DK – Chapter 39-40: Fires of War II

“There’s only one enemy, I don’t need to use underhanded tactics!! No need to assist me!!” (Grey)

It feels as if he is calling me a cheater and it hurts a bit, but…that’s a nice spirit. Fine. A one on one between knights is thrilling, isn’t it?

The soldiers who were completely withered by me seem to be obeying Grey’s order.

That Grey seriously walked right in front of me.

“…I like you, Grey Vangarz. I will remember you.” (Solje)

“I won’t remember a bastard like you!!” (Grey)

Grey unsheathes his sword. Quite the sharp sword. I can tell that he has the technique to make it shine.

“…Your age?” (Solje)

“23.” (Grey)

“I see, 3 years younger than me, huh. You can still grow.” (Solje)

“Shut up! Don’t look at me with those fiendish eyes!!” (Grey)

“I was simply looking out for you though.” (Solje)

“No need!! I will defeat the Empire’s enemies!!” (Grey)

Grey runs with fighting spirit. 

Nice movements. I can feel natural talent from it, and that’s not all. He most likely didn’t neglect his training and has passed his everyday life together with the sword.

It is a straightforward sword.

Simple, yet without waste. This is what a knight’s sword looks like. 

I block the swung down attack. 

Yeah, the weight is good enough. Sparks fly in between our swords, and the knight Grey is using his all to push me back.

“W-With one arm?! Are you mocking me?!” (Grey)

“I am not. It is exactly because it is such a frivolous stance that there’s a flexibility to it.” (Solje)

“Wa?!” (Grey)

I suddenly loosen the strength and slide off his charge. He lost his balance and tilted heavily to the front, and I used my left fist to punch him right in the face.

Grey was sent flying and he rolls. His helmet fell off as well.

Gray hair and jade color eyes… Fumu, as I thought. You can’t fool my eyes. Looks like you are a guy shouldering a decent degree of destiny. 

“N-Not yey!!” (Grey)

Grey stands up and once again rushes in. Right, right, left, right, left, thrust; it is quite the display. 

But they were all deflected by the dragon longsword. Looks like you don’t like that fact, your sword gets wilder and wilder.

“Nice spirit. The combos are good and there’s sharpness to it. The amount of movement is on the level of a master… I can feel the talent in you.” (Solje)

“W-What’s with you?!” (Grey)

You don’t like how leisure I am?

I see. With such chivalry being shown right in my face…it makes me feel embarrassed!!

“Agh!” (Grey)

I trip him up by sweeping the moment he took a step forward.

Grey once again falls to the ground. He hit his jaw on the fall, but he tried to stand up immediately. 

“…Grey, your field of vision is way too narrow. Don’t set your center of gravity too much. This is not a sword match, you know? There’s no soil preparation in the battlefield. With that kind of center movement, you will easily get tripped.” (Solje)

“S-Shut up!!” (Grey)

The young knight gets desperate. He is frantically trying to kill me.

Compared to the people that I have killed today, this level of desperation is on the high-end.

Not the highest though. The one who offered the most fight was the thirty year old tall man.

Grey is still young. If we count for the future, it thrills me just thinking about it.

Our sword clashes ring in the battlefield as I observe Grey. Unwavering killing intent. This is the correct stance as a knight. But…do you understand?

This is a kind of sorrow for the destiny you are shouldering?

“Solje Strauss!!” (Grey)

Grey shouts my name while clashing our blades.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you say you didn’t have any intentions of remembering my name?” (Solje)

“Silence!! Don’t act all high and mighty!!” (Grey)

“Well, sorry.” (Solje)

“You bastard…! Why are you holding back?!” (Grey)

“Because it is fun.” (Solje)

“Still mocking me?!” (Grey)

“No, I am impressed. There’s few people who have managed to obtain that level of skill at such a young age.” (Solje)

“Even if a guy like you, who surpasses me in strength by leaps and bounds, tells me this, I only feel as if you are making fun of me!” (Grey)

Grey surpassed my expectations for just an instant.

His body became light like the wind and his backstep dances. His center of gravity was a mess until now, but this time around I was the one who was about to get tripped.

And then, the body of Grey shows splendid motion skills. Accelerating explosively like an arrow shot from a bow; excellent stabbing technique.

Umu, how straightforward to the end. It is just like you, knight.

But that’s bad.


I swing down my dragon longsword and break his thrusted sword.

“Wa?!” (Grey)

“It was a good thrust, but it is not a technique that serves you well.” (Solje)

“D-Damn it! To think you would see through that attack!” (Grey)

Grey falls back and unsheathes a spare sword he had at the back of his waist. I don’t chase.

There’s something I have to lecture him about.

“…That was most likely a technique from your master, right?” (Solje)

“H-How can you tell?!” (Grey)

“It is quite the technique, but your arms are slightly too long for it, and your center of gravity is too high. Also, it lacks strength. The weight of the sword and the power of the technique was stealing away your control, you know? That’s why it was easily broken by my sword which simply reacted to it.” (Solje)

“…S-Shut up, I don’t need your pointers!” (Grey)

“Looks like your master is a great person, but…you haven’t met him for several years, right?” (Solje)


Silence, huh. There are truths that can be spoken from it as well.

Especially from a person with a straightforward heart like yours. You really suck at lying.

You can’t hide anything. I don’t even need the power of my magic eye for that.

“Your master would have reprimanded you saying that this technique doesn’t suit you. Your thrusts should be done with your legs spread wider and with a lower stance. In that way, you can get closer to the technique of your master.” (Solje)

“…Saying whatever you please.” (Grey)

“Stop imagining. It is time to graduate from chasing after the shadow of your master, hatchling.” (Solje)

“I am the disciple of Seiren-sama!! Not yours!!” (Grey)

Grey got angry and attacks me. It is an animal-like speed.

Sadly to say, it is slightly better than before.

It is your choice to admire your master, but if that makes you mimic them and become weak as a result, that Seiren person wouldn’t be happy about it.

These animalistic movements filled with rage are stepping on the ground of the battlefield more properly than the match swordstyle of before.

The speed and power are better this time, you fool.

“Uoooooh!!” (Grey)

I enjoyed the angry slashes of Grey for a few moves, but this is enough.

“…Now then, playtime is over.” (Solje)

“That’s right, Solje Straaaausss!! DIE!!” (Grey)

“That won’t be happening.” (Solje)


“Wa?! A-Again?!” (Grey)

The swung down sword of Grey was broken by my dragon longsword swept by the side. And then, I continued my sword dance just like that…and my attack hits his armor.

That’s right, Severing Gale…my technique.

“Gaha?! …A r-red gale?!” (Grey)

“…Severing Gale, nice technique, right?” (Solje)

But I didn’t use the blade. I just knocked him with it.

Even so, it still has plenty enough destructive power.

His body bends heavily, his armor dented, and it hits his stomach deeply.


The soldiers raise screams.


Grey was on the verge of losing his consciousness. I pick him up with the side of my sword and flung him away.

He mitigated the fall.

Nicely done. I thought that you would break your neck with that and die, so I didn’t hold much back in that one. You pass, Grey.

“…Agh…!” (Grey)

He glares up at me while groaning.

What cursing eyes he has.

His pride must have been hurt.

But his convulsing sides must be hurting, it should be hard to breathe for him.

Also, because of the intense impacts, his body has long been broken.

He cannot lift an arm anymore.

With how broken he is, he would be a happier man if he were to faint, but…your talent and the technique given to you by your master are blocking you from doing that.

It is an ability to praise, but it is instead bringing you pain.

Being shown such overwhelming difference in ability…must be hard to endure. The corners of his jade color eyes had tears forming as they stream down.

I understand that feeling. When I was a brat and was beaten up by Ares, I must have had those kind of eyes as well.

“…U…Unforgivable!!” (Grey)

“Hm, you can still talk? That’s a surprise.” (Solje)

It really is. He recovers fast. Is it a characteristic of his lineage? Or is it a miracle made possible by his strong will? …But right now he has already lost his reason.

Unable to endure his anger and shame, Grey Vangarz shouted.

Even when pushing his pained side, he released this order.


  • Chapter 40

“Y-Yes, sir!!” 

The soldiers ordered by the knight pull their bows and aimed at me. But by using a shout, you are erasing the surprise factor.

I have already begun to run. I evade the arrows,deflecting with my sword the arrows I can’t avoid, and when I get close to one of the archers, I cut him down.


The archers get flustered, but because they were shooting arrows while at it, the opening they create from preparing the arrow is big.

That’s fatal. Once I reach a decision, I show no mercy. I run and have my dragon longsword run wild. Everyone was cut down by the Strauss storm.


The panicked soldiers came at me with swords and spears, but with the sword of a half-assed soldier, you can’t stop an attack of a dragon longsword. A single slash managed to break their sword and cut their faces.


A spear thrust done while panicking doesn’t even need to be avoided. I grab it with my left hand and stop it with brute force.


It is truly a gorilla feat. It doesn’t have any beautiful technique in it. The spear that was grabbed with reflex and inhuman strength didn’t budge an inch even when he tried to push or pull.

I swing down my longsword just like that and cut his two arms holding the spear.


The soldier that was gushing out screams and blood while dancing in the battlefield…I use a straightforward thrust against him.

Imitating Grey.

It was a good technique. Not complete yet, but an interesting one.

I lower the edge of my sword and open my legs wide front and back.

That’s right. By overlapping the direction of your sword’s center of gravity with your own, you run while lowering yourself; that’s kind of how it goes. Next would be to mirror an arrow that Riel has shot, accelerating and speeding through the world!!

This thrust that pierced deep into the chest of the soldier instantly destroyed his heart and was released from the pain of eventual death. Good grief, what a compassionate technique.

“Impossible…!!” (Grey)

It seems like Grey doesn’t want to believe what he witnessed with his own eyes, but denying reality isn’t a good trait, you know.

You saw it, right? This is the kind of thrust you should be using.

“It is a good technique. I can understand why you admire it. It makes me want to clash blades with your master.” (Solje)

While saying this, I swing my sword, removing it from the corpse. It rolled on the ground, but it wasn’t letting out any groans of pain.

It may look fierce and cruel, but in my eyes, it is unbelievable mercy.

You can die instantly with this after all.

The master at the sword dojo close to the Vangarz house must be kind, thin, and short. He must likely uses a sword a size smaller than that of a knight sword and of course a dragon longsword.

This is a technique used with that kind of weapon. A longsword would have too much power and be slower—hm? I see.

“Your master, Seiren…was a woman, huh.” (Solje)


There’s no denial. Well, my deduction holds no importance.

Right now, what’s important is the way to finish the other soldiers. There’s four left. But they don’t seem to have the motivation.

“Now then, soldiers, are you not going to perform the order of your knight?” (Solje)


The soldiers have lost their fighting spirit. They are trembling in fear, and my magic eye is seeing the blue on them.

“…You can run away if you want. I can see that your fear won’t allow you to fight anymore.” (Solje)

The fourth son of the Strauss has become soft? …No, they are my publicity tools. Having the Empire know the fear of me is worth more than killing them.

Life is more important than honor. I think that way of thinking is free and great. Reminds me of the previous captain, Garf Cortez. That man that is free like the wind.

Garf loved alcohol more than honor… That choice isn’t bad either.

At that moment, the soldiers were released from all the restraints and followed their instincts.

“Uwaaaaah!! Run away!!”

“I-I don’t want to die!!” 

The escape of the remaining soldiers began. All four ran away. Their weapons thrown away to make their run faster. Their hearts as warriors have died. They won’t be appearing ever again in front of me.

…Grey was groaning and, this time, he let them go. You can’t have them die a dog’s death, right? And you are in pain. This is the result of your ‘one on one’ after all.

But don’t be so down. It was just frustrating that you lost.

That’s not bad.

In the battlefield, winning is the only thing that matters. If you are going to lose, then turning into an underhanded person isn’t wrong. 

You are still young, so you will one day be able to personify your ideal. You will be able to become someone who can push your philosophy.

…If that day comes, even when you die that day, you wouldn’t have regrets in your heart.

“…Are you alive?” (Solje)

I asked that of the groaning youngster.


Ah, I was ignored. Good grief, you are too young. If I hadn’t noticed your lineage, I would have cut off your head the moment you pissed me off, you know?

I stab my dragon longsword on the ground in front of the young knight who has lost his fighting spirit and pride. Even though the impact of it should have reached him, he didn’t react at all.

But his body is still functioning. He is feeling anger, self-derision, exhaustion, and shame; it is an ugly and dark rainbow color.

“…If you haven’t died yet, this is not your place to.” (Solje)

I blow the whistle and call the horse hiding in the shade of a tree.

That horse stops in front of me. Good grief, it is well trained. Not a bad steed. Makes me wanna steal it, but I won’t this time around.

“I have called your horse. It is yours, right?” (Solje)


“I see. Can you stand?” (Solje)


I am ignored again. But that’s fine. I gave up on conversation. I grab his back-collar and forcefully stand him up, then shoulder carry him to the back of his horse.

With him lying on the back of the horse by his stomach, he finally looks at me.

“…Why?” (Grey)

“Stopped ignoring, huh. I am glad we can communicate.” (Solje)

“…Why are you sparing me…?!” (Grey)

“Because I saw your chivalry and justice.” (Solje)

“…If you spare me, I will definitely…take revenge…” (Grey)

“I don’t mind. Avenging or being avenged, everything is an ebb and flow. That’s fine.” (Solje)

“…You are crazy.” (Grey)

“I don’t want to hear that from you.” (Solje)

“What?” (Grey)

“You have been living as an Empire Knight while hiding that lineage of yours. Don’t you feel a heavy contradiction in that way of living?” (Solje)

“…What are you talking about…?” (Grey)

Hm? …Ah, damn it. Looks like I said something unnecessary.

This man doesn’t know, huh. It is because he doesn’t know that he was able to live so straightforward as a knight in the Empire and managed to stay alive.

“…Don’t pay it any mind. There’s things that are better left unknown.” (Solje)

“Lineage? …My origins…what do you know about it…Dragon Knight?” (Grey)

“If you are interested about it, seek it. Well, you will only find pain in that path though.” (Solje)

“Pain?” (Grey)

“It would be painful for a man like you. But if you have the strength of will to overcome it…ask that question once again to that sword, that chivalry, and that justice of yours. ‘For whose sake do I swing my sword?’, for the sake of the Emperor Yuandart? Is there meaning in following that justice of his?” (Solje)

“What are you talking about?” (Grey)

“I am simply saying it is better for you to not know. Hey, is your family alive?” (Solje)

“…I have a father…and a little sister…” (Grey)

“I see. I had a little sister too. That’s why I am letting you go.” (Solje)

“You…lost your little sister?” (Grey)

“Hehehe, lately, she has been smiling in my dreams all the time.” (Solje)

Her voice calling me ‘Onii-sama’ resonates in my dreams.

She is not saying ‘Please save me’ anymore.


That’s why I can be slightly kind for now.

“…Grey Vangarz, under the name of Cecil Strauss, I will spare your life for today. Now, go, horse! Don’t go dropping him, got it?” (Solje)

“…Solje…Strauss…!” (Grey)

The horse slowly leaves the place after being hit on the rear by me, and those departing emerald color eyes were sharp. He is glaring at me with resent.

Well, I also don’t think of this as a good deed. I am not doing this to be given gratitude or even less to get praised.

…Rather, it is something that I wouldn’t want any of my comrades to know I did. If I were to account for his future, there’s a high chance he might become a problematic enemy after all.

“…Are you going to let him go just like that?” 

Lamia-chan who is decently good at erasing her presence stood by the side of my dragon longsword.

I have my magic eye, so I noticed, but I might not have noticed if I didn’t. She has nice technique.

“Yeah, I am letting him go. Keep it a secret from the others, okay?” (Solje)

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