DK – Chapter 73-74: Ice Prison Barrow Gawick IV



This morning was quite different from yesterday’s. I was woken up, not by the crying of birds, but by an earthquake. 

However, what sound was that? It made a sound like the times when the idiot Gindo failed an experiment of his… Even though it is so early in the morning…

I ruffled for my pocket clock with a bad mood.


It is already 10 o’clock?! 

T-There’s only 30 seconds left!!

“Crap! I completely overslept!!” (Solje)

I get up from inside the tent. Yeah, Jean’s not here. D-Damn it!!

I threw my blanket away and hurriedly got out of the tent. They were truly clumsy and flustered movements. When you are so hurried, you can’t worry about the looks of it!

“Ahaha!! Onii-chan, barely safe!!” (Mia)

It was right after I had come out from the tent and shoved my face right into the snow that Mia said that while laughing. I raise my head from the snow. 

I tried asking Mia who is all smiles.

“I-I see…Onii-chan is safe, huh!” (Solje)

“Yeah!! Barely, but safe! …Isn’t that right, Riel?!” (Mia)

“…Hm, right. It truly was barely, but I will forgive it.” (Riel)

Riel Harveld was glaring at the highly precise pocket watch made by Gindo and admitted I didn’t oversleep.

Yeah, rather than calling it a rule of our crew, it is more like the rule of Riel-chan. The important time must be strictly monitored. Especially the people that are late to meal times, they are left with one side-dish less.

That’s a really elf-like trait…

“…Well, even if it was barely, if it is safe, there’s no problems then! Aah, I am hungryyy!! I bled quite a lot, so I want some protein, proteiiiiin!!” (Solje)

“Don’t be noisy in the morning.” (Riel)

“Ain’t that fine? I simply want to eat your handmade food so much.” (Solje)

“…O-Of course you would!” (Riel)


“…Hm, what’s with that grin? You must be thinking something rude towards me, right?” (Riel)

“No way. Please let me have the handmade food of Riel~!” (Solje)

In order to restore the mood of Riel-chan, I decide to employ the skinship plan. I hug the waist of Riel.

“H-hey, w-what are you doing?!” (Riel)

“I am hungry. I demand sustenance… If you don’t, I’mma eat Riel.” (Solje)

“E-Elves are not breakfast!” (Riel)

“That looks fun! Mia too!!” (Mia)

Even Mia went and tackled Riel. 

This unexpected attack sent Riel flying and rolling on the snow. 

“C-Cold!!” (Riel)

Riel-chan raised a cry, in a cute voice. Aah, my ears are being healed right in the morning.

“Ahahaha!! The two of you are covered in snow!!” (Mia)

This prankster. I love that part of you, Mia!!

“…Good grief!! You idiot siblings!! After the breakfast, I will penalize you both a whole lot!! Prepare yourselves!!” (Riel)

“Ahaha, Maje is angry. Doje has it rough later.” (Zephyr)

“That’s fine, Zephyr. I could harass the cute Riel, so even if I pay the penalty, there’s change to spare.” (Solje)

“D-Don’t call me c-cute… You are just saying that to lighten your punishment, right?” (Riel)

I have researched plenty the trends and tendencies of the Tsundere Princess after all. Yeah, I planned on praising you to forgive me. Looks like she saw through my shallow thoughts. 

Aah, I see, there’s not enough energy going to my brain. I feel like my stomach and my back are sticking.

“Okay okay, everyone, it is time for breakfast! The bread has been baked too, so let’s begin eating!” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei kindly orders us who were acting like brats. She really is a reliable aide. If left alone, we would have gone on for close to 30 minutes more doing stupid things, and the just baked bread would have gone cold.

In this cold region, I really would prefer eating warm stuff…

“…Eh? Where’s Jean?” (Solje)

“Aah, if it’s Jean, he is over there.” (Riel)

Riel, who is in my arms, slowly moved her slender fingers. I followed the direction of her pointed finger. Then, I see a hardworking Jean.


The wolf transformed Jean was biting the bark of a big tree. With the power of that superhuman jaw, he is tearing off the bark. It is quite wild and looks nice.

I see, so the sound just now was him dropping that giant tree!! 

Nice, so he dropped it with power alone? That’s some guts there, looking cool, Jean.

“…Good grief, so boorish. I would like him to use tools.” (Riel)

“Y-Yeah, I feel like it would be faster that way.” (Loroka)

“Jean, just like a dog!” (Mia)


The opinions of men and women are pretty different. I think the wildness in his wolf attitude is good, but…the female team has an unexpectedly low evaluation. 

I see. I am not popular with girls because I am too wild, huh.

From now on, I will try and see what happens if I stop splitting firewood with a karate chop. I could chop them cooly with wind magic… No, just chopping firewood stylishly won’t make me popular.

“…And so, Solje Strauss.” (Riel)

“What?” (Solje)

“Get off me already. Also…y-your hands…” (Riel)

“What about my hands?” (Solje)

“Y-You already know, don’t you?!” (Riel)

Yeah, I do. I am touching her boobs. She really does have unexpectedly big ones. 

“…Am I doing something?” (Solje)

“M-My b-breasts…!” (Riel)

The Tsundere Elf’s face slowly gets redder and that’s one of my joys in life.

“Ain’t it fine? Your boobs are technically mine too.” (Solje)

“D-Don’t say something so weird in front of everyone!” (Riel)

And then, Riel Harveld tries to knee my face. I actually can easily evade an attack like this, but…I take it on purpose.


It is not that I am a maso, okay?

It is the just price I pay for the harassment. I also follow the knight’s code. If it is simply the price for harassment, I will accept it without running away. Listen well, Zephyr, this is a man.

Lightening the place is also the job of a leader.

///////The dragon knight thinks this as he receives the knee. 

The Elf Princess didn’t hit that strong either.

In one way or another, the couple comedy routine had become a soothing moment for the mercenary group.//////

——The stew of lion meat made by Riel, and Loroka’s freshly baked bread. 

A massive amount of food was made to heal the exhaustion of the previous battle.

Solje loves meat and, coupled with his lack of blood because of the wounds, it tasted better.

That’s why Riel gave him a plate that had a bigger share of meat. 

——Solje consulted with Loroka about what she thinks.

There’s way too many uncertain factors, not knowing who the subordinate of the Zeruaga is. 

Let’s not mind it, there’s no point in worrying until we gather the information, is what she said. 

Solje was convinced that Loroka was indeed reliable.

——Mia and Zephyr were having an after meal snowball battle with snowy region training in mind.

While pledging in her heart that she won’t be showing such a pathetic sight like last night.

She smiles in a way so that no one notices. 

If it is for the sake of her beloved brother, she would kill even an evil god.

——Jean was eating his meal while still in his wolf form.

He ran just like that and continued working.

His motivation was like a raging fire, and the girls were kinda shocked by this.

Youth is blind, and Solje learned about the reality of women as he watched his subordinate.

——These people that share a bond, are they like a family?

That’s right, they are a true family.

Solje is the Doje and Riel is the Maje.

Loroka is the Sensei and Mia is the little sister.

——-Zephyr is a comrade and Byakuya is a new friend. 

Jean is a friendly junior.

This pack is quite strong, Solje Strauss.

You have properly inherited the style of Cortez.

——When we first met, you had lost your smile.

To even forget how to smile, are you an idiot?

Garf bursted out laughing at that as he rubbed the red hair of the man that was called the Death Reaper. 

You certainly did change the heart of that man.

——You already have another face other than that of an avenger.

That’s right, love the people, and protect the family.

You truly are the captain of the Banjar Mercenaries.

I am singing as a friend of yours.


…It is because you can have a fun breakfast like this, because you are happy like this, that I can sing.

Chapter 74

“Ahahahaha!! This is the best!!” (Mia)

Mia was enjoying herself big time. 

Well, I can understand her feelings. This is hella fun!! 


Zephyr sings in the sky. He also enjoys this new exercise. 

We are currently doing something really fun.

We are sliding on the snowy field!!



I was laughing out loud together with Mia. It was just that much fun.

“Jean, this is one nice invention!!” (Solje)

“…T-Thank you very much. B-But the idea was from Gindo-san though.” (Jean)

“Gindo’s?” (Solje)

“Yeah, I was helping out Gindo in making his flying machine…” (Jean)

Right, he is being used as a gofer by Gindo who always acts like a senior. If you don’t like it, you can say it, you know? Gindo is a bit weird, so he isn’t the type that is considerate to the feelings of others. If you don’t clearly reject him, he will keep doing that forever, you know? 

“Gindo, nice job! But the one who made this was Jean, so Jean wins!!” (Mia)

Mia proclaims Jean as the victor and Jean was so happy that he looked like he would cry. He really isn’t used to being praised…

“T-Thank you, Mia!” (Jean)

“Yeah yeah! Make sure to work hard from here on, too!!” (Mia)

“Y-Yes!!” (Jean)

You are being treated as an underling by a 13 years old, you know. Don’t get happy in those cases. Well, Mia is my little sister, so of course Jean-kun does indeed place a little lower than her though.

However, Jean really did a good job.

Why? Cause you know…we are riding a giant log ship!! Or more like, a jumbo size sleigh!! 

Jean brought down trees early in the morning and used his fangs to trim it in order to make this. Taking off the bark of the trees to make it slide easier and sticking several together, and then link them to Zephyr with a chain!

And in this way, this dog sled that is technically a dragon sled is finished!!

We are moving along with the power of a flying dragon!! We are going at the same speed as Byakuya without Loroka on it. In other words, at an unbelievable speed. With Mia and Riel on the sled, Zephyr will obviously have to fly while holding back, but there’s no problem if it is this much.

“Step it up more and more, Zephyr!!” (Solje)

“Yes!! I will chase Byakuya!!” (Zephyr)

“That’s right. He is avoiding the rocks and guiding us to the best course, so just rely on him and there will be no problems!” (Solje)

“Understood!!” (Zephyr)

“Okay!! Counting on you, Byakuya!!” (Solje)


Byakuya reacted to my words!! It is kind of moving…! Yesterday’s ceremony of clashing dragon longsword and horn must have linked our hearts? 

“…Eh? Captain is talking to Byakuya?” (Loroka)

Loroka was surprised. 

A unicorn talking to someone aside from their owner must be rare.

“Uhm, why so suddenly?” (Loroka)

“Yesterday night! A secret between men!!” (Solje)

“Byakuya is female though?” (Loroka)

“Really? Had a commanding atmosphere to her, so I thought she was a man.” (Solje)

“Geez, the unicorns of all Diaros women are female, you know?” (Loroka)

Another Diaros side.

“Then, that means all the ones of men are men?” (Solje)

“No, those are not determined.” (Loroka)

…So complicated. There was even a trick question. 

But fine, the basics is to not touch. That’s all I need to understand about the Diaros culture.


With these many people, there would be at least one who can’t enjoy the attraction. To think that person would be Riel-chan. 

Even though she is completely okay on the back of Zephyr, she can’t handle this dragon sled?

“Are you okay, Riel? Should we go slower?” (Solje)

“N-No, it is okay! T-This is completely utterly fine!!” (Riel)

She is half-crying and hugging a log though…

The virtue of an elf that is supposed to be bravery is working in a bad direction here.

“Hey…Maje, are you okay?” (Zephyr)

“I-I am f-f-f-f-fine!! Ha, you could even go faster if you want!!” (Riel)

“Oi, stop that, Riel.” (Solje)

It is painful to watch her acting tough. Your arms and legs are trembling like a newborn deer. 

“Huuh?! W-What’s the matter, Solje?! D-Don’t tell me you are scared?!” (Riel)

“I am totally okay here though.” (Solje)

“R-Right?! We normally ride the back of Zephyr. This level of speed is completely easy. Rather, it is so slow that it is angering, Jean!!” (Riel)


She is going after Jean. I see, at the maker, and thus, the origin of this nightmare of hers, huh.

“Listen well, Jean!! This is your achievement!!” (Riel)

“Y-Yes, I am sorry…!” (Jean)

“Why are you apologizing?! I-I am praising you here, you know?!” (Riel)

It doesn’t sound that way at all…and she most likely isn’t. 

Jean is going sorry sorry over there, you know…

“Zephyr, Riel is saying you are going slow!! Go faster, faster!!” (Mia)

The speed lover Mia shouted this. 

Ooh, what a honest girl. You who take the words of someone at face-value are a good girl, but how about giving some leniency to her?

“O-Oi, Riel… Only your words alone can save this situation.” (Solje)

“Hahahahaha!! T-That’s right, Zephyr! Go ahead and fly as fast as the wind!!” (Riel)

“Are you serious, Riel?” (Solje)

“Understood, Maje!!” (Zephyr)

Absolute obedience to Maje’s words. That is the policy of our cute dragon, Zephyr. This young one also takes the words of Riel at face-value, and he flaps his wings vigorously.


The wind rings, and Riel goes ‘Uoooh!’ again which is a voice she definitely wouldn’t let out normally. She was clinging hard to the log to the point I was worrying if her nails would break from that.

“Sorry, sorry, please forgive me. To think it would turn out this way…” (Jean)

Our unconfident subordinate is once again speaking out self-deriding words. 

I am slowly unable to enjoy this hellish sleigh. 

Loroka-sensei, is there no advise you can give out?

“Aaah, this is so fun. It reminds me of my childhood.” (Loroka)

She is being refreshed. Right, she is an intelligent airhead. 


Even so, the Diaros also play around like this when they were children? Sounds like fun. I don’t think Riel would ever want to though.

“Nice, Zephyr!! Speed up the Model Redwood even more!!” (Mia)

The excited Mia shouted this while flapping her cat ears. 

Jean raises his head. 

His pale blue face was directed at me. I ended up averting my gaze. Cause you know, this is kind of funny…

“Y-You gave this sleigh a n-name, Mia?” (Riel)

“That’s right!! Model Redwood!! Ain’t you happy?!” (Mia)

“T-That’s…uhm…!” (Jean)

“I see!! S-So this splendid sleigh is Jean!! Jean Redwood…huh!” (Riel)

Riel was smiling at Jean while clinging for dear life.

“N-No, Riel! It is Model Jean Redwood!! Not Jean. I am Jean.” (Jean)

“I know!! Jean Redwood…Model!! I will remember this, Jean Redwood…Model!!” (Riel)


O-Oh shit, I might laugh out loud. B-But, I feel like if I did that, my life would be in danger. Riel is currently not in a stable mindstate. She might kick Jean and I off this ‘Jean Redwood…Model’!! 

“Captain, looks like you are having fun.” (Loroka)

“Really?” (Solje)

“I also love sleighs.” (Loroka)

“I-I see.” (Solje)

The airheaded Loroka-sensei was making a truly gentle smile. She is charming, but I am currently desperately holding myself here, so I can’t enjoy the beautiful smile of hers.

“Zephyr!! The slope is gonna get tough here!!” (Mia)


The shout of Mia made Riel react. 

She should just admit it already. That she is scared. If she did that, she would definitely arrive at a kind world.

“Ruuun!! Speed uuup!! Ain’t that right, Riel?!” (Mia)

“…Of…” (Riel)


“OF COOOOOURSE!! Pierce through the wind like an arrow of mine! This Jean Redwood…Model!!” (Riel)

“Understood, Maje!” (Zephyr)

This is already terminal. 

Zephyr flaps his wings even more strongly and hits the wind!! 

Ooh, it is a speed that could catch up to Byakuya at the lead. Byakuya reacts to this and accelerates further. 

So she hates losing too. As I thought, she is a lovable animal.

“U-Unforgivable!!” (Riel)

Riel seems to be raging about something. 

One of the suspects for this, Jean Redwood, was trembling.

“Riel, are you having fun?!” (Mia)

Mia asks with an innocent face. Riel uses the Cortez style thumbs up to answer. It means ‘yeah, I am’.

…Good grief, forcing yourself.

But fine, I can’t hold it any longer.

“Hahaha…hahahahahahahaha!!” (Solje)

“What’s so funny, Solje Strauss?!” (Riel)

“N-Nothing?” (Solje)

“I see…B-But remember this. The moment this Jean Redwood…Model stops, will be the time when you guys will be put in trial!” (Riel)

“W-Why plural?!” (Jean)

Aah, so fun.

Jean’s face is completely pale here!

“Jean, let’s die together!!” (Solje)

“I-If it is together with C-Captain, it will be my honor.” (Jean)

Heavier words than I expected came back at me.

Ahaha, you did a splendid job, Jean!! I am seriously happy that I was able to enjoy such a fun time with our family!! 

——Aah, the journey ended rapidly. 

With the wings of a dragon pulling, of course it would be.

Arriving at the location in an instant, Barrow Gawick was in sight.

Those six giant mysterious spires, pointing to the sky. 

——The fun journey…ends here.

What comes after this will be an intense story. 

Death awaits in Barrow Gawick.

Death in the mountains…

——Solje Strauss, you will meet a Zeruaga’s true form for the first time.

It is time for the trial, a confrontation with the Wicked Gods is waiting.

In your stories where you have killed many a God…

The genesis will be in this Ice Prison.

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