DK – Chapter 49-51: A New Mission II

“…That surprised me. To think something like that would be requested.” (Loroka)

Good thing Loroka didn’t say the word outright. Assassination isn’t a good sounding word after all. Misunderstandings should be avoided. Loroka-sensei is a good competent adult woman. 

“Her Majesty said it, right? …That if things can be resolved peacefully, it would be great.” (Solje)

“T-That’s true, but…will it really be the case?” (Loroka)

The adult Loroka-san doesn’t do wishful thinking. She has reached the conclusion that Laichi-san, who is on the side of the Faris Empire, has almost zero chances of participating in our alliance.

It is an incredibly dry and realistic take. That’s why I can rely on her. 

“I also don’t have the confidence that I will be able to lead the situation to that conclusion. But even if that’s the case, we just have to do our best.” (Solje)

“…Captain Solje is strong.” (Loroka)

“When born in the Strauss family, you normally grow into something like this.” (Solje)

I remember the words of my mother. {Die in the battlefield and become a song}…Hehehe, my mother has a crazy thorny education policy.

If Riel gives birth to my child, I will raise them in that way as well. A Strauss-like boy would be nice.

“…Ah, just in case, don’t mention the ‘assassination’ to the others, okay?” (Solje)

“Eh? Ah, yeah, you are right. It is a last resort after all.” (Loroka)

“Yeah. If Mia learns about it, I feel like she would leave the head of Laichi-san by the side of my bed the very next day.” (Solje)

We have Zephyr after all. A flying dragon. 

By having Mia fly in the darkness of the night, they can infiltrate the Zakuroa region quickly. And then, Mia would assassinate Laichi-san and bring back his head without anyone noticing. 

In the face of my little sister Mia and my wings Zephyr, it isn’t impossible. Mia is a yandere after all.

Maybe she wouldn’t stop at only Laichi-san but also bring me Nova-san’s head just to make me happy.

“I don’t want to collect the heads of any more rulers of other places…” (Solje)

I did offer the heads of the Bamoa Union ringleaders to the grave of Cecil and my mother, but that trend is over for now…the head of Emperor Yuandart is another story though.

“R-Right. That would be a national problem!” (Loroka)

“…Yeah, and the negotiations that could have been resolved will not be possible anymore.” (Solje)

“U-Understood. I will keep my mouth zipped.” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei uses her slender fingers to make a closing zipper motion. 

Seriously, no one would be able to imagine that this girl is a scary country bumpkin that killed several people from simply being close to touching her horn.

Well, she has grown though.

We are at the extremes of the city close to the walls, returning to our big residence. 

That’s right, this is the ‘shape’ of my promise with Mia. 

{I want a house where everyone can live in!}

I made that wish come true.

In other words, this residence is the base of the Banjar Mercenaries in the Ludo Kingdom. If we were to put it in cuter words, it is home sweet home!!

“Aaah, Dojeeeee!! Welcome baaack~!!” (Zephyr)

The words of my dragon come pouring down at me from high in the sky. Those black wings were flying in the clear blue sky of spring as if cutting through it.

Looks like the wounds he got from the war have completely healed. As expected of my Zephyr!!

“Yeaaah!! I am hooome!!” (Solje)

“Welcome baaaaack!!” (Mia)

“Hyaaaah?! M-Mia-chaaan?!!” (Loroka)

Loroka screams. Of course she would. A 13 year old girl jumped off from the back of Zephyr at an altitude of several tens of metres. Loroka was panicking heavily. 

But this is where the difference in experience comes into play. 

I observe the movements of Mia. Mia was dancing in the sky. 

Calling wind with magic, she wraps the wind around that light and slender body of hers.

Her falling speed decreases, and she wouldn’t receive any damage at all even if she were to land on the ground just like that. It is astounding technique after all.


As his Onii-chan, I have the duty of catching her when she jumps off from the sky!!

“Alright, come at me!!” (Solje)


While being hit by a strong sound and impact, both my arms catch Mia. Of course Mia received no damage. 


My legs hurt quite a bit. But I am his Onii-chan, so I endure it. 

“Ahahaha!! That was fun!!” (Mia)

“I see, that’s great. That was great magic.” (Solje)

“Right?” (Mia)

“With that, you won’t get wounded a single bit even if you were to jump off from several hundreds of metres.” (Solje)

“Yeah!! But thanks for catching me~!!” (Mia)

Mia kisses me on the cheek. Nice, the Strauss sibling relationship feels so at home it is great. 

My little sister Mia Mar Strauss is a Cait Sith which is classified as a fae within the demi-humans. 

Her uncommon ‘acrobatics’ come from her lightness as a fae and the fact that she is of a race that is loved by the wind. 

Her role as a mercenary is assassin. She can run without making a sound and is unbelievably fast coupled with her small stature. 

With her knives, daggers, slingshot, and poisoned claws, she holds a variety of skills. A little sister I am proud of.

Ah, we are not related by blood, but she vowed to live with me, so I welcomed her as my little sister.

In this way, I who was unable to protect my little sister Cecil had once again obtained a little sister I have to protect. 

Mia is not a substitute for Cecil though. She is as beloved of a little sister too.

“Onii-chan meter recharged!!” (Mia)

“Hm?” (Solje)

Mia directs the armguard that’s filled with gimmicks onto the sky. The next instant, a *pashun* sound was made and some kind of wedge attached by a magic silver chain was shot from it. 

“What was that?” (Solje)   

“New weapon!! Look look. Zephyr, retrieve!!” (Mia)

“Got it!” (Zephyr)

The dragon in the sky flaps and controls his posture, and then with his big mouth, he catches the wedge-like thing.

“Oh, well done.” (Solje)

“This is where it gets fun! Rolling u~p!!” (Mia)

“Eh?” (Solje)


Mia pours wind mana into her armguard, and at the same time as it makes an intense rotating sound, the light body of Mia returns to the sky. 

“W-What’s…that?” (Solje)

Mia had completely returned to the sky as I watched in surprise.

And then, she spins her body while in midair. Zephyr lowered his head and had Mia ride on his back.

“Ahahaha!! Experiment succeeded!!” (Mia)

“This time it didn’t get tangled!!” (Zephyr)

“…What’s that? That’s a combination I don’t know of.” (Solje)

There wasn’t an item like that in the 500 years of Strauss history!!

No, I understand the logic, okay? That something that was shot from Mia’s armguard and was made to coil back with wind mana. With that power, she returned to the sky. 

But that technique isn’t something I know of. It is a technique dragon knights of past generations have never used.

“Damn it, I’m jealous! Make one for me too, Gindo!!” (Solje)

This hazy feeling in me is most likely…inferiority. Eaten by that sense of inferiority, I shouted at the man that was without doubt the maker of that gimmick.

“Eeeh? That’s impossible. It was made possible because Mia has a light body.” 

Gindo Irving responded to my order in a moodless voice while watching the sky with binoculars. 

Guh, figures. Mia and I have double the difference in body weight. 


“…I could manage fasting for at least 1 week though?” (Solje)

“…If you drop your weight to the level of Mia, your worth as a warrior will be lost.” (Gindo)

Gindo responded to me like an engineer. Even when I speak in a joking tone, he responds with logic. 

I wasn’t really planning on fasting at all. I hold pride in my trained body after all. 

Even so…

  • Chapter 50

“Mia managed to fly with only the gimmick in her left hand though? Then, if I do it with both hands…” (Solje)

“…I see.” (Gindo)

The engineer separates from the binoculars and looks at me. His expression was bright. Oh, so my idea seems plausible?

“…But…yeah, it would make it harder for Zephyr to catch them. It would be impossible.” (Gindo)

“Don’t underestimate Zephyr. He can increase his technique as much as needed with training, you know?” (Solje)

“No, it is not that. Because I made it really lightweight, this Chain Shooter easily gets swayed with the wind. With two…they will most likely both fly off in different directions. It is not a problem of technique… It won’t be possible.” (Gindo)

When Gindo scraps my idea, he once again returns to his binoculars, and watches the sky. If this 28 year old man were to be watching Mia with a gaze like licking her all over in a lustful manner, I would have killed him.

But I know that this man Gindo puts his life into pursuing science rather than his lust.

Fumu, he is chasing the movements of Zephyr? I see, so his ambition still continues, huh.

“…Will watching Zephyr’s way of flying serve in the research of your ‘flying machine’?” (Solje)

“Hmm, for now, it seems improbable.” (Gindo)

“I see.” (Solje)

“But he is flying with that much weight… It serves a whole lot better as a reference than listening to the stories of Captain.” (Gindo)

“Sorry for not being useful as reference -the 500 years of my family’s history.” (Solje)

“I don’t mind.” (Gindo)

“…That’s…great…” (Solje)

Sarcasm really doesn’t transmit with him.

This 28 year old man with communication problems is Gindo Irving.

You may be able to understand by seeing his green hair and slightly long ears but, he is a Half-Elf.

In other words, a mix from an elf and a human. 

An existence in that kind of middle is persecuted by both sides, but that’s the reality of the world. The Ludo Kingdom and Garuna where there’s no discrimination with the demi-humans is a rarity. 

Humans and demi-humans commonly don’t get along. And thus, with him having a little of both sides, he ends up being pushed aside by both. It pissess me off. 

If you look at the left arm of Gindo, you would understand. There’s the proof of discrimination. 

An artificial arm. Gindo had his left arm cut off by humans from the elbow when he was a child. 

It wasn’t in a war. It was plain persecution. His elf mother was apparently killed at that time.

It was a cruel childhood.

I don’t know if it was because of this, but Gindo is a bit of a weirdo.

With his left arm now cut, he was picked up by a dwarf old lady working as a clock artisan. It seems the old lady pitied Gindo and made a silver hand that she had read about before in an ancient book. 

The Silver Hand is apparently a high grade artificial arm.

In the legends, it was apparently an equipment for the sake of a knight that had an arm cut off, but the one the old lady made moves by the strong mana of a Half-Elf; a magic item.

Thanks to that, Gindo regained his left arm.

Gindo inherited the technique of the genius artisan, Lilitia Irving, and while living his life as a clock artisan…he apparently admired the ancient technology that allowed him to recover his own arm.

Lilitia Irving seems to have died when Gindo was 20, and with the atelier of her, Gindo would make clocks to gain money, travel here and there to research ancient ruins and inscriptions…and one day, he clung to the idea of making a machine that flies in the sky. 

He set up business and concentrated in the research of a flying machine, but…there’s no way something like that could be created easily. The experiments continuously failed, and the expenses ate all the money he inherited from Lilitia. 

He is truly a hopeless man.

From then on, his life began to twist. 

If you don’t have coin…that’s right, you have to obtain it from somewhere.

That’s a good idea, right? 

I don’t think so. Because what he did was bank robbery and stealing from the houses of Empire nobles.

He would make bombs that could destroy the thick safes…or make the key to open them with the magic silver hand that he modified. 

I do acknowledge that decisiveness of his to act, but he is certainly slightly weird in the head.

He would use the money he stole to buy a massive amount of materials for his experiments, and then he would continue creating mysterious machines at his atelier without running away, which led to him being arrested quickly after.

He is an idiot after all. He could have run, but he didn’t.

If a weirdo in the area were to suddenly use a massive amount of coin with questionable origin, you will immediately be suspected as the robber. 

Well, he was indeed the culprit though…

He was arrested on the spot and set to be executed. 

At that time…

Obviously, the weirdo loving Garf Cortez spoke to me.

{Ain’t that interesting?}

{He can open safes.}

{That’s the best.}

The eyes of Garf Cortez at that time were filled with avarice. 

I felt some opposition at having a thief as a comrade, but when I met him, I understood. He is not a thief, but a more pure kind of idiot. 

{…Eh? You are going to save me?}

{I see. Mercenary, huh.}

{Okay, if you get my lab tools from the top of the hill, I will participate.}

Garf, Gindo, and I went to the top of the hill to get an apparatus that seemed to be mimicking wings. The massive amount of money Gindo had stolen had turned into this stupid-looking device. 

The noble-sama would obviously be outraged by this and order him to be executed.

If your whole savings were to be turned into a weird thing like that, you would burst in anger too, right?

Gindo shouldered that thing and jumped off a cliff. 

Rather than calling it flying, it was more like gliding. 

He reached a good distance, but the design must have been filled with faults. The wings disassembled while in midair within the morning sun, and Gindo fell from an altitude of several tens of metres. 

Garf said something cold like ‘he should have just died like that’. I wasn’t looking forward to him dying, okay? 

Gindo was on the verge of death, but managed to survive.

We didn’t abandon Gindo. We carried that dying idiot while leaking out sighs. 

It was one idiotic new encounter, but Gindo has the qualities of a mercenary. 

He is weird in the head after all… He can kill people without any remorse. 

That kind of thing is the specialty of extremely loyal knights, crazy assassins…and eccentric people like Gindo-kun.

Because he is a Half-Elf, he has strong mana, and if he installs anything in the Silver Hand that has killing power, a first rate fighter is born. Also, he is quite skilled. The armguard filled with gimmicks of Mia and the clock that I like were made by him. 

With all that said, he is still a decently interesting guy.

If he were to seriously work as a clock artisan, he would have gained a good earning.

As a dragon knight, I can sympathize with him in his desire to fly in the sky though. But isn’t it impossible to fly in the sky with a machine?

“…Captain, now that I think about it, Sharnel-san is still unconscious though.” (Gindo)

“Eh? Ah, you are right.” (Solje)

  • Chapter 51

Loroka was collapsed on the ground facing the sky. She thought Mia was going to die, panicked, and lost consciousness.

What incredible quality as a person. I am relieved that there’s a normal mind in the Banjar Mercenaries. 

“Ooi, Loroka-kun?” (Solje)

I poke the cheek of Loroka as I check her state. Aah, looks like the sweet food is getting to her. She is squishy. But there’s no response. 

She is still breathing, right? Hm…my right eye was pouring its gaze at her bountiful chest. 

It is definitely going up and down. Proof that she is breathing properly. That’s a relief.

But…big. They are really big. All the charms of the world are gathered here.

Cause you know, even the man that was looking through the binoculars clinging to the thoughts of a flying machine were looking this way with those very binoculars. That’s a given. Men need wings, but they also need boobs. 

“Gindo, do you know the ABCs of first aid?” (Solje)

“Uhm, if I remember correctly, it is to secure a safe respiratory tract, CPR, and heart massage…” (Gindo)

“Yeah. When you lose consciousness, your heart must be massaged.” (Solje)

“Captain…” (Gindo)

“Am I wrong?” (Solje)

“No, there’s no problems in that guideline.” (Gindo)

That’s right, this…this act of mine will save a life!!

“N-Now then, let’s do—” (Solje)

“What are you doing, Captain Solje?” 

The voice of my beloved tsundere elf beauty could be heard from closeby. I raise my head nervously. There’s no way my ears would mistake her voice. 

It really is Riel Harveld.

The tsundere-san who has her silver hair waving in the wind has bow and arrow prepared?

Her emerald color eyes were burning in anger. Even without using my magic eye, I can easily tell that from our Maje. That’s just how bountiful her emotions are. Even though she is normally a cool beauty.

“Solje Strauss, do you know the word…divine punishment?” (Riel)

“…Means that the heavens will punish you?” (Solje)

“That’s right. Experience it yourself.” (Riel)


The tsundere elf was taking the place of heavens and seriously shot an arrow.

I know already though? That arrow is for training and doesn’t have an arrowhead, right? 

But is there anyone who would aim right for the head?! 


“Grr, even at this distance, you can still react to it?” (Riel)

I wouldn’t die even if an arrow were to pierce my right cheek, but it would hurt like hell. That’s why my right hand caught the flying arrow. It was a reflexive move. Cause my body doesn’t like pain, you know.

“…I see, so arrows won’t be enough to punish you.” (Riel)

“D-Doesn’t it mean that the heavens don’t wish to punish me?” (Solje)

“I wonder… Do you hear that? The skies are rumbling.” (Riel)

“No way, on this clear day?” (Solje)

“Yeah, someone must be using magic.” (Riel)

…It is you, ain’t it? For some reason, I couldn’t say it out loud. The forest elf royalty was chanting with the power of her blood. 

Oi oi, ain’t that way too big of a punishment? …But I don’t run away from here.

“…Lightning born from the clouds of origin, answer the invitation of my arrow and pierce my enemy.” (Riel)

“…As I thought, that’s a battle oriented spell…” (Solje)

“If I don’t do this much, you can’t call it a punishment from heaven, right?” (Riel)

“I am not acquainted with the heavens that much, so I wouldn’t know…” (Solje)

“Then taste it. This is a level 1.” (Riel)

“Level 1?” (Solje)

“Yeah, a number that shows my anger.” (Riel)

So there’s even higher. Level 2, 3, 4? …I feel like I am being threatened here. Or more like, she actually is.

“In the future, make sure you don’t do things that will anger me.” (Riel)

“…I was just going to do first aid.” (Solje)

What?” (Riel)

“…I’m sorry, it was sexual harassment.” (Solje)

“Are the boobs of Loroka-neesama better than mine?” (Riel)

…I see, so my tsundere bow princess was jealous!

Now that I think about it, I feel like I had some rules placed out about ‘words that would be safe to use in order to make Riel happy’.

In that case, with my conversation skills as the leader, I will show you that I can escape this pinch. Don’t underestimate me. In the previous war, I infiltrated the enemy forces, disguised as the enemy General, and dropped them into chaos -a man overflowing with brain juice, you know? 

I can dispel the anger of the tsundere girl that loves me using my exquisite silver tongue.

That’s right, put my serious face. When I stare intently at her, she listens to what I say!!

“W-What’s with you? Looking at me with those eyes…?!” (Riel)

Easy!! Alright, attack chance!! Combo rush, just like in a clash of swords!!

“Riel, there’s something I want to tell you.” (Solje)

“…W-What? I-I will at least hear you out.” (Riel)

“I know that yours have a nice shape!!” (Solje)

Booyah! Nailed it!! …Eh? My magic eye below the eyepatch is trembling? ‘Solje…Solje, run away’…I could hear that voice of Ares from beyond giving me advice. What’s the matter? 

“…I’ll kill you.” (Riel)

“No way, she is angrier than before?! Why?! I praised you!” (Solje)

“Hiiiih!!” (Gindo)

At that moment, a single man ran away. 

That’s right, Gindo Irving-kun. 

Scared from the pressure of Riel, that inventor and sham robber ran away like the wind being shot by his fear. 

We sometimes see that in the battlefield. Soldiers who are swallowed by fear and ditch the place. It is a kind of panic reaction. 

…Why is it that I am now in a situation that replicates that kind of scenario right at my house? 

Is this a battlefield?

“Don’t run away!!” (Riel)

Riel picks up a rock close to her feet and hits the running Gindo right on the head. A destructive *clonk* sound rang and Gindo collapsed right there.

He is writhing on the ground while holding his head in what seems to be deadly pain!

“W-Why…even me…?” (Gindo)

“Running away is a phenomenon caused by your dirty heart, right?” (Riel)

Is it? I feel like that’s reaching a bit too much there…

“Y-Yes…!” (Gindo)

Eh? Why are you apologizing, Gindo? You are the idiot that doesn’t reflect on things, right? …Is my tsundere that scary?!

“Why is it that anger can be quelled with violence? “(Solje)

Isn’t that why people repeat foolish wars? Violence is used just for the sake of quelling your own anger.

“Gindo is left half dead there! You have gotten your sacrifice already! That should be enough for your level 1!” (Solje)

“What kind of violent woman do you think I am? …It is at level 4.” (Riel)

“Oi oi, that escalated quickly!!” (Solje)

Because the increase of mana rose so much, the earth and sky trembled. Zephyr was hit by the anger of Maje and sings excited in the sky.


I wouldn’t want to get hit by this much magic power. My stamina hasn’t completely recovered from that war of before. 

In the first place, we have to go to the Zakuroa Region. It is a big mission. The fate of the Ludo Kingdom…no, the fate of all the Anti-Imperial force hangs on this. It is somewhat on my shoulders.

This is not the time to be killed by my tsundere lover.

“…Die.” (Riel)

Hell no!!

I used my everything to conquer the tsundere. I hug Riel Harveld with both of my arms.

“W-What are you doing?! It is still early in the morning!” (Riel)

“Kukuku, I will show you that you are already my woman.” (Solje)

I hug her even tighter.

“W-Wait, hey!! D-Don’t touch me! T-This is sexual harassment! I will sue you!! It will be a trial, you know?! I-I will charge you for this!” (Riel)

“It’s only sexual harrassment if you hate it, right? Riel, you are happy about this though?” (Solje)

“T-That’s…not true…!” (Riel)

“See? You are slowly resisting less.” (Solje)


“Hm? You are silent now. Not angry?” (Solje)

“I-Idiot…of course I am angry!” (Riel)

“Then, I will give you a kiss as an apology.” (Solje)

“Eh?” (Riel)

“You don’t want to?” (Solje)

“T-That’s…uhm…” (Riel)

Easy. In the end, she is an elf with little worldly knowledge. No enemy for the man that destroyed an army of 50,000!! 

I pull up the chin of Riel with my fingers. 

“…Kuh.” (Riel)

Riel seems to be mortified. I know why you are feeling that way. She may say all that, but she loves me. I also love you, so I can tell. 

“…Y-You are being way too forceful.” (Riel)

“Didn’t you fall in love with that part of me?” (Solje)

“…N-Not only that part…!” (Riel)

Saying that, Riel’s face reddens. Kukuku, you have dug your own grave.

“Then, what parts of me did you fall in love with?” (Solje)

“…U-Uhm…d-doing that…in a bright place like this is…” (Riel)

“Kukuku, seriously easy.” (Solje)


“…What did you say?” (Riel)

“S-Shit!! I said it out loud!!” (Solje)

“W-Who are you calling easy?! D-Don’t look down on meeeee!!” (Riel)


Riel’s teeth dug onto my shoulder.

“O-Ouch!!” (Solje)

“[Lafhing Boph] <Lightning Bolt>!!” (Riel)

Riel finally finished chanting. A real good lightning hit me and Riel who is in my arms. Aah, geez. Looks like blood will be pointlessly shed today as well. But I don’t hate this kind of idiotic days.

The lightning ended and Riel and I fell.

Riel who was in my arms looks intently at me.

“…You covered me.” (Riel)

“Hm?” (Solje)

“…You covered me from the lightning.” (Riel)

The moment the lightning was about to hit us, I absorbed most of the attack. It comes naturally for me to protect Riel-chan as much as possible.

“Obviously.” (Solje)

“R-Right! …I-I will spare you with this much…!” (Riel)

“Thanks.” (Solje)

“Don’t let it get to your head. Y-You are the man that will become my husband after all…” (Riel)

In the end, Riel-chan is already completely mine. I grin. How’s that, Ares? The wives of the Strauss are quite the wild horses and amusing women, don’t you think? 

“D-Don’t grin, you idiot!” (Riel)

By the time the tsundere was showing her dere side, the unconscious Loroka-sensei began regaining consciousness.

“Hah!! …E-Eh? …What happened to me? …Ara? Fufufu, you two are lovey dovey~.” (Loroka)

Loroka makes a big grin. Riel’s face reddens to the level of a tomato and jumps away from me. So nice. After the dere, she turns back to tsun.

“I-It is nothing! …I-It is not like that, okay?!” (Riel)

“Ara ara, you don’t have to be shy about it… Hm? Uhm…” (Loroka)

“W-What’s the matter, Loroka-neesama?” (Riel)

“…No, well, why is Gindo collapsed?” (Loroka)

“Ah…that’s uhm…a lot of things happened.” (Riel)

“A lot of things?” (Loroka)

“Y-Yeah. He got his just desserts.” (Riel)

“…Fumu, got it!” (Loroka)

You don’t. You don’t get it, but when adults find something is too much of a pain, they just say that word. That’s how I think.

Riel must have thought like that too. Since she wanted to end this situation, she followed the lead of Loroka.

My magic eye was witness of the scheming of this woman-child.

That’s why…Loroka-sensei stood up and said to us.

“For now, let’s go eat!!” (Loroka)

Right. She must be hungry already.

It is already noon after all.

This is something I heard later, but Gindo apparently saw a dream of the crossdressed Sharon -Lamia-chan- singing. 

That Lamia is one incredible person. He even shows his face in near-death experiences. He must really be some kind of apparition or something…

We are called the White Lions, the invincible mercenaries.

The head is the unkillable berserker, and his lover the elf bow princess.

In the sky the innocent wings dance, and on it there’s the cat assassin sleeping on his back.

The tactician giant was on a business trip, and the swordstress Lamia was guarding the queen. 

—–Catching a whiff of a new war, the instincts of the mercenaries awaken. 

Are you seeking blood, Dragon Knight?

Are you seeking love, Bow Princess?

And, maybe because of motherly love, the wise was burning with fighting spirit? 

—–The injured Gindo was left watching the base, keeping an eye for assassins. 

Gindo, you are sensitive to the evil of people, so you should be able to notice even the shadows of assassins. 

But a bad feeling surfaced in the heart of Gindo.

As if something was going to happen…right, let’s have the gofer go with them.

——-There’s a warrior with thin presence. 

The weakest in the mercenaries and the silent man that’s called the gofer. 

His name is Jean Redwood. 

It is mostly forgotten, but he is a wild and tough werewolf, a promising talent.

——Watching everything from the shadows, but it was hard for him to enter in the circle with everyone.

That’s why he watched from afar…he is a scaredy cat and kind of a shut-in.

Aah, cute young talent, travel for your trial. 

It is about time this young one grows too.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. HAHAHA the comedy stint of the baka couple always makes me laugh. This is how you make a tsundare character now days author have forgotten about it.

  2. Thanks for the chapter, but you need to do some editing. There are several cases where “his” appears when it should be “her” as it refers to Mia. Also, this line:

    Ah, we are not related by blood, but she bowed to live with me, so I welcomed her as my little sister.

    should be:

    Ah, we are not related by blood, but she vowed to live with me, so I welcomed her as my little sister.

    Nonetheless, you’ve been doing a great job with this series. Thanks for the hard work!

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