DK – Chapter 45-46: Epilogue – Visiting their graves

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——The war signals its end.

A historical victory, a small country has defeated the invincible Empire army!!

The heroes sing, and 7,000 prisoners were taken.

Everyone else was killed.

——In the red dyed land, their comrades sleep.

4,000 heroes of Ludo have died.

1,000 of the archer giants have also died.

A grand victory within great sacrifices. 

——At the time when the evening further deepened the red of the land.

Lamia and Solje Strauss were in front of her Majesty. 

The brave warriors rain applauses to the Demon Lord, to Solje Strauss.

And then…Lamia waits and gifts something to her Majesty.


“Your Majesty, this is the Mimic.” (Sharon)

Lamia…or more like, Sharon, can you stop your cross-dressing? Well, there was no time to change. He does look like a beauty, so I have no problems with it, but is it okay for her Majesty? Her sweetheart being like that.

With bloodstained armor, her Majesty looks intently at the Mimic that Sharon and I brought. She should know what’s inside, but she uses both of her hands to measure its size.

And then, she tilts her head.

“…Uhm, would it enter? Isn’t it way too small?” (Claris)

“Rather than saying it entered, it is more like I made it enter. Like, a good push with brute force?” (Solje)

“I see. So it enters with a size like this… Is it pretty grotesque?” (Claris)

“No, it shouldn’t be that much… It is before dinner, so there’s the option of not looking at it though.” (Solje)

She shakes her head at my advice.

“No, I can’t just not confirm something that is related to the Commander that threatened my country.” (Claris)

“I see. Then, Lamia…I mean, Sharon.” (Solje)

“Okay, I will open it now.” (Sharon)

Sharon opens the Mimic with his dextrous fingers of his while humming.

“…Sharon, you are dressed like that again…” (Claris)

Again? This guy had a cross-dressing habit before? What a weirdo…

“…I am more beautiful than you, right, Claris?” (Sharon)

“Fufufu, I am going to execute you.” (Claris)

“…Claris is more beautiful~.” (Sharon)

“That’s better.” (Claris)

…What an amusing relationship these two have. Sharon had opened the Mimic while I was laughing.

“…O-Opening it here?” (Claris)

Her Majesty nervously peeks at the inside.

“There’s no need to worry, Claris. Solje broke its legs, so it won’t jump out.” (Sharon)

“I see.” (Claris)

“But don’t put your hand in, okay? The places where you put your rings might get eaten.” (Sharon)

“…Fumu, it looks pretty weakened. It’s still alive, right?” (Claris)

“I think… Gandalla?” (Solje)

“Yeah. I will pull it out, since I am the one with the largest build.” (Gandalla)

The giant grabs the inside of the Mimic tightly and drags that thing out without any restraint.

Voices sound out from the warriors of Ludo.

Surprise and cheers were mixed.

That’s right, this is the man that invaded your beloved country…

“…General Renault, are you conscious?” (Claris)

Her Majesty asks this of the man that is hanging from the arms of Gandalla. His legs are facing weird directions and he was looking terrible, but…he was once one of the first-rate knights. Now that he has understood the situation, his eyes were filled with anger and shame.

“…To think…we would meet in this way…Queen of Ludo.” (Renault)

“Ara, it is great to see that you are feeling unexpectedly well.” (Claris)

“…Stop being sarcastic.” (Renault)

Right.” (Claris)

“Are you not going to kill me?” (Renault)

“I will think about whether to kill you or not after I have made an example out of you. You have a past that you must atone for after all.” (Claris)

“…Hmph.” (Renault)

That’s right. Not only Renault, the end of a war with the Empire army would normally close its curtains in such a tragic way. They would put the royalty and the generals of the army in cages and have them move rounds around the market.

A parade of shame. Her Majesty plans on doing that with Renault. 

“…If I am going to taste such dishonor, I will kill myself.” (Renault)

“Ara, you can’t move your legs anymore, so are you going to bite your tongue? You won’t die with just that, you know?” (Claris)


“My subordinates will be there to make sure you don’t suffocate, so don’t worry. At the moment when you can’t take the disgrace, you can give us useful information. If we get satisfying information, I will bring you peace by sending you to hell with my sword.” (Claris)

…Wow, Claris-sama is super scary. She is like my mom.

General Renault who is supposed to have experienced many wars fell silent. With a scary woman on the level of my mother, everyone would end up like that.

His heart must have been broken by the smile of Claris-sama, General Renault groans heartbroken.

Sorry about that, General. It would have been great for you if I just killed you outright, but…well, for a pig like you who has stopped being a knight, this is a punishment fitting for you.

I haven’t forgotten, you know? Every time I tighten my fists, I remember the ten that you sacrificed. I am sorry, demi-humans… This is all I can do as someone who abandoned you guys.

Later, when I go to the afterlife, I will apologize to you guys directly. 

“Now then, everyone!! We are returning to the city and having a feast!!” (Gyarigan)

The shout of General Gyarigan was met with the shouts of the Ludo warriors and the Banjar Mercenaries.

…Ah, I think you already know, but I changed places with General Renault right after I killed Gazet Klauri. After that, I immediately stuffed the General in the Mimic. Aah, I say Mimic as a metaphor. 

A mimic is a man-eating treasure box, and this is a treasure box with General Renault stuffed in it.

It can be used as a code. Also, calling it a Mimic is cooler than calling it a box where Renault is inside.

Well, I was the General from the beginning. My eyes were the General’s eyes.

The so called method acting. In order to become the General, I tried doing the movements he would do and say the things he says all the time. It is like a sort of self-suggestion. My voice being hoarse was a lie.

My voice is a bit different from Renault’s, so if it is the voice of Renault that has been hit by poison, I was thinking it might be enough to fool them.

I can change the color of my eyes, but I can’t change my voice.

Lamia was my support.

If it is him who has a good memory, he can memorize the faces, names, and ranks of the knights that come to the General’s room… That’s a bit too hard for me. If I were to mistake their names or mess up which secret message to give, it would be bad, you know.

That’s why I had Lamia take the role of daughter.

Since the time we infiltrated in the seventh division, Sharon had been disguised as Lamia, and had him have two roles of man and woman. At night he would be a bard that sings songs of breaking relationships, and in the day he would act as a healer as he gathered information.

Sharon is unexpectedly a hard worker. 

Well, I would say I did a great job despite myself. Wouldn’t I be able to become an actor? …Acting like a crazed General, controlling many, pushing them into chaos, and killed them. Seriously, this was an improvised plan that was hanging by a tight rope, but it is great that it worked well…

When we returned to the Ludo city, we were welcomed with fireworks and champagne. I was also being treated as a hero. I got a kiss from a beauty. I got kissed on the cheek and the arrow shot by Maje left a severe wound on my ass.

We shouldn’t allow a tsundere to hold a weapon in times when there’s no battle.  

Being wounded after the ending of a war…

Oh well, as I ate meat and drank alcohol, I began to care less and less about the little details. 

Zephyr was also let inside the city. The citizens of Ludo were scared at first, but being one of the saviors of this country, they gave him beef as a show of respect and closeness.

Could this meat be Behemoth?

…No, it wasn’t. Behemoth is also close by to Zephyr. It is probably in part thanks to Behemoth that Zephyr can be inside the city and still be welcomed.

The banquet intensifies.

Warriors are stupid. Without a care for the country or the people, they all drink and party, dance and sing. Hehehe, if Garf Cortez had lived a little bit longer, he could have participated in the best feast of all. 

The names of the ones who died in the war were being shouted.

The names of those dead warriors are being offered to the starry sky with a toast. 

It is sad, but also something to be proud of.

This kind of Strauss-like familiarity could be felt at the end of a won war. 

It ain’t bad…this is truly the best. 

I can feel Ares in the darkness of the sky. Cecil as well. Mother, my brothers, grandfather, great grandfather…I felt like everyone was there.

The red haired devilish swordsmen, the Strauss…everyone in that family line obviously love this kind of festivities from the core of their selves!!

“…Good grief, you are only drinking and drinking!!” (Riel)

Riel was sitting by my side. I was thinking this was a chance to deepen our love, so I wrapped my arm around her, but she glared at me sharply.

“You are going to embrace me after being touched by other women?” (Riel)

“…No…uhm, let’s do that some other time…” (Solje)

“Obviously. As if I can give you my chastity in such a noisy night. If we were to do that, you wouldn’t remember it by the next morning, right?” (Riel)

“…No, Riel-chan is special to me, so I would definitely be able to remember.” (Solje)

“D-Don’t say weird stuff! You drunkard!!” (Riel)

The tsundere elf got angry. This is difficult. Well, the alcohol is running rounds inside my head. I am way too tired, too. I might fall asleep from happiness by a simple hug of Riel right now… 

Tonight, I am satisfied with just watching the souls of the warriors returning to the skies.

“Ooooooh!! The Poet-san beautyyyyy!!” (Mia)

“…Lamia? Sharon? Which one?” (Zephyr)

The shout of Mia and Zephyr could be heard, and I returned my gaze to the ground. Yeah, Sharon/Lamia was there. He is currently in Lamia mode. Or more like, he is wearing dancer clothes. The exposure rate is a lot… Hm, he seems to have breasts, too? How does that work?

The erotic Lamia was singing in front of the bonfire.

——In the past, it was said that there were foolhardy brutes who had bonded with the infamous black winged dragons.

The dragon knights of a fallen country.

The name of the people with that blood coursing through their veins was Strauss.

Sword and wings played in the winds of the battlefield, mowing down everything mercilessly like a storm.

“…Hehehe, the song of my people, huh.” (Solje)

“Yeah, it is your song, Solje Strauss.” (Riel)

Riel was looking at my face. She really is a tsundere. After getting angry, she provides some sort of carrot as well.

“I-If it is…just a k-kiss, it is fine… This is a celebration after all.” (Riel)

“Yay.” (Solje)

My bow princess closes her jade color eyes and offers me her lips. I violently take those soft lips. 

Mia and Zephyr were watching what we were doing intently. Well, this is on a degree that can be shown to children.

——Everything melts into a song.

The song of a knight and dragon were offered to the ever shining starry sky. 

This is a new story. 

Bards of many races will be singing about his epics. 

——The person who has succeeded the fire of the dragon.

A one-eyed red haired swordsman.

With a longsword of melted dragon horn, he wanders the world seeking his enemies.

This is the path of glory where songs follow along.

—The person who in the past refused being sung of.

Wandering the battlefield, roaming the present.

With the strength of a Demon Lord and his grand black wings, he cuts down his enemies.

Changing the world to the shape that you wish.

——This is the song of the strong Demon Lord that prays kindly. 

Someday, this power should be able to recreate paradise. 

Elves, dwarfs, faes, therianthropes, and humans.

Everyone can be in that country. 

…Extol the name of that Demon Lord, Solje Strauss!! 

  • Chapter 45

“…This time around, I returned soon.” (Solje)

I was at the sacred grounds of the dragons. The legendary place where it is said that the Strauss had exchanged a pact with the flying dragons for the first time. 

In that deep valley, there’s the graves of Cecil and mother.

I placed the head of Gazet Klauri in front of their graves.

“…It is the head of the man that killed you two. I am sorry, it took me 9 years.” (Solje)

…One end has come.

One of the things I was shouldering has been fulfilled.

I placed that trophy in front of the grave for a while, but, in time, I laugh and kick that ugly thing to the bottom of the valley. 

His head falls down the deep valley that has haze covering it. Who cares about it. There’s no way I will keep that rotting and unsettling thing in front of the graves of girls. It doesn’t look good after all.

“Hahahahahahaha!!” (Solje)

I laugh, while crying a little bit. 

Finally, a revenge of mine has been completed. That’s how I feel. 

“…Cecil, there’s no need to be scared on the other side anymore. Your Onii-sama has killed that idiot that scared you… Now…just sleep peacefully…” (Solje)

I wonder why…

Even though my revenge has been fulfilled…I also feel a little bit lonely.

I see…even if it was out of hatred and anger, it was also a connection of sorts.

My pledge for revenge was a connection between me and the ones who died.

I feel like it has been…cut now. 

 I was fine even if it was hatred, sadness, or pain…because it was something that connected me with Cecil and mother. 

That’s why…I was able to fight until I was completely tattered. 

I must be one lonely guy. 

Cecil, your Onii-sama is a handsome man with an incredibly delicate side to him, you know?

Right. I want to see you. I want to see everyone… 

I feel like now I would be forgiven. 

Cutting bonds with this bloodthirsty world and this helpless loneliness.

Travelling to the other side where my family is waiting…

I look at the bottom of the valley where Gazet Klauri has fallen.

I peek into this deep place.

If I jump, even I can die. It isn’t something difficult.

It would all end in just a few seconds. 

If I do that, I would be able to reunite with all my family and Ares.

I haven’t had a day where I feared death. 

Since that day 9 years ago, I haven’t feared it.

I think death is forgiveness, and there’s no doubt it is a saving. 

If they were to come get me…I might end up jumping off from here.

The morning sun comes up…

A golden light illuminates the depths of the dark valley. 

Dark wings were projected.

I call its name.

“Ares?!” (Solje)

But of course there’s no response.

I understood soon. The owner of that shadow is the grandson of Ares. The shadow of Zephyr was showing up at the haze of the valley’s depths with the morning sun shining on him. 

That got me.

I turn to my back and walk to the side of Zephyr. 

“…Did you finish your grave visit?” (Zephyr)

“Yeah. Your grandfather, my family; they are all here.” (Solje)

“Yes, I can tell.” (Zephyr)

The golden eyes of a dragon seem to be able to see things I can’t. Or maybe there’s things here that only a young and innocent heart can see.

For an adult with a dirty and tainted heart like me, this is something I can’t get.

“…I see, so you can tell, Zephyr.” (Solje)

Right, I am an adult, so I can say such irresponsible things.

“Yeah.” (Zephyr)

It is the freedom of a child. Being sensitive is a lot more important than explaining it.

“…Are you going back already?” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, I came here without telling everyone after all.” (Solje)

“Will we make it for breakfast?” (Zephyr)

“Of course we will. Your wings are faster than Ares’s after all.” (Solje)

“Really?” (Zephyr)

“Yeah. Ares also feels proud for those wings of yours, you know.” (Solje)

That’s right. Even if I can’t explain it, there’s things I can tell. There’s things that even death can’t cut off. 

This really isn’t the time for me to kick the bucket. 

I have to raise these wings to a true legend. 

Also, I still have my promise with Ares.

“Zephyr, we are going to crush the Faris Empire.” (Solje)

“Yes!!” (Zephyr)

The innocent dragon easily said this. With only a single word. Crushing the strongest power in the world, the Empire… Yeah, we both make a dragon knight. The dragon, that inherited the blood of the dragon that has even defeated a Zeruaga, together with a devilish swordsman from the Strauss family. 

There’s nothing impossible for us.

“…Alright, let’s go back, Zephyr.” (Solje)

“Yes. Get on, Doje!!” (Zephyr)

“You got it!!” (Solje)

I jump onto the back of Zephyr. It is warm. It is ruggy, but I can feel the hot flowing blood of a dragon with the palm of my hands. The heat that this life carries makes me smile without the need to do anything. 

It makes me feel happy. 

As I thought, there’s no place better than the back of a dragon. My mouth distorts into a smile, and I show my sharp fangs to the world that’s being dyed by the morning glow. 

“Zephyr, sing!!” (Solje)


——The dragon sings in the sacred land dyed by the morning light. 

In that place where the brave warriors and dragons sleep, songs of praise echo. 



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