Solje)

“H-Help me…please…” 

The elderly Diaros woman looked at me. I nod.

I placed a hand on her shoulder and reassured her. And then, I use my dragon longsword to break the iron pole that was piercing her shoulder.

After her body was freed from the ‘monument’, I carry her and jump down.

Loroka runs to us.

“Sydney-san!! Are you Granny Sydney?!” (Loroka)

“…Someone you know?” (Solje)

“Yes!! T-There’s no doubt!! She is Granny Sydney who was a neighbor of ours. She loved children, and she taught me how to play musical instruments… Are you okay?!” (Loroka)

“…Y-Yeah. Ojou-sama…? Has Oyakata-sama returned…?” (Sydney) <Oyakata can be referred to as Boss but isn’t an accurate term.>

“Father has gone somewhere…?” (Loroka)

“…That witch…he chased after that Wicked God…and hasn’t returned… Aah, this is terrible… Oyakata-sama is most likely…!!” (Sydney)

“Baa-san, don’t talk. Riel, please treat her wounds!! As long as we stop the bleeding, she can be saved!!” (Loroka)

“U-Understood!! Mia, help out!!” (Riel)

“Yes!” (Mia)

“Jean, search for anyone else! …There’s many bodies without fatal injuries. They were simply skewered when making this thing. There should certainly be survivors!!” (Solje)

“U-Understood!! …T-There really are!! I can hear the sound of hearts!!” (Jean)

“Well done!! …Loroka! Is there something that can serve as a temporary treatment facility?” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!! There’s a school close by!! The auditorium there can be of use!” (Loroka)

“We are carrying them there!! Come, Zephyr!!” (Solje)


I call Zephyr who was on standby outside the city. 

That’s right, I don’t care if the enemy discovers him. No, this is a declaration of war. 

If you are coming, come. Even if you don’t, I will come to you.

You are playing the artistic fool, so you must definitely be somewhere high. 

From the six spires that are in this mysterious metropolis…I glare at the center one that is the biggest out of them all.

If it were Sharon, he would definitely be there. There’s no doubt that artistic idiots act on the same patterns!!

Leaving that aside for now!!

“Jean!” (Solje)

“Yes, go ahead!!” (Jean)

With the help of Jean, I cling to that ‘monument’ and take out the survivors one after the other. In the end, we got 5 survivors. Sadly to say, the other several tens of people were not alive anymore…

  • Chapter 79 

Each of us were carrying one of the five survivors. 

We followed Loroka, and carried them to the school close by. Riel received the support of Mia and began the treatment.

Sewing up the wounds quickly, she gave them elf disinfectant. The survivors…no, the casualties as well, weren’t given ‘big wounds’.

They were cut in areas close to the joints of the arms and legs to make them drip blood slowly. And in that state, they forcefully ‘gathered them up’ by skewering them with an iron stake.

That’s right, that piece of shit Zeruaga left the residents of Barrow Gawick alive and toyed with them, and made a ‘piece of art’ with their living bodies.

What an annoying bastard to the extreme.

If the idiot Sharon were here, I feel like he could have profiled that guy’s personality, but well, can’t be helped if he is not here.

Also, what we will be doing has been decided. 

Making a statue out of living people? …There’s no way we can allow a piece of shit like that live for a second longer!!

“Riel, Mia, can I leave the treatment and protection of these people to you?” (Solje)

“…Yeah, we saved them, so we have to see through it.” (Riel)

Right. This metropolis has fallen into madness. There’s no knowing what will happen. How did they make a ‘statue’? …Did the Zeruaga themself do it? I feel like doing that alone would be difficult. Maybe they have a lot of familiars?

In that case, there’s the need for personnel to protect this place. In the worst case, if we can’t win and are killed, they will have to escape with them.

Of course, I have absolutely no intentions of being killed by a Zeruaga, but we are pros. There’s the need to place insurances.

“Onii-chan.” (Mia)

Mia pushes her head at my abdomen.

“…What’s the matter? Don’t like your mission?” (Solje)

“…I am the assassin of Onii-chan, you know?” (Mia)

Mia understands our mission. In the case I lose, they would have to be the messengers that will deliver revenge. That’s why she must be discontent about it.

“You said that we would live and die together…” (Mia)

“Yeah, I know. I will keep that promise. We are together even now. We may be separating right now, but we are in the same city, right?” (Solje)

“I know…but…” (Mia)

“Please protect them. Not letting that old lady and the others die is also a big job, you know?” (Solje)

“…Yeah, I know…” (Mia)

“Come on, don’t make that face. I will return in a jiffy. No need to worry.” (Solje)

“Really?” (Mia)

“Yeah, you know that I am crazy strong when I am seriously angry, right? Believe in me. I am your Onii-chan.” (Solje)

Underhanded words that utilize our love and trust? That’s not it. This is the truth. No matter the situation, believe. That’s the meaning of bonds.

“…Yes, I belief!! Then, be careful, okay? Mia will be waiting for you.” (Mia)

Mia is a good girl. She is pushing her chin at my chest while looking up at me with those glistening eyes. 

But that’s not the right thing to say.

“No, I won’t make you wait. Because I will return at once.” (Solje)

Saying this, I pet her black hair. Mia made a blissful expression and smiled. Looks like she likes being petted by me. Even though I have such rough fingers. It must be our sibling love at work.

“…Hnn, Onii-chan meter, charge complete. Hey, kick their ass quickly and return, okay?!” (Mia)

“Of course, I will do it for Mia.” (Solje)

Mia assents and separates her head from me. 

My girlfriend elf had a big sister expression as she looked at this sight. 

“…Solje, the enemy is a Zeruaga. Don’t lower your guard.” (Riel)

“Yeah, I leave this place to you, Riel.” (Solje)

“Got it.” (Riel)

She suddenly kissed me in this timing and our teeth almost hit each other. Looks like she is beginning to learn how to kiss me when I want… When I think about that, it just makes me so unbearably happy. 

She didn’t get angry even when I stuck my tongue in and accepted it. 

Mia was making an ‘oooh’.

“Deep kiss!! I will write it in my diary!!” (Mia)

My little sister, please don’t look at us so intently. Or more like, what diary are you writing there? I will have to check it someday. 

I am beginning to get embarrassed as a brother, so I release the lips of Riel. I feel like Riel seemed a bit reluctant to part.

The remaining sensation of Riel’s tongue made me a bit…no, quite reluctant to part as well. But that’s enough for now.

I want more, but when men have those kinds of desires, they would want to survive in order to take their woman once they are back.

Riel most likely understands this as a warrior. 

She must have given me a bit of service there in order to mix even my sexual desire into my strengths. That’s consideration you can see from a mercenary girlfriend.

“…I’ll be going.” (Solje)

“Yeah, do your best.” (Riel)

Riel says these short words. She trusts me. 

She really is a good girl. Please have my children. I would like three at least.

I leave this place to Riel and Mia, and left the school premises.

The evening was silently dyeing the mysterious Barrow Gawick’s cityscape in red. And then…something strange happened to the blood flowing in this city.

It reflected the evening sun, and its red deepened. It was shining slightly.

“Oi oi, the blood is shining… Is this the definition of beautiful for the Zeruaga here?” (Solje)

“…How disgusting.” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei can’t be excluded from this Zeruaga subjugation party. Her anger isn’t ugly enough to get in my way. That’s why she is in the team. If you are not here, it would be the same as missing the main character of the story. 

“I will bring peace to the grievances of my brethren.” (Loroka)

Her figure on top of Byakuya was three times more beautiful than usual. Her resolve and fighting spirit is making you shine. 

You will be proving your arm as a mercenary, right? Of course, I will be giving my full support. 

I am your sword and shield, and also your Captain.

“T-Then, l-let’s go!!” (Jean)

Jean was already in wolf mode. It seems like this form increases his sense of smell and speed. The human form gives him more power though. Can’t he combine those two in some way? …Maybe we should consider that training.

Fumu…it is the members that fought the Los Gigantes that day.

To think we would be slaying a Zeruaga after an Agarm, that’s quite the honor. Let’s make a legend that will be spoken in bars for years to come.

“…Zephyr, follow my orders and, depending on the situation, charge.” (Solje)

“Understood. I will keep watch while flying in the sky.” (Zephyr)

Zephyr flaps his wings and brings his giant body to the sky. That will be reliable. A dragon will be watching us from the sky, you know? That’s the best support.

(If the school gets attacked, carry Riel, Mia, and the survivors out, okay?) (Solje)

(Understood, Doje.) (Zephyr)

Good. Now then…first, let’s confirm the victory route. 

“Jean, my gut is telling me that that spyre is suspicious. What do you feel?” (Solje)

“I-I also think that’s the place!! It is just a gut feeling as well, but that place is the one I dislike the most!!” (Jean)

Dislike, huh. It is so instinctual of an answer that it is good. I wonder…maybe when Jean has gained more experience, he could even detect other Zeruagas?

…The birth of a hound exclusive for Zeruaga, huh. That sounds nice, it makes my heart pump. With something like that, we can kill Gods as much as we want. That’s the youngster that I have my eyes on, Jean Redwood.

“Then, it is 90% that place. But Loroka, what’s that spyre?” (Solje)

“That’s a Life Temple.” (Loroka)

“Life Temple? …In other words, a kind of grave?” (Solje)

“Yes, since way back, we have been laying rest to the ashes of our antecessors there. When we die, we retrieve this Crystal Horn, use alchemy to maintain it…and entrust it to their descendants.” (Loroka)

Another mysterious tradition of the Diaros.

“Then, that ‘horn’ isn’t something that you are born with?” (Solje)

“Yes, we have it transplanted when we are born.” (Loroka)

“…I see. Quite the mysterious culture.” (Solje)

“It is. I don’t hear similar customs to this one from other tribes.” (Loroka)

I once again look at the horns that are extending diagonally to the back from the blonde hair of Loroka-sensei. She has two of them situated slightly above her ears. They look like dragon horns and I like it.

I have to admit that I would like to grow ones myself one day. It would feel as if I have evolved as a dragon knight. Well, someone like that wouldn’t be born unless I have children with Loroka though.

“And so, what do you gain by inheriting those horns?” (Solje)

“…Knowledge and battle technique. Also, the induction ability with Unicorns.” (Loroka)

“Induction ability?” (Solje)

“It is like telepathy. When my horn falls and a new one is grown, I transplanted that fallen horn to Byakuya, and that connected our hearts.” (Loroka)

“I see. The same as my relationship with Zephyr.” (Solje)

“…Yes, that’s right!” (Loroka)

“T-Then, let’s go!! To that Life Temple!!” (Jean)

Hoh, the dog wants to go to the Life Temple. That’s the spirit.

“Jean, I leave the front to you. This Zeruaga might be the twin of the one that toyed with your destiny. Show them your anger.” (Solje)

“Yes, of course!” (Jean)

“And…I will have them receive the punishment for dirtying the metropolis of the Diaros.” (Loroka)

“Yeah, let’s go. We three will beat the crap out of that Wicked God!!” (Solje)

I unsheathe the dragon longsword and place it on my shoulder.

And then, jump onto the back of Byakuya.

“Kya! …Captain, you hit my horn.” (Loroka)

“Ah, sorry. I will take the punishment later.” (Solje)

“There’s none.” (Loroka)

“I see. Then, let’s go, Loroka, Byakuya! Jean, lead the way!!” (Solje)


The wolf howls and runs, showing us the way.

Byakuya also neighs and runs through her homeland as if letting her anger explode. The horseshoes hitting the stone paving was the song of anger from Byakuya!!

“…There’s no enemies.” (Loroka)

“None are coming out. That in itself is strange.” (Solje)

“It is way too unguarded.” (Loroka)

“In other words, a trap.” (Solje)

“Right.” (Loroka)

“You know the way to conquer a trap?” (Solje)

“There are many.” (Loroka)

“Which one will we be choosing today? This is your revenge epic. You can choose.” (Solje)

“Break right through from the front. That’s the pride of the Diaros cavalry!!” (Loroka)

“Nice!! I like that!!” (Solje)


Jean at the front sings as he increases the speed of that big body of his and gives a body blow to the door of the Life Temple, destroying that beautifully crafted door!! 

Perfectly to smithereens!! 

Okay, if they demand reparations for this, Jean, you are paying!! 

“Gooo!!” (Loroka)

Loroka orders Byakuya with a voice filled with fighting spirit. Loroka and I on Byakuya charged to this sacred gravesite of theirs.

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