DK – Chapter 57-58: In the Kingless Land III

Unicorn. It has been a while since I have ridden on it. It really is fast. And then, I feel the abnormality. 

Is this really a horse? …No, that’s not it. It is more efficient than that, like a clock.

Its gait was unbelievable from that of a horse. This is not on the level of having a good balance. There’s practically no shaking, and those exquisite steps were slipping in between the branches smoothly.

This is not how an animal thinks. 

This is more like what a person would find ideal. That’s what this mysterious living being is personifying. I can tell this since I grew together with dragons. There’s a definite difference in what each living being things is the ideal movement.

It is like a philosophy that has been edged in their instincts. There’s a different picture of ideal between dragons and people. This is a matter of course. They are completely different living beings after all.

But this unicorn is showing the ‘ideal of people’ way too much. That’s impossible and really unnatural. This guy is answering way too much the thought of ‘this should be how I should move, right?’.

Could it be that the ‘intelligence’ of Loroka-sensei has been transmitted to the horn that is stabbed into the head of this guy? Or maybe some kind of spell that’s making it move as Loroka-sensei wishes it to?

…I can’t tell -even with my magic eye. It doesn’t tickle my curiosity that much though. Right now is not the time to be peeking into the abyss of knowledge. We have to save this so called company president that has been kidnapped and taken into the depths of the forest.

“There it is! Over there, Jean-kun!!” (Loroka)

“Gau! Gau! Gauuu!” (Jean)

The wolf howled, with the intention of saying that there’s the enemy.

But if you have the time to be howling, go bite them… I thought about that for a second. This is a bad habit, you see. Superiors always look at the bad points of subordinates. 

That’s just how it works. The reason why your superior only gets angry at you all the time isn’t completely your fault. They are simply good at finding the bad points. They are getting disappointed more than necessary on their own accord.

…Yeah, that thought of mine this time fell in that category. 

Jean did what he should. Doing all he can. He found the enemy and called us there.

He obviously would do that.

Because there’s nothing he can do with the legs of a wolf. That thing is far on top of a tree with its legs spread…

There’s no need to use difficult words to describe that monster. That’s right, it is a damn big spider. With its legs spread both sides, it had a width of close to 10 meters. It is a truly big and unnerving monster.

“T-That is…!!” (Loroka)

“…The white spider, Los Gigantes!!” (Solje)

With a body that is ‘knit’ by white bones, it is an evil and corrupted monster.

It is basically like a ‘child’ that was birthed by a Zeruaga to defile this world. It would imitate the figure of their parent that is the Zeruaga.

Gathering long years of curses, they one day reach ‘that’. You could call it the element of the parent? It is annoying, but their shape alone is basically the same as that of a Zeruaga.

They are called Agarms, Shunned Worshippers. 

I have heard about them in the songs of my father. If you kill a whole lot of skeletons, those fragments gather and turn into a spider. That’s a Los Gigantes.

Looks like that evil that was created from several tens of skeletons has used a ‘bait’ to lure us here.

This bastard! He probably caught our presence from way before!

That’s why he must have purposely kidnapped one of them.

Controlling the skeletons like puppets, he brought the old man who is now hanging his head down at the trunk of the tree. Was it to bring us into a favorable terrain for himself? Or to separate us from Zephyr who could burn him down in an instant?

In that case…he is underestimating us.

You are saying we -the Banjar Mercenaries- are weaker than the young Zephyr?

That pisses me off.

Don’t go looking down on us mercenaries, you damn insect that only has size to talk about.

I jump down from the unicorn.

And then, walk to where the tree that the Los Gigantes is clinging to. I glare at him. Sorry, but this is a family precept of us Strauss… When looked down on, we have to glare at them and insult them or we won’t be able to sleep well at night. 

“Come at me, you damn insect!!” (Solje)


“H-Here it comes!!” (Loroka)

“Yeah. Ain’t we in luck?! Being able to fight to the death with this damn monster that could serve as a song! Oi!! Sing, Jean!!” (Solje)


Kuku! Nice, Jean!!

You are a wolf!!

Go back from a dog to a wolf!!

“Grrrrr!! Awoooooo!! Gauuuuu!!” 

Jean, who was drooling and had turned wild, was howling. From overhead, a dry *kakikishi kakikishi* sound was being made as Los Gigantes comes down. Jean is growling at it.

…Y-Yeah! Your spirit isn’t bad… It isn’t bad, but…I see, you have no attack method, huh!

Figures. You are a wolf after all… But Jean, don’t go giving up just because you are a wolf. Loroka-sensei and the Unicorn seem like they are about to do something, you know?

“Byakuya, counting on you!!” (Loroka)


The emotionless Byakuya was showing animal-likeness in a while. It runs with Loroka-sensei on its back and, surprisingly, jumped so high to the point it shocked me.

Jean is also going ‘Gau?!’ with his face. Of course you would. No one would be able to think a horse could jump that high.

Byakuya surpasses a horse. It is showing off its astounding physical prowess. Just what the hell is going on here? It even kicked a tree to go even higher. 

And from there, Loroka Sharnel kicked the back of her steed and heads into the sky. Three stage jump. 

The altitude was plenty enough.

The Los Gigantes might have gotten surprised. It is a big boobed bespectacled lady, you know? This woman that was having a hard time putting on a suit because of the extra meat she gained after the victory party has jumped even higher than that thing.

She surpassed its expectations.

I see, so that means fear is effective against all existences possessing intelligence, huh.

Can you tell, spider? You are currently feeling fear. That’s why you couldn’t move for a second.

Your body is thinking that it should prepare itself against those movements that surpass your evaluation. It should still be able to react. Loroka’s speed isn’t that fast.

But you, who couldn’t understand her movements, has fear edged in your heart now and has stiffened your body. 

Stiffening your body to close your joints and prepare for an attack. It is not bad. If you don’t endure it, this one attack would finish the battle.

“[Dance of the Tengu].” (Loroka)

That’s what the talented woman of Diaros muttered as she twisted her body in the sky. And then, the graceful yet powerful spear attack hit right in the head of the giant spider. 

What unbelievable flexibility. This is an attack that uses the advantages of a female body. 

At any rate, as expected of the spearmanship genius Loroka-sensei.

Adding rotation to the long spear with her flexible body, it acted like a whip… It was bringing out as much destructive power as the attacks of Zephyr’s tail. 


“I-Incredible!” (Jean)

A destructive sound that had its own weight reverberated from above, making Jean open his mouth wide. The movements of Loroka seem to have been in a realm that surpassed the imagination of Jean. Well, that goes for me too though.

The dance of the master spear-wielder Loroka-sensei continued. 

Loroka, who had dealt a  powerful hit on Los Gigantes, used that impact to rise even higher up. 

How dexterous… I wouldn’t be able to pull off something like that. Our flexibilities are different. 

And then, with blue eyes and crystal horn shining, her spear danced.

Turning around and swerving, she fixes back her stance. 

I am learning spearmanship as well, so I can tell. She plans on skewering it now!!

  • Chapter 58

“[Dance of the Tengu – Drill].” (Loroka)



The spear of Loroka-sensei pierced the stomach of the white spider!! It was deeper than I expected.

Could it be that…Sensei, you have learned about the anatomy of a spider in a book or something? Like, where to stab in order to go deeper? 

It is possible. Sensei is a bookworm. Those kind of people hold more knowledge than the regular person.

It is a bit scary, but impressive all the same, Sensei.

The woman that I was pouring a gaze of respect continues her combo. That’s right, there’s not enough power. Then, she will keep adding it up. 

“[Dance of the Tengu – Break].” (Loroka)

Cold words bathe the spider. Loroka-sensei goes up and down violently while still holding her spear. By doing that, the spear drives deeper into it and it goes wild inside. It is the same as when adding rotation to the spear. That’s why the wound widens. Just like how the arrow of a master hurts more.


The Agarm raised a scream. Of course it would. Her dance was increasing the destructiveness of her spear. It isn’t just stirring its inside. It would occasionally go for the shallow areas, change angles, and once again stab deep. Steadily making the wound bigger.

That’s incredible. Hahaha! The giant monster is being destroyed! At that moment, the dog right by my side spoke.

“Scary!” (Jean)

T-That’s a terrible thing to say to a lady, Jean! You don’t even understand that you shouldn’t say that to a woman?! 

I pray that she didn’t hear you. I wish for the internal peace of our crew.

After gouging the wound a whole lot, Los Gigantes noticed…the way to escape from that hell. That’s right, draw in your legs and fall. After falling on the ground, shake your body even more than now to shake Loroka-sensei off you.

But…this wasn’t an enemy you could challenge in intelligence.

The moment the spider began to fall, she kicked its body and bounced off. The spider fell to the ground, and Loroka-sensei arrived to the ground almost at the same time it did.

From there on, it was a match of fast attacks.

Los Gigantes tried to hit Loroka-sensei with its long legs…but the movements of Sensei were winning. Slipping through its legs, she thrusts right at its face. 


The spear pierced deep into its face. Loroka-sensei ties it into a combo. That’s right, there’s not much strength in only one attack of hers. Then? Stab several times!!

“Haaaah!!” (Loroka)

It was a sharp rush of thrusts! 

The face of the spider was being filled with holes. But the spider was not letting itself be killed just like this. Swinging both front legs, it tried to hit Loroka-sensei.

But the spear genius could even dance at such a situation.

She spins, dodging the attack to her legs, and immediately hits the enemy with the bottom of her spear. Spins once more, slamming it with the handle, hitting, and stabbing.

It is a rush of spear techniques. If you can use a spear correctly, it can turn into a weapon of offense and defense.

Loroka Sharnel is a spear genius. With graceful footwork like that of a dance, she would spin her spear with boldness and energy.

Even when creating distance while evading the legs of the spider, she would counterattack at the next blink. Rationally and precisely, she does both evasion and attack.

It was like a barrier.

Her territory is inviolable, and if you step into it carelessly, you will become prey to a chain of attacks.

This is moving. My oldest brother was a spear user as well, but she would probably be a good match against him.

The spear spinning combination that Loroka releases reminds me of how my brother would beat me up. When my brother escaped from my range, he would hit me at several places of my body at the next instant with his spear.

Thrust, strike, spin and hit, throw and stab. Using every single part of the spear, he would hit me at varying angles. 

Spear users are overwhelmingly strong against sword users. Due to the reach and the variety of attacks. 


Its face was being destroyed to a tragic extent. Los Gigantes began its escape. Moving its giant hind legs, it used the branches as scaffold to run away up once again.

“…Ara, it ran away.” (Loroka)

Loroka herself has no techniques to attack an enemy in a high place. It is because of her teamwork with Byakuya that she can jump high. Byakuya stands by the side of Loroka. Is it saying to get on? But Loroka isn’t doing it.

The slight opening it would create when she is mounting it is something she hasn’t been able to erase yet. If she were to show that opening, Los Gigantes would dive towards Loroka and Byakuya, and they would both be killed.

But you wicked giant spider, have you forgotten?

We are fighting as a team.

In terms of physical strength alone, that werewolf there is the top in our crew, you know?

“Go, Jean!!” (Solje)


The wolf howled, and in the next instant, became a gale. He jumped with around the same speed as a shot arrow of Riel. That’s right, it lacks in originality, but…it isn’t bad to imitate your senpai. 

Jean changed the branches into footholds and jumps successively to take the sky from the spider.

That’s right, it isn’t bad, but…naive.

Imitating Loroka and Byakuya? Using movements like those, which leave a heavy impression, a second time? …That’s way too careless. You will end up getting countered because of it, you know?

Los Gigantes raised its front legs and tried to bring them down. That’s right, a simple action like that would deal with him…but reality won’t go as this spider wishes.

Why? Just like I said before, we are fighting as a team of three.


The front legs of the spider were cut by a crimson blade. Thanks to the Flying Slash that was shot with wind magic using my dragon longsword.

“Kuh!! I messed up again!!” (Jean)

“…Then, redeem yourself.” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!!” (Jean)

*Bam!* Jean returns to humanoid form with a poof of white smoke. Yeah, you can bring out your highest damaging attack in that form, right?

Werewolves are pretty unique. Even though Jean is so skinny, Jean is the one with the most physical power. 


It is not a technique. That’s why he doesn’t shout the name of it. However, for some reason, he calls me while in the sky, hardens his fist, and slams it down.


Kukuku, it sounded as if the sky was splitting. 


If you get poured a truly vicious blow, you won’t even be able to scream. Your skeleton will simply break and pain that destroys your insides will run through your body. 

It is a plain punch…

And yet, you get this much power.

Do you understand now the reason why I have high hopes for Jean Redwood? He has this much raw power. He should aim to get even stronger.

The body of the high grade monster, Los Gigantes, bend heavily and falls as it crumbles.

…Seriously, it is astonishing power. Jean, you did well.

But I wonder what’s this feeling?

It is bothering me.

…Right, I was shown the strength of Loroka and Jean, so I am getting a hella worried.

You got it, I want to show off. I don’t mind if I am told that I am not acting like an adult even when I am 26 years old. My soul is shouting, you know?! 

The number one in this crew…the strongest one is ME!! I want to prove that!!

“Uoooooooh!!” (Solje)

I have my whole body swell up in electricity. The buffing spell, [Charge]!! 

By using this spell, I can show 10 times more power than normal!! It is the birth of a strong arm brought by the power of lightning mana!! 

With this, I won’t lose even to a werewolf!! 

That’s right, what I will be releasing isn’t a technique!

I won’t rely on technique! This is brute strength!!

With a punch of brute force, I will defeat it!

“Doryaaaaaaaah!!” (Solje)

A large swing, a large one!! Not a fragment of technique! Simple speed!! Simply the strongest!! A Right Uppercut with power as its core!! 

It hit the head of the Los Gigantes right before it fell to the ground. Damn, this guy’s heavy!! But that Jean…! L-Like I will lose to a youngster! I am the Captain!! 

“Nugaaaaaaaaah!!” (Solje)

I forcefully put strength into it and finish the swing of the right uppercut.


The body of Los Gigantes made out of bones was pulverized as it was blown away. Its giant body crashes onto a tree at the back. And then…its whole body began to crack and turned into dust in front of me who was breathing roughly!!

“A-Amazing!! That’s amazing, Captain!!” (Jean)

“Right?! I am not losing to you anytime soon!!” (Solje)

I was flaunting at Jean. Yeah, I won’t lose! As the Captain of the Banjar Mercenaries, I have to become the symbol of strength in the eyes of the youngsters! Losing in raw strength is something that cannot happen!! 

“S-Someone like me has a long way to go!!” (Jean)

“T-That’s right. Keep working hard.” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!! Aah, incredible. Captain is indeed awesome!” (Jean)

He was looking at me with sparkling eyes to a scary degree. Aah, it feels uncomfortable. I really am immature. 

…In the first place, I was doping my veins out with magic, and yet, saying ‘I haven’t lost’.

Damn it, there’s a part of me that can’t be honest… 

Hey, Garf Cortez, when did you begin to accept losing in strength to your subordinates? I would have liked you to stay alive until you taught me that.

“…I will be aiming to have a punch like that of Captain!!” (Jean)

“Y-Yeah, do your best, Jean.” (Solje)

“Yes!!” (Jean)

And please…I want you to put a proper name to that punch of yours. Something aside from my name, that is. That was honestly pretty creepy, you know?

It seems like you admire me and are attached to me, but aren’t you a bit too dependent on me? 

Aah, right. In order to increase his confidence, I should have praised him more just now. But I prioritized a stupid competition. Sorry, Jean. Looks like I am still lacking.

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